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2023-02-22 d

Killer Khazars

The Khazars, a Turko-Finnish people, migrated westward from Asia traveling between the north shore of the Caspian and the south end of the Urals more than 2,000 years ago, establishing their new home north of the Black Sea. They were warlike, idolatrous phallic worshipers. In the 7th century, their King Bulan converted to Talmudic Judaism. His 4000 nobleman soon converted, then most of his subjects followed suit. Their ruler was called a Kagan. The modern surnames, Kaganovitch and Kogan are derived from Kagan.

The early Khazars spoke a precursor of Yiddish. Modern Yiddish seems to be a German dialect only because the Khazars borrowed so many words from German. They adopted the Hebrew alphabet after King Bulan's conversion.

The Khazars prospered for centuries. Their downfall began when Varangians along the south shore of the Gulf of Finland traveled south and became the Kievan Rus, establishing a trading hub in Kiev (Moscow came later). The Kievan Rus became Russians.

A ruler of Russia, Vladimir III, became a Christian in 986 AD. Orthodox Christianity soon became the state religion of Russia. Most Russians converted. The Khazars did not accept Christianity.

Russia expanded, became an empire, and kept expanding. Ultimately the Khazar Kingdom disappeared. Most Khazarians were later confined to the Pale of Settlement in western Russia. The Khazarian nobility fled to Spain where they had long-standing commercial relations.

There are Khazars who long to restore their homeland in the Ukraine. They will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian and NATO soldier, spending every possible dollar they can plunder from the American people. The Khazars were the Bolsheviks who almost destroyed Russia. Their hatred of Orthodox Christian Russia has not abated. Those Khazars have been the primary global promoters of chaos for centuries.

Other descendants of the Khazars learned to forgive and have moved on. They do not hate Russians. Some, in fact, admire Russia for expending blood and treasure to destroy the evil remnant of the Khazars that created the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and still pursue their agenda of world domination using proxies, dupes and useful idiots.

This is my portrait at my first birthday. Because ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, notice the very subtle Asiatic features on this angelic son of Khazaria:



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