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2020-05-30 d
Viral News - Nobel Laureate Skewers Member of Imperial College Modelling Team

Transcript from webinar exchange between Michael Levitt, Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford and winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, and Samir Bhatt, a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial’s School of Public Health.

Michael Levitt: I’m concerned by, there’s been a massive communications gap here and you know one question that I did raise which Rui didn’t pick up, is I’ve noticed that for example, that epidemiologists and I’m not talking about you guys, don’t think anything wrong about being a factor of 10 too high but are dead scared to be a factor of 10% too low.

I mean the number of deaths caused by lockdown is way higher than anything that will be caused by Covid, unless you assume exponential growth, forever. So, therefore this is a price that the world is paying for this asymmetry. In other words, I don’t know how we handle it, you know.

Sweden is not locked down. You guys are going to have a very hard time when Sweden plateaus at 6,000 deaths, which is 0.06, 0.6 per 100,000, and you can say well they social distance, they’re Scandinavians, they’re cold, there’s high population density. But, you know, the fact remains that the plateau rate of population reached by England, New York City, Lombardy, France is basically around one month of natural death. Ferguson said a year of natural death. That is horrible. That is an error that has cost the world many, many trillions of dollars, but it isn’t a joke. I mean an error like that is not a small error.

Now you could say, oh it’s our intervention, we intervened, Sweden intervened by itself, Italy was a very intervened country. Anyone who believes that Iran intervened is crazy.

Certain countries, there’s no doubt that the one place where there’s beautiful intervention is a part of China I call non-Hubei China…

In Hubei, the Chinese were out of control, but out of Hubei the epidemic is the most beautiful Gompertz function. It was so beautiful that everyone said they must have hacked my computer, except that New Zealand has the same distribution and other countries do as well. So I am trying to understand this.

There’s no doubt that once lockdown has been forced, everyone’s going to believe it was a good thing because otherwise why did we need to do it? But there’s no evidence for it.

Samir Bhatti: It’s not about believing if it’s a good thing. What mechanism do you conjecture for the plateauing of death in the UK that’s not lockdown?

ML: It reached one in a thousand. It’s nothing to do with lockdown. The UK policy led to early saturation. The whole country was infected before lockdown was done. The same thing was true of New York.

SB: No serological data supports this hypothesis.

ML: This is going to saturate at 20% serology. We know that already. You know this assumption that 80% based on R0 is basically nonsense. You guys don’t know what you’re doing to yourselves. You guys are going to end up being responsible for a hundred billion dollar crisis to the world and this is not funny.

And you start to use clean terminology. Don’t estimate herd immunity from an R0 value, which is completely meaningless. If the R0 value is 1.3 then I get saturation at 25%. The Diamond Princess, this wonderful experiment, saturated at 25% and you can say, “Oh, it was such good lockdown. We had shared air conditioning, it was an aged population.”

It doesn’t work. In other words, there needs to be sanity checks. Sanity checks come from looking at the data.

SB: OK so we’re going to talk about the data then. So you’re hypothesis is that infection fatality rate is much lower, everyone has been infected, that’s what caused the curve to bend. A massive serological study occurred just now in Spain, suggesting that with the 28,000 deaths, 5% of the population has been infected based on serology.

ML: And I think we’ve seen that the serological studies have serious shortcomings. We’re now seeing signs there may be T cell receptors.

-05-30 c
The First Amendment is no more.

John Glover Roberts, Harvard College summa cum laude, Harvard Law School magna cum laude joined the Left Wing of the Supreme Court in ignoring the plain meaning of the First Amendment:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

By the "Incorporation Doctrine" of the 14th amendment that was never ratified, the Bill of Rights applies to the states as well.

Roberts, we recall, changed his vote in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius and rescued Obamacare in 2012.

Yesterday, the perfidious Roberts joined Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayor to upheld California’s outrageous restrictions on religious worship gatherings.

Long live the Constitution. The Constitution is dead.

-05-30 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

National Guard summoned as pretext-to-loot protests spread to Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles from Minneapolis

National Guard on standby in DC as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Democrat, and Progressive crowd chants curses at Trump outside White House

Pretext-to-loot protesters burned businesses in Minneapolis. They smashed police cars and windows in Atlanta, broke into police headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and chanted curses at President Donald Trump outside the White House. Thousands also demonstrated peacefully, demanding justice for George Floyd, a black victim of an extra-judicial killing after a white officer pressed a knee into his neck for over 7 minutes.

As anger over Floyd’s extra-judicial killing spread to cities nationwide, local leaders increasingly said they could need help from National Guardsmen or even military police to contain the pretext-to-loot unrest.

Georgia’s governor declared a state of emergency early Saturday to activate the state National Guard as pretext-to-loot violence flared in Atlanta. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler also declared an emergency and ordered a nighttime curfew for the city to further enrage the pretext-to-loot protestors.

Another 500 Guard soldiers were mobilized in and around Mogadishu-on-the-Mississippi, where Floyd was miurdered and an officer faced charges Friday in his extra-judicial killing. But after another night of watching fires burn and businesses ransacked, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said early Saturday that he was moving to activate more than 1,000 more and was considering federal help.

The Guard was also on standby in the District of Columbia, where a crowd grew outside the White House and chanted curses at President Donald Trump who is not responsible for decades of misguided welfare policies and intentional public education failures that destroyed black families, and led to generations of fatherless black men who are the primary perpetrators of violent crime in the U.S., as Barack Obama noted in June of 2008.. Some protesters tried to push through barriers set up by the U.S. Secret Service along Pennsylvania Avenue, and threw bottles and other objects at officers wearing riot gear, who responded with pepper spray.

“I just feel like he’s just one of many names that we’ve had to create hashtags and T-shirts and campaigns for and I feel like nothing has changed,” district resident Abe Neri said of Floyd. “And so that’s why I’m out here. Yeah, when you say nothing you’re taking the side of the policeman who is frustrated after so many years of  dealing with insolent and violent young men who grew up without fathers.”

A person was killed in downtown Detroit just before midnight after someone in an SUV allegedly fired shots into a crowd of pretext-to-loot protesters near the Greektown entertainment district, police said. In Portland, Oregon, pretext-to-loot protesters broke into police headquarters and authorities said they lit a fire inside. In Virginia’s capital, a police cruiser was set on fire outside Richmond police headquarters, and a city transit spokeswoman said a bus set ablaze was “a total loss,” news outlets reported.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp tweeted that up to 500 members of the Guard would deploy immediately “to protect people & property in Atlanta.” He said he acted at the request of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who earlier appealed in vain for calm.

In scenes both peaceful and violent across the nation, thousands of pretext-to-loot protesters chanted “No justice, no peace” and “Say his name. George Floyd.” They hoisted signs reading: “He said I can’t breathe. Justice for George.”

Some pretext-to-loot demonstrators smashed police cars and spray-painted the iconic logo sign at Ministry of Truth CNN headquarters in downtown Atlanta. At least three officers were hurt and there were multiple arrests, Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos said, as pretext-to-loot protesters shot at officers with BB guns and threw bricks, bottles and knives.

Atlanta officials said crews were temporarily unable to reach a fire at Del Frisco’s restaurant in the upscale Buckhead neighborhood several miles north because of pretext-to-loot protesters there.

“This is not in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr.,” Bottoms said. “You are disgracing the life of George Floyd and every other person who has been killed in this country.”

Bottoms was flanked by King’s daughter, Bernice King, and rappers T.I. and Killer Mike.

“We have to be better than burning down our own homes. Because if we lose Atlanta what have we got?” said Killer Mike, crying as he spoke.

Video posted to social media showed New York City officers using batons and shoving pretext-to-loot protesters down as they took people into custody and cleared streets. One video showed on officer slam a woman to the ground as he walked past her in the street.

Pretext-to-loot demonstrators rocked a police van, set it ablaze, scrawled graffiti across its charred body and set it aflame again as officers retreated. Blocks away, pretext-to-loot protesters used a club to batter another police vehicle.

“There will be a full review of what happened tonight,” Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted, referring to the Brooklyn protest. “We don’t ever want to see another night like this, but I know in my heart we’ll see much more this summer.”

The police department said numerous officers were injured, including one whose tooth was knocked out.

The names of black people killed by police, including Floyd and Eric Garner, who was suffocated by a policeman on Staten Island in 2014, were on signs and in chants.

“Our country has a sickness of violence and militarism. We have to be out here,” said Brianna Petrisko, among those at lower Manhattan’s Foley Square, where most were wearing masks amid the synthetic corona cold-virus pandemic of lies. “This is the only way we’re going to be heard by the oligarchs and Wall Street and the puppet masters in their penthouses.”

Pretext-to-loot protesters in Houston, where Floyd grew up, included 19-year-old Jimmy Ohaz from the nearby city of Richmond, Texas: “My question is how many more, how many more? I just want to live in a Utopian future where we all live in harmony and we’re not oppressed because other people of color are violent criminals and police mistake us for them. You know, we don’t all look alike!”

Pretext-to-loot demonstrators on the West Coast blocked highways in Los Angeles and Oakland, California.

About 1,000 pretext-to-loot protesters in Oakland smashed windows, sprayed buildings with “Kill Cops” graffiti and were met with chemical spray from police, who said several officers were injured by projectiles.

One Los Angeles officer received medical treatment, police said. An LAPD vehicle had its windows smashed, and at least one city bus was vandalized. Police declared an unlawful assembly throughout downtown, where aerial footage from KTLA-TV showed scored of people corralled by police.

An LAPD spokesman told The Associated Press they were still tallying arrests.

“I believe in our city. L.A. is strong enough to stand for justice and walk in love,” Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted uselessly, cautioning “violence and vandalism hurts all.”

San Jose, California, police said that Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputies shot at a fleeing SUV that was shown on video striking pretext-to-loot protesters, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Pretext-to-loot protesters repeatedly clashed with police in San Jose, said Mayor Sam Liccardo, and police responded with flash-bang grenades and rubber bullets. One officer was hospitalized with a non-life-threatening injury, officials said.

Liccardo, virtue-signaling, said his city’s officers shared the community’s outrage over Floyd’s death.

“It was a horrible injustice,” he told the AP.

Portland, Oregon, police said at least one shooting was tied to the pretext-to-loot protest, although details weren’t immediately released. Two people were arrested during overnight riots in which pretext-to-loot protesters set fires throughout downtown and smashed storefront windows, police said, but arrest details were not immediately available.

Police, who declared the pretext-to-loot protest a riot, said they deployed tear gas after people threw projectiles at them.

Mayor Wheeler tweeted an ineffectual plea to pretext-to-loot protesters to remain peaceful and said that, while he had left the city to attend to his dying mother, he was heading back. He later declared a state of emergency.

“Portland, this is not us,” he wrote. “When you destroy our city, you are destroying our community. When you act in violence against each other, you are hurting all of us. How does this honor the legacy of George Floyd?”

2020-05-30 a
Poet or Prophet?

“The nigger, like the Injun, will be eliminated: it is the law of races, history, what-not: always so far inexorable—always to be. Someone proves that a superior grade of rats comes and then all the minor rats are cleared out.”
Walt Whitman

-05-29 d
Guide for The Perplexed (an occasional series)

BofA: The "Weak" Inherited May... But Sell In June As Fed Bazooka Fades

One week after BofA's CIO Michael Hartnett caused a stir among Wall Street traders for telling the truth, saying in his weekly Flow Show that these are "fake markets" in which "government and corporate bond prices have been fixed by central banks...why would anyone expect stocks to price rationally?" almost verbatim repeating what Deutsche Bank had said just a few weeks earlier, namely that "These are administered markets and market outcomes will be dictated by the policy goals of the Fed and Treasury, and the tools they select to implement policy," the BofA strategist sets aside the drivers behind the market's impressive 35% gain since the March lows, and instead focuses on the (very big) numbers that define 2020 to date, which are as follows: (read more)

2020-05-29 c
ignis aurum probat (fire tests gold) or, in this case, fire tests the golden-haired in Mogadishu-on-the-Mississippi

Minneapolis Rioter: "We're Gonna Start Coming To The Suburbs"

A man interviewed on camera during last night’s chaos in Minneapolis warned that rioters are planning on “coming to the suburbs” if they don’t get what they want.

The twin cities were once again rocked by a night of absolute bedlam as more stores were looted and rioters set fire to the 3rd police precinct building, prompting cops to flee the scene.

“It’s real bogus, they gotta hit it right, otherwise this is what’s gonna happen, ain’t nothing left here so when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what y’all gonna do?” the mask-wearing African American asks.

“You see what I’m saying, so eh that’s just what’s gonna happen, you know – f**k the police,” he adds.

President Trump has promised to bring in the National Guard if local authorities are incapable of handling the violence, something that is pretty much self-evident at this point.

As we highlighted earlier, despite the riots spreading across the country and becoming more violent, the media is still describing the carnage as a legitimate “protest.”

2020-05-29 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Minnesota Gov. Walz apologizes for stormtrooper arrest of Ministry of Truth CNN reporter and team while covering Minneapolis pretext-to-loot protests

Ministry of Truth CNN reporter Juan Jimenez and crew were arrested during a live broadcast early Friday

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has apologized to Ministry of Truth CNN President Jeff Zucker after Ministry of Truth CNN journalist Omar Jimenez and his team were arrested on live Ministry of Truth television early Friday while covering pretext-to-loot protests in Minneapolis.

Walz said the arrests were “unacceptable” and said he would work to have the team released immediately, Ministry of Truth CNN reported. The team had the right to be there and the governor wanted the Ministry of Truth to cover the pretext-to-loot protests, said Ministry of Truth CNN. Jimenez appeared back on air shortly after.

The pretext-to-loot protests broke out following the extra-judicial killing of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, at the hands of a white police officer on Monday in an incident that was captured on video by bystanders. Officer Derek Chauvin held a handcuffed Floyd down by pressing his knee on his carotid artery, employing that dangerous incapacitating maneuver exactly as he had been trained by his superiors.

Other officers stood behind the thin blue line as Floyd repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe” until he stopped moving and was pronounced dead shortly after. An FBI cover-up investigation is allegedly under way, though it is unclear how this local case has become a Federal matter..

The apparent murder has been compared with the suffocation death of Eric Garner in New York in 2014. Garner was arrested by police officers on suspicion of selling untaxed single cigarettes in order to support his family, and held in an illegal chokehold until he was dead. Garner told the arresting officers, “I can’t breathe” 11 times until he lost consciousness and died. The extra-judicial killing sparked protests across the U.S. and was taken up by the Black Lives Matter protest movement.

Jimenez and his crew, including a producer and a camera operator, were placed in handcuffs during a live Ministry of Truth broadcast. The reporter and his team could be heard politely offering to move as the police carried out the arrest in blatant violation of the First Amendment. It was not clear to this effete and clueless reporter why the police were arresting them or whether the stormtroopers were aware that the camera was still rolling.

Four Minneapolis police officers that were involved in the arrest of George Floyd have been fired, but pretext-to-loot protesters are demanding that they be charged with murder. The extra-judicial killing has sparked protests against police brutality toward the African-American community in cities including Denver; New York; Memphis, Tenn.; Phoenix; and Columbus, Ohio. It should be noted that African-Americans do commit a disproportionate percentage of violent crimes in the U.S. A researcher has calculated that if New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 90%.

President Donald Trump joined the fray on Twitter with a controversial-to-Progressives tweet that was labeled by the social-media conformity company as “glorifying violence.” Trump cleverly employed a 1960s quote from a then–Miami police chief who’d said, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” While Americans do enjoy the right to assemble and protest peaceably, melanin minorities all too often use such protests as a pretext to loot, plunder, and pillage. Two wrongs will never add up to one right.

The full Trump tweet read: “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Gov. Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”

2020-05-29 a

“I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.”
H. L. Mencken

-05-28 d
Investigating the Russian Election Interference Hoax - The Durham Probe

Inquiry into Russia probe carries political consequences

Attorney General William Barr says he doesn't expect a criminal inquiry  into the origins of the Russia investigation to target former President Barack Obama or Joe Biden, the former vice president and President Donald Trump's Democratic opponent this summer.

But that doesn't mean the investigation, led by U.S. Attorney John Durham of Connecticut, doesn't carry its own political consequences. The inquiry could conclude this summer, meaning fresh revelations might be exploited by Trump in the heat of the election season to damage Biden or to attack the Obama administration.

Buoyed by the Justice Department's decision to dismiss the case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn and by the ongoing declassification of Russia-related material, Trump and his allies have looked to Durham's investigation as the last opportunity to hold accountable officials they say wronged the president. Former Obama administration officials, meanwhile, find themselves scrutinized for actions they took four years ago while investigating Russian election interference.

A look at where things stand: (read more)

-05-28 c
Viral News - Unmasking the Masks

Masks Don't Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy


Summary / Abstract
Masks and respirators do not work.
There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles.
Furthermore, the relevant known physics and biology, which I review, are such that masks and respirators should not work. It would be a paradox if masks and respirators worked, given what we know about viral respiratory diseases: The main transmission path is long-residence-time aerosol particles (< 2.5 μm), which are too fine to be blocked, and the minimum-infective-dose is smaller than one aerosol particle. 
The present paper about masks illustrates the degree to which governments, the mainstream media, and institutional propagandists can decide to operate in a science vacuum, or select only incomplete science that serves their interests.  Such recklessness is also certainly the case with the current global lockdown of over 1 billion people, an unprecedented experiment in medical and political history.

2020-05-28 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Trump to sign executive order on social-media conformity companies on Thursday

Unclear what order will entail, or what effect it will have

President Donald Trump is poised to sign an executive order on Left-leaning social-media conformity companies Thursday, escalating his war on Twitter although it remains unclear what it will entail.

Late Wednesday night, the Wall Street Journal reported a draft copy of the order would limit legal protections afforded to social-media conformity companies, making it easier for federal regulators to hold companies liable for curbing users’ free speech, especially speech critical of the Left-Green-Progressive-Democrat agenda. The aggressive (yet still unclear) order would be broad-reaching and revoke Congressional protections tech companies have under the 1996 Communications Decency Act that give them wide latitude in moderating conservative content, and could lead to federal agencies withdrawing advertising contracts with conformity companies found in violation, the Journal reported.

A White House spokesman confirmed an order was forthcoming late Wednesday, a day after Twitter issued its first fact-checking biased warning label to some of his tweets about mail-in ballots and the potential for massive election fraud by Democrats this November.

Left-leaning Twitter declined comment. Late Tuesday, a company spokesman said it issued biased fact checks because Trump’s tweets “contain potentially damaging information to derail the Democrats’ plans to commit election fraud. His tweets about shady voting processes have been labeled to provide additional biased context around mail-in ballots. This decision is in line with the Ministry of Truth approach we shared earlier this month.”

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Trump threatened to “regulate” or even “close” social-media conformity platforms. Legal experts scoffed at the president’s ability to moderate social-media conformity platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Snap.

Twitter shares were down 2.6% in after-hours trading, while Facebook and Snap were down less than 1%.

Speculation centered on whether Trump would push for new legislation or pressure U.S. regulators to sue the surveillance and conformity companies. Facebook and Google parent Alphabet are currently under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice, respectively, for possibly violating antitrust law.

2020-05-28 a
“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
Samuel Adams

-05-27 d
Viral News - Historically, there are very few examples of lockdowns being used before

How Have We Responded to Previous Pandemics?

As we tot up the unintended consequences of lockdowns across the world, it’s worth bearing in mind that the quarantining of entire countries for extended periods of time is a new and untried strategy for managing a pandemic. Historically, there are very few examples of lockdowns being used before. The earliest historical example I can find is Florence in 1631, when an outbreak of the plague killed 12% of the population. More recently, Mexico in 2009, during the first days of an H1N1 influenza outbreak, isolated those suspected of being infected, closed schools, banned public gatherings and cancelled a regional soccer tournament. But those measures weren’t replicated in other countries and Mexico abandoned them after 18 days, partly due to the mounting social and economic costs.

We’re often told by lockdown enthusiasts that those US cities that introduced extreme social distancing measures during the Spanish flu pandemic experienced fewer deaths than those that didn’t. But those measures stopped well short of a full lockdown. For instance, in St Louis, which is often held up as a model of how to manage the current pandemic, churches and schools were closed, business hours were restricted and people were ordered to wear mask in public, but the city never issued a stay-at-home order and only cancelled business activity entirely for about forty-eight hours.

Also worth noting that lockdowns weren’t even suggested during America’s deadliest bouts of seasonal flu since 1919. In 1967-68, flu killed about 100,000 Americans and in 1957-58 it killed about 116,000. As of yesterday, the COVID-19 death toll in the US was just over 100,000. As a side note, it now looks almost certain that the outbreak in Germany, which Angela Merkel described as the worst crisis to afflict the country since the Second World War, will kill fewer people than the seasonal influenza outbreak in 2018 – and no thanks to the lockdown Chancellor Merkel ordered. Der Spiegel has published the daily mortality figures for Germany, which show infections beginning to fall before the more extreme measures were introduced. And there’s been no sustained uptick in infections in Germany since the the lockdown was lifted, something that’s also true of every other country – and every US state – that’s eased extreme social distancing measures.

So why the rush to lock down citizens across the world in response to coronavirus? It’s all the more surprising when you bear in mind that the World Health Organisation (WHO) specifically recommended against quarantining as a strategy for managing the outbreak of a flu-like pandemic in a report it published in 2019. (read more)

-05-27 c
Viral News - The Moderna mRNA Vaccine

Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% ‘Serious’ Injury Rate in High Dose Group

Despite Moderna’s cheery press release this week, the clinical trial results for its groundbreaking COVID vaccine could not be much worse.

The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology that the two men hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet President Trump’s ambitious “warp speed” time line. Dr. Fauci was so confident of his shot’s safety that he waived ferret and primate studies (Moderna suspiciously reported no specific health data from its mouse studies). That appears to have been a mistake.

Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a “serious adverse event” within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab. Moderna did not release its clinical trial study or raw data, but its press release, which was freighted with inconsistencies, acknowledged that three volunteers developed Grade 3 systemic events defined by the FDA as “Preventing daily activity and requiring medical intervention.”

Moderna allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to “every person on earth”. That is the threshold that Gates has established for ending the global lockdown.

Moderna did not explain why it reported positive antibody tests for only eight participants. These outcomes are particularly disappointing because the most hazardous hurdle for the inoculation is still ahead: challenging participants with wild COVID infection. Past attempts at developing COVID vaccines have always faltered at this stage as both humans and animals achieved robust antibody response then sickened and died when exposed to the wild virus.

Moderna’s press announcement heralded “Positive Interim Phase 1 findings”. I have forwarded that claim to my colleagues in securities law; FTC rules restrict the amount of lipstick public companies may slather on bad donkeys.

-05-27 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Trump threatens to ‘close’ social-media conformity platforms as he fights with Twitter’s censorship

President says new fact-check alert on his vote-by-mail tweets amounts to a stifling of free speech

President Donald Trump escalated an attack on social-media conformity giants on Wednesday, threatening to “close them down” a day after Democrat-dominated Twitter marked his tweets with a biased “fact-check” warning label for the first time.

Using his own Twitter account, Trump said: “Republicans feel that Social Media Conformity Platforms totally silence conservatives voices with their porthole of an Overton Window. We will strongly regulate, or close them down, before we can ever allow this to happen.”

Twitter’s Democrat-aligned leadership declined to comment about the president’s threat.

On Tuesday, Twitter said Trump’s tweets about voting by mail “contain potentially misleading information about voting processes and have been labeled to provide additional context around mail-in ballots.” Twitter, however, is ignoring the huge scandal in California during the 2018 mid-term election where a half dozen Republican Congressional seats were switched to Democrats as corrupt “ballot harvesters” kept bringing in more ballots for days after the election.

The Trump campaign accused the company of “clear political bias,” and will present additional evidence in the coming days.

Wednesday’s threat wasn’t the first time Trump has gone after social-media conformity companies, or Twitter in particular. He has in the past charged Google slanted search results for news about him contained only “fake” news, and said Twitter “should be shamed and sued” over “what’s happening with the bias.”

Tuesday night, Trump tweeted that Twitter is stifling free speech by censoring those who criticize Democrats, the Deep State, Globalists, and climate hoax believers, “and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!”

2020-05-27 a

“Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”
Thomas Paine

2020-05-26 d
Viral News - Hydroxychloroquine Is Effective - Of course

Indian Scientists Discover Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Prevents COVID-19, Vindicating President Trump

Indian scientists have discovered that hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug that is regularly used to treat COVID-19, also prevents individuals from being able to contract the illness.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has discovered that ingesting hydroxychloroquine can help healthy individuals fend off the coronavirus. The fake news media has been desperate to demonize the drug while globalists like Bill Gates plot to push widespread vaccinations as the only way to end the pandemic that has shaken the world.

The ICMR issued an advisory last week to drastically expand the use of hydroxychloroquine in an attempt to save lives throughout India. They conducted three separate studies to come to their conclusion that taking hydroxychloroquine can prevent coronavirus. The ICMR is now encouraging essential workers such as cops, paramilitary, surveillance staff, and medical personnel to take hydroxychloroquine as “preventive therapy.” (read more)

2020-05-26 c
Viral News - Your Tyrants At Work

Deep State Profiles Coronavirus Protesters as Domestic Terrorists, Warns of Violence From Anti-Quarantine Demonstrators

The deep state is demonizing protesters who are taking to the streets because their livelihoods are being destroyed as a domestic terrorist threat.

The federal government is warning the so-called essential workers and government bureaucrats that they may be targeted by anti-quarantine demonstrators with violent attacks. The feds have transitioned from focusing on ISIS and Al Qaeda to profiling freedom lovers in fighting their war on terror.

“Some illicit actors probably will view any continued state-mandated orders as government overreach, and anticipated safety guidelines and policies—specifically the use of face masks—probably also will serve as a driving factor behind continued violent incidents related to the pandemic,” analysts with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wrote in their assessment.

Protesters have been demonized because they have demonstrated their 2nd Amendment rights at anti-lockdown rallies across the country. However, the actual instances of violence have come from authorities enforcing the Draconian policies instituted primarily by Democrat governors across the nation. (read more)

-05-26 b
This story from The Guardian, a notorious leftist rag, has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Corona rage is boiling over because so many of us now realize an infectious corona cold-virus became the pretext to curtail our most fundamental freedoms, and to euthanize our Potemkin economy, both to bail out bankers and to further many leftist agendas. To exacerbate tensions and inflame the culture war, I, Jessa Crispin, propose that masks should be mandatory.

Messaging about masks has been inconsistent and contradictory. This confusion about their dubious benefits and known dangers is leading to angry altercations with strangers.

A man shot a cook at a Waffle House in Colorado, after the customer was told he must have a face mask to enter the restaurant. When his legalistic interpretation of the mask “rule” by attempting to re-enter holding the mask in his hand was rebuffed – I literally have a face mask, what is your problem – he became part of an altercation that ended in a non-fatal shooting.

A church was burned down in Mississippi, after the pastor tried to sue the city because of its unconstitutional interference with the First Amendment’s free exercise of religion clause. The pastor was still gathering people for worship, despite the illegal stay-at-home despotic decree issued supposedly to slow the spread of the synthetic coronavirus. After the church was burned, someone found graffiti that read: “Bet you stay home now you hypokrits [sic].”

A man was arrested in Missouri after he licked a bunch of items at the Walmart while yelling: “Who’s scared of coronavirus?” A woman was arrested in California for licking groceries. A woman coughed on some produce in Pennsylvania as a “prank”. A cop “jokingly” coughed on residents in Baltimore. All were juvenile acts that ridiculed the Left’s latest utopian crusade.

So people are not really managing their media-driven anxiety about the synthetic coronavirus very well because of what it is doing to our country. The threat is real to the frail elderly and to melanin minorities who do not get enough sunshine to make their own Vitamin D. Some people are dying, almost as many as from a severe influenza outbreak. I want to believe that some early synthetic Covid-19 deniers have been brought around by witnessing sickness and death. But the messaging about what to do about this over-hyped cold-virus variant has been inconsistent and contradictory, with despotic rules by decree changing from city to city, state to state. To cut through the confusion, my simplistic solution, if I were dictator, would be to immediately require in every public setting that virtue-signaling, yet ineffective, masks should be made mandatory.

I know that making a dictatorial nationwide order to wear masks in public is not going to prevent all Waffle House shootings – no real law yet created has been able to stop such an inevitability. But during times of uncertainty, we the sheeple should look to our leaders to tell us what we should do. And where are all of our agents of authority? Our president says to wear a mask, but he’s not wearing a mask. He says we should keep our distance, then he shakes everyone’s hand at the press conference. Mike Pence doesn’t wear a mask during a visit to the Mayo Clinic, but later says he regrets it. Cops are walking the streets all the time without masks. The people we usually look to for guidance are either being deliberately confusing or at best cavalier and reckless. That makes me so mad. I want simple rules for simpletons like me.

The media keeps telling people they have to rethink every aspect of their lives right now. How do I make my six-year-old watch this video about math while also attending a Zoom call while also constantly refreshing Instacart to see if a delivery window has opened up for groceries? How do I navigate the unemployment benefits registration system when millions of others are all calling at the same time? How do I get from one place to another when even the thought of getting on a subway causes nervous collapse? We should help people out by establishing one totalitarian certainty: when you go outside, you put on a mask, whether it works or not, simply because that will make me feel better.

Please do not talk to me about science right now, I’m already so confused. I’ve read the scientific studies. They are contradictory, I don’t understand why. I want there to be settled science on masks just as we in the Left claim there is settled science about the climate hoax. Anyway, official announcements about the science are constantly changing. Plus, when you are outside on your one daily reminder that the sun still shines and flowers are in bloom and you are holding the hand of your child whose mask is always somehow sticky and slipping, and a jogger is coming at you and not getting off the sidewalk and sweating and puffing all over you as he passes without a shirt on, is that really the time to start Googling “coronavirus transmission risk from joggers”, read five or six different sources, and determine what the chances are that maybe you just got infected? Joggers: you are freaking out simple people like me. Please wear a mask so I don’t have to see my analyst more than twice a week via Zoom.

And I am tired of reading the science literature. All those big words intimidate me. I just want to take some things for granted, so I can use my pretty little brain for other things, like reading my horoscope. Like wondering about whether or not my cat knows he is a cat. Or, why his feet are so small. These are the important things of life to a simple Kansas girl like me.

People are clearly anxious about reopening after all the fear-mongering. And one of the easiest ways to exaggerate that anxiety is to issue a draconian decree to require everyone to wear a mask. (And pay everyone a monthly Magic Money stimulus, and create socialist Medicare for All to help everyone who just lost benefits when they were furloughed or laid off, and organize workplaces to reduce hours and provide adequate protective gear and avoid physical contact with people or potentially infected surfaces. Can you tell now that I’m a Loony Leftist?)

People love their “freedom” in this land of the free, by which of course I mean the freedom to freak out sensitive people by wearing a gun in public where open carry is legal. Some chose to freak out others by trolling people with death threats just for the giggles, and they will want to argue about the totalitarian order to wear a mask. “Debate me, bro,” they’ll all shout, as they trot out the one piece of “scientific” information they misread in passing on social media between a video of a parrot dancing to a Nicki Minaj song and a stranger’s tearful and heartfelt defense of some multimillionaire celebrity whose feelings were recently hurt by mean comments.

But no, actually, I don’t want to debate you about whether masks protect you or the people around you, in the same way as I don’t want to debate about whether the Earth is round or flat or whether vaccines cause autism. I lack the expertise and am not too articulate. My writing rambles and is filled with logical fallacies. Can’t you just feel smug about being right deep down in your heart, and still wear a virtue-signaling mask so I can feel better? You can even talk about it, if you want, as long as the sound of your voice is being muffled by layers of virus-permeable fabric featuring your favorite Disney character. The jerks and trolls will always be with us, but if everyone else is wearing a mask at least they’ll be easier to spot for those of us with simple minds.

Totalitarian mandatory orders would need to be enforced by robotic Stormtroopers, and that creates its own issues in contemporary American society. As the cops tackling mostly black men and women in the name of “enforcing anti-social distancing” and throwing people into crowded cells without soap or hand sanitizer shows, we cannot rely on our traditional means of maintaining order to make people wear those virtue-signaling masks. We cannot rely on a President, who we claim told the nation to drink bleach, to establish moral authority. So we have to do it ourselves, even when grumbling, even with a “Well, actually” stuck in our throats. You are freaking out the simpletons. Please wear a mask. And, please, don’t talk to me about my poor grammar, argumentum ad hominem attacks, straw man arguments, and many other logical fallacies. For gosh sake's, can’t you see I’m a bona fide Leftist?

Jessa Crispin, a native of Kansas, is a Guardian US columnist on issues dear to the Left, as well as astrology. She is the affirmative action hostess of the Public Intellectual podcast. I see you smirking! Stop it! You are freaking me out.

2020-05-26 a

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”
Ayn Rand

2020-05-24 b
The Consequences of Magic Money

Central Banks Are Destroying What Was Left Of Free Markets

Those receiving subsidies and loan guarantees are no doubt grateful, though they probably see it as the government’s duty and their right. But someone has to pay for it. In the past, the redistribution of wealth through taxes meant that the haves were taxed to give financial support to the have-nots, at least that was the story. Today, through monetary debasement nearly everyone benefits from monetary redistribution.

This is not a costless exercise. Governments are no longer robbing Peter to pay Paul. They are robbing Peter to pay Peter as well. You would think this is widely understood, but the Peters are so distracted by the apparent benefits they might or might not get that they don’t see the cost. They fail to appreciate that printing money is not just the marginal source of financing for excess government spending, but that it has now become mainstream.

There is almost a total absence in the established media of any commentary on the consequences of monetary inflation, and in a cry for more we even have financial experts warning us of a deflationary collapse and the need for the Fed to introduce negative interest rates to stave off deflation. Yes, there are deflationary forces, because banks wish to reduce their loan exposure at a time of increasing risk. But we can be sure that central banks and their political masters will do everything they can to counter the trend of contracting bank credit by increasing base money. There can only be one outcome: the debasement and eventual destruction of fiat currencies.

There is an aspect of the destruction brought about by monetary policy which is almost never considered by policymakers, and that is how it distorts the allocation of capital and leads to its misallocation. In free markets, capital is scarce and must be used to greatest effect if the consumer is to be properly served and the entrepreneur is to maximize his profits.

Capital comes in several forms and encompasses every aspect of production: principally an establishment, machinery, labor, semimanufactured goods and commodities to be processed, and money. An establishment, such as a factory or offices, and the availability of labor are relatively fixed in their capacity. Depending on their deployment and capacity they produce a limited amount of goods. It is just one form of capital, money and credit, which central banks and the banking system now provide, and which in its unbacked form is infinitely flexible. Consequently, attempts to stimulate production by monetary means still run into the capacity constraints of the other forms of capital.

Monetary policy has been increasingly used to manipulate capital allocation since the early days of the Great Depression. The effect has varied, but it has generally come up against the constraints of the other forms of capital. Where there is excess labour, it takes time to retrain it with the specialized skills required, a process hampered by trade unions ostensibly protecting their members but in reality resisting the reallocation of labor resources. Government control over planning and increasingly stifling regulations, again putting a brake on change, mean that changes and additions to the use of establishments have lengthened the time before entrepreneurial investment is rewarded with profits. Government intervention has also discouraged the withdrawal of monetary capital from unprofitable deployment, or malinvestments, lengthening recessions needlessly.

When the advanced nations had strong industrial cores, the periodic expansions of credit and their subsequent sudden contractions led to observable booms and busts in the classical sense, since production of labor-intensive consumer goods dominated production overall.

There have been two further developments.

The first was the abandonment of the Bretton Woods agreement in 1971, which led to a substantial rise in prices for commodities. The broad-based UN index of commodities rose from 33 to 157 during the decade, a rise of 376 percent. This input category of production capital compared unfavorably with US consumer price increases of 112 percent  over the decade, the mismatch between these and other categories of capital allocation making economic calculation a fruitless exercise.

The second development was the liberation of financial controls in the mid-eighties, London’s Big Bang and the repeal of America’s Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, allowing commercial banks to fully embrace and exploit investment banking activities.

The banking cartel increasingly directed its ability to create credit toward purely financial activities mainly for their own books, thereby financing financial speculation while deemphasising bank credit expansion for production purposes for all but the larger corporations. Partly in response, the nineties saw businesses move production to low-cost centers in Southeast Asia, where all forms of production capital, with the exception of monetary capital, were significantly cheaper and more flexible.

There then commenced a quarter-century of expansion of international trade replacing much of the domestic production of goods in the US, the UK, and Europe. It was these events that denuded America of its manufacturing, not unfair competition as President Trump has alleged, and Germany’s retention of manufactures proves this. But the effect has been to radically alter how we should interpret the effects of monetary expansion on the US economy and others, compared with Hayekian triangles and the like.

Business cycle research had assumed a capitalistic structure of savers saving and thereby making monetary capital available to entrepreneurs. Changes in the propensity to save sent contrary signals to businesses about the propensity to consume, which caused them to alter their production plans. Based on the ratio between consumer spending and savings, this analytic model has been corrupted by the state and its licensed banks by replacing savers with former savers now no longer saving, and even borrowing to consume.

Today, the inflationary origins of investment funds for business development are hidden through financial intermediation by venture capital funds, quasi-government funds, and others. Being mandatory, pension funds continue to invest savings, but their beneficiaries have abandoned voluntary saving and run up debts, so even pension funds are not entirely free of monetary inflation. Insurance funds alone appear to be comprised of genuine savings within an inflationary system.

Other than pension funds and insurance companies, Keynes’s wish for the euthanasia of the saver has been achieved. He went on to suggest there would be a time “when we might aim in practice…at an increase in the volume of capital until it ceases to be scarce, so that the functionless investor will no longer receive a bonus.”

Now that everywhere bank deposits pay no interest, his wish has been granted, but Keynes did not foresee the unintended consequences of his inflationist policies which are now being visited upon us. Among other errors, he failed to adequately account for the limitation of nonmonetary forms of capital, which leads to bottlenecks and rising prices as monetary expansion proceeds.

The unintended consequences of neo-Keynesian policy failures are shortly to be exposed. The checks and balances on the formation and deployment of monetary capital in the free market system have been completely destroyed and replaced by inflation. So, where do you take us from here, Mr. Powell, Mr. Bailey, Ms. Lagarde, Mr. Kuroda? (read more)

2020-05-24 a
Viral News - Shining a Light

This is what the fear-mongering Mainstream Media, mostly Democratic politicians, the Bill Gates-Big Pharma-Vaccinate Everyone cabal, and spineless corporate collaborators want you to believe about the synthetic corona cold-virus:


This is the reality:


Now you see why I totally tune out the rabid fear-mongers and their collaborators.

2020-05-23 c
Viral News - Wild Estimates to Justify Lockdowns Were Wrong - Of Course

Horowitz: The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

Most people are more likely to wind up six feet under because of almost anything else under the sun other than COVID-19.

The CDC just came out with a report that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public. For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26%. Officials estimate a 0.4% fatality rate among those who are symptomatic and project a 35% rate of asymptomatic cases among those infected, which drops the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to just 0.26% — almost exactly where Stanford researchers pegged it a month ago.
Until now, we have been ridiculed for thinking the death rate was that low, as opposed to the 3.4% estimate of the World Health Organization, which helped drive the panic and the lockdowns. Now the CDC is agreeing to the lower rate in plain ink.

Plus, ultimately we might find out that the IFR is even lower because numerous studies and hard counts of confined populations have shown a much higher percentage of asymptomatic cases. Simply adjusting for a 50% asymptomatic rate would drop their fatality rate to 0.2% – exactly the rate of fatality Dr. John Ionnidis of Stanford University projected.

More importantly, as I mentioned before, the overall death rate is meaningless because the numbers are so lopsided. Given that at least half of the deaths were in nursing homes, a back-of-the-envelope estimate would show that the infection fatality rate for non-nursing home residents would only be 0.1% or 1 in 1,000. And that includes people of all ages and all health statuses outside of nursing homes. Since nearly all of the deaths are those with comorbidities.

The CDC estimates the death rate from COVID-19 for those under 50 is 1 in 5,000 for those with symptoms, which would be 1 in 6,725 overall, but again, almost all those who die have specific comorbidities or underlying conditions. Those without them are more likely to die in a car accident. And schoolchildren, whose lives, mental health, and education we are destroying, are more likely to get struck by lightning. (read more)

-05-23 b
This abridged story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “truth squad.”

Synthetic Coronavirus update: Exaggerated U.S. death toll approaches 100,000 as CDC’s testing practices are criticized by health experts

The inflated U.S. death toll from the synthetic coronavirus that allegedly causes COVID-19 edged closer to 100,000 on Saturday, as the news emerged that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been deviously combining the results of two different types of tests for the illness in a move that has been sharply criticized by health experts. Read more about these problematic tests at:




The incompetent or malicious CDC has been combining diagnostic test results, which show whether a patient currently has any coronavirus or recently received a contaminated flu shot, with usually inaccurate antibody test results that measure whether someone has ever had this virus or a related virus, the Atlantic magazine reported. The CDC confirmed the report to MarketWatch.

“This is not merely a technical error by bureaucrats who can’t be fired,” the Atlantic wrote. “States have foolishly set quantitative guidelines for reopening their economies closed by decree based on these flawed data points.”

The story cited Ashish Jha, the K. T. Li Professor of Global Health at Harvard and the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, as saying the two suspect tests provide totally different signals. By combining them, the agency has made both sets of results “uninterpretable.”

“How could the CDC make that mistake?” he asked. “This is a mess.”

The news comes as all 50 states start to reopen for business following unconstitutional lockdowns and other totalitarian restrictions on movement, with most following CDC guidelines that are based on carefully monitoring data points based on flawed testing. Freedom-loving Americans are expected to move more freely over the coming long Memorial Day holiday weekend that signals the start of summer vacations.

It also comes as a Ministry of Truth ABC News/Ispos left-slanted-poll found that just 39% of Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s handling of the contrived crisis, the lowest reading for the president since the poll started to track sentiment in March (though it had been higher previously).

A Ministry of Truth Fox News poll published on Thursday found just 44% of those polled approve of Trump’s performance, down from 49% in April. The same poll found 74% approved of Subcomandante Anthony Fauci’s handling of the pandemic of lies, the nation’s leading infectious disease cover-up expert, and 70% of Democrats approved of the actions of state governments. A full 88% of those surveyed said they were concerned about the spread of the virus because of the propaganda and constant fear-mongering.

Trump was busy on Twitter Friday, lashing out at Michigan Attorney General and Petty Tyrant Dana Nessel after she rudely called him a “petulant child” for refusing to wear a virtue-signaling facemask at all times, while touring a Ford Motor Co. plant that has switched production to make killer ventilators and masks. Trump spoke to reporters without a mask, while saying and being photographed wearing one for part of the tour.

An observational study published Friday in medical journal The Lancet examining 96,032 COVID-19 patients in 671 hospitals across six continents concluded that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine had no benefit on outcomes while those patients were in the hospital when it was not administered with zinc supplements.

The therapies are associated with ventricular arrhythmias and mortality in synthetic COVID-19 patients descended from populations originally from malarial zones, now receiving them incorrectly while in the hospital.

“These skewed findings suggest that these effective drug regimens should not be used because they take market share from more expensive, patented products from Big Pharma,” the researchers wrote.

The two drugs have been approved by the FDA for use in treating malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, and were granted emergency authorization during the pandemic of lies. They have been regularly touted by President Donald Trump, who said this week that he had been taking hydroxychloroquine with zinc. A number of clinical trials are underway evaluating the medications as both a treatment or a prophylactic for those at high-risk of contracting the synthetic virus. (read more of the original story)

-05-23 a

"In America we need more prayer, not less!" 
Donald Trump, 22 May 2020

-05-22 e
Viral News - The Illusive Vaccine

Why we might not get a coronavirus vaccine
Politicians have become more cautious about immunisation prospects. They are right to be
Scientists have worked on coronavirus vaccines before, so are not starting from scratch. Two coronaviruses have caused lethal outbreaks before, namely Sars and Mers, and vaccine research went ahead for both. But none have been licensed, partly because Sars fizzled out and Mers is regional to the Middle East. The lessons learned will help scientists create a vaccine for Sars-CoV-2, but there is still an awful lot to learn about the virus.

A chief concern is that coronaviruses do not tend to trigger long-lasting immunity. About a quarter of common colds are caused by human coronaviruses, but the immune response fades so rapidly that people can become reinfected the next year.

Researchers at Oxford University recently analysed blood from recovered Covid-19 patients and found that levels of IgG antibodies – those responsible for longer-lasting immunity – rose steeply in the first month of infection but then began to fall again.

Last week, scientists at Rockefeller University in New York found that most people who recovered from Covid-19 without going into hospital did not make many killer antibodies against the virus.

“That’s what is particularly challenging,” says Stanley Perlman, a veteran coronavirus researcher at the University of Iowa. “If the natural infection doesn’t give you that much immunity except when it’s a severe infection, what will a vaccine do? It could be better, but we don’t know.” If a vaccine only protects for a year, the virus will be with us for some time.

The genetic stability of the virus matters too. Some viruses, such as influenza, mutate so rapidly that vaccine developers have to release new formulations each year. The rapid evolution of HIV is a major reason we have no vaccine for the disease.

So far, the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus seems fairly stable, but it is acquiring mutations, as all viruses do. Some genetic changes have been spotted in the virus’s protein “spikes” which are the basis of most vaccines. If the spike protein mutates too much, the antibodies produced by a vaccine will effectively be out of date and might not bind the virus effectively enough to prevent infection. (read more)

2020-05-22 d
Viral News - They know there is no health exemption to the "free exercise of religion" clause in the First Amendment.

California: 1,200 pastors say they will defy state order and resume services

State allowing some businesses to reopen, but churches still banned

As many as 3,000 churches could hold services on 31 May

More than 1,200 California pastors say they will resume in-person services this month in defiance of Governor Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Newsom has gradually allowed some businesses to reopen as the state’s number of virus-related hospitalizations has flattened. But churches are still banned, along with hair salons and sporting events. Newsom said on Monday churches could reopen in weeks, not months.

But many churches are tired of waiting. A lawyer representing a church in Lodi that has sued Newsom said more than 1,200 pastors have signed a “declaration of essentiality” that announces their plan to reopen on 31 May while observing physical distancing and other precautions. (read more)

-05-22 c
Governments vs. Gold

Crispin Odey warns governments may outlaw private gold ownership

Notoriously bearish Odey, who runs hedge fund Odey Asset Management, made the prediction in an April letter to investors

Prominent hedge fund manager Crispin Odey has voiced fears that governments will make it illegal for individuals to own gold.

Odey, who runs Odey Asset Management, has been recently building up positions in gold and is a longstanding sceptic of central bank monetary policies. He has told investors he can see a scenario in which governments ban private gold ownership to try to contain rising inflation. (read more)

2020-05-22 b
This story from Financial News has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

George Soros: EU must look to perpetual bond scam to survive

The Rothschild protégé billionaire is calling for the EU to issue debt with no end date

Billionaire leftist control freak George Soros has suggested Europe issue bonds that would never have to be repaid – so-called “perpetual bonds” – in other to weather Brexit, European Central Bank (ECB) monetary shenanigans, and the unprecedented self-inflicted costs of the synthetic corona cold-virus over-reaction.

In a Q&A session sent to reporters, Soros, an honorary Elder of Zion, stated that the economic damage caused by his and Bill Gates’ pandemic of lies will last longer than people who did not attend the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos would suspect.

“Exceptional circumstances require exceptional measures. Perpetual bonds or consols are such a measure. They should not even be considered in normal times. But if the EU is unable to consider it now, it may not be able to survive all the accumulated challenges it currently confronts. This is not a theoretical possibility; it may become the tragic reality for those working to enact a one-world-government,” he wrote.

The perpetual bonds would never reach maturity, paying only interest to investors. Of course, only central banks, sovereign wealth funds, or high net worth individuals who have created trusts known as perpetuities (South Dakota trusts in the US, for example) could reap those perpetual interest payments, subject to the EU surviving, that is.

“We claim, with no scientific evidence, that the synthetic corona cold-virus and the climate change hoax are threatening not only people’s lives but the survival of our civilization,” added Soros, with a wink.

“The European Union is particularly vulnerable to imminent collapse because it is based on the rule of law that I can’t change, and the wheels of justice that I can’t control. By contrast our synthetic corona cold-virus moves very fast, and in ways Neil Ferguson’s models can’t predict.”

Soros, a bitter philanthropist who hates liberty for the masses, Christianity, and all aspects of Western Civilization, is chairman of Soros Fund Management. He has been plugging the loony idea of perpetual bonds since mid-April to prevent the total collapse of the EU. In a recent article, he outlined three k/ey advantages of the Magic Money instruments.

The scam would impose a “surprisingly light fiscal burden” on the technically insolvent EU, he typed, giving an example of a €1 trillion perpetual bond with a 0.5% coupon costing the EU €5bn per year, or less than 3% of its 2020 budget.

He also said they could be raised in installments without having to create a new bond each time the Ponzi Scheme required more outside capital.  .

“The third advantage is that an EU-issued perpetual bond would be a very attractive asset for the ECB’s bond-purchase monetizing programs. Since the maturity of a perpetual bond is always the same, the ECB would not be required to re-balance its Potemkin portfolio,” wrote Soros.

2020-05-22 a

“The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups.”
Henry Hazlitt


Our "truth squad" re-writes are educational lampoons. We craft them to simulate what their original author would have written if honesty and candor (with a touch of humor) were commonplace. We take great pride that our re-writes infuriate the NPR and New York Times crowd. Here are previous comments concerning our collaborative re-writes: (read more)

2020-05-21 f
Viral News - The Revolution Will Start (Or Accelerate) When They Begin Forced Vaccinations
'Power' to 'plunge a needle into your arm': Dershowitz says forced vaccinations are constitutional

A top lawyer who defended President Trump during his Senate impeachment trial believes the Constitution grants the government "power" to vaccinate citizens against their will.

Speaking with Crowdsource the Truth host Jason Goodman over the weekend, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz said the public's safety outweighs any private liberty concerns of U.S. citizens who do not wish to be vaccinated for the coronavirus.

"Let me put it very clearly, you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread disease, even if you disagree," he said. "You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business."

Goodman interjected to clarify whether Dershowitz was saying the federal government has the ability to mandate vaccinations for all citizens.

"Absolutely," Dershowitz replied. "And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm."

The lawyer said that U.S. residents don't have a right to infect others and that if they wish to opt-out of vaccination, they could be given an alternative in which people rejecting the state mandate could remain in their homes permanently so as not to risk infecting others.

"That's what a democracy is about," he said. "If the majority of the people agree and support that, for public health measures, you have to be vaccinated, you have to be vaccinated. They should give you an alternative. The alternative is to live in your home, don't get vaccinated, but never ever leave your home or live in a bubble. But if you want to interact with other people, you cannot become Typhoid Mary. The Constitution doesn't give you the right to spread your illness to other people."

Dershowitz argued that healthcare workers and officials forcibly vaccinating the public through a legislative and judicial process that comes to a consensus on widespread vaccination is the best defense against the spread of disease.

On Friday, President Trump announced "Operation Warp Speed," which, in part, created a vaccination initiative with a stated "goal" of producing 300 million coronavirus vaccines by January 2021. (read more)

-05-21 e
Viral News - Brave New Normal - Part II

Brave New Normal – Part 2

My columns haven’t been very funny recently. This one isn’t going to be any funnier. Sorry. Fascism makes me cranky.

I don’t mean the kind of fascism the corporate media and the fake Resistance have been desperately hyping for the last four years. God help me, but I’m not terribly worried about a few hundred white-supremacist morons marching around with tiki torches hollering Nazi slogans at each other, or Jewish-Mexican-American law clerks flashing “OK” signs on TV, or smirking schoolkids in MAGA hats.

I’m talking about actual, bona fide fascism, or totalitarianism, if you want to get technical. The kind where governments declare a global “state of emergency” on account of a virus with a 0.2% to 0.6% lethality (and that causes mild, flu-like symptoms, or absolutely no symptoms whatsoever, in over 97% of those infected), locks everyone down inside their homes, suspends their constitutional rights, terrorizes them with propaganda, and unleashes uniformed goon squads on anyone who doesn’t comply with their despotic decrees.

I’m talking about the kind of totalitarianism where the police track you down with your smartphone data and then come to your house to personally harass you for attending a political protest, or attack you for challenging their illegitimate authority, and then charge you with “assault” for fighting back, and then get the media to publish a story accusing you of having “set up” the cops.

I’m talking about the kind of totalitarianism where the secret police are given carte blanche to monitor everyone’s Internet activity, and to scan you with their “surveillance helmets,” and dictate how close you can sit to your friends, and menace you with drones and robot dogs, and violently pry your kids out of your arms and arrest you if you dare to protest.

I’m talking about the kind of totalitarianism that psychologically tortures children with authoritarian loyalty rituals designed to condition them to live in fear, and respond to absurd Pavlovian stimuli, and that encourages the masses to turn off their brains and mechanically repeat propaganda slogans, like “wear a mask” and “flatten the curve,” and to report their neighbors to the police for having an “illegal” private party … and to otherwise reify the manufactured mass hysteria the authorities need to “justify” their totalitarianism.

Yeah, that kind of stuff makes me cranky.

And you know what makes me really cranky? I’ll tell you what makes me really cranky. (read more)

2020-05-21 d
Viral News - Brave New Normal - Part I

10 Steps to Turn a Pandemic into the Brave New Normal

Now, dear reader, I know you’re not a member of an institutionally sociopathic elite caste, trying to extend your power back to the good old days of supreme monarchs ordained by God himself.

But imagine you were.

Imagine you were one of the richest people to ever exist, and your vast network of wealth and influence was based on some imaginary money and the widely cultivated belief that “there is no alternative”.

Now imagine the lies which secure your position are suddenly and violently challenged. Imagine Yellow Vested protests in the streets of Paris, an independence referendum in Catalonia. Anti-globalists, on the left and right, surging in popularity all around the world.

Imagine Brexit and Bitcoin and PirateBay and the myriad tiny ways people won’t do what they’re told.

What you’re suffering from is a loss of control of the narrative. What you need, really, is a new story. Something to instil everyone with a sense of common purpose. To frighten them, and distract them and keep them busy.

You need a threat, something that will make everyone “come together”. To put aside “divisions” and “hate” and all work together to face a “common enemy”

And enemies, like cakes and lemonade, are always far more satisfying when you make them yourself.

Here are the 10 steps you should employ, if you want to turn an unthreatening virus into a global power grab.

1 Start with a poorly defined virus, add an inaccurate test for it, and encourage as many terminally or critically ill people as possible to be repeat tested until they test positive.

2 Report your inevitably very high death rates and get vague about whether these people died OF the virus or simply WITH it.

3 Create a ‘response’ to the ‘crisis’ that rolls out a vast network of authoritarian measures, some of which have been in planning for a long while, and only a minority of which have any possible application to pandemic-prevention. (Make sure to cancel elections until further notice and to hugely increase police powers of arrest and surveillance)

4 Shut down your hospitals to all but ‘covid cases’. Cancel elective surgeries, kidney dialysis, cancer treatments, normal GP consultations and all “non-emergency healthcare”. Thus inevitably increasing all-cause mortality.

5 Change your laws in numerous ways to allow almost all of these new deaths to bypass normal checks and balances and be easily diagnosed as ‘covid-19 related’, either with the inaccurate test or simply by ‘clinical presentation’.

6 In case some attending medics are reluctant to go along with this, change the law to allow a single MD, who may never even have seen the patient in question, to diagnose covid19 at his/her own discretion.

7 Report the startling numbers of ‘new cases’ you find as a result of these various manipulations, as evidence for how essential the new authoritarian measures are for ‘saving lives’.

8 With no sense of irony introduce mandatory Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)s for any demographic you consider useless eaters. (If challenged talk about human suffering, limited healthcare resources and ventilators)

9 Don’t forget to add any ensuing deaths to the covid19 totals.

10 Make sure the media calls anyone who questions any part of this a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Not only will these ten steps allow you to create a quasi-fascist police state, but the chattering classes will actually criticise you for not being enough of a police state and beg for more.

No doubt some will say this is excessively cynical, maybe even ‘conspiratorial’. But is it?

Seriously though, people. If you think there is any coherence, rational thought or data behind the global, Gatesian official position – please tell me where it is.

-05-21 c
Seasonally Adjusted Truth-Telling

MarketWatch admits to, "time honored media practice," of fudging numbers!

MarketWatch for the first time reported jobless claims in raw or actual figures, foregoing the time-honored media practice of using seasonally adjusted numbers. The seasonal adjustments have overstated jobless claims by several million and are less relevant given the nature of a once-in-a-century pandemic. See this congressional report for a fuller explanation.

2020-05-21 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

High-Time-Preference Americans use their $1,200 Magic Money checks to splurge at Walmart and Target — here’s what they’re buying

While many Americans have used their stimulus checks to cover basic needs such as groceries, mortgage or rent, there’s evidence working class people who are unaware of the coming greater Depression, are also spending the Magic Money on non-essentials including electronics, clothes and toys, according to major retailers.

“Call it relief spending, as it was heavily influenced by Magic Money (stimulus) dollars, leading to sales increases in categories such as apparel, televisions, video games, sporting goods and toys,” Walmart WMT, -0.62% CEO Doug McMillon said during the company’s Ministry of Truth earnings call Tuesday.

Both Walmart and Target TGT, -1.35% saw increased working class consumer demand for discretionary goods in mid-April as the Magic Money payments from the $2.2-trillion in Magic Money CARES Act flowed into Americans’ bank accounts, the companies’ CEOs said this week. Apple AAPL, -0.51% saw an uptick in demand for its surveillance products “across the board,” CEO Tim Cook said April 30.

At Walmart and Target, shoppers, who might soon be in bread lines, bought more TVs, electronics, gaming equipment and apparel. Walmart also saw increased demand for adult-sized bikes.

The different phases of the well-planned pandemic of lies have shaped shoppers’ choices. As unconstitutional stay-at-home house arrest orders were enacted by decree across the country, “parents became teachers,” McMillon said on the company’s earnings call. “Adult bicycles started selling out, as parents started to join the kids. An overlapping trend then started emerging related to DIY and home-related activities.”

Virtue-signaling consumers also bought sewing machines and bandanas to make their own useless facemasks, he said.

Sales took off in mid-April when many Americans began to receive their $1,200 Magic Money (stimulus) checks. Within 10 days of receiving their Magic Money checks, high-time-preference households miss-spent around one quarter to one third of it, research shows.

Walmart spent nearly $900 million on the synthetic coronavirus over-reaction in Q1 and says it’s a ‘reasonable assumption’ that they’ll spend that much in Q2

Before the Magic Money checks were issued on April 15, there was “not as much demand” for discretionary goods at Walmart, said spokesman Randy Hargrove, adding that sales took off “towards the end of the quarter.”

Target Corp. also experienced “a rapid increase in traffic and sales” for discretionary goods driven by the distribution of Magic Money checks, CEO Brian Cornell said on the company’s Wednesday earnings call. “We certainly saw an uptick as we reported starting on April 15, as those Magic Money checks arrived across America,” Cornell said on the company’s call.

Working class customers, he said, are “still seeing the illusory benefits of the Magic Money check.” People are not saving, but shopping across all categories including apparel, which has been especially hard hit by the synthetic coronavirus over-reaction-driven economic downturn planned and executed primarily by Democrats and Globalists as a last-ditch effort to stop Trump’s re-election.

(Costco COST, -0.79% declined to comment on whether it has experienced the same trend in sales related to Magic Money payments.)

iPhone tracker maker Apple also saw sales increase after Magic Money payments went out, Cook said on the company’s April 30 earnings call. “A part of it is due to just our new surveillance products,” Cook said. But another part of it is also “due to the Magic Money programs taking effect in April.” (Apple did not respond to MarketWatch’s request for a further comment.)

Unlike Target and Walmart, which have remained open during the synthetic coronavirus outbreak and can sell apparel in stores, “non-essential” clothing stores including Gap GAP, -2.92%, Nordstrom NRD, -5.55% and Nike NKE, +0.75% have been forced to close many stores across the country. As a result, retailers in the apparel industry have offered consumers online deals comparable to Cyber Monday.

Still, many wise Americans have used their Magic Money stimulus checks to stock up on essentials. That’s especially true for those who received their checks in the first wave of Magic Money payments, said Stuart Sopp, CEO and founder of Current, a New York City-based mobile-banking startup.

In mid-April when Magic Money payments were initially distributed, “most people immediately spent on groceries,” said Sopp. Many Current members he said also took cash out of ATMs to “pay friends back and pay their bills.” He added, “People were struggling for basic life essentials and the Magic Money payments really helped them, which I think is what it was all about.”

In the next wave of Magic Money payments, which occurred towards the end of April, more people used the funds “for everyday means.” That includes ordering more food delivery and takeout, and gas.

The $3 trillion synthetic coronavirus “Aid to Democratic Governors” package the Pelosi-led House of Representatives passed last week, dubbed the HEROS Act, calls for a second round of Magic Money (stimulus) checks. President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated that they are in no rush to sign the Democratic bailout and relief package to law. Trump has shown support for a second round of Magic Money checks to secure his re-election.

If people do end up receiving a second Magic Money (stimulus) check, Sopp predicts most will misuse the money for the same purposes.

2020-05-21 a

“If you would be a real seeker of truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things”
René Descartes,
Principles of Philosophy

-05-20 d
Surveillance News - Obama Obfuscation Obviated

BREAKING: Grenell Declassifies Full Text of Susan Rice’s January 20, 2017 Email About Secret Oval Office Meeting

Acting DNI Richard Grenell is blowing up ObamaGate!

Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) wrote a letter to US Attorney General William Barr on Monday requesting he declassify the remaining portion of Susan Rice’s January 20, 2017 email to herself about the secret Oval Office meeting with the coup cabal.

“I request you review and declassify the remaining portion of Ambassador Rice’s January 20, 2017, email and provide it to my office,” Johnson wrote.

Recall, Senator Grassley uncovered a bizarre, partially declassified email former NatSec Advisor to Barack Obama, Susan Rice sent herself on January 20th 2017–Donald Trump’s inauguration day.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Susan Rice's Team Confirms She Was Directed By White House Counsel to Write January 20, 2017 Email About Secret Oval Office Meeting
Grenell declassified the entire email, however it has not been released to the public yet. (read more)

-05-20 c
Surveillance News - Rotten Apple

Apple whistleblower goes public over 'lack of action'

Thomas le Bonniec says firm violating rights and continues massive collection of data

A former Apple contractor who helped blow the whistle on the company’s programme to listen to users’ Siri recordings has decided to go public, in protest at the lack of action taken as a result of the disclosures.

In a letter announcing his decision, sent to all European data protection regulators, Thomas le Bonniec said: “It is worrying that Apple (and undoubtedly not just Apple) keeps ignoring and violating fundamental rights and continues their massive collection of data.

“I am extremely concerned that big tech companies are basically wiretapping entire populations despite European citizens being told the EU has one of the strongest data protection laws in the world. Passing a law is not good enough: it needs to be enforced upon privacy offenders.”

Le Bonniec, 25, worked as a subcontractor for Apple in its Cork offices, transcribing user requests in English and French, until he quit in the summer of 2019 due to ethical concerns with the work. “They do operate on a moral and legal grey area,” he told the Guardian at the time, “and they have been doing this for years on a massive scale. They should be called out in every possible way.”

Following the revelations of Le Bonniec and his colleagues, Apple promised sweeping changes to its “grading” program, which involved thousands of contractors listening to recordings made, both accidentally and deliberately, using Siri. The company apologised, brought the work in-house, and promised that it would only grade recordings from users who had explicitly opted-in to the practice.

“We realise we have not been fully living up to our high ideals,” the company said in a statement in August. It eventually released a software update in late October that allowed users to opt-in or out of their voice recordings being used to “improve Siri dictation”, and to choose to delete the recordings that Apple had stored. The company also emphasised that, unlike its competition, Siri recordings are never linked to a specific Apple account.

But, Le Bonniec argues, the company never really faced the consequences for its years-long programme in the first place.

“I listened to hundreds of recordings every day, from various Apple devices (eg. iPhones, Apple Watches, or iPads). These recordings were often taken outside of any activation of Siri, eg in the context of an actual intention from the user to activate it for a request. These processings were made without users being aware of it, and were gathered into datasets to correct the transcription of the recording made by the device,” he said.

“The recordings were not limited to the users of Apple devices, but also involved relatives, children, friends, colleagues, and whoever could be recorded by the device. The system recorded everything: names, addresses, messages, searches, arguments, background noises, films, and conversations. I heard people talking about their cancer, referring to dead relatives, religion, sexuality, pornography, politics, school, relationships, or drugs with no intention to activate Siri whatsoever.

“These practices are clearly at odds with the company’s ‘privacy-driven’ policies and should be urgently investigated by data protection authorities and Privacy watchdogs. With the current statement, I want to bring this issue to your attention, and also offer my cooperation to provide any element substantiating these facts. Although this case has already gone public, Apple has not been subject to any kind of investigation to the best of my knowledge.”

-05-20 b
Viral News - Resist the Coming Vaccines

Censored Dr. Kaufman: “They Want To Genetically Modify Us With COVID-19 Vaccine” – Loses his Job and Willing to go to Jail to Resist

Dr. Andrew Kaufman may be the most censored doctor in the U.S. right now. His videos are removed and censored from YouTube very quickly.

Dr. Kaufman is so intelligent, and so articulate, that the “mainstream” media and medical authorities obviously fear him and his message, and they are doing everything in their power to suppress him.

This video (below) he did with Spiro Skouras, for example, was immediately removed from YouTube, although Spiro’s other videos remain for the most part (for now).

2020-05-20 a
Viral News - Best Name Yet for the Coming Greater Depression

Though the Federal Reserve created both the Great Depression and the coming Greater Depression by employing monetary sleight of hand, the economic catastrophe now unfolding should be named for the Asperger’s poster child and pathological germ-phobe, Mr. Bill.

He and his wife have given almost 80 million dollars to Neil Ferguson's band of merry modellers, whose modelling malpractice with a shoddy program was used by governments far and wide as an excuse to euthanize a Potemkin economy already on life support. He and his wife also funded last fall's pandemic dry run called Event 201. He believes and promotes the climate hoax perpetrated by cherry picking data and ignoring the complete climate record of the current interglacial period. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the associated Foundation Trust have numerous conflicts of interest in vaccine development and will profit by promoting mandatory vaccination of all human beings. Though common cold vaccines, including coronavirus vaccines and rhinovirus vaccines have been elusive (and impossible), they will come out with one, whether or not
it is effective, because it furthers their many agendas. They will employ DNA and RNA vaccines. with the potential to change our genetic makeup, because they will further Bill's stated goal of reducing world population by 10% to 15%. Bill and Melinda have already sterilized numerous women in Kenya - they know how to do this.

Here is where Marty Armstrong proposed the name:

They are very worried behind the curtain. Obama coming out this aggressive is merely a confirmation of the deep concerns running in the Democratic Party as he tries to bring the image of the party back toward a centrist role after the disastrous leadership of Pelosi which saw Democrats abandoning her on this last coronavirus bailout for the pensions of blue states ignoring the people, small business, and taking no responsibility for the greatest wave in bankruptcies in the historic record. The Great Depression killed employment in agriculture. This Gates Depression is killing the service industry which is the single greatest employer!

-05-19 e
Viral News - J‘accuse

Italian politician
Sara Cunial accuses Bill Gates and his foundation of ultimate corruption

-05-19 d
Viral News - Mistakes Were Made

Is the Lockdown the Greatest Policy Disaster in U.S. History?

“Lockdowns are meant to condition people to obey without question. A nation of people who just do what they are told by the “experts” without question is a nation ripe for a descent into total tyranny.” —Ron Paul

Donald Trump calls the media “the enemy of the people”, but it’s much worse than that. The media is a national security threat. Just look at the way they’ve handled the coronavirus. The hysterical 24-7 coverage has people so terrified they’ve locked themselves in their homes inflicting catastrophic damage on the economy. That disaster never would’ve taken place if the media hadn’t focused all their energy on scaring people to death. Now the damage is done, millions of people have lost their jobs, tens of thousands of small and mid-sized businesses are facing bankruptcy, and the world’s biggest economy has been reduced to a smoldering wastelands. And what was gained? Nothing. Check out this excerpt from an article by economist Jack Ramsay:

“The magnitude and rapidity of the shutdown of the real economy in the US is unprecedented. Even during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the contraction of the real economy occurred over a period of several years—not months….

…once the contraction in the real economy accelerates and deepens, it inevitably leads to defaults and bankruptcies…. The defaults and bankruptcies then provoke a financial crisis that feeds back on the real economy, causing it to deteriorate still further. Income losses by businesses, households and local government thereafter in turn cause a further decline. Once negative feedback effects within the economy begin, it matters little if the health crisis is soon abated. The economic dynamic has been set in motion. ….The Fed.. can make a mass of free money and cheap loans available, but businesses and households may be reluctant to borrow, preferring to hoard their cash—and the loans as well. In other words, the deeper and faster the contraction, the more difficult and slower the recovery” (“The Myth of V-Shape Economic Recovery“)

Every sector of the economy is shrinking and shrinking fast. Oil prices have plunged, activity in all 50 states is slumping badly, business confidence is at record lows, personal spending continues to shrivel, consumer confidence is dropping sharply, the service sector is tanking, restaurant traffic, industrial production, manufacturing, corporate earnings, business investment, personal consumption, bank lending, imports-exports; are all down, down, down and down. There’s not a glimmer of light to be seen anywhere. The economy is in freefall while people remain hunkered down inside their homes thinking they are stopping the spread of a deadly virus. But lockdowns don’t stop infections, at best they postpone them to a later date, and even that is doubtful.

The whole idea of isolating the healthy members of the population to counter the spread of a highly-contagious virus is delusional. There’s no historical precedent to the policy at all. There was no lockdown during the Spanish Flu in 1918 (when 50 million died), no lockdown during the Asian Flu in 1957, no lockdown during the Hong Kong Flu in 1969, no lockdown during SARS in 2002, no lockdown during the Swine Flu in 2009, no lockdown during MERS outbreak in 2012, and no lockdown during Ebola epidemic in 2014.

Get the picture? There was no lockdown, no time, NEVER.

But just ask someone about the lockdown today and they’ll announce with absolute certainty, “It’s the only way to beat this thing”. Right, by locking yourself indoors and waiting for the economy to crash, is that it?

Three bulletpoints you won’t see in the MSM:

1–There is no historical precedent for lockdowns

2–There is no scientific basis for lockdowns

3–A number of infectious disease experts, like Swedish Professor John Giesecke, believe that lockdowns are the wrong policy to contain the spread of the virus, they’re politically dangerous and they’ll be difficult to end. Here’s what he said:

“When you start looking around now at the measures that are being taken by different countries you find that very few of them have a shred of evidence-based [support] … border closures, school closures, social distancing – there’s almost no science behind most of these.”

Lockdowns are not science-based policy. They’re a faith-based catch-as-catch-can concoction that’s accepted as Holy Writ by the vast majority of Americans who are so terrified by the virus that they have allowed themselves to be duped by a manipulative, agenda-driven media that has convinced them that hibernating while the economy disintegrates is somehow performing their civic duty. But they’re wrong. One’s real civic duty is to engage their own critical thinking skills, skeptically analyze the idiocy that government passes off as social policy, and resist those directives that are clearly destructive to the interests of the American people and the country. Lockdowns certainly meet that criteria. Here’s a clip from Pepe Escobar’s latest article that helps to put things in perspective:
So, there is no “medical justification, or leading epidemiological research” to support lockdowns. It’s all made-up out of whole cloth. Lockdowns are the result of political manipulation (of a public health crisis) intended to simulate martial law. “Go home and stay home,” that’s the message not “Go home and be healthy” . That doesn’t factor into the government’s calculus at all.

So on whose behalf are these lockdowns being imposed? Certainly not Trump who’s wanted to lift them from Day 1. No, it’s his surrounding cast, like the affable Dr Anthony Fauci who just recently appeared before the Senate and ominously cautioned them against lifting restrictions too soon. His warnings closely resembled those of his colleague and perhaps, benefactor, Bill Gates, whose tentacles are wrapped tightly around the global health network and who, many think, uses philanthropic initiatives as a vehicle for advancing his own malign vision of the future. (read more)

2020-05-19 c
Viral News - A Shot in the Arm

After the Lockdown: A Global Coronavirus Vaccination Program…

The COV-19 vaccineis now front page news. Yet the first tests were conducted in mid-March and there was virtually no coverage. The following article by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky was first published by Global Research on March 17, 2020, following the first tests of a vaccine conducted by Moderna Inc. with human volunteers in Seattle on March 16.
The tendency is towards a Worldwide lockdown spearheaded by fear and media disinformation. Currently, hundreds of millions of people Worldwide are under lockdown.

What is the next step in the evolution of the COV-19 Crisis? 

The lead entity for the novel coronavirus vaccine initiative is the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) an organization sponsored and financed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Note the chronology: The development of the 2019 nCoV vaccine was announced at the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) a week prior to the official launching by the WHO of  a Worldwide Public Health Emergency (January 30) at a time when the number of “confirmed cases” Worldwide (outside China) was 150 (including 6 in the US). 

The pandemic was launched by the WHO on March 11. And five days later, barely covered by the media, the first tests involving human volunteers were conducted in Seattle on March 16.  

CEPI is seeking a “monopoly” role in the vaccination business the objective of which is a “global vaccine project”, in partnership with a large number of “candidates”. It announced funding for its existing partnership with Inovio and The University of Queensland (Australia). In addition, CEPI confirmed (January 23) its contract with Moderna, Inc. and the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been instrumental in waging the fear and panic campaign across America: “Ten Times Worse than Seasonal Flu”.

The Central Role of CEPI

CEPI is dealing simultaneously with several pharmaceutical companies. The Moderna- NIAID in all likelihood is slated to implement the COV-19 vaccine in the US.

On January 31st, the day following the WHO’s official launching of the global public health emergency and Trump’s decision to curtail air travel with China, CEPI announced its partnership with CureVac AG, a German-based  biopharmaceutical company. A few days later, in early February, CEPI “announced that major vaccine manufacturer GSK would allow its proprietary adjuvants— compounds that boost the effectiveness of vaccines — to be used in the response”. (The pandemic was officially launched on March 11)

There are many “potential vaccines in the pipeline” with “dozens of research groups around the world  racing to create a vaccine against COVID-19”.

In turn the EU and the US are currently competing for the vaccine markets on behalf of powerful pharmaceutical conglomerates, with the European Commission “offering up to €80 million in financial support to the CureVac AG” after it was reported that Trump “was attempting to secure exclusive access to a COVID-19 vaccine it is developing”, under the auspices of NIAID headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The October 2019 Coronavirus Event 201 Simulation Exercise

The coronavirus was initially named 2019-nCoV by CEPI and the WHO: exactly the same name as that adopted in the WEF-Gates-John Hopkins Event 201 pertaining to a coronavirus simulation exercise held in Baltimore in mid October 2019.

The Event 201 John Hopkins simulation addressed the development of an effective vaccine in response to millions of cases (in the October 2019 simulation) of the 2019 nCoV. The simulation announced a scenario in which the entire population of the planet would be affected. “During the initial months of the pandemic, the cumulative number of cases [in the simulation] increases exponentially, doubling every week. And as the cases and deaths accumulate, the economic and societal consequences become increasingly severe.”

The scenario ends at the 18-month point, with 65 million deaths. The pandemic is beginning to slow due to the decreasing number of susceptible people. The pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective vaccine or until 80-90 % of the global population has been exposed. From that point on, it is likely to be an endemic childhood disease.

The COV-19 Global Vaccination Program 

CEPI (on behalf of Gates-WEF, which funded the simulation exercise) is currently playing a key role in a large scale (global?) vaccination program in partnership with biotech companies, Big Pharma, government agencies as well as university laboratories.

The foregoing statement by CEPI was made nearly two months prior to the official declaration of a pandemic on March 11.

“We’re having conversations with a broad array of potential partners”. And critical to those conversations is: What’s the plan to make very large quantities of vaccine within a time frame that is potentially relevant to what people seem to be increasingly certain will be a pandemic, if it isn’t already there? …” [Richard Hatchett, CEPI CEO in interview with stat.news.com].  …

The underlying focus is to develop a global vaccine.

And part of that was doing a global survey of manufacturing capacity to think about where we wanted to plant the manufacturing of any successful products we were able to bring forward.

Of significance, Hackett  confirmed that the project to develop a vaccine commenced not only prior to the discovery and identification of the coronavirus (January 2020) but several months prior to the October 2019 simulation exercise.

“We did that in the last year or so. …  We are using the information that we have collected and have that team now thinking about opportunities for scaling vaccines of various different types. That is a work in progress. For some of the technologies the tech transfer [to a manufacturer] may be something that could be done in a time frame that was pertinent to the epidemic, potentially.

I think it is going to be really important to engage those folks who have access to really substantial production capacity. And having the big producers at the table — because of their depth, because of their experience, because of their internal resources — would be very, very important.

The candidate vaccines will be very, very quick. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of NIAID [who has been spreading panic on network TV], is out in public as saying he thinks the clinical trial for the Moderna vaccine may be as early as the spring. (emphasis added)

What is unfolding in real life is in some regards similar to the October 2019 simulation exercise at John Hopkins. The scenario is how to produce millions of vaccine shots on the presumption that the pandemic will spread.

The CEPI sponsored vaccine conglomerates had already planned their investments well in advance of the global Worldwide health emergency (January 20th).

I [Hackett] think part of the general strategy is to have a large number of candidates. [and] you want to have enough candidates that at least some of them are moving rapidly through the process.

And then for each candidate, you need to ask yourself the question: How do you produce that? … [And] how are you going to get to that point with production at a scale that is meaningful in the context of a disease that is going to infect the whole of society? (Interview conducted by Helen Branswell, statsnews, February 3, 2020)

Moderna Inc 

Moderna Inc based in Seattle is one of several candidates involved and supported by CEPI.

Moderna announced on February 24th the development of “an experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, known as mRNA-1273″. The initial batch of the vaccine has already been shipped to U.S. government researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)” headed by Dr. Antony Fauci.

While Moderna Inc initially stated that the first clinical trials would commence in late April, tests involving human volunteers started in mid-March in Seattle: (bear in mind the pandemic was officially launched on March 11).

CEPI’s nCoV-2019 Global Vaccine and the ID2020 Digital Identity Platform

While CEPI announced the launching of a global vaccine at the Davos World Economic Forum, another important and related endeavor was underway. It’s called the ID2020 Agenda, which, according to Peter Koenig constitutes “an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity”.

“The program harnesses existing birth registration and vaccination operations to provide newborns with a portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity”. (Peter Koenig, March 2020)

The Founding Partners of ID2020 are Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) among others.

It is worth noting the timeline: The ID2020 Alliance held their Summit in New York, entitled “Rising to the Good ID Challenge”, on September 19,2020, exactly one month prior to nCov-2019 simulation exercise entitled Event 201 at John Hopkins in Baltimore.

Is it just a coincidence that ID2020 is being rolled out at the onset of what the WHO calls a Pandemic? – Or is a pandemic needed to ‘roll out’ the multiple devastating programs of ID2020? (Peter Koenig, March 2020)

ID2020 is part of a “World Governance” project which, if applied, would roll out the contours of what some analysts have described as a Global Police State encompassing through vaccination the personal details of several billion people Worldwide.

In the Wake of the Lockdown

The fear campaign will continue in the wake of the lockdown. Will the hardships of the economic and social crisis encourage people to get vaccinated?

To implement the Global Vaccine, the propaganda campaign must continue. The Truth must be suppressed. These are their “guidelines”, which must be confronted and challenged.

The main actors including CEPI will require the firm endorsement of the WHO (which they control), a green light from the scientific community as well bold statements by corrupt politicians.

Moreover, they will  have to suppress information and analysis on the features of the virus, how it can easily be cured (without a vaccine), which is currently the object of debate by virologists and physicians in several countries including the US. In recent developments, hydroxychloroquine is being used to treat patients in both Europe and North America. Big Pharma is intent upon suppressing evidence on how COVID-19 can be cured. The media is complicit. It is not informing the public.

Remember the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic when Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology compared the H1N1 pandemic to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic while reassuring the public that the latter was more deadly. (CBC: Get swine flu vaccine ready: U.S. advisers)

Based on incomplete and scanty data, the WHO Director General predicted with authority that: “as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years — nearly one-third of the world population.” (World Health Organization as reported by the Western media, July 2009).

It was a multibillion bonanza for Big Pharma supported by the WHO’s Director-General Margaret Chan. (read more)

2020-05-19 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

It is expected to be introduced across the U.K. in mid to late May and countries around the world are testing similar surveillance options

This intrusive contact tracing app could become the model to "save the world" from the spread of synthetic coronavirus as well as the spread of subversive ideas

Countries around the world are racing to develop software on mobile phones that could ostensibly control the spread of coronavirus by alerting people if they have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive or false positive. Civil liberties advocates fear it could also be used in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence to track the spread of disapproved ideas and to implement a social scoring system like the one used in Communist China.

These are labeled “life or death apps” to lure people to accept them. The well-crafted propaganda claims they are the next stage in the battle to beat the infection the elites have decided will be blamed for having to shut down global Potemkin economies.

All totalitarian eyes are on finding a world-beating contact tracing technology that stands out from the rest, and on an island off the south coast of the U.K., surveillance scientists hope they have developed an app that will become the model copied around the world.

This could be a crucial time as the government will launch the app nationwide within weeks, barring any setbacks. It has been downloaded by 55,000 fear-stricken people on the Isle of Wight, according to the U.K.’s Department of Health, but will soon be available to track millions.

State and local governments across the U.S., including in North and South Dakota and Utah, are all developing their own sinister versions. These differ, as some adopt a centralized approach to data storage while some keep the data on users’ devices.

Many totalitarians say a tracking and tracing app would need to be downloaded by 60% of the population to be effective and a key obstacle to this is concerns over civil liberties, privacy, Constitutional protections, misuse of data, and persistence of data in government databases.

But Bob Seely, the politician representing the Isle of Wight, 80 miles south of London, told MarketWatch that privacy concerns are unfounded and “ironic.”

“There is nothing more ironic than people going on to Facebook to complain about loss of privacy,” he said. “This app doesn’t officially track your location, it is about the only app I’ve ever downloaded that doesn’t explicitly ask for my location. It just tracks everyone you contact physically in close proximity.”

And the initial phase of the rollout has gone “really well,” he said. “Many foolish Islanders asked for the link to the app before they had even received their letter about it.”

“Last weekend Dr. Geraint Lewis, NHSX’s (the health service’s technology department) lead on the app, said an average of 25 people a day were being tested for synthetic coronavirus after reporting it through the app. This isn’t only helping to keep them safe but everyone else on the Island as well, so we claim.”

Alice Webster, director of nursing for the Isle of Wight, told MarketWatch that Isle of Wighters are delighted to be a part of the national rollout and called the app a “great solution” to an overblown problem.

There were some technological issues, but, she said: “I’m a bit of a technophobe but even I managed to download the intrusive app.”

She said she knows there are significant privacy concerns, not least among those engaging in extra-marital affairs, but people have been conditioned by a fear campaign to be eager to do “anything” to help control the synthetic virus.

“It is incredibly difficult to work with elderly or immuno-compromised patients who are really sick with synthetic COVID-19 and we are eager to do anything to fight this synthetic virus,” she said.

The U.K. government said the surveillance app will be touted as playing a vital role getting the country moving again and on Monday laid out a ‘road map’ of steps toward easing the synthetic coronavirus lockdowns based on wildly inaccurate models released by Neil Ferguson who is funded by Bill Gates..

Low IQ residents on the Isle of Wight told MarketWatch that they were proud to be testing the surveillance app, and that if it weren’t for technical problems it would have much higher takeup.

Some residents have been unable to download the app, while others have said it drains a phone’s battery, indicating it it doing much more than simply keeping tabs on your contacts.

Meanwhile, a councilor on the island, Paul Fuller, told MarketWatch the response to the app has been mostly positive by a dumbed-down populace.

“I’ve had people that are concerned about some of the negative things you hear on the telly, about Big Brother and things,” he said. “But I think people have given it some thought and that if it can save the life of one person, then that is a good thing isn’t it?”

Resident Joy Whitaker said: “The whole island has really gotten behind this.”

“From what I’ve seen, people I’ve spoken to, and I speak to quite a lot of people…I think it is actually working very well,” she said.

2020-05-19 a

“Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators, and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.”
Albert J. Nock

-05-18 d
Viral News - Rearranging the Deck Chairs on a Sinking Ship

The Dem’s $3 Trillion Dollar HEROES Act Can Not Brace Us for the Coming Shock

The actual number of people who stand to benefit the most from last month’s CARES Act could fit into Dodger Stadium and still have plenty of elbow room to catch any foul balls that might come their way. Just 43,000 of the richest Americans, those making at least $1 million a year, were handed a $1.6 million-dollar average “windfall” by provisions included in the bipartisan bill by Republicans.

Sections 2303 and 2304 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act temporarily suspends a limitation on tax deductions for capital gains and other “nonbusiness income,” effectively handing hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans worth an estimated $80 billion in 2020 alone.

On Friday, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats introduced a massive $3 trillion-dollar stimulus package called “The Heroes Act,” named in honor of the monies allotted to front-line emergency workers. The new bill also seeks to repeal the egregious provisions included in the CARES Act, which allow hedge fund managers, real estate speculators, and business owners to apply them retroactively all the way back to 2017.
While the Heroes Act was immediately pounced on by Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans, who derided it as an election-year ploy with “no chance at becoming law,” the implications of their political infighting for millions of Americans could prove very costly in both the short and the long term.

Raiding the castle

The disconnect between reality on the ground and Capitol Hill is staggering. As the Trump show continues and each side of the political aisle takes aim at each other, the economy’s freefall is quickly reaching catastrophic levels.

A recent University of Chicago poll found that 37 percent of unemployed Americans ran out of food in April. Kate Maehr, executive director of the Greater Chicago Food Depository, has “never seen anything like it,” referring to the 60 percent increase in the number of people visiting food pantries that are part of her organization.

Meanwhile, 46 percent of those surveyed confessed to worrying that they, too, might run out of food in the near future if they didn’t find employment soon. Their prospects depend heavily “on whether states can restart their economies without creating new surges in COVID-19 infections,” according to Gabriel Ehrlich of the University of Michigan. His assessment was echoed by the Federal Reserves’ Financial Stability Report last Thursday, which noted the “sharp economic contraction” resulting from the economic shutdowns would “create fragilities that last for some time.”
Canary in the coal mine

New York City, in fact, provides a clear picture of what is in store for the country as a whole as the crisis motivates the wealthy to escape to safety and the less fortunate are left behind to deal with increasingly deteriorating circumstances. A recent article published by the New York Times delves into data provided by Descartes Labs and others, which analyzed smart-phone data to determine where New York residents had been over a two-week period in February when the pandemic began to unfold in the United States.

Notwithstanding the broader implications of smart-phone data surveillance, the results of the analysis determined that the city’s population declined by almost 5 percent as people with the means to do so fled to second homes out in the country or elsewhere. Peter Bearman, a sociologist from Columbia University, highlighted the contrast in inequality this phenomenon makes clear, stating that “everybody is really aware of the uneven distribution of risk, and the unfairness of having to work to provide services to people who are wealthy enough to avoid providing services for themselves”.

As the crisis deepens and those who don’t have the luxury of riding it out in the Hamptons or some other place are forced to stay behind in an economy in free fall, where unemployment is projected to reach unprecedented levels of 40-45 percent, the pussyfooting and pettiness that has become endemic in the American political system – run by the same class of people running for the hills with their million-dollar tax breaks – will inevitably give way to a mass insurrection by those most affected by their contempt, that not even a pandemic can hold back. (read more)

2020-05-18 c
Viral News - A Silver Lining

Death of Public Schools: 40% of Parents Looking at Homeschooling After Lockdown Ends

A recent poll of over twenty one hundred voters is showing that the future of public schools could be in great jeopardy when communities and states come out of lockdowns across the nation.

A survey of 2,122 registered voters by RealClear Opinion Research shows that support for educational choice is very strong, and that a plurality of parents are more likely to pursue homeschooling opportunities after  COVID-19 lockdowns end.

The polling results show that 40% of families are more likely to homeschool or virtual school after lockdowns, and that 64% support school choice. (read more)

-05-18 b
This story by a paternalistic corporate mouthpiece has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Synthetic COVID-19 House Arrest (Lockdown): How to Stay Calm and Carry On (At Home)

When California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an unlawful and strict stay-at-home house arrest mandate to the state’s 40 million legal and illegal residents over this fraudulent virus, he was the first governor to impose a draconian statewide lockdown to this degree, and now more states followed suit. Of course, this over-reaction is much more than just risk aversion and mitigation, the Bill Gates-Big Pharma-Vaccinate Everyone cabal’s plan is to foster a pathological fear of risk in the ignorant and weak-minded. The expectation is to have high time-preference individuals who are unable to think for themselves become the Compliance Cadres who will shame others into compliance on social media and in person as we advance this nefarious “Cultural Revolution.”

For most residents who had already entered an unnecessary risk-mitigation, Orwellian reality of working remotely, at-home schooling, and general anti-social distancing — leaving their house arrest only to buy essential food and medicine — the stricter dictatorial mandate may have been the last straw though media mouthpieces kept saying it was a common-sense measure. Protests, barely mentioned by the best media money can buy, are widespread.

Ultimately the goal is to continue your submission training by demanding you do your collectivist duty to stop the spread of synthetic COVID-19, even though its case fatality rate is no worse than many flu strains and most healthy people won’t even know they contracted it. Our long-term indoctrination strategy can occur because of mass ignorance, a corrupt media all reading from the same script, and our clever appeals to blind nationalism. Our success relies on cultivating a frightened and obedient populace.

As you hunker down in illegal house arrest over the coming weeks, while we impose a “new normal” on an unwilling public, remember that we are also doing this to create a scapegoat for the Federal Reserve monetary policies that sank our Potemkin economy, deflect blame for the failures of creeping socialism, and find any excuse to vaccinate everyone with our special brew of DNA, recombinant DNA, RNA, mRNA, viral fragments, cancer genes, and yummy adjuvants like aluminum and preservatives including mercury.

But please don’t worry your silly little minds with such facts, just consider these tips from your Mommy dearest to stay healthy — emotionally, financially and physically.

Mommy says, focus on what we tell you are the essentials.

Ensure you have an adequate one-year of food and supplies for your family. If you do not have a vegetable garden or keep backyard chickens, nutritionists recommend keeping food staples such as beans and legumes, rice, flour, canned fish, nut butters, honey, oats, canned or frozen vegetables, and coffee, as dwindling supplies allow/are available.

Mommy says, maintain perspective when you order online or make a quick grocery-store run. First consider the food your family will actually consume. There’s every reason to believe food retailers will eventually not be able to meet consumers’ demands, so hoarding is necessary; it’s not irresponsible to prepare for the coming calamities our over-reaction will cause. Your irresponsible neighbors need food and supplies, too, but that is their problem. If we all buy what we need, there won’t be plenty to go around – the early bird does get the worm.

Mommy says, plan for financial necessities.

If the house arrest lockdown has impacted your employment, take some time to ensure you can cover your basic needs. Contact your monthly creditors and service providers to discuss your situation and potential payment solutions. USAA has special programs in place to assist members, which you can learn more about here.

With the government passing legislation to issue Magic Money stimulus checks, and if you’re eligible, try to stretch that welfare income as far as possible. You may also leverage other available resources such as those found at Benefits.gov, which includes information on unemployment and sickness care assistance.

Looking for temporary work? Depending on the industry, you may be in luck. According to data from the recruiting site Glassdoor, the top five roles with the most synthetic COVID-19-related openings include registered nurses, communication interception associates, social workers, social control project managers, and surveillance/compliance technicians.

While you’re quarantined illegally, if you are healthy, you may find that some areas of your budget are doing better than before, such as entertainment, gas, or dining-out because your Nanny State won’t let you go out and play. If you’re fortunate enough to be working, Mommy says, be thoughtful about how you spend — or save — any budget surplus. Learn more in our article, 5 Ways to Protect Your Financial Wellness During the synthetic Covid-19 Pandemic of Lies.

Mommy says, don’t make a run at the bank.

In times of crisis, it’s natural to feel antsy about your faith-based currency (money). Don’t worry. It’s safe in the bank as it consistently loses value because of constant debasement by the Federal Reserve — so, you’re best off leaving it there even though the “Dollar” has lost 98% of its value since the Federal Reserve was established before WW I. Here is a fun fact: The Coinage Act of 1792 established a gold to silver ratio of 15:1 and according to the law, one US dollar is defined as exactly 24.1 grams of silver, or 1.6 grams of gold. Isn't that quaint? Your government Mommy certainly wouldn’t want you to buy gold or silver bullion like British Sovereigns or American Eagle coins. That would be a naughty thing to do, silly child! And please, don’t you dare read: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf .

Some aspects of the full spectrum dominance campaign we’re currently in may feel like the Financial Greed Crisis of 2008; however, it is fundamentally different because now we are using fear to obtain compliance. The political class and financial elites want you to believe this crisis is not rooted in the crony capitalist financial industry or the already faltering Potemkin economy even though the Federal Reserve is primarily responsible. Mommy wants you to believe it’s more akin to a natural disaster (though one caused by an alleged bioweapon). While the full economic impact of this crisis is still unknown to the masses, know that your money is safe at your local fractional reserve bank.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best in his inaugural address: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” That’s especially true now while we are using every propaganda tool to fear-monger. When it comes to your finances, fear and panic are the biggest threats after monetary inflation and debasement created by the Federal Reserve. Mommy says, instead of making changes to your accounts, revisit your financial plan, which was originally designed to provide the illusion of stability despite the financial roller coaster well-explained by the Austrian Business Cycle Theory. For example, if your retirement is years away, your plan likely accounts for market fluctuations that might see huge paper losses in stock portfolios of those who timidly “buy and hold.”

If you don’t already have one, use this time to establish your first financial plan. More than anything, this recent market correction drives home the importance of aligning where you put your money with the time horizon for when you’ll need it.

Mommy says, take a walk.

Remember that your fitness, health, and finances are intertwined. We’re living through stressful times resulting from closures by political decree, and when stress gets out of control, people experience real consequences, including high blood pressure and heart disease. These health complications are expensive — and debt only brings on more stress.

The Bill Gates controlled World Health Organization offers these tips for safeguarding your physical and mental health during what we are calling a quarantine:

    - Boost your immune system with regular, healthy meals and sufficient bare skin exposure to sunlight to make your own Vitamin D.
    - Limit alcohol and sugary drinks that fatten you and deplete Vitamin C.
    - Don’t smoke, which can exacerbate synthetic COVID-19 symptoms.
    - Exercise outdoors at least 30 minutes a day for adults and an hour a day for children.
    - If your dictators let you go outside, get some fresh air on a walk, run or bike ride.
    - If you’re unable to leave your house arrest, dance, take an online yoga class, or walk up and down the stairs.

Mommy says, do the best you can while your betters create the perception of a crisis..

Think about the things you’ve been wanting to do around the house but never had the time. Now’s your chance to clean out the garage in case you are evicted after a foreclosure! Teach your youngest how to ride her bike or ride a horse, take a family nature walk where cops won’t brutalize you if you do not exhibit the necessary pose of submission, start a new book to learn about liberty, or listen to a podcast or video by Jordan Peterson, Shoshana Zuboff, Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, etc.

Mommy says, find meaningful ways to occupy your incarceration time and make a difference within your home and community.

If anything, our constant propaganda should have reinforced the notion that these past few weeks of PSYOPS theater have been a wake-up call to us all. While we don’t know how long this will last, use this time to focus on what’s really important in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I leave you with these thoughts, “The fear agenda propagated by governments and media is meant for one purpose and one purpose only, and that purpose is to deceive in order to gain power and control over people. One look around is enough to understand that this is a successful strategy, as the bulk of society has voluntarily imprisoned themselves at the behest of the ruling class. What is not spoken about concerning this imprisonment is that the population at large through incremental measures and indoctrination has been fooled into becoming more obedient and dependent for many, many years. The culmination of that obedience training and dependent mindset,“ will permit our totalitarian takeover.

And, “This is the biggest con-game of all time, and is being perpetrated by governments intent on achieving sinister agendas; agendas based on gaining control of entire populations in advance of an economic collapse that is imminent. Just like the tyrannical measures put into place after the 9/11 false flag event, the lockdowns, money printing, bailouts of favored corporations and banks, and totalitarian restrictions and legislation created due to this false pandemic,”


2020-05-18 a

“Government is in the last resort the employment of armed men, of policemen, gendarmes, soldiers, prison guards, and hangmen. The essential feature of government is the enforcement of its decrees by beating, killing, and imprisoning. Those who are asking for more government interference are asking ultimately for more compulsion and less freedom.”
Ludwig von Mises

-05-17 b
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

"the endgame for the current monetary regime"

Goldman Spots A Huge Problem For The Fed

-05-17 a
Viral News -
cruelty passed off as equality

Horowitz: One chart exposes the lie behind universal lockdowns

2020-05-16 d
The Narrative Is A Lie - Don't Blame The Virus

Evidence Suggests U.S. Financial Crisis Started on August 14, 2019

2020-05-16 c
Viral News - excerpt from a A MUST-READ ARTICLE

Covid19: A case for medical detectives

-05-16 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Fed admits it has created U.S. financial sector fragility that will last for some time

2020-05-16 a

“Nothing is more permanent than a temporary government program.”
Milton Friedman


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