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2023-09-24 d


Ritualized White Auto-Flagellation
After Predation by Melanin Minorities

Two dark-skinned young males, Jesus Ayala 17, and Jzamir Keys 16, driving a stolen car, deliberately struck and killed a white bicyclist in an upscale suburb of deepest, darkest Las Vegas. They had struck another white cyclist minutes earlier. They recorded both crimes on a cell phone. Both will be tried as adults, charged with murder. .

The 27-year-old daughter of the murdered cyclist refused to acknowledge that race played a role in the boy's targeting her father. Was she coerced or paid to say that? In Bolshevik America are whites not allowed to say a black-on-white crime is race-motivated?

Taylor Probst, alluding to how her father’s death has sparked a social media furor — some of which has boiled over into attacks on the Las Vegas Review-Journal over its coverage of the crime and some of which has been racist — called for cooler heads to prevail.

“We as a family in no way feel that Andy’s murder was based on race or profession,” Taylor Probst said. “It was a random act of violence. We ask you to not politicize or use Andy’s murder to fuel political agendas or to create cultural wars.” (source)

Or, are whites told to avoid mentioning race so as not to prejudice a mostly melanin-minority jury pool? Could it be that white lives do not matter in multicultural Amerika?

This is a mandatory statement every white family must make after their loved one dies at the hands of non-whites. At the same time, non-whites are encouraged to blame racism for any offense against themselves.  (source)

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2023-09-24 c

The Perils of Negrophilia.
(Not only do whites suffer discrimination, our economy suffers when the unqualified fill
slots in the workforce. In private, executives roll their eyes when asked about affirmative action hires. Those black & brown employees screw up, are not productive and the
workplace becomes toxic when competent, merit-based hires resent having to fix
the messes created by the incompetents who are treated like sacred cows by
the insufferable Karens who fill the HR departments.)

What it’s really like to serve as a tool in the DEI

As I’ve admitted before, despite being a confirmed thought criminal with ties to Big Frog, I’ve many times conspired to violate the 1964 Civil Right Act Title VII by intentionally discriminating *in favor of blacks*

I’ve done this with a clear conscience, for two reasons:

It’s inevitable anyway, & whether I’ve taken a paycheck or sworn an oath, the duty of serving an organization includes the obligation to proactively protect it against ruinous charges like “institutional racism”

Reconciling morals is the easy part. What’s hard is rigging the system hard enough to withstand the enormous statistical headwind of black census share & underperformance…

…but subtle enough not to be so screamingly obvious even a white guy can land a knockout EEO suit.

Now the best way to do that is by increasing the # of elements & complexity in a selection process. What you want is something that’d make a rural change of venue jury fall asleep.

“We use Schmendrick-VanDeMerwe, a 17 point management competency assessment” Stuff like that.

What this does is allow you to sneak subjective ratings into something that sounds overall objective.

Because, key point: raters will know what to do WITHOUT BEING TOLD. No explicit conversation is required. Everyone in white collar management today knows who to overrate…

Bearing all that in mind, in 2019 I was asked to help un-install a DEI program that on first pass had failed to deliver desired results.

Catch was we couldn’t totally discard the existing process, but only modify existing features. No problem since I knew just what to do.

Legacy system used a mix of test scores, superior ratings, peer ratings & simulated performance.

The way to go was: reduce weight on the tests (too g loaded) & peer ratings (too honest) & put that balance into a modified set of simulations.

Fun fact: blacks like role play.

They do well at it. Less likely than whites & far less likely than Asians to recoil at the artifice or flunk due to shyness. That plus the role play is scored by senior staff aware of “the big picture” (i.e. quota needs).

Need more black finalists? Add a role play exercise.

So far, so good, I’m an unlikely hero of diversity, equity, & inclusion, right?

WRONG. Because what comes after 2019 is 2020, the Year of All Fevers.

And here enters into the story a newly prominent black activist, who knows exactly what (& who) the real problem must be.

Spoiler: it’s people like me, cleverly increasing the subjective elements of the process because that is where our implicit biases can reign free.

And it follows: the way to thwart our white (and light) supremacy is by INCREASING the weight of test scores and peer ratings.

For, after all, these are the objective & egalitarian parts of the process. These are the elements that can’t be gamed by white men with systemic privilege.

So written, so done. The g-loaded test is upped to 35% of total points (the most it’d ever been before was 25%) &

The peer ratings are upped to 25%.

So now 60% of a candidate’s score is based on how good they are at getting right answers & solving real problems, with only 40% input from manager class people who actually spend their day asking “Are there enough blacks in that picture?”

Naturally I try with every power of persuasion I can summon (which is, take my word for it, rather a lot IRL), but to no avail.

The activist – not wrongly, given what you all know – senses me an enemy on sight & feels even more sure in her course knowing that I oppose it.

To be fair, I can’t SAY the things I need to say, to be truly convincing.

I can’t explain why an objective test is the last thing you’d want. Or why letting conscientious white & Asian grinders anonymously assess your Black hopefuls is almost as bad.

I lose the argument.

The reform goes through according to her requirements.

The result, born like a deformed babe 9 months later, is the most racially disparate list of promotion eligibles in the history of organizational records.

No black candidate broke the top 25, & only 2 made the top 50.

This becomes known to a smaller group of insiders before it must be published.

There follows a furious two weeks
of meetings. The lawyers insist the list be let stand & point to what would happen in discovery.

C-suite is for throwing it out & paying whatever that takes.

PR & HR are surprisingly without strong opinions, perhaps because they’re busy updating their resumes.

The activist goes from giving me dirty looks to never looking at me at all. In cramped conference rooms & late night Zoom she manages to avoid any acknowledgment I exist.

Which is fine since at this point in the disaster, I have no solutions. Really it’s not clear why I’m still involved. Though of course I did add my voice to the admit failure & settle camp.

Lost that one too. Lawyers carried the day arguing “better to be sued by 5 than 50”

I point out whites & Asians don’t sue, & especially that they don’t get press conferences, also to no avail.

Here’s what happens next: the list goes out as is, top sheeted with an apology & promise to do better signed by more people than the Declaration of Independence.

But NOT the black activist lady, who puts out a statement of her own that mentions how tired & overworked she is at least 3 times.

But interestingly & to her credit, she does not try to fob off blame for her specific mistakes. But of course she doesn’t *own them* either.

The organization, no doubt acting on a portion of its lawyers advice most of us weren’t allowed to hear, then went a record breaking 18 months without making any executive promotions.

This despite unusually high turnover at all levels, & some very conspicuous vacancies.

But they did roll out a new “paid as if”hand picked temporary apprentice system (justified as part of the covid emergency) with picturesque levels of diversity.

Pretty smart actually, & they got away with it. Though only for the reason I stated earlier: whites don’t sue.

At the end of the cooling off period, they announced their new process:

Test = 15% (5 points < my original rec)
Peer ratings = 25% and no longer anonymous
Superior ratings = 25%
Simulation aka role play = 35%

Works like a charm. Frankly they should be sending residuals.

But while I wait for those to roll in, I treasure this lesson as the only thing of value I took from the experience:

Black people correctly sense that whites are rigging the game when they’re not looking.

They just can’t imagine the truth: that we’re rigging it for them.

Rule3O3 @Rule3O3

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2023-09-24 b

Import the third world and you also import third world corruption.

The corruption of California

Bribery is the only way to get things done

I backed into a spot where I could watch both entrances of the Papa Johns Pizza parking lot, punctual for my rendezvous. To be safe, I had first taken a slow cruise through the lot, on the lookout for the telltale signs of an unmarked police car. I was here to meet someone I knew only as Smog Lady. Adam, the night manager at Autozone had given me her telephone number. Word on the street was that Smog Lady could get me a smog certificate, and thereby cut the Gordian knot of the California Department of Motor Vehicles bureaucracy.

I grew up in California, moved away in the early Nineties, and moved back in 2019. One of the new things I noticed upon my return was small signs stuck to the side of a car, or printed on posterboard and erected on a street corner, advertising “DMV services”. After some intercourse with a few of these, always conducted in halting, heavily accented English, I came to understand that these entrepreneurs are “fixers”, a species that most Americans are unacquainted with. If you want to get something done in the developing world, you often need to engage the services of a fixer. This is someone who has connections in the bureaucracy, often by virtue of kinship. Being a naïve visitor without connections, you couldn’t possibly know whom to bribe, how to approach them, or what forms must be observed. These things must be accomplished with delicacy. You, brainwashed to believe in the Weberian version of bureaucracy as impersonal rationality, are too naive to navigate a real one in most parts of the world. Too European.

They say California is the future. However that may be, the state has become more like the rest of the world, less like the erstwhile United States. The old European ways of procedure-following are anomalous, and perhaps never made a lot of sense. Or maybe they made sense only within a framework provided by something like Calvinism, Prussian organisation, ecclesiastical administration, or some similarly ascetic institutional morality that is “no respecter of persons”. By contrast, ties of kinship are easy to grasp, more robust, and make sense to more of the world’s peoples as the ground of cooperation, particularly in societies where the clan may be as far as trust extends.

I was very happy to have found my way to Smog Lady. I spotted her 20 minutes after I arrived at the parking lot. She was making her rounds, leaning into cars through the driver’s side window. Finally she approached me: a toothless matron who spoke only Chinese beyond a few key words in English such as “odometer” and “VIN number”. I noticed she had a large wad of cash in her hand. I gave her my $200. She then got in her car and drove out of the parking lot. I had a moment of panic, thinking I had just been ripped off. But sure enough, 30 minutes later she came back with my fraudulent smog certificate.

The Berkeley historian Yuri Slezkine coined the term “service nomads” for distinct peoples, typically itinerant or diaspora, who perform functions within a society that can only be done by outsiders. That is because these functions, though indispensable, are shady in one way or another and can’t be openly avowed as necessary. Things such as usury (that is, providing credit), burying the dead, magic, puppeteering, prostitution, peddling, cobbling, knife sharpening, dispute mediation and all manner of border-crossing and go-between work that allows the principals to negotiate without losing face or being compromised.

Every society has such liminal populations (gypsies, Jains, Travellers, the “overseas Chinese,” the Sheikh Mohammadi of eastern Afghanistan) who develop some kind of “transgressor expertise”. They must keep themselves apart, as integration into the bonds of reciprocity and communal honour would make their trade impossible. As Slezkine lays out: they are regarded as unclean, and in turn they guard their own purity against contamination by the host population, from intermarriage, say, or simply by accepting hospitality from them. Dietary restrictions and other taboos of self-segregation serve to keep the boundary intact. They speak their own language, and may pretend not to understand the host language.

At first blush, the providers of DMV services appear to fit Slezkine’s description of “service nomads”. But that concept only makes sense when framed against a surrounding society that is settled and cohesive, with taken-for-granted norms that secure a basic solidarity among the host population. Without such a background of belonging, and therefore communal honour to uphold, there would seem to be no need for a separate population and social type invested in transgressor expertise. California has become a polyglot of unrelated diasporas, opportunity-seekers, guest workers, tech Brahmins and multiple-passport-holding functionaries posted to the Pacific Rim economic zone. It is more like the bar scene in Star Wars than like Tolkien’s Shire. We are all wanderers.

I think Smog Lady is not to be understood as a service nomad, then. Rather, the necessity of her services may be taken as an indication of the direction that state bureaucracy takes under conditions of multiculturalism (think Brazil), particularly in the absence of partisan political competition (think Soviet Union). These two features, multiculturalism and political monopoly, interact in interesting ways.

With the collapse of the Republican Party in California, there soon emerged a political landscape resembling what the Yugoslav Communist official (turned dissident) Milovan Djilas termed the “party-state”. That is to say, there is little meaningful distinction to be made between the government and the Democratic Party. Competition for control of California takes place, not between two rival parties with different political visions and corresponding electorates in a general election, but between aspirants within the Democratic Party, under a shared political vision. In practice, this means competition for money from organised interests that fund the activist networks, which in turn translate those interests into various moralisms and thereby shape the vision of the party. The electorate largely drops out of consideration as a constituency.

Only what happens within the Party matters. In Yugoslavia in the Fifties that meant the deliberations of the “political forums”. In California, what happens within the Party is mostly determined by NGOs and foundations, public sector union leadership, expert bodies willing to generate Science in support of the Party’s program, and tech firms that are permitted unlimited capital accumulation on condition of alignment with the Party. Together these entities make up a sort of government-by-cabinet that is effectively insulated from the pressures of electoral politics. The citizenry isn’t feared.

In 2018, there was a rash of news stories about five and six hour waits at the DMV. Newspapers published DMV survival guides recommending that supplicants bring chairs, snacks and backup batteries for their devices. A state auditor’s report found a third of DMV employees not showing up for work on time. At least one data specialist slept for hours every day, year after year, without being fired, and this resulted in serious backups in the work flow.

When I returned to the state in 2019, I put off the transfer of my vehicles (I have a lot of them) and driver’s licence to California for as long as I could, knowing the rigours and uncertainties that awaited me in the attempt. Just as I was beginning the process, in March 2020, the state of California shut down.

Covid turned out to be a godsend for the DMV. On March 26, 2020 the Los Angeles Times acknowledged what those of us in bureaucratic limbo already knew: “To slow the spread of COVID-19, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has dramatically restricted customer visits to its field offices, barring people who do not have appointments and warning that no new slots to appear in person are currently available.” Now there were no lines and, more important, no embarrassing news stories about queues. Problem solved.

To the party-state, citizens with their unending needs are a nuisance. The DMV remained “open” because it is an essential service, but presumably this was less for public safety on the roads than for reasons of the sort that came to light in Knox v SEIU, a Supreme Court case which found that the public employee union (which DMV workers were required to join as a condition of employment) in California had “improperly charged increased dues that went towards political spending”. Those dues from DMV workers were the essential thing, to the party-state.

Several months later, as the pandemic meandered around the globe according to its own logic (in which the only perceptible correlation that emerged between lockdowns and Covid deaths was an embarrassing one), I succeeded in getting in the door of the DMV. To secure a California driver’s licence, I did not have to take a written exam, nor was there a driving test. The DMV had quietly waived these tests. The LA Times quoted an anonymous employee who wondered, “They’re saying we’re being kept open because we’re an essential part of the community… How can we be essential when we’re not protecting the public? We’re putting the public in danger by doing this.” When the same employee raised concerns with her manager about granting licences to customers who’d failed their tests multiple times, she was told, “Nope, just give them their license.” One DMV employee in the San Joaquin Valley reported her office waiving about half a dozen tests in one week, including for people who had been cited for driving under the influence.

In dropping the pretence of its ostensible mission of public safety, the official DMV was perhaps just acknowledging the reality of the unofficial DMV, the one that is likely to be called “corrupt” by people clinging to first-world norms. Having now spent some time in DMV offices in the new California, my impression is that the shop floor operates along the lines of ethnic fiefdoms that overlap somewhat, and work fairly smoothly together when necessary. The Hispanic customers speak their own language with a Hispanic teller, the warm tones and easy gestures of which seem very unlike the bureaucratic mode of address that institutional English is adapted to. There are other languages spoken as well, each with its own characteristic emotional repertoire, and some of these seem better adapted to the haggle — at least to the naïve and suspicious ear of one feeling beset by a cacophonous Babel.

The occasional appearance of an unaffiliated Anglo-American such as myself is accommodated easily enough, and in such cases tellers are able to code-switch into officialese. But one does wonder if one is being offered quite the same menu of services as those who can make appeal to one of these fiefdoms. In 2021, five employees at a DMV office in the Los Angeles area pled guilty to taking weekly cash bribes to process drivers licences for unqualified drivers. According to ringleader Atanacio Villegas, a licence registration examiner in Torrance from 2010 to 2016, “a network of ‘brokers’ would contact him on behalf of drivers who could not pass their driver exams”, and then forward the drivers’ bribes to DMV employees. The scheme involved sending the drivers to the window of a participating DMV employee who had an “identifier”, such as a red hat, as reported in the Press Democrat and LA Times.

In 2022, the Department of Justice indicted 20 California DMV employees who “helped put unqualified commercial drivers who operated large commercial vehicles on highways despite the drivers not passing their written and driving tests”. Employees would accept bribes to enter fraudulent scores for those who did not pass their tests and in some cases had not even taken the test. Various trucking schools looked for DMV employees that they could bribe so students that failed or were unqualified could get their licences. According to the DOJ, “hundreds of fraudulent commercial driver license permits and licenses were issued as a part of these schemes”. Meanwhile, according to NBC, in 2018 down in Corona (near San Diego), Jose Cruz admitted to a years-long arrangement in which “he and other conspirators obtained genuine Social Security numbers of Puerto Rican residents to be sold to people wishing to obtain state identification cards and driver’s licenses, according to his plea deal”.

In a case stretching from 2013-18, various trucking schools in the Salinas area were finding their own work-arounds. “Truck school owner Pavittar Singh was sentenced to prison for paying DMV employees for fraudulent passing scores,” reported The Californian. Meanwhile, “Kulwinder Dosanjh Singh, a broker, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery and identify fraud.” Here “broker” refers to a provider of DMV services.

From the perspective of the party-state, presumably the problem with allowing corruption within the bureaucracy is that the thriving business done by these operations represents a lost revenue stream for the union, that is, for the war chest of the Party. In 2014, the California DMV went on a massive hiring blitz, adding a thousand new workers for the express purpose of providing drivers licences to illegal immigrants, per state bill AB 60. “For us, it’s more of a social justice thing,” said Ted Burnett, state-wide coordinator for Service Employees International Union Local 1000.

You, tender reader, might be scandalised by the ways of California’s DMV, but such a response is a hangover from another era. Under conditions of bureaucratic dysfunction typical of a party-state, corruption isn’t a problem, it is the solution. These new populations have found ways to get things done. Bribery is more efficient (and far less crazy-making) than clinging to first-world expectations in a world that has changed. For my part, I am sincerely grateful for the services of Smog Lady. Diversity is our strength. (read more)

2023-09-24 a




(If you are too busy to read this entire protocol, try to read the rubricated portions.)


1. To-day I begin with a repetition of what I said before, and I BEG YOU TO BEAR IN MIND THAT GOVERNMENTS AND PEOPLE ARE CONTENT IN THE POLITICAL WITH OUTSIDE APPEARANCES. And how, indeed, are the GOYIM to perceive the underlying meaning of things when their representatives give the best of their energies to enjoying themselves? For our policy it is of the greatest importance to take cognizance of this detail; it will be of assistance to us when we come to consider the division of authority of property, of the dwelling, of taxation (the idea of concealed taxes), of the reflex force of the laws. All these questions are such as ought not to be touched upon directly and openly before the people. In cases where it is indispensable to touch upon them they must not be categorically named, it must merely be declared without detailed exposition that the principles of contemporary law are acknowledged by us. The reason of keeping silence in this respect is that by not naming a principle we leave ourselves freedom of action, to drop this or that out of it without attracting notice; if they were all categorically named they would all appear to have been already given.

2. The mob cherishes a special affection and respect for the geniuses of political power and accepts all their deeds of violence with the admiring response: "rascally, well, yes, it is rascally, but it's clever! ... a trick, if you like, but how craftily played, how magnificently done, what impudent audacity!" ...


3. We count upon attracting all nations to the task of erecting the new fundamental structure, the project for which has been drawn up by us. This is why, before everything, it is indispensable for us to arm ourselves and to store up in ourselves that absolutely reckless audacity and irresistible might of the spirit which in the person of our active workers will break down all hindrances on our way.


5. TO SECURE THIS WE MUST HAVE EVERYBODY VOTE WITHOUT DISTINCTION OF CLASSES AND QUALIFICATIONS, in order to establish an absolute majority, which cannot be got from the educated propertied classes. In this way, by inculcating in all a sense of self-importance, we shall destroy among the GOYIM the importance of the family and its educational value and remove the possibility of individual minds splitting off, for the mob, handled by us, will not let them come to the front nor even give them a hearing; it is accustomed to listen to us only who pay it for obedience and attention. In this way we shall create a blind, mighty force which will never be in a position to move in any direction without the guidance of our agents set at its head by us as leaders of the mob. The people will submit to this regime because it will know that upon these leaders will depend its earnings, gratifications and the receipt of all kinds of benefits.

6. A scheme of government should come ready made from one brain, because it will never be clinched firmly if it is allowed to be split into fractional parts in the minds of many. It is allowable, therefore, for us to have cognizance of the scheme of action but not to discuss it lest we disturb its artfulness, the interdependence of its component parts, the practical force of the secret meaning of each clause. To discuss and make alterations in a labor of this kind by means of numerous votings is to impress upon it the stamp of all ratiocinations and misunderstandings which have failed to penetrate the depth and nexus of its plotting. We want our schemes to be forcible and suitably concocted. Therefore WE OUGHT NOT TO FLING THE WORK OF GENIUS OF OUR GUIDE to the fangs of the mob or even of a select company.

7. These schemes will not turn existing institutions upside down just yet. They will only effect changes in their economy and consequently in the whole combined movement of their progress, which will thus be directed along the paths laid down in our schemes.


8. Under various names there exists in all countries approximately one and the same thing. Representation, Ministry, Senate, State Council, Legislative and Executive Corps. I need not explain to you the mechanism of the relation of these institutions to one another, because you are aware of all that; only take note of the fact that each of the above-named institutions corresponds to some important function of the State, and I would beg you to remark that the word "important" I apply not to the institution but to the function, consequently it is not the institutions which are important but their functions. These institutions have divided up among themselves all the functions of government - administrative, legislative, executive, wherefore they have come to operate as do the organs in the human body. If we injure one part in the machinery of State, the State falls sick, like a human body, and ... will die.

9. When we introduced into the State organism the poison of Liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change. States have been seized with a mortal illness - blood poisoning. All that remains is to await the end of their death agony.

10. Liberalism produced Constitutional States, which took the place of what was the only safeguard of the GOYIM, namely, Despotism; and A CONSTITUTION, AS YOU WELL KNOW, IS NOTHING ELSE BUT A SCHOOL OF DISCORDS, misunderstandings, quarrels, disagreements, fruitless party agitations, party whims - in a word, a school of everything that serves to destroy the personality of State activity. THE TRIBUNE OF THE "TALKERICS" HAS, NO LESS EFFECTIVELY THAN THE PRESS, CONDEMNED THE RULERS TO INACTIVITY AND IMPOTENCE, and thereby rendered them useless and superfluous, for which reason indeed they have been in many countries deposed. THEN IT WAS THAT THE ERA OF REPUBLICS BECOME POSSIBLE OF REALIZATION; AND THEN IT WAS THAT WE REPLACED THE RULER BY A CARICATURE OF A GOVERNMENT - BY A PRESIDENT, TAKEN FROM THE MOB, FROM THE MIDST OF OUR PUPPET CREATURES, OR SLAVES. This was the foundation of the mine which we have laid under the GOY people, I should rather say, under the GOY peoples.


11. In the near future we shall establish the responsibility of presidents.

12. By that time we shall be in a position to disregard forms in carrying through matters for which our impersonal puppet will be responsible. What do we care if the ranks of those striving for power should be thinned, if there should arise a deadlock from the impossibility of finding presidents, a deadlock which will finally disorganize
the country? ...

13. In order that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favor of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some "Panama" or other - then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations and from the natural desire of everyone who has attained power, namely, the retention of the privileges, advantages and honor connected with the office of president. The chamber of deputies will provide cover for, will protect, will elect presidents, but we shall take from it the right to propose new, or make changes in existing laws, for this right will be given by us to the responsible president, a puppet in our hands. Naturally, the authority of the presidents will then become a target for every possible form of attack, but we shall provide him with a means of self-defense in the right of an appeal to the people, for the decision of the people over the heads of their representatives, that is to say, an appeal to that some blind slave of ours - the majority of the mob. Independently of this we shall invest the president with the right of declaring a state of war. We shall justify this last right on the ground that the president as chief of the whole army of the country must have it at his disposal, in case of need for the defense of the new republican constitution, the right to defend which will belong to him as the responsible representative of this constitution.

14. It is easy to understand them in these conditions the key of the shrine will lie in our hands, and no one outside ourselves will any longer direct the force of legislation.

15. Besides this we shall, with the introduction of the new republican constitution, take from the Chamber the right of interpolation on government measures, on the pretext of preserving political secrecy, and, further, we shall by the new constitution reduce the number of representatives to a minimum, thereby proportionately reducing political passions and the passion for politics. If, however, they should, which is hardly to be expected, burst into flame, even in this minimum, we shall nullify them by a stirring appeal and a reference to the majority of the whole people ... Upon the president will depend the appointment of presidents and vice-presidents of the Chamber and the Senate. Instead of constant sessions of Parliaments we shall reduce their sittings to a few months. Moreover, the president, as chief of the executive power, will have the right to summon and dissolve Parliament, and, in the latter case, to prolong the time for the appointment of a new parliamentary assembly. But in order that the consequences of all these acts which in substance are illegal, should not, prematurely for our plans, upon the responsibility established by use of the president, WE SHALL INSTIGATE MINISTERS AND OTHER OFFICIALS OF THE HIGHER ADMINISTRATION ABOUT THE PRESIDENT TO EVADE HIS DISPOSITIONS BY TAKING MEASURES OF THEIR OWN, for doing which they will be made the scapegoats in his place ... This part we especially recommend to be given to be played by the Senate, the Council of State, or the Council of Ministers, but not to an individual official.

16. The president will, at our discretion, interpret the sense of such of the existing laws as admit of various interpretation; he will further annul them when we indicate to him the necessity to do so, besides this, he will have the right to propose temporary laws, and even new departures in the government constitutional working, the pretext both for the one and the other being the requirements for the supreme welfare of the State.


17. By such measure we shall obtain the power of destroying little by little, step by step, all that at the outset when we enter on our rights, we are compelled to introduce into the constitutions of States to prepare for the transition to an imperceptible abolition of every kind of constitution, and then the time is come to turn every form of government into OUR DESPOTISM.

18. The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence - a matter which we shall arrange for - of their rulers, will clamor: "Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders - frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts - who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives."


20. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing space the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive.


2023-09-23 a

"Russian origin or not, the Protocols is being applied and
[Khazarian] Jews are achieving their world domination plan.

Dalton, Protocols
The Protocols Revisited

Review: Protocols of the Elders of Zion: The Definitive English Edition, Edited and Translated by Thomas Dalton, Clemens & Blair, 2023

Clemens & Blair has issued a brand new book on a long-debated topic titled Protocols of the Elders of Zion: The Definitive English Edition, Edited and Translated by Thomas Dalton PhD. I was intrigued to see it, having found piecemeal material on the mysterious Protocols over years of indirect study, and also studying only one other full book devoted to the subject, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Foreword by Texe Marrs, commentary by Henry Ford, translated Victor E. Marsden (1934, reprinted Rivercrest Publishing, Austin TX, 2011). I wondered whether another book on this persistent topic would offer much that was new.

This Dalton book encompasses 275 pages, almost the same as the 2011 Marrs book. Both contain at their core accurate translations of the 24 Protocols themselves, which are necessary for reference. Dalton adds his own useful explanatory footnotes and titles for each protocol. The great value in the new Dalton treatment is in the three other sections: PART ONE: Overview and Early Commentaries, PART THREE: National Socialist Commentaries, PART FOUR: Contemporary Reflections (PART TWO is the Protocols themselves). Both books devote about 75% of their pages to such focus.


These commentaries and reflections are particularly welcome in the Dalton volume. His introduction of 14 pages gives us the necessary description and explanation for what the Protocols essentially is (I refer to the document in the singular, and in italics when referring to the document): “I am tempted to call it the nicest work of anti-Semitism known to man.” Author and editor Thomas Dalton is known for many volumes that address the Jewish Question, and his Protocols book is still another—surprising that not all Protocols analyses do. I found it admirable that the Introduction also admits that “the document is truly shrouded in mystery,” “Its origins are unknown,” and “The author likewise is unknown,” thus avoiding the ignorant arrogance of other works.

The Introduction goes on to establish what is known, including an analysis of the strange writing style and structure (or lack of it), the clear fact that the Protocols are by Jews for Jews, and Jewish stridency in insisting it is a “forgery.”

Under sub-section “Murky Origins,” Dalton gives the first signs of the Protocols’ emergence to the public in 1902 in Russia, subsequent publishing by Sergei Nilus in his 1905 book, and on from there. The Protocols has earlier origins however, in France, and while later sections of the book present some of this knowledge, overall the book misses a couple too. I searched the convenient index for “Justine Glinka,” and found it missing, but the index covers only the Protocols themselves. Overall the book met the standards for a “definitive” edition, while the omission of this small detail of origins left it just short of exhaustive. The Marrs version includes the Glinka account, and I have found that no single source of analysis on the Protocols collects all knowledge in one place. Dalton’s version comes closer than any.

PART ONE: Overview and Early Commentaries

This section includes a “Summary” by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, which is almost humorous in this context, but wise to establish the overwhelming Jewish dismissal of the Protocols. This sentence will serve to summarize almost all Jewish perspectives: “The Protocols is entirely a work of fiction, intentionally written to blame Jews for a variety of ills.” Case closed.

One early commentary comes from Wickham Steed writing in the London Times in 1920. He remarks upon the Protocols published in English in a booklet “The Jewish Peril.” Steed frames his essay as concern for unjust anti-Semitism the book could cause if left unexamined, but in the end conveys a genuine alarm that the Protocols are being successfully applied, especially in three year old USSR. He summarized the 24 Protocols down to 7 categories: the validity of a secret international cabal of Jews, with an “undying hatred of the traditional Christian world” and lust for domination, to destroy nation-states and impose Jewish control, using toxic political ideologies, by experts in governing of many centuries: Jews, over ignorant Goyim masses using corrupt puppets, weaponizing every sector and institution of the nations to demoralize, confuse, pervert and subvert the populations. Steed speculates: “Have we (British), by straining every fibre of our national body (WWI), escaped a ‘Pax Germanica’ only to fall into a ‘Pax Judaica’?”

Next we have an extensive section from Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent writings. The Marrs version has 10 full essays from Ford covering 90 pages. This entry by Dalton keeps the focus, presenting the essentials in key extracts from multiple essays all from around 1920. It basically reviews the Protocols to show that it was being implemented at that time, citing verbatim text and associating it with known developments of the day. Concluding, this chapter speaks of “… a program by which a people may be deliberately devastated materially and spiritually, and yet kept pleasant all the time… altogether under control of the members of one race.”

PART ONE completes with the full essay by Richard Graves, also in the London Times of 1921, that first announced the Protocols was a “forgery,” but in fact Graves announced it was a plagiarism. Here we learn the story that the document draws extensively on the contents of a book published in 1864 known as the Geneva Dialogues, authored by Maurice Joli (sometimes Joly). I found Dalton’s relevant footnotes helpful, but was surprised he did not note here that Joli was Jewish, and even a Freemason (this is revealed later in the book). The Geneva Dialogues present as a conversation in the underworld between the ghosts of Montesquieu and Machiavelli, and Graves catalogs its many verbatim or near-verbatim quotes which appear in the Protocols. Plagiarism is established, forgery is not.

The Epilogue of this chapter is written not by Graves, but by the Editors of The Times, who dismiss any relevance of the Protocols thereafter: “The fact of the plagiarism has now been conclusively established, and the legend may be allowed to pass into oblivion. … thought it does not, in our opinion, affect the Jewish problem, which happily, in this country, cannot be said to exist in its Continental form.” Of course this assessment was entirely false, as we will see in PART THREE.

PART THREE: National Socialist Commentaries

Here is a unique contribution to Protocols analysis; I have not seen it elsewhere. Understandable that Dalton would include it, given his expertise in this area of history reflected in other books he has translated and published. Since the National Socialist Germans were renown for their problems with Jews, I was interested to see what they had to say about the Protocols.

First is an introduction to a full book about the Protocols by Estonian National Socialist Alfred Rosenberg. He explains that the elaborate attempts by Jews to suppress knowledge of and discredit the validity of the Protocols only confers more validity upon them, and discredits Jews. Rosenberg adds his own knowledge to the large corpus showing the Jewish plan for world control through destruction of White Western Christian civilization in other sources, notably the writings of three Jews: Theodore Herzl, Max Nordau and Ahad Ha’am (Asher Ginsberg). Jews dominated the Entente against Germany in World War I, and four Jews held positions of power in Great Britain. The rest of Rosenberg’s essay details Jewish power in America, England, France, Italy, USA (again), League of Nations and Germany. “The politics of the present (1924) corresponds exactly to the details of the intentions and plans as they were discussed and laid down more than 25 years ago.” Thus Rosenberg brings the Protocols into the context of his time.

He closes with a classic National Socialist perspective on the entire Jewish-German question:

… at the highest point of the greedy peak of power, the fall into the abyss awaits the Jew. The final fall. After him the Jew has no more room in Europe or America. … a new epoch is beginning… As one of the portents of this coming struggle for a new world formation stands the knowledge of the nature of the demon of our present decline. Then the way will be free for a new era.

Dalton is known for two books, Hitler on the Jews and Goebbels on the Jews, and next he offers us “Hitler and Goebbels on the Protocols.” Of all his speaking and writing, Hitler has only one statement on the Protocols, from Mein Kampf, Volume 1, 11.4. He states in part:

It doesn’t matter from what Jewish brain these revelations sprang; the important thing is that they disclose, with an almost terrifying precision, the nature and activity of the Jewish people, exposing both their inner contexts and final aims. …The moment that the general public gets hold of this book, the Jewish danger will be stamped out.

Of the many thousands of entries in Goebbels’ diaries over 20 years, only four mention the Protocols. First (1924) he says he must study them after reading of them in Henry Ford’s work, next that they are a forgery but still reflect “inner truth,” then wonders whether the Protocols would be good propaganda in France (1939) and last decides that the Protocols can be effective war propaganda especially in Britain if done with subtlety (1943). Goebbels clarifies something I have pondered for years:

The intellectual man doesn’t have a natural defense against the Jewish danger because he is essentially broken in his instinct. As a result, people of a high level of civilization are the most vulnerable. In nature, life always acts in the same way against parasitism; this is not always the case in the existence of nations. This actually results in the Jewish danger.

The penultimate chapter in this section is titled “NSDAP Introduction to Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which Dalton suspects was also written by Rosenberg. The party had been producing copies for public consumption in Germany since it won leadership in 1933, and this introduction is from the 1938 edition. “In this way, millions of people have become informed about the corrupting character of Jewish thought and action.”

This introduction gives its own account of the origins of the Protocols, and then focuses on evidence of the Jewish plan inflicted on Germany. The Jew Lucien Wolf is identified as exposing the Jewish influence over the Treaty of Versailles that so devastated Germany. Other Jews are named as founding and leading so many of the political parties violently opposed to the NSDAP, including the German Communist Party (KPD). Clearly the Protocols had been applied to use of the media and entertainment in pre-NSDAP Germany, along with promotion of pacifism, sexual perversion, abortion and miscegenation.

The chapter closes with powerful warnings for the people of other nations, and indeed for people of the world today:

This bloodthirsty desire for murder and revenge… is frightening and revolting, but nonetheless a genuine and accurate picture of the eternal enmity Jews have against non-Jews. … this well nourished racial instinct… steadily works to oppose and destroy all existing values of community, culture, justice, and morality. …we must conclude that the theses and facts proclaimed in the Protocols, and evidenced by the activities of the Jews in Germany, have been fully proved. …At the moment, Germany is enemy #1 of the Jews. It has freed itself from the poison in its racial body through the Nuremberg laws. Each people and each country, however, must sooner or later defend itself against subversive Jewish activity. …We have freed ourselves from the nightmare of Jewish dominance. …For the future, therefore, and for every country, there is but one warning call… Peoples of the world, defend your holiest possessions! (folk and nation – KH)

Though not technically National Socialist, the final chapter in this section is by Italian “’neo-fascist’ thinker” Julius Evola. Dalton’s initial summary tells us Evola’s name in the Italian translation in 1938 “contributed greatly” to its spread. His is the only chapter that goes beyond acknowledging the Jewish Question of the Protocols—including by the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Museum–by adding “the true forces at work in history.” Evola first answers the question of authenticity versus establishing the Protocols’ veracity. He cites the Bern Trial in Switzerland where Jews tried to establish the non-authenticity of the Protocols—the only mention I have seen in any work on the topic. Here Evola presents more of the details on Protocols’ origins, and we learn Joly was “a half-Jew, a revolutionary and a Freemason.” As with others we have seen, Evola shows that plagiarism in no way precludes vercity, given “1) proof by the facts; 2) proof by the nature of the Jewish spirit.”

Evola summarizes some of the Protocols by number: “This is the first phase of the occult war; its goal is to create an enormous proletariat, to reduce the peoples to a mush of beings without tradition or inner strength.” He adds broad historical perspectives including a Masonic Congress declaring World War I “the crowning work of the French Revolution,” leading to the League of Nations, the Popular Front swallowing France and inciting the Spanish Civil War, and “This is why Adolf Hitler considered it (the Protocols) to be undoubtedly the most powerful means of awakening the German people.” This seems somewhat divergent from what we read earlier from Hitler and Goebbels themselves, but the point is clear.

Evola presents his perhaps unique theory that the plan for world domination may not be exclusively Jewish. He asks us to “become aware of forces for which Judaism itself may have been, to some extent, only the instrument.” He claims the first edition of the Protocols is “signed by the representatives of Sion of the 33rd degree,” and explains that Freemasonry was not founded by Jews, but only became Judaized in the 1700s. This is classic Evola: “it follows that it is necessary to refer to a much larger network of corrupting occult forces, which we are even inclined to believe is not purely human.” Some have said Jews are not fully human, and some Jews say that about Goyim, but Evola is referring to spiritual or energetic entities.

Returning to the Jews, Evola accepts their undeniable presence and power to conduct the Protocols, but attributes that not to their racial nature, but to “the Law,” the “Talmudic spirit… whether in an atavistic and unconscious manner, or an occult manner…” He shows examples of how the Protocols derive directly from this Law. Evola ends with hope, solidarity and inspiration for “a robust, unshakable, irresistible block” of European reconquest against the Jewish Sovereign in a conflict “of such a merciless nature as the world has never seen before.” (This last quote is from the Protocols) Recall Evola is writing in 1938.

For added perspective, this chapter includes an extended excerpt from his book of 1953, Men Among the Ruins. It focuses on the likelihood that a hidden force beyond organized Jews and Freemasons will emerge in the last phase of world control. It may even supersede Jews and Freemasons: “…the role of a central guiding force of global subversion in this last period (Fourth Estate – media) will no longer be played by Judaism or Masonry and that the main current may turn against both of these groups, as if they were residues to be liquidated once and for all…” Evola does not try to define this force.

PART FOUR Contemporary Reflections

This is the shortest section, yet of great interest to me. It presents two chapters making up 39 pages, the first from 2010 and the final from the year of publication, 2023. The Marrs book has nothing so current but for a brief Conclusion, nor any other source I have seen.

Carlo Mattogno, known for his holocaust revision work, is author of “The Fake ‘Fake Protocols’: The Purpose and Significance of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Mattogno starts with the view that the Protocols as “fake antisemitism” by the Russians to deflect blame onto Jews was false. Second, he presents the view that “philosemitism has used the Protocols” in “a strategy aimed at reinforcing the idea that anti-Semitism has no legitimate causes.” Both theses are supported by extensive references and analysis. Finally, Mattogno reveals his grand insight of the double-fake in his title: the Protocols “explicitly call on the peoples of Europe to reject liberalism and restore autocratic sovereignty… absolute monarchy by divine right.” This suggest the Czarist Russians and perhaps other monarchs of Europe as the ultimate authors, with the goal of preserving their monarchies against the rising threat of liberal parliamentary democracies—an avenue for Jews, I would ask?

As appropriate, editor Thomas Dalton has the final word in “The Protocols in the 21st Century.” He re-establishes the unknowns and mysteries of the Protocols as the humble and proper basis for understanding. As in other chapters, Dalton reviews the record of evidence for Jewish world domination prior to the emergence of the Protocols, finding a different explanation than Evola. He brings it up to date, though vaguely: “One can only wonder how extreme the situation is today, more than 150 years later.”

Dalton gives his own view of four aspects: the “forgery,” politics in Russia, writing style analysis, and veracity. I was intrigued to read about his knowledge of the four Czars in temporal proximity to the emergence of the Protocols, especially Alexander II who was assassinated by Jews in 1881. Dalton’s view is essentially aligned with the National Socialists and the others throughout the book, with the exception of US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Graves and Evola: forgery, plagiarism, Russian origin or not, the Protocols is being applied and Jews are achieving their world domination plan.

Dalton provides a fascinating list of quotes denouncing Jews ranging from Hecateus in 300 BC to Heidegger (no date is given but he lived until 1976); see especially the Voltaire, Nietzsche, Twain, and H G Wells quotes. Dalton concludes: “Both main themes are thus proven: Jews indeed have designs on world domination, and they indeed view all of non-Jewish humanity with contempt and hatred. The Protocols are, in this sense, true.”

In my own studies of many sources of opinion on the Protocols, I cannot remember ever seeing any substantive solutions to the dreadful horrors they portray. Dalton delivers his solutions in this final chapter of a fascinating and engaging book. 1) Limit the number of Jews in every nation, restrict their membership in positions of power, and tax them in compensation for their financial predation. 2) independent nations join together to impose boycotts and sanctions on nations Jews control. 3) massive education campaign to reveal the truth of the Jews in history and today. In closing, Dalton states with utility that if knowledge of the Protocols can help avert a “global calamity,” their value is assured.

The book provides a Bibliography, and I thought it might be more complete if it included the Marrs volume, as well perhaps as the essay by Revilo P. Oliver “Those Awful Protocols” (1991), which complete those very few details this otherwise definitive edition omits. An Index is also a very welcome resource for those of us drawn to research, and this index covers the Protocols alone and not the commentaries and reflections.

Thomas Dalton, PhD has achieved the high claim of his title, Protocols of the Elders of Zion: The Definitive English Edition. While such reading cannot be considered “entertainment,” given the urgent and alarming subject matter, I found the variety of writing styles, viewpoints and analyses among the many chapters compelling in counter-point and also in consensus. I struggle to think of any adult and youth today who would not gain crucial perspective on history and current events that they can apply to their own protection and the defense of the world. Along with bringing this knowledge to our attention once again in this new form, Dalton’s greatest contribution is the simple, clear and effective solutions he offers at the end. I am left with a persistent peal of passion:

We must do this! (read more)

2023-09-22 a


1/ It is crucial to keep saying this and not letting them rewrite history: mRNA fanatics promised the shots would end the epidemic.

That was the goal; their supposedly incredibly high rates of infection prevention was the reason they were superior to traditional vaccines…

2/ But they failed completely.

It is not clear they work at all, much less better than inactivated virus vaccines, at stopping infection OR severe disease in the long run. But China’s experience (even assuming 1-2 million Chinese died in the Omicron wave) suggests they don’t…

3/ What we do know for sure: their side effects are FAR worse than inactivated virus jabs in the short run and that they appear to carry long-run risks (IgG4 class switching, most notably) that the traditional vaccines do not.

On the plus side, they cost about 10 times as much!

2023-09-20 a



Elon Musk controls one of the world’s most powerful media megaphones. If he chose to do so, he could easily ensure
that tens of millions of Americans learned the true origins and history of the ADL, an organization that today controls
much of what our citizens are allowed to read or see. Such a bold stroke might completely break the power the
ADL possesses over him and the rest of our society — Ron Unz, Editor, The Unz Review

The ADL is a wrongthink enforcer for the Khazar Bolsheviks.
The ADL defames, libels and slanders those who tell truths, notice what should
not be noticed, and especially those who do not pretend in a time
when all is pretense & show & theater.


No kidding …

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 14, 2023


Elon Musk has found himself in a battle & potential $22 billion lawsuit w/ the ADL

But who is the ADL?

Are they the righteous champions against hate or should we be asking more questions?

Watch below to dive into the not-so-spotless history of the ADL

— Ashley St. Clair (@stclairashley) September 14, 2023



Today at the All-In Summit, Elon Musk shared with the panel that the ADL was instrumental in de-platforming Donald Trump, and when his account was restored on 𝕏, they said that “constituted as hate speech.”

The hilarious part that Elon noted…

— Mario Nawfal (@MarioNawfal) September 12, 2023


The unholy matrimony of the #ADL & the #FBI . In case you didn't know, the Zionist ADL calls the shots in everything American ! #BanTheADL

— Rania (@umyaznemo) September 10, 2023


The ADL's real mission is leveraging antisemitism to advance Democratic Party goals, like endorsing Biden's border policies and advocating for critical race theory in schools while accusing Trump of being antisemitic.

They issue far-left censorship demands, threatening to label…

— KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) September 9, 2023


The ADL is an op.

DNC wants to stop RFK Jr’s campaign? ADL makes an accusation.

DNC wants to censor Trump? ADL makes an accusation.

DNC wants to thwart Elon’s resistance? ADL makes an accusation.

New purpose of ADL is turn opposition to DNC agenda into a hate crime.

— David Sacks (@DavidSacks) September 8, 2023


When PewDiePie was attacked by the ADL, he had to pay a donation to shut them up. Andrew Ross Sorkin asks Greenblatt if he was shaking down @elonmusk down for donations. Greenblatt responds by shaking down Sorkin.

— Syrian Girl (@Partisangirl) September 7, 2023


Its time to bankrupt the ADL

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) September 7, 2023


“The ADL also demands that no one uses the term or symbolism to describe or compare the Holocaust to anything else, such as the Israeli/Palestine conflict, or even comparing the labeling of anti-vaxxers to how the Nazis labeled Jews.”


The ADL uses the tragedy of the Holocaust, not to just guilt people to donating them, but to blame and punish the entire West into accepting open-border policies forever, while opposing the same for Israel.

The ADL also demands that no one uses the term or symbolism to…

— Lucas Gage (@Lucas_Gage_) September 7, 2023


The Truth About the ADL 

From the recent ADL Files X Space: I respond to a caller who tried to defend the legacy of the ADL.

The truth is the ADL has been exposed as an anti-White, anti-Christian, and anti-free speech organisation, and people are waking up. #BanTheADL

— Keith Woods (@KeithWoodsYT) September 7, 2023


In case you were skeptical of the ADL’s grift, they’re now sending letters out to Jewish leaders & fundraising off of Elon Musk being “anti-semitic” for calling out their mafia-style pressure campaigns

— Ashley St. Clair (@stclairashley) September 6, 2023


Wow! As recently as 2016 Jonathan Greenblatt sounded like @elonmusk on free speech.

He claimed his only concern was violent threats, but as soon as the ADL got an in to the big tech companies they disregarded free speech and began pushing the most extreme censorship.#BanTheADL

— Keith Woods (@KeithWoodsYT) September 4, 2023


Tucker Carlson on the astounding double standard of the ADL:

The ADL warned Israel should not "subvert its nationalist identity" by giving citizenship to more Arabs, while in the US they demanded Tucker be fired for merely acknowledging replacement immigration! #BanTheADL

— Keith Woods (@KeithWoodsYT) September 3, 2023


The ADL is an unelected organization. Its power to censor and silence us is more than you can imagine.

Here is the CEO of ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, telling you in his own words. #BanTheADL

— Khalissee (@Kahlissee) September 2, 2023

See also:
The Ugly Truth About The ADL

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL): a fake-humanitarian front for corruption, criminality and espionage

Despite its reputation as a well oiled and effective public relations organization, many consider the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) to be one of the most dangerous organizations in the world.

With a reported average annual budget of a little bit over 48-million dollars, the ADL has often used its considerable clout and connections to silence any voices who dare to stand against their lobbying tactics or tacit yet active approval of thought repression.

The ADL has repeatedly capitalized on the fact that most Americans believe what they see and hear at face value by conducting some of the most vile and reprehensible smear campaigns ever.

Increasingly, with the use of the Internet many more scandalous and shocking revelations are being made known by individuals and organizations that care more about the principles of truth than they do about being labeled.

There arenât many with in depth knowledge of the shady formation and unsavory characters involved in what is the modern representation of the ADL. The editors of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) have delivered a significant amount of information in a small yet compelling book titled "The Ugly Truth About the ADL."

... More often that not, the opponents of the ADL are those who stand in defense of freedom of speech and are not afraid to criticize the ADLâs tactics, information gathering stratagem, or object to what we at the TEI refer to as specious claims of anti-Semitism hurled so effectively and indiscriminately by the ADL in defense of their selfish economic or political interests.

... The EIR points out the inter-reliant nature of the ADL and organized crime. A strong link between philanthropy and gambling, labor racketeering, money laundering and narcotics has been established while the ADL was coming into prominence, and resulted in them obtaining the expansive power they wield today. This particular period of ADL activity was marked by the involvement of the infamous Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky and partner Mo Dalitz.

See also:

Faking rights: Why anti-racists detest the Anti-Defamation League


In January 1993, the San Francisco Police Department reported that it had recently raided the Northern California headquarters of the ADL based upon information provided by the FBI. The SFPD discovered that the organization had been keeping intelligence files on more than 600 civic organizations and 10,000 individuals, overwhelmingly of a liberal orientation, with the SFPD inspector estimating that 75% of the material had been illegally obtained, much of it by secret payments to police officials. This was merely the tip of the iceberg in what clearly amounted to the largest domestic spying operation by any private organization in American history, and according to some sources, ADL agents across the country had targeted over 1,000 political, religious, labor, and civil rights organizations, with the New York headquarters of the ADL maintaining active dossiers on more than a million Americans.”


The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 3 The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man

2023-09-18 c

Justice is best served if the driver is hanged in public in a large field near his home.
Also, televise the hanging using pay-per-view and give all proceeds
to the victim's widow and two grown children.

This is not an isolated event. There are perpetrators, some preteens, who are not fit
to live even in our prisons. They have no conscience and no morals. Society is not
obligated to cage them for life. Watching them hang might deter others like them.



Las Vegas juveniles involved in two hit-and-run crashes after stealing Hyundai & recording their crimes. One of their victims, a 64 yr old male, was riding a mountain bike & later died of his injuries. Both juveniles were caught by LVPD.

TikTok generation, smh!

— Joanne (@NewportBeachNBT) September 16, 2023

See also:

2023-09-18 b

Who will fight the banksters' & neocon's wars of choice?

See also:

2023-09-18 a


America’s Untouchables

In this decade, America’s most effective conservative activist has likely been Chris Rufo, who in 2020 came up with a winning euphemism for all the racist antiwhite hate suffusing our schools, streets, and screens during the racial reckoning: “Critical Race Theory,” Rufo called it.

Personally, I just refer to racist antiwhite hate as “racist antiwhite hate.” But my term is far too self-explanatory to ever catch on. In the 21st century, Americans prefer opaque neologisms like “jump the shark” or “motte and bailey,” which require lectures on Happy Days trivia or feudal fortifications to understand.

“Critical Race Theory” has the advantage of being incomprehensible to those who haven’t been briefed.

Moreover, conservative whites remain extremely reluctant to notice how much of the animus directed at whites these days is driven by simple lowbrow hate and greed.

Instead, conservatives tend to assume that their opposition must have a highly intellectual ideological backstory, ideally involving something that Adorno said to Gramsci and Marcuse in the New School for Social Research cafeteria in 1946. After all, if not for the Cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School in the 1940s, it would never have dawned on the black people on various reparations commissions in the 2020s to demand seven figures be deposited in their personal bank accounts. It could only be Marxism that makes African Americans want whites’ money.

What else could it be?

Rufo has now written an essay for City Journal entitled “No to the Politics of ‘Whiteness’: The case against right-wing racialism.” He has a demonstrated track record of political acuity, so it’s worth listening to his opinion:

As a practical matter, too, the politics of colorblind equality is vastly superior to the politics of “white identity.” Whatever one’s judgment on mass immigration, America is now a mixed, multiracial republic, and any successful political movement will need to build a coalition beyond any single racial group. The good news for conservatives—and a point against arguments for demographic determination—is that many racial minorities, most notably Latinos and Asians, oppose critical race theory-style discrimination, support the principle of colorblind equality, and have begun to shift politically to the right. By contrast, the advocates of “white racial consciousness” have a track record with the opposite results: from the late author Sam Francis to the website VDARE, such efforts have failed to garner an audience, much less a political coalition, beyond the fringes. Such a politics is perceived, rightly, as victim-oriented and antithetical to deeply held American principles.

Rufo’s take is similar to mine in 2005 in VDARE in a debate with Jared Taylor in which I argued in favor of what I call “citizenism” (the commonsense notion that America’s policies should be biased in favor of the well-being of our fellow citizens over those of the 7.7 billion noncitizens):

As Talleyrand might have said, “White Nationalism is worse than a crime, it’s a mistake.”… Any political philosophy aimed at whites today has to be phrased in high-minded terms because mud-wrestling with Al Sharpton over the racial spoils system simply strikes many whites as too demeaning to bother with…. White Americans don’t want to act like the rest of the world, as the white nationalists advise them to, they want to act like white Americans. They don’t want to submit their individual freedom to their extended families, they want to marry whom they want to marry and then focus on their nuclear families. They want the law to treat them not as members of a clan but as individual and equal citizens under the law.

On the other hand, it’s now 2023, eighteen years later, and my ideology of citizenism has not exactly swept the country, no matter how sensible people find it on the vanishingly rare occasions when it’s explained to them. Moreover, I’m constantly denounced as a white nationalist or a white supremacist, no matter what I’ve said in the past. And the gentlemanly Jared Taylor, even as we are approaching one year into Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter or X or whatever it’s called now, is still banned.

Meanwhile, racist antiwhite hate has become mainstream media fodder. Anybody who tries to defend whites from the ethnic slurs of Ibram X. Kendi [Editor: born Henry Rodgers] and the like is denounced as racist. Granted, there’s at present a vague impression that it’s not in Joe Biden’s reelection interest to bring up Black Lives Matters at the moment, but the fact that black deaths by homicide went up 44 percent and black deaths by motor vehicle accident rose 39 percent from 2019 to 2021 is silenced as inconvenient.

But as of January 21, 2025, will the Mostly Peaceful Protestors be unleashed once again, as in Obama’s second term?

Nobody knows.

My best guess is that the octogenarian Joe Biden would prefer not to have his second term discombobulated by urban disorder, much as the octogenarian general Paul von Hindenburg assumed that his second term as president of the Weimar Republic would be made more convenient by briefly appointing the bumptious corporal Adolf Hitler as chancellor.

Similarly, the notion that there is anything admirable about white people is verboten in the press. For example, young whites died much more in combat in the service of their country in Iraq and Afghanistan than did young people of other races, perhaps 75 to 100 percent more for the relevant age ranges. Every few years, glancing about for something to write, I’d look up the fatal casualty numbers in the Pentagon’s reports and write this up, admitting that, yes, young whites do appear on average to be more patriotic and self-sacrificing than the more fashionable races.

During these forever wars, the mainstream media didn’t utterly ignore this fact: As far as I can tell from Google, in 2005, both The Baltimore Sun and the Los Angeles Times wrote a single article each about it. Still, that’s not a lot of coverage of an important life-or-death pattern that went on for a decade or more.

But try to imagine this from a war reporter’s point of view: You’ve noticed from being embedded in combat units and from official documents that whites are disproportionately dying in the country’s two major wars. You consider pitching a story about this fact.

Your editor is going to ask you:

But what’s your bottom line? That whites are more heroic than other races? Really? Can’t you figure out some other way to angle this, such as that blacks are being discriminated against in being awarded Purple Heart medals? Or that whites are glory-hogging all the good jobs at the pointy end of the spear while blacks are forced, forced into safe supply jobs. Now, that’s a story! You might win a Pulitzer for that, but you definitely aren’t winning a Pulitzer for saying that whites are more admirable than nonwhites.

In contrast, your editor concludes,

Your pitch sums up to being that white youths are volunteering to serve their country in combat in inordinate numbers and thus dying at the same ratio. And that is not a story we want to publish. Sure, it’s true, but just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s not racist to notice that it’s true. It’s the 21st century, dude! You can’t go around just telling the truth. You’ve got to spin it. C’mon, help me out here, nobody cares about dead white guys. If you insist on telling the truth, you’ll wind up untouchable in this business.

In the news media business, it’s essential to have phone numbers who will return reporters’ calls no matter how ridiculous the question they ask.

For example, I bet you can call Jonathan Greenblatt, age 52, of the Anti-Defamation League at any hour of the day or night and he will give you an antiwhite gentile quote. The man is a dynamo!

Al Sharpton, age 68, might not get back to you as fast, but he’s a funny guy when he does respond.

Granted, there aren’t many Asian or Hispanic superstar race agitators, but there are countless numbers of them who’d like to be, and one or more will immediately respond with an antiwhite quote you can use even if it’s not as amusing.

You ask, can you call Jared Taylor for a response defending the white race from these antiwhite racist hate slurs?

No, of course not. Are you crazy? He’s an Untouchable. He’s…pro-white.

To these newspapers’ subscribers, white people are the bad guys. Do you want people to cancel their subscriptions just because you noticed some unpopular truth?

(read more)

See also:

2023-09-17 c


From their Protocols:

1. When we come into our kingdom it will be undesirable for us that there should exist any other religion than ours of the One God with whom our destiny is bound up by our position as the Chosen People and through whom our same destiny is united with the destinies of the world. We must therefore sweep away all other forms of belief. If this gives birth to the atheists whom we see to-day, it will not, being only a transitional stage, interfere with our views, but will serve as a warning for those generations which will hearken to our preaching of the religion of Moses, that, by its stable and thoroughly elaborated system has brought all the peoples of the world into subjection to us. Therein we shall emphasize its mystical right, on which, as we shall say, all its educative power is based .... Then at every possible opportunity we shall publish articles in which we shall make comparisons between our beneficent rule and those of past ages. The blessing of tranquility, though it be a tranquility forcibly brought about by centuries of agitation, will throw into higher relief the benefits to which we shall point. The errors of the GOYIM governments will be depicted by us in the most vivid hues. We shall implant such an abhorrence of them that the peoples will prefer tranquility in a state of serfdom to those rights of vaunted freedom which have tortured humanity and exhausted the very sources of human existence, sources which have been exploited by a mob of rascally adventurers who know not what they do .... USELESS CHANGES OF FORMS OF GOVERNMENT TO WHICH WE INSTIGATED THE "GOYIM" WHEN WE WERE UNDERMINING THEIR STATE STRUCTURES, WILL HAVE SO WEARIED THE PEOPLES BY THAT TIME THAT THEY WILL PREFER TO SUFFER ANYTHING UNDER US RATHER THAN RUN THE RISK OF ENDURING AGAIN ALL THE AGITATIONS AND MISERIES THEY HAVE GONE THROUGH.


2. At the same time we shall not omit to emphasize the historical mistakes of the GOY governments which have tormented humanity for so many centuries by their lack of understanding of everything that constitutes the true good of humanity in their chase after fantastic schemes of social blessings, and have never noticed that these schemes kept on producing a worse and never a better state of the universal relations which are the basis of human life ....

3. The whole force of our principles and methods will lie in the fact that we shall present them and expound them as a splendid contrast to the dead and decomposed old order of things in social life.


5. IN COUNTRIES KNOWN AS PROGRESSIVE AND ENLIGHTENED WE HAVE CREATED A SENSELESS, FILTHY, ABOMINABLE LITERATURE. For some time after our entrance to power we shall continue to encourage its existence in order to provide a telling relief by contrast to the speeches, party program, which will be distributed from exalted quarters of ours .... Our wise men, trained to become leaders of the GOYIM, will compose speeches, projects, memoirs, articles, which will be used by us to influence the minds of the GOYIM, directing them towards such understanding and forms of knowledge as have been determined by us.





2023-09-17 b


09-17 a

Those whose wettest wet dream is to enslave humanity
are neither omniscient nor omnipotent.
Just consider this medium, the internet. The internet was to be their all-seeing eye,
their galactic Big Brother to control everything and everyone. Instead, the internet
has broken their mainstream media monopoly of lies and its stupendous
& ever-growing consumption of electricity utterly destroys
their impossible Green Energy and Net Zero utopias.


(Hey Khazars, mull over that while you recite your
modified Kol Nidre in one week.)


The Frightened Left

Weaponizing impeachment is just one of many precedents that Leftists now would not wish to have applied to themselves

An impeachment inquiry looms and the shrieks of outrage are beginning.

The Left is now suddenly voicing warnings that those who recently undermined the system could be targeted by their own legacies.

So, for example, now we read why impeachment is suddenly a dangerous gambit.

True, the Founders did not envision impeaching a first-term president the moment he lost his House majority. Nor did they imagine impeaching a president twice. And they certainly did not anticipate trying an ex-president in the Senate as a private citizen.

In modern times, the nation has not rushed to impeach a president without a special counsel investigation to determine whether the chief executive was guilty of “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

But thanks to the Democrats, recent impeachments now have destroyed all those guardrails. After all, Trump was impeached the first time on the fumes of an exhaustive but fruitless 22-month, $40 million special counsel investigation—one designed to find him guilty of Russian “collusion” and thus to be removed from office but found no actionable offenses at all.

Instead, dejected Democrats moved immediately for a second try. In September 2019 a few weeks after Trump had announced his 2020 reelection bid, the Democratic House began to impeach the president on the new grounds that he had talked to the President Zelensky of Ukraine and said he might delay offensive arms shipments—unless the Ukrainians could demonstrate that they had ended corruption and, in particular, were no longer influenced by the Biden family quid pro quo shakedowns.

Trump was proven right: the Biden family is not just corrupt, but, in particular, Joe Biden as head of the family and Vice President had intervened in the internal politics of an aid recipient, by threatening not to delay but rather to cancel outright all U.S. aid to Ukraine—unless it fired Viktor Shokin, a Ukrainian prosecutor.

Shokin was then looking into the misadventures of Biden’s son Hunter, and why the Vice President’s imbecilic son was receiving lucrative compensation on the boards of a Ukrainian energy company Burisma, yet without any demonstrable expertise or education in matters of energy policy.

Since Trump was impeached, we now know that Joe Biden did lie that he had no connection with or even knowledge of his son’s business. And we know that the fired prosecutor believed the Bidens were recipients of bribes. We know that contrary to Biden’s assertions, he was not following State Department policy.

In contrast, the U.S. had, in fact, lauded Shokin’s efforts to repress corruption. In sum, Biden was undermining the stated policy of the U.S. government to protect his son’s—and his own—efforts to leverage money from Kyiv by monetizing the influence of his own Vice Presidency. In some sense, Biden was guilty of the very “treason” charge—altering U.S. foreign policy for personal benefit—by which Rep. Adam Schiff had earlier falsely accused Trump.

Given that reality, it is easy to argue that the House impeached Donald Trump in 2019 for crimes that he did not commit, but which the current president Joe Biden most certainly had during his Vice Presidency.

But weaponizing impeachment is just one baleful legacy of the Left. There are plenty more of their own precedents that Leftists now would not wish to have applied to themselves:

  • Will the next president have the FBI pay social media censors to suppress the dissemination of any news it feels is unhelpful to the reelection of a Republican president?
  • Is it OK now for the next Vice President to invite his son onto Air Force Two to cement multimillion dollars deals that benefit both, with Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian oligarchs who enjoy government ties?
  • Should a conservative billionaire stealthily insert $419 million late in the 2024 campaign to absorb the work of registrars in key voting precincts?
  • If a Democratic president wins the 2024 election should conservative groups riot at the Capitol on Inauguration Day? Should a conservative celebrity yell out to the assembled crowd of protestors that she dreams of blowing up the White House? And if a Republican wins, should he prosecute any Democratic rioters who once again swarm Washington on Inauguration Day and charge them with “insurrection,” meting out long prisons sentences to the convicted?
  • Is Joe Biden now vulnerable to being impeached for systematic family corruption, or using the Department of Justice to obstruct the prosecution of his son in his last days in office, and then being tried in the Senate as a private citizen?
  • If the Republicans gain the Senate, will they move to end the filibuster in agreement with Democratic assertions that it is “racist” and a “Jim Crow relic”?
  • If the midwestern Electoral College “Blue Wall” seems to reappear, or if Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada recreate new blue walls, will there be a conservative effort to end the constitutionally mandated Electoral College?
  • If in 2024 there is a narrow Democratic win in the Electoral College, should conservative celebrities conspire to run ads urging the electors to reject their constitutional duties and not vote in accordance with their state’s popular vote that went Democratic? Should a Republican third-party candidate sue to stop a state’s selection of its electors on grounds the voting machines were rigged?
  • If Supreme Court decisions begin to appear to favor the left, will Republicans talk of packing the court, or have the DOJ turn a blind eye when mobs began to swarm the homes of liberal justices? Should the conservative media go after liberal judges with serial accusations of corruption? Should the Republican Senate leader assemble a mob of pro-life protestors at the doors of the court and call out Justices Sotomayor or Jackson by name, with threats that they will soon reap the whirlwind they have sowed, given they have no idea of what is about to “hit” them? Should conservative legal scholars urge the country to ignore Supreme Court decisions deemed liberal?
  • Will local prosecutors in red jurisdictions begin filing criminal charges against leading Democratic candidates on various charges, among them accusations of old inflated real estate assessments, campaign finance laws, questioning ballot results, or taking classified documents home? If Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton were to run in 2024, will their past illicit behavior gain the attention of a city or state attorney in Utah, West Virginia, or Wyoming?
  • If Joe Biden continues to decline at his present rate, will Republicans demand he be given the Montreal Cognitive Assessment? Will they subpoena Ivy League psychiatrists to testify that an intervention is needed to remove him from office? And will an FBI director and a deputy Attorney General plan to wear wires, and record Biden in his private moments of senility, as a way of convincing the cabinet or Congress that he is demonstrably mentally unfit for office?
  • In the 2024 election, should the Republican nominee hire a foreign ex-spy to compile falsehoods about the Democratic opponent and then seed them among the media, and Department of Justice? Should the FBI hire such a Republican contractor and likewise use him to gather dirt on the Democratic nominee?
  • If there appears incriminating evidence concerning a Republican nominee, should the FBI retrieve such evidence, keep it under wraps, lie about its veracity, and instead go along with media and ex-intelligence officers assertions that it is a fraudulent production of Russian intelligence?
  • Will conservative CIA and FBI directors, and the Director of National Intelligence be given exemptions from prosecutions for systematically lying while under oath in Congress or to federal investigators?
  • Will conservative celebrities ritually on social media, without fear of censorship, brag about ways of decapitating, shooting, stabbing, burning, or blowing up the Democratic nominee?
  • Since in many states the statues of limitations have not yet expired for arson, murder, assault, looting, and attacks on 1,500 police officers during the summer 2020 riots, will state prosecutors now begin identifying those 14,000 once arrested and mostly released, and begin refiling charges of conspiracy, racketeering—and “insurrection”?
  • Will they also file insurrection charges against those who torched a federal courthouse, a police precinct, and a historic Washington DC church, or conspired to riot and swarm the White House grounds in an effort to attack the President of the United States?
  • Will they file charges against Vice President Kamala Harris for “inciting” ongoing violent demonstrations with monotonous, emphatic, and repetitive threats in the weeks before her nomination? Contrary to liberal “fact checkers” at time of nationwide violence, Harris certainly did not distinguish violent from non-violent protests, but in fact implied that they were intimately tied to the upcoming election and beyond. So given the hundreds of police officers injured, the hundreds of millions in property damage, and the dozens killed, what exactly did Harris mean by tying that ongoing summer of often violent protests to Election Day?:

“But they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop, and this is a movement, I’m telling you. They’re not gonna stop, and everyone beware, because they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop before Election Day in November, and they’re not gonna stop after Election Day. Everyone should take note of that, on both levels, that they’re not going to let up — and they should not. And we should not.”

Was the above more or less inflammatory than Trump’s January 6 remarks for which in part he is under indictment: “We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore…I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”?

In sum, the Democratic leadership along with the media long ago deemed that Donald Trump posed such an existential threat to democracy that they were entitled to destroy democratic norms to destroy him.

Their actions were predicated on three assumptions: one, they had that right because they were more sophisticated, morally superior, and smarter than the rest of America and thus deserved the exemption to blow up customs and norms to achieve the “correct” ends; two, whatever damage they did to long-standing protocols of equal justice under the law paled in comparison to the damage that Trump supposedly would or did do; and three, their conservative opposition either lacked the wherewithal, the brains, or the audacity to emulate such behavior and thus there was no worry anyone would dare do to them what they did to others.

And now? For the first time, given recent polls, the Left is scared that a Republican House and perhaps soon a Republican Senate and White House might follow its own precedents, and use new left wing guidelines to enact conservative agendas. (read more)


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