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2022-08-23 h

Blacks sold to Europeans by west African kingdoms were already enslaved.
Most male slaves in Africa were castrated.
African boys were sold as sex slaves to Arabs.

Blacks transported to the New World lived to have children and grandchildren.
Their relatives who stayed behind left few or no progeny.

In that sense, the Atlantic slave trade was
beneficial to the descendants of slaves.

For African-Americans, the Legacy of Slavery gives them life in a developed
nation - the world's wealthiest. If they are not grateful, I suggest they move to
the Congo, Chad or the Central African Republic. 

Slavery Remembrance Day

[...] On the night of 22 to 23 August 1791, in Saint Domingue, today the Republic of Haiti, saw the beginning of the uprising that would play a crucial role in the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.

[...] It is against this background that the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition is commemorated on 23 August each year. It was first celebrated in a number of countries, in particular in Haiti (23 August 1998) and Gorée Island in Senegal (23 August 1999).

See also this idiotic rant:

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2022-08-23 f

Report: Documents Show Biden White House Involvement in Trump Criminal Probe

[Illegitimate] President Joe Biden’s White House was intimately involved in the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) criminal probe into former President Donald Trump, according to government documents reviewed by Just The News.

Several correspondences between Trump’s attorneys and members of the Biden administration revealed that the federal government appeared poised to waive Trump’s claims of executive privilege over documents that Trump kept at Mar-a-Lago until earlier this year.

As Just The News 

The memos show then-White House Deputy Counsel Jonathan Su was engaged in conversations with the FBI, DOJ and National Archives as early as April, shortly after 15 boxes of classified and other materials were voluntarily returned to the federal historical agency from Trump’s Florida home.

By May, Su conveyed to the Archives that President Joe Biden would not object to waiving his predecessor’s claims to executive privilege, a decision that opened the door for DOJ to get a grand jury to issue a subpoena compelling Trump to turn over any remaining materials he possessed from his presidency.

A May 10 letter from acting National Archivist Debra Steidel Wall to Trump’s legal team confirmed the White House’s involvement in the DOJ probe against Trump.

“On April 11, 2022, the White House Counsel’s Office — affirming a request from the Department of Justice supported by an FBI letterhead memorandum — formally transmitted a request that NARA provide the FBI access to the 15 boxes for its review within seven days, with the possibility that the FBI might request copies of specific documents following its review of the boxes,” Wall wrote.

The letter continued:

The Counsel to the President has informed me that, in light of the particular circumstances presented here, President Biden defers to my determination, in consultation with the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel, regarding whether or not I should uphold the former President’s purported “protective assertion of executive privilege.”…I have therefore decided not to honor the former President’s “protective” claim of privilege.

These documents reviewed by Just The News are the strongest pieces of evidence showing the Biden White House’s involvement in the DOJ probe, although the White House previously claimed to have “no advanced knowledge” of the recent FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

“Does ANYBODY really believe that the White House didn’t know about this?” Trump posted on Truth Social. “WITCH HUNT!”

However, Just the News does not report that the White House had specific knowledge of the search warrant or the raid, but that their participation, through waiving executive privilege, was crucial to the investigation.

In affirming its decision not to honor Trump’s claims of executive privilege, Wall relied on a Supreme Court precedent that “strongly suggests that a former President may not successfully assert executive privilege ‘against the very Executive Branch in whose name the privilege is invoked.'”

However, this case was ruled before Congress’s current Presidential Records Act was enacted, Just The News explained.

Wall’s letter to Trump’s attorneys also claimed the former president had items marked as “classified national security information” in the set of 15 boxes Trump’s team returned to the National Archives in February.

After the National Archives reviewed those documents, they told the DOJ about the potentially classified material, which prompted the DOJ to ask Biden to request the National Archives turn over access of the documents to the FBI, Wall’s letter explained.

Other documents reviewed by Just The News showed that Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran spoke with then-White House Deputy Counsel Jonathan Su about Trump’s executive privilege claim over the documents in the spring.

In a letter to National Archives General Counsel Gary Stern dated April 29, Corcoran wrote:

We have requested the ability to review the documents. That review is necessary in order to ascertain whether any specific document is subject to privilege. We would respectfully request that you restrict access to the documents until we have had the opportunity to review the documents and to consult with President Donald J. Trump so that he may personally make any decision to assert a claim of constitutionally based privilege.

Wall confirmed the Biden administration would not “honor the former President’s ‘protective’ claim of privilege” after Corcoran sent his letter to Stern.

Weeks after Wall’s letter to Corcoran, the DOJ sent Trump’s attorney a grand jury subpoena requesting the return of any national security documents left at Mar-a-Lago, roughly two months before the FBI raid on Trump’s home.

Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz criticized the Biden administration’s waiver of Trump’s executive privilege claim during an interview with Just The News.

“I was very surprised. The current president should not be able to waive the executive privilege of a predecessor, without the consent of the former president. Otherwise, [privilege] means nothing,” Dershowitz said. “What president will ever discuss anything in private if he knows the man who beat him can and will disclose it.”

“The best thinking is that an incumbent president cannot waive the right of the previous president. It would make a mockery of the whole notion of privilege,” Dershowitz continued.

Trump has roundly criticized the FBI for conducting the “illegal” raid on Mar-a-Lago. In addition, the former president has explained that he would have complied with further document requests from law enforcement had they asked.

“My attorneys and representatives were cooperating fully, and very good relationships had been established. The government could have had whatever they wanted, if we had it,” Trump posted on Truth social.

(read more)

* *

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, Re: Break-In of Mar-a-Lago

We have just filed a motion in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida strongly asserting my rights, including under the Fourth Amendment of our Constitution, regarding the unnecessary, unwarranted, and unAmerican Break-In by dozens of FBI agents, and others, of my home, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida.

They demanded that the security cameras be turned off, a request we rightfully denied. They prevented my attorneys from observing what was being taken in the raid, saying “absolutely not.” They took documents covered by attorney-client and executive privilege, which is not allowed. They took my passports. They even brought a “safe cracker” and successfully broke into my personal safe, which revealed…nothing!

We are now demanding that the Department of “Justice” be instructed to immediately STOP the review of documents illegally seized from my home. ALL documents have been previously declassified.

We are demanding the appointment of a SPECIAL MASTER to oversee the handling of the materials taken in the raid.

We are further demanding that the DOJ be forced to turn over a REAL, without “plants,” inventory of my property that was taken and disclose where that property is now located. We are demanding that all items wrongfully taken from my home be IMMEDIATELY returned.

The wrongful, overbroad warrant was signed by a Magistrate Judge who recused himself just two months ago, from a MAJOR civil suit that I filed, because of his bias and animus toward me.

This Mar-a-Lago Break-In, Search, and Seizure was illegal and unconstitutional, and we are taking all actions necessary to get the documents back, which we would have given to them without the necessity of the despicable raid of my home, so that I can give them to the National Archives until they are required for the future Donald J. Trump Presidential Library and Museum.

I will never stop fighting for the American people, our Country, and the Rule of Law.

Make America Great Again!”

2022-08-23 e


2022-08-23 d


The Treachery of VP Mike Pence Explained

Who fired General Flynn and started the Russia Hoax in the first place?

Finally, President Donald Trump chose to lob a verbal grenade in the general direction of his old VP Mike Pence last Sunday night — regarding Pence’s ability to formally contest the results of the stolen 2020 election. This was, for many Trump supporters, long overdue. Here is Trump’s statement on the matter.

The reason that Mike Pence did not exercise the power to lawfully contest the election is because Mike Pence was never a Trump loyalist. He’s a GOP establishment loyalist. There were plenty of problems inside the Trump Administration, and Vice President Mike Pence was at the center of many of those problems. In fact, it’s always been obvious that Pence and his staff were deeply involved in trying to remove President Trump from office.

Whenever the subject of Mike Pence comes up in casual conversation, I always ask the same question: “Do you know Olivia Troye? Do you know Jennifer Williams? Do you know Katherine Seaman and Josh Pitcock?”

If you’re drawing a blank with these names then I’m sorry to inform you that you were not paying close enough attention to politics during the Trump Years. Also, you were not paying attention to my Twitter feed — because I was reporting on these problems all the time during the Trump Administration.

So, without further ado, let’s review all the evidence against Mike Pence. Trust me: there’s a lot of evidence.

1) Who Fired General Michael Flynn?

Let’s begin with Mike Pence’s least favorite question: “Why did you insist that President Trump fire his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in the opening days of the administration?” The official story is that Gen. Flynn had lied to Mike Pence about Flynn’s contacts with Russian diplomats. Nobody has bothered to ask Pence exactly how he was informed about Flynn’s private conversations. Think about it: somebody went to Pence with transcripts of Flynn’s calls, and told Pence that Flynn was a national security risk. Who would have access to such phone calls? Who would want to lie about the nature of those phone calls to get Flynn fired?

It almost certainly must have been disgraced FBI agent Peter Strozk.

It’s likely that Strzok was the one who pushed for VP Pence to fire Flynn because we know that Peter Strozk's assistant was Katherine Seaman — the wife of Mike Pence’s chief of staff Josh Pitcock. We also have the text exchanges between Strozk and Page discussing infiltrating the Trump White House in great detail. (This was the subject of an extraordinary letter from Senator Grassley and Senator Johnson to AG Bill Barr.) What did Pence know about the FBI’s attempts to spy on the Trump White House? Is it even possible that Mike Pence was totally unaware that his chief of staff’s spouse worked directly for the chief of the counter-espionage unit of the FBI?

We know that President Obama warned President Trump not to hire Flynn in 2016. We also know that Flynn himself believes that Obama advised Trump against hiring him because Flynn knew about the Obama administration’s role in spying on Trump’s presidential campaign. Removing Flynn as Trump’s National Security Advisor was a top priority for the Deep State.

In other words, Mike Pence was the first person to set the Russia Hoax into motion.

2) The Ukraine Impeachment

During the failed Ukraine impeachment of President Trump, plenty of State Department and NSC swamp creatures crawled out of the shadows to hurl lame accusations about Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky. Did you know that one of main accusers was a national security official on Vice President Mike Pence’s staff?

A State Department official named Jennifer Williams was placed on Pence's staff in April of 2019 — which was just in time to get involved in the Ukraine call and the subsequent impeachment. (What a coincidence that she arrived mere weeks before the call!) Just imagine being a few months into your new job in the White House only to volunteer to testify against the President in an impeachment trial over phone calls you didn’t like.

If you find that scenario absurd, you’re not alone. During her testimony before Congress, Jennifer Williams identified her working colleagues on Ukraine issues as Alex Vindman, Fiona Hill, and George Kent. She also testified that Trump’s call was”unusual and inappropriate” without explaining her legal reasoning. (That’s not so strange because Williams had defied an order from the White House by agreeing to appear for her deposition at all.) She was then sent off to CENTCOMM right after the Ukraine impeachment was over.

Williams’ attempted takedown of President Trump moved her immediate supervisor Lt. Gen Keith Kellogg to issue his own statement about Williams:

Ms. Williams was also on the call, and as she testified, she never reported any personal or professional concerns to me, her direct supervisor, regarding the call. In fact, she never reported any personal or professional concerns to any other member of the Vice President’s staff, including our Chief of Staff and the Vice President.

Again, obvious questions should be asked. Did Williams ask permission from Pence to testify against Trump? What did Pence know about Williams and her sudden interest in testifying at an impeachment trial against President Trump? Why did Pence not dissuade her from testifying in the first place?

This is the second time that Mike Pence and his office were involved in plots against President Trump manufactured by national security officials. Do you see a pattern forming yet?

3) Olivia Troye And The COVID Vaccines

The worst mistake that President Trump made during his administration was probably turning over the COVID Task Force to VP Mike Pence — because Pence turned it over to his chief of staff Marc Short and Marc Short turned it over to a little known national security official with no medical expertise. If you want to know the name of the person most responsible for unleashing the Dr. Fauci vaccine nightmare on America then remember the name of Mike Pence’s “COVID advisor”: Olivia Troye.

Why was the decision made to treat the COVID virus (developed and funded by the U.S. Government under the thin disguise of the EcoHealth Alliance) exclusively with experimental vaccines (developed with funding from DARPA) instead of therapeutics? Perhaps because Pence picked a national security official to advise him on COVID who regularly appears on TV now with a framed picture of Dr. Fauci hanging prominently behind her in her house.

Olivia Troye was just as motivated to destroy the Trump Administration as Jennifer Williams, but she didn’t have the same level of interest in protecting VP Mike Pence from the fallout. (Pence’s people probably figured this out the day that Troye appeared in a TV ad announcing that she would vote for Biden.) Once again, Gen. Keith Kellogg was sent out to explain that Olivia Troye was another bad apple that happened to be planted in Pence’s office. (In fact, Kellogg announced that he had personally escorted Troye out of the White House when she was fired.) Troye then started a personal grift operation called the Republican Accountability Project — in which she came out of the closet as a full time political operative for the Democrat Party.

So that’s three members of VP Mike Pence’s office who engaged in anti-Trump activities during normal business hours. That’s a lot of treachery. Let’s not forget the ringleader of so much of this malice too: Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short.

4) Pence’s Chief of Staff Gets Locked Out of White House by Trump

If you still harbor doubts about Pence’s treachery, let’s turn to Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short for confirmation of these activities. On January 6th, Short found himself locked out of the White House with his car still in the parking lot. When a reporter asked Short why this had happened, Short’s reply was surprisingly honest: “He’s blaming me for advice to VP.” The he in this case, of course, is Trump.

My own sources in the White House told me that Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short was literally the first person to call for Trump to accept the results of the stolen election and concede to Biden. Like I said at the beginning: there’s a lot of evidence of Pence’s treachery.

Long before GOP voters were suddenly surprised by Pence’s “lack of courage” on January 6th, I warned my followers on social media that any trust in Pence was misplaced. My sources in the White House told me that Pence simply disappeared after the 2020 election. (He went skiing in Vail rather than bother with contesting the 2020 election.) I wrote on Twitter at the time:

  • We might need to stick VP Mike Pence’s face on the back of milk cartons because he’s disappeared. Nov 08, 2020

Why did Pence and his staff spend four years hobbling the Trump Administration? Why can’t people believe that the GOP would try to impeach Trump to clear the way for Pence? Most Republican voters have never met the big GOP donors — and have no idea what they do with their money. The big donors wanted a Mike Pence/Nikki Haley ticket in 2024. They don't really care what GOP voters want, and they never have. These are the people who pushed Jeb in 2016. And Paul Ryan before that. And Dan Quayle before that.

Pence is a creature of the GOP donors, not an America First patriot. That much is obvious now. Pence was added to the Trump ticket to restrain Trump's populism — and that’s what he tried to do for four years. When pro-Trump aides were sidelined in the Trump White House, I heard the same thing from all of them: they were told to sit down and shut up and, if they were quiet, they might get to work for Pence and Haley in 2024.

It’s time for Republican voters to admit that they had no idea who Mike Pence was. Don’t be too upset with yourself. He fooled plenty of people. The man you thought he was — that guy doesn’t really exist. It’s time you paid much closer attention to your favorite politicians though— if you want your country to survive. (read more)

2022-08-23 c


“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

– Marshia Angell (2009)

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness. As one participant put it, ‘poor methods get results.'”

– Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet (2015)


The Vast Majority of Pharmacology, Psychiatry, Vaccine Science , Climate change and Published Research Is Fraud.

This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News under the title: The vast majority of pharmacology, psychiatry, vaccine science, and published research is a complete fraud

Most published research is a complete fraud, and every field of science is dominated by hucksters, con artists, and fakers who fabricate research to collect government grant money while pushing false narratives.

– Decades of Alzheimer’s research is now revealed to be FAKED (see below).
– Antidepressant “serotonin” research was all FAKED (see below).
– NASA is pushing more fake science, claiming to send helicopters to Mars (a planet with virtually no atmosphere) to transport rocks across the Martian plains (see below).
– Economic theories pushing MMT are all FAKED and rooted in complete nonsense.
– Climate “science” is a complete fictional FRAUD rooted in the absurd idea that carbon dioxide is a “pollutant” that kills green plants (it’s actually essential for photosynthesis).
– Vaccine science is nothing but FRAUD, pushing dangerous, deadly experimental injections that they don’t even pretend have succeeded in long-term clinical trials showing safety and efficacy.

Decades of Alzheimer’s research is now being called into question as it turns out researchers doctored photos of amyloid proteins to make it appear as if these proteins cause Alzheimer’s.

Why did they fake the photos? To collect over $28 million in grants from the NIH, of course, which hands out grants to anyone who can prop up the lies of Big Pharma, allowing the pharmaceutical industry to sell more drugs that don’t work.

Entire industry of antidepressant drugs based entirely on FRAUD… there is no “brain chemistry imbalance” that’s solved by SSRI pills

The more you look into Big Pharma and so-called medical “science,” the more you realize it’s all a massive, coordinated, greed-driven fraud to sell prescription medications to people who don’t need them and won’t be helped by them.

The entire industry of antidepressant drugs has recently been revealed as a massive fraud. It was all rooted in the false claim that depression is caused by “a chemical imbalance” in the brain that could be corrected with SSRI drugs.

But as reports, the entire fraud has been blown apart by a new study at University College London that confirms there’s no link whatsoever between low serotonin levels and depression. The pharmaceutical cartels simply made it all up:

University College London last week reported an astounding finding in the study of clinical depression. Researchers concluded “there remains no clear evidence that serotonin levels or serotonin activity are responsible for depression.” The longitudinal study spanning decades “suggests that depression is not likely caused by a chemical imbalance, and calls into question what antidepressants do.”

Essentially, Big Pharma and the complicit pharma-funded corporate media have been committing massive medical fraud for decades, lying to the public and promising that SSRI pills will make you happier. In reality, it only made Big Pharma richer. The entire industry is rooted in fraud and fake science.

Economic “science” is such a joke that covid-vaccine-boosted world leaders get covid, and economic recessions are no longer called recessions

Many of the world leaders who claimed covid vaccines would protect you from covid infections were later infected themselves. This includes fake president Joe Biden, fake minister Justin Trudeau and a whole slew of other fake world leaders who were installed into power using rigged elections.

And now, we’re told by White House Ministry of Truth propagandists that two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP is no longer a “recession” because a Democrat is in the White House. And the fake information “authority” Wikipedia altered its own definition of “recession” to match the economic lies of the White House, then froze the page and disallowed all edits.

The entire field of MMT — Magical Monetary Theory — is rooted in complete delusion and fakery, claiming that governments can print money to infinity with no inflation and no negative consequences. These are the delusions of mad men who are destroying the world, but they often do so in the name of “science.”

Media panics, claims the whole world is heating up faster than “the rest of the world”

As a hilarious example of the junk science lunacy of the climate cult, look no further than the corporate-controlled media which now claims that every country in the world is heating up faster than every other country in the world.

Such a claim is mathematically impossible, yet it has become the default lunatic claim of the climate cult media, regardless of its incomprehensible nature.

The following list was compiled by Americas Frontline News:

“Europe heating up faster than much of the world, climate scientist says,” reported CBC News last week. 

Last year, however, it was Israel. 

“Israel warming up almost twice as fast as rest of world, data shows,” reported Ynet News. 

Then again, so was New England. 

“Study: New England Is Warming Up Faster Than The Rest Of The World,” reported CBS News. 

As was Europe… 

“Europe is warming faster than the rest of the world and scientists are puzzled,” reported 

…And Africa, which had been heating up more than the global average for decades. 

“Africa warming faster than rest of world: IPCC Sixth Assessment Report,” reported Down to Earth. 

“Africa Warming More, Faster Than Other World Regions,” echoed VOA News. 

“The report finds the warming trend over the last three decades in all African subregions was stronger than in the previous 30 years. During this period, it said Africa has warmed faster than the global average temperature over land and ocean combined,” the article said. 

The year before that, it was China. 

“China Is Heating Up Faster Than The Global Average, Data Shows,” reported Bloomberg in 2020, saying it had been happening for decades. 

“China has seen faster temperature increases and rising sea levels than the global average rate over the past few decades, and experienced more frequent extreme weather events, according to official data,” said the article. 

But other outlets said it was Australia. 

“Australia is Warming Faster than Global Average,” reported Statista in 2020. 

A review by America’s Frontline News of Israeli media reports found that the expected heatwaves the media are using to push climate alarmism are actually cooler than last year’s. 

“The Health Ministry issued an extreme temperature warning as a heatwave intensified on Wednesday, with its peak expected on Thursday,” reported Times of Israel Wednesday.  

Gosh, global warming is so bad that it somehow makes every country hotter than all other countries, even if those countries are themselves hotter than all the rest of the countries. Circular logic. Total fraud. Welcome to the climate cult, where logic is never allowed.

NASA pretends that solar-powered helicopters can fly around on Mars where there’s virtually no atmosphere

In yet another astonishing piece of blatant science fakery, NASA not only claims to be flying a solar-powered helicopter on Mars — a planet with only 0.6% of the atmosphere of Earth at sea level — they now claim they will send two more helicopters to Mars that will be used to transport heavy rocks across the surface of the planet, reports The Epoch Times.


Climate fakery: 96% of temperature stations are RIGGED to exaggerate temperatures

Climate “science,” of course, is rigged like everything else. There is no global warming crisis, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, and the so-called “greenhouse gas” effect from CO2 is complete fictionIt’s all made up.

As reports today:

A study that investigated the placement of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) temperature stations found that 96 percent of the facilities used to measure heat failed to meet the agency’s own “uncorrupted placement” standards.

Research for the study shows the 96 percent corruption is because the stations’ measurements are tainted by the effects of urbanization – or heat produced because of their close proximity to asphalt, machinery, and other heat-producing, heat-trapping, or heat-accentuating objects.

In other words, the way the corrupt NOAA rigs “global warming” is to place temperature stations near hot roads and overheated urban areas, then scream, “It’s warming!”

The NOAA is a junk science laundering front for the trillion-dollar climate industry, and the entire industry is rooted in fraud and deception. This is becoming increasingly obvious to German citizens, by the way, who are suddenly realizing they will freeze this winter due to a lack of natural gas energy from Russia since the suicidal leaders of western Europe decided to dismantle most fossil fuel resources and try to survive on solar and wind.

The gamble has been catastrophic. It’s not even cold yet, and several German cities are already turning off lights and hot showers to try to conserve energy use in anticipation of an energy collapse this winter, reports The Guardian:

Cities in Germany are switching off spotlights on public monuments, turning off fountains, and imposing cold showers on municipal swimming pools and sports halls, as the country races to reduce its energy consumption in the face of a looming Russian gas crisis.

What happened to all the green “science” that was supposed to save the world while getting people off fossil fuels? It turned out to be a complete scientific fraud pushed by bad faith politicians, obedient journalists, and virtue signaling corporations.

Now, western Europe will face an economic implosion, widespread homelessness, joblessness, starvation, and life-threatening exposure to cold weather in the months ahead. This is all rooted in western “science,” don’t forget, which claims to have a monopoly on “facts” and wants to rule your life and tell you how much energy you’re allowed to consume.

Don’t forget you’ll also be required to eat crickets, drink recycled urine and diarrhea (already slated to be rolled out in Los Angeles), and “own nothing.”

Almost all the “science” is fakery and fraud

The bottom line? Nearly everything pushed under the claimed label of “science” — climate change, covid vaccines, money printing, green energy, etc. — is pure fakery and fraud.

The science journals themselves are filled with deliberate fiction, hoping to deceive the world into supporting more government-funded “research” into whatever narrative nets the most grant money. This is how science journals have become obsessed with climate change research, claiming that climate change causes turtles to go hairless, or that climate change ruins marriages (and other complete nonsense).

See more examples of hilarious junk science at

Hear my take on all this and more — including the total junk science fraud of psychiatry — in today’s hard-hitting, uncensored Situation Update podcast:

(read more)

2022-08-23 b


Just How Cooked Is The Official Jobs Data: PwC Finds More Than Half Of US Companies Are Laying Off Workers

[...] the truth is that there is no comprehensive explanation for the variation in data. Which, needless to say, is problematic because the “solid” jobs market is one of the very few things that is preventing the Fed from substantially easing back on its hawkish policies (now that peak inflation has clearly been reached… if only for the time being), and the Fed’s sharply higher rates are already wreaking havoc on the housing market not to mention various stock sectors that have also gotten walloped.

But what if the BLS data is not merely “off” due to benign factors such as “residual seasonality” or a post-covid hangover? What if it is intentionally manipulated to make Biden’s economy appear stronger than it is for midterm election purposes even if it means distortions across the entire market?

We bring up all these rhetorical questions because a new survey released by consultancy PwC confirms our previous observations about rampant mass layoffs in the US labor market, and suggests that the true state of the job market is far, far uglier than the alleged 528K job gain reported by the BLS in July would suggest.

(read more)

See also:

See also:

2022-08-23 a


This site has been created as a home for the facts – for the truth – about what happened in Central Park on the night of April 19, 1989.

The thirty-three young men who rampaged through the park attacked and harassed more than 7 people, including the woman who became known as the Central Park Jogger.  Two of their other victims – men who were also jogging or walking in the park – were beaten so badly they required hospitalization for head injuries.

This information has been under seal for more than 18 years, and is now, here, made public.

You can watch the videotaped admissions of the self-named Central Park Five and see them confess to all the crimes they committed that night, in their own words, in the presence of their parents.  Six of the other attackers’ videos are also here, describing what they did, and what brutal attacks they saw the Five commit.  ALL the videos are on this site.

The original trial court and two appellate courts reviewed the confessions and each found them to be constitutionally proper and legally obtained.  The confessions were ruled to be voluntary and valid.  That ruling still stands today.

You can read it on this site and learn why the court reached this decision.

There is no evidence to support the claim that the admissions were coerced.

There was NO WRONGDOING by police and prosecutors in 1989.  That was the statement of the Corporation Counsel of the City of New York (the city’s lawyer), who reviewed all evidence of the original investigation, in 2014.  It was also the statement of the District Attorney of New York County.

On the night of April 19, 1989, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam, and Korey Wise went wilding in Central Park with 28 other young men.  After a thorough investigation, these five were tried in front of two separate juries and were found GUILTY.  They have never been exonerated.

This site holds the public records of the case.  This is where you will read, see and hear the truth.

-08-22 b

Vicki Weaver, RIP

Surveillance image of a distraught Vicki Weaver,
grieving after a U.S. Marshal had shot her teen son in the back, killing him.

Lon Horiuchi, a Japanese-American sniper, now presumably in the federal witness protection program, shot Vicki Weaver in the head, killing her on 22 August 1992 while she held her infant daughter and stood in the doorway of her family’s modest home at Ruby Ridge, Boundary County, Idaho.

The eleven-day federal siege began 21 August 1992 with U.S. Marshals serving a warrant (sawed off shotgun entrapment charge and court summons sent to a wrong address) to Randy Weaver who had refused to become an informer for the feds. Hundreds of federal agents and the FBI death squad came in after the U.S. Marshals bungled the delivery of the warrant by first killing the family dog.

2022-08-22 a

We fervently wish the spike protein mRNA clot shots &
boosters have harmed him grievously.

Statement by Anthony S. Fauci, M.D.

August 22, 2022

I am announcing today that I will be stepping down from the positions of Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Chief of the NIAID Laboratory of Immunoregulation, as well as the position of Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden. I will be leaving these positions in December of this year to pursue the next chapter of my [disastrous yet lucrative] career.

It has been the honor of a lifetime to have led [and plundered] the NIAID, an extraordinary institution, for so many years and through so many scientific and public health challenges [both real and imagined]. I am very proud of our many [political and Big-Pharma-enriching] accomplishments. I have worked with – and learned from – countless talented and dedicated people [feeding at the federal trough] in my own laboratory, at NIAID, at NIH and beyond. To them I express my abiding respect and gratitude.

Over the past 38 years as NIAID Director, I have had the enormous privilege of serving under and advising seven Presidents of the United States, beginning with President Ronald Reagan, on newly emerging and re-emerging infectious disease threats including HIV/AIDS, West Nile virus, the [false flag] anthrax attacks, pandemic influenza, various bird influenza threats, Ebola and Zika, among others, and, of course, most recently the COVID-19 pandemic [of lies]. I am particularly proud to have served as the Chief Medical Advisor to [illegitimate] President Joe Biden since the very first day of his [corrupt] administration.

While I am moving on from my current [grifting] positions, I am not retiring. After more than 50 years of government service, I plan to pursue the next phase of my career while I still have so much energy and passion for my field. I want to use what I have learned as NIAID Director to continue to advance [politicized] science and public health [hoaxes] and to inspire and mentor the next generation of [corrupted] scientific leaders as they help prepare the [one] world [Bolshevik government] to face future infectious disease threats [emerging from our dozens of laboratories].

Over the coming months, I will continue to put my full effort, passion and commitment into my current [propaganda] responsibilities, as well as help prepare the Institute for a [long overdue] leadership transition. NIH is served by some of the most talented scientists in the world, and I have no doubt that I am leaving this [satanic] work in very capable hands. 

Thanks to the power of [twisted] science and ]mal-]investments in research and innovation, the world has been able to fight deadly diseases [we created] and help save lives around the globe. I am proud to have been part of this important [eugenics] work and look forward to helping to continue to do so in the future. (read more)

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2022-08-21 k


During the first 2 yrs under Pres Trump, the Republican controlled House and Senate did not accomplish important campaign promises like repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, defund Sanctuary Cities, and did not fund or build the border wall.

And with full control, Republicans did nothing to stop the Democrat’s political witch hunt against Trump and allowed the KGB style Mueller investigation to dominate.

The combination of Republican weakness, apathy, and refusal to protect our president from political persecution, while simultaneously not accomplishing important agenda issues that people cared about infuriated Republican voters.

Then while campaigning in the 2018 midterms, many GOP strategists & Republican members of Congress up for re-election..
followed the “distance from Trump and only carefully talk midstream issues” plan.

This is how Democrats won the ‘18 midterms and Pelosi became speaker.

And now the same strategy is being recommended to Republican candidates by the same consultants who recommend it in ‘18.

Apparently the Republican Party has not learned the most important lessons they need to understand in order to win and properly use power to save this great country.

Trump is the most popular Republican president in US history winning the most votes of any Republican.

Falling for the same stupid trap over and over again to try to please leftists that hate us, hate Trump, and only want Republicans to fail will only lead to just that, failure.

When Republicans figure out how to turn off the noise and unapologetically and fearlessly..
fight for this country and our people and stop running away from the very man that actually did what Americans wanted then we will win and save America.

Lukewarm politics just makes people want to spit you out.

— Marjorie Taylor Greene -

* * *

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2022-08-21 i

Ask Darth Cheney about 9/11.
What did he know and when did he know it.

2022-08-21 h

Why the rush to pass the "climate" bill?

How did Bill Gates lobby Sen. Manchin?
How much did Bill spend invest?

They know we are several years into a Grand Solar Minimum.
They know this coming winter will be severe & their climate hoax will end.

These articles mostly describe recent 3 weeks of the Southern Hemisphere winter.

The Northern Hemisphere gets it next.

Have you cut, split and stacked firewood?
The autumnal equinox is one month away.

Do you trust your natural gas and electric utilities?
(The same ones that decommissioned numerous coal-fired plants.)

* *

They know that ‘global warming’ isn’t real; rather, it is a powerfully distraction narrative, a scary campfire story to keep the masses in check, a controlling stick, and a maleficent way to divert yet more money ‘upward’: Do as we say. Relinquish all of your possessions and whatever capital you have left otherwise the world will end. Anthropogenic Global Warming is part of a Grand Heist, and they’re even telling us straight: You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

They (Central Banks) are driving the global population into serfdom, via shortages and inflation. Their end goal is a two-tier system, the 1% and the 99% (bye-bye middle class). They want us laborers 100% dependent on the system, akin to slaves. (source)

2022-08-21 g

The engineered Build Back Bolshevik and Biden RECESSION.

"As a people, you can’t be a lot richer than your economy grows without stealing that wealth from someone else"

A discussion on this chart and the recent article "Hollow Men, Hollow Markets, Hollow World"

— jill manfreddi (@jmanfreddi) August 20, 2022



2022-08-21 f

America Has Unraveled ... I Do Believe That It Is Not The United States At This Point. We Are Actually Occupied By A Revolutionary Force

West Analyzes The Situation In The US, The Meaning Of Jan 6, and Our over 900 Tortured Political prisoners, In A Way That Eclipses Every Political Commentator I Have Heard ~ this should go viral.

“The historical parallels to The Great Terror in The French Revolution, I am very afraid, are quite strong.”
—Diana West

watch video:

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2022-08-21 c

America’s Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal Last Year Was Entirely Biden’s Fault

[Illegitimate] President Biden turned a challenge into a crisis and a crisis into a catastrophe. And then he lied about it.

One year after America’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, no one in the Biden administration has been held accountable, including the person who bears the most responsibility for it: President Joe Biden.

Last Monday marked the one-year anniversary of the fall of Kabul to the Taliban and the beginning of what was arguably the worst U.S. foreign policy disaster since the fall of Saigon in 1975. In Kabul, the Taliban celebrated by marching in a “Victory Day” parade, holding weapons aloft, waving flags, and shouting “God is great.”

And no wonder — the Taliban won, America lost. If Americans had been in denial about our defeat in Afghanistan, the calamitous U.S. withdrawal last August left no doubt. Images of the chaos that ensued as the Taliban closed in on Kabul shocked the world, perhaps none more so than the throngs of Afghans at the airport, running alongside and clinging to U.S. military aircraft as they took off. Some desperate Afghans held on too long, plunging to their deaths as the Americans flew away.

The falling men of Kabul would come to symbolize America’s abject failure in Afghanistan. Two decades after 9/11, we departed in chaos and confusion, abandoned at least 800 American citizens and tens of thousands of Afghan allies, and left hundreds of billions of dollars worth of military hardware in the hands of the Taliban, our erstwhile enemies who now rule Afghanistan with an iron fist.

When Kabul fell, Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken were on vacation, just as U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ross Wilson had been earlier that summer, when the country was falling apart.

According to a new report on the Afghanistan withdrawal by Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Wilson’s two-week absence that July made it impossible for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul to make critical decisions and prepare for a Sept. 11 deadline Biden had arbitrarily imposed for the withdrawal of all U.S. forces and personnel. 

The congressional report, according to a recent article by Susan Crabtree of RealClearPolitics, claims Biden and top administration officials lied when they claimed the fall of Kabul came as a surprise, and that they had no choice but to rely on the Taliban for security in the Afghan capital during the U.S. evacuation. 

Relying on the Taliban, it turns out, would prove disastrous when a suicide bomber managed to slip past Taliban security checkpoints and kill 13 U.S. soldiers and some 170 Afghans at a Kabul airport gate. The report reveals that those senseless deaths might have been avoided if the Biden administration had accepted an Aug. 15 offer from the Taliban to allow the U.S. military to control security in the capital during the evacuation.  

As for the fall of Kabul coming as a surprise to Biden’s White House, the report says Biden and his advisers were warned more than a month in advance that the Afghan government was on the brink of collapse. A mid-July cable from nearly two dozen U.S. personnel stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul said the Afghan government and military might quickly collapse amid a U.S. withdrawal, as did a CIA intelligence assessment that summer.

Biden and Blinken ignored it, just as they ignored offers from Guam and Pakistan to provide interim transit centers to help process Afghan interpreters and other evacuees after U.S. air bases in Qatar and Germany had been overwhelmed, according to the report.

Perhaps most notoriously, Biden lied about al-Qaeda being “gone” from Afghanistan (or, as Blinken put it, being reduced to “remnants”). How do we know? Because when U.S. forces [allegedly] took out al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, he was living in downtown Kabul. He wasn’t hiding in a cave in the mountains, he was living and working in the heart of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan’s capital city, where he had reportedly relocated with his family only months after the U.S. withdrawal.

This week we’ll hear arguments, pegged to the anniversary of the withdrawal, that it wasn’t really Biden’s fault, that he inherited a war none of his predecessors had the guts to end, that former President Donald Trump left him with an unworkable agreement for withdrawal, that really it was all the fault of the corrupt Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, and the feckless Afghan military.

Certainly, there is blame to go around in America’s decades-long misadventure in Afghanistan. But in the months and even years leading up to last year’s withdrawal, almost no one (except top U.S. generals like Mark Milley) argued we should stay in Afghanistan indefinitely. The question was not, do we get out? But, how do we get out in an orderly way?

By ignoring intelligence on the ground in Afghanistan, failing to make careful preparations months in advance, and ceding control of security in Kabul to the Taliban, among other blunders, Biden turned a challenge into a crisis and a crisis into a catastrophe. And then he lied about it. He is still lying about it. And no one has been held accountable. 

And by the way, that doesn’t just describe the Afghanistan withdrawal, it describes almost every major event of the [illegitimate] Biden presidency. (read more)

2022-08-21 b

Why didn't they raid the Kenyan's house?

Crisis at the National Archives

[...] And yet the accumulation of recent congressional testimony has made it clear that the Obama administration itself engaged in the wholesale destruction and “loss” of tens of thousands of government records covered under the act as well as the intentional evasion of the government records recording system by engaging in private email exchanges. So far, former President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Lynch and several EPA officials have been named as offenders. The IRS suffered record “losses” as well. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy called it “an unauthorized private communications system for official business for the patent purpose of defeating federal record-keeping and disclosure laws.” (read more)

2022-08-21 a

Federal Bureau of Inaction (Hunter's laptop, etc.),
Federal Bureau of Instigation (entrapment, bogus
terror plots, Whitmer "kidnapping," etc.),
Federal Bureau of Insurrection (January 6),
Federal Bureau of Assassination (M. L. King, etc.),
as well as: Federal Bureau of Equivocation,
Federal Bureau of Misrepresentation,
Federal Bureau of Prevarication, and
Federal Bureau of Breaking & Entering

The FBI Is Now the Federal Bureau of Intimidation

Nothing symbolizes the decline of the American republic better than the weaponization of justice that we saw last week when the FBI raided the home of former President Trump.

And nothing better represents the divide that now exists between Democrats and Republicans than the fact that some people still have faith in the FBI.

Aren’t they paying attention? Heck, that's like a citizen of the old Soviet Union saying they had faith in the KGB – yeah, to crush dissent and lock up opponents of the regime in a Siberian gulag.

The evidence is overwhelming. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now the Federal Bureau of Intimidation. Or more appropriately, the Federal Intimidation Bureau, whose acronym would spell out FIB, as in the Big Lie. Face it, nothing the FBI has said for the last six years since they joined with the Democratic Party to invent the Russia collusion hoax can be taken seriously.

Is there any need to go through the whole laundry list of lies and fabrications that the FBI, with the aid and comfort of the Justice Department, has foisted on the American public?

You can start with the extraordinary 2016 press conference when FBI Director James Comey detailed crimes committed by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton related to her improper use of a private email account to store classified material. Moments after saying she had broken the law, Comey announced with a straight face that “no reasonable prosecutor” would ever bring a case against her. Yeah, because she was a Democrat!

A couple months later, Comey set up President Trump’s National Security adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn, by sending agents to interview him about his supposed contacts with Russians.

“What's our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?" wrote Bill Priestap in a memo before the interview. Priestap was counterintelligence director at the FBI, and it became evident later that the agency’s goal was indeed to get him fired – and more importantly to get Trump impeached, fired, humiliated, you name it.

Comey himself admitted that the FBI targeted Flynn and chose not to approach him through the White House legal counsel, but informally with a direct phone call to arrange an interview. As Comey later told a reporter, it was “something I probably wouldn't have done or maybe gotten away with in a more … organized administration.”

What about the FBI’s abuse of Carter Page and George Papadopoulos? The agency made up evidence in support of subpoenas, FISA warrants, whatever it took to get the desired result. What about the FBI and Department of Justice targeting parents at school boards as “domestic terrorists” because they demanded that their elected representatives actually represent them? What about the unilateral rescission of executive privilege and attorney-client privilege wherever it would have protected President Trump and his advisers?

The purpose of all of this activity, along with the raid at Mar-a-Lago, was to intimidate not just Trump, but also his supporters. Anyone other than Donald Trump would have given up long ago. Who could possibly withstand the power of the state marshaled against you for six long years – through multiple FBI investigations, through two impeachments, through relentless persecution of your children and your friends and family?

Finally, what about the double standard that allows Democrats and their government allies to go unpunished for a multitude of sins? Notwithstanding Attorney General Merrick Garland’s feigned indignation on behalf of the bureau, what about the FBI agents who lied repeatedly during the Trump-Russia investigation, sometimes under oath. Even more stunning has been the FBI’s monumental failure to investigate presidential son Hunter Biden, even though it received his laptop with extensive incriminating evidence of criminal activity in 2019.

Even when the laptop was made public during the 2020 presidential election, the FBI stood silent and thus gave tacit approval to the cynical Democratic Party talking point that the laptop was somehow a GOP dirty trick. It would be interesting to know if the FBI had anything to do with the letter signed by 51 national security experts, falsely claiming that the laptop was “Russian disinformation”! Maybe, like Comey before him, FBI Director Chris Wray thought he could “get away with it.”

That is certainly the only explanation for the raid on the president’s personal residence. It was not appropriate. It was not reasonable. It had no precedent. The FBI claims that the pre-dawn raid by more than 30 armed agents was for the purpose of collecting presidential papers that the National Archive wanted. The Washington Post says that Trump reportedly had documents with nuclear secrets on them, and the legacy media went ballistic with the story. But wait a minute, isn’t that the same Washington Post that won a Pulitzer Prize for collaborating with the FBI to invent the Russia collusion hoax?

Don’t believe a word from either the Washington Post or the FBI. Trump had been cooperating with the National Archive and had already turned over 15 boxes of documents, all of which he could have made a claim to legally possess. If they wanted papers turned over, they could have gone through Trump’s lawyers. No, they wanted the spectacle. They wanted the sizzle. They wanted the headlines.

This wasn’t about the rule of law; it was about the rule of the schoolyard. Bullies get what they want through force and intimidation, and there is no reason for any of us to believe that the raid had any purpose other than to intimidate Donald Trump into backing down from his plans to run for president in 2024.

Essentially what the FBI was saying is “We know where you live, and we aren’t afraid to come for you.” They even rifled through Melania Trump’s closet, as if she might have been hiding top-secret documents in her hat box. When do we find out they also spent an hour sorting through her lingerie?

This is sickening, no matter how much MSNBC and the Washington Post want you to think you can still trust the FBI. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me over and over and over again, and I must be a Democrat. (read more)

2022-08-20 e

Democrats say walls are racist and don't work.


See also:

2022-08-20 d

2022-08-20 c

The TWA 800 Whistleblower Is Legit

In the past few weeks, I have received numerous inquiries about ten-year Navy veteran William Henry Teele III. After years of quietly providing information to me and other investigators into the July 1996 destruction of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island, Teele has gone public and is naming names.

I shared some of Teele’s information in my 2016 book, TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-Up, The Conspiracy. Teele did not claim to be on the ship that fired the missile. He was on the USS Carr, a guided missile frigate that was one of the “combatants” in the battle group that destroyed the unfortunate 747 and killed the 230 souls on board. Everything that I could verify about Teele’s account back then checked out.

In the six years since, Teele has reached out to many of his fellow sailors and fleshed out his account. Although he has appeared on several podcasts in recent weeks, his uninterrupted narrative on the Duke Report is the most compelling. I would welcome those with relevant experience to contact me through my website,, to offer your assessment of Teele’s account or to provide additional information. My research suggests Teele is the real deal but I remain open, as all journalists should, to contrary information.

In the way of background, Teele joined the Navy in 1994. In 1996, according to his Navy transcript, he was serving as a “seaman apprentice” receiving advanced training in “specialized Navy occupations.” Teele’s training went well enough that in 1998 he was made an “operations specialist,” one who, “operates radar and associated equipment; identifies and maintains a display (plot) of the movement of ships, aircraft, missiles, and natural objects detected by observing a radar.” In 1999, he was made an instructor.

As to the USS Carr, after undergoing major upgrades in 1995, the ship began a Combat Systems Ship Qualification Test, the goal of which was to certify her newly installed Mk 92 Mod 6 Fire Control System. In early 1996, according to a Navy history site, this testing “ultimately led to two highly successful dual missile firing exercises in the North Puerto Rican Operations area.” On July 12, 1996, just five days before disaster, Commander Keith L. Wray took control of the ship. The Carr history then skips from July 12 to November 25, 1996, when the Carr “got underway from Norfolk, Va., with the Theodore Roosevelt Battle Group.” The real story is what happened between those dates.

On the evening of July 17, 1996, as Teele relates, the Carr was trying out new AN/SPY-1 Alpha radar as well as new AN/SPS 49 radar. For this simulated air attack, the target was to be a drone pulled by a military aircraft using a thousand-or-so foot chain. Teele was among the personnel monitoring this activity from within the ship’s combat information center (CIC).

In its November 1997 summary the FBI acknowledged that three submarines -- the USS Normandy, the USS Trepang, and the USS Albuquerque -- were in the “immediate vicinity of the crash site.” So too, said the FBI, were the USS Normandy, an Aegis cruiser, and a US Navy P-3 Orion. The P-3, in fact, just happened to be flying about seven thousand feet above TWA 800 when the plane was blown out of the sky.

Teele puts the USS Carr in this group as well. Although he has not said so publicly, Teele strongly believes that the USS Leyte Gulf, another Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser, was involved. With Teele confirming there was a drone in the mix, the U.S. Navy had all the “combatants” needed for a Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) missile test.

In 1996, the Navy was in the process of introducing this enormously complex system. The CEC was created to integrate the information coming from each of the combatant’s sensors -- range, bearing, elevation, Doppler updates etc. -- and feed the integrated picture back to the individual combatants. In the CEC live-fire tests, which began as early as 1994 in Puerto Rico, drones played the role of “unknown assumed enemy.” The P-3’s role was to relay data among the various units involved. In this way, as Teele explains, one ship could track the assumed enemy, and another ship could fire.

Teele describes the assumed enemy as a “low, slow flier flying toward us.” The tragedy that followed would likely have been averted had not air traffic control held the Paris-bound TWA 800 at 13,700 feet to allow US Air 217 heading north to pass safely overhead. “I believe we jumped the gun,” said Teele. “We had a track on a contact that came out that fit the profile that we were given.” TWA 800 became the “assumed enemy.” Says Teele, “It matched the drill.”

Two missiles were fired. Over his headset, Teele heard the announcement, “Birds away.” A few minutes later, he heard “Splash,” meaning the missiles had hit the target. Soon after that, he heard someone say, “Wo, wo, wo.” And another person added, “Wait a minute. We hit an Airbus.”

In fact, eight years earlier, at the tail end of the Iran-Iraq War, an Aegis cruiser, the USS Vincennes, fired two Standard Missiles at a commercial Iranian Airbus, IR 655. IR 655 had reached 13,500 feet, a final altitude almost identical to TWA 800’s. Capt. Will Rogers III gave the order to fire. Rogers and his crew had mistaken the ascending passenger jet with 290 people on board for a descending Iranian F-14, a fighter plane. Stuff happens.

The stuff that happened on the night of July 17, 1996 outraged Teele’s CO, Captain Wray. “These have got to be the dumbest idiots I’ve ever seen in my life,” Teele remembers Wray as saying. “How do you accidentally fire a missile? You don’t know the color of missiles? One is blue. One is white. Blue mean training. White means live. You’ve got to be stupid to put a white on the rail.” Although his memory as to which ship was responsible is admittedly uncertain, Teele believes it was the Leyte Gulf.

Despite the long-established mandate that neighboring ships rush to the scene of an accident, the Carr turned tail and headed out to sea “at top speed.” Teele’s leading petty officer made it so clear that he was to say nothing of what he saw or heard. He then issued the order, “Pull the RD390 tapes, close all positional log books, including the bridges, tape them and leave them on the DRT table!"

The documents were then taken to a place called the “shred room” where they were destroyed using salt water and a shredder. “We ran to Bermuda where we were not allowed to leave the ship, no phone calls, emails secured, and nothing was to be discussed!” says Teele. “Everyone that was involved was told in CIC, ‘This didn't happen!’” As far as the major media are concerned, it never did.

I would welcome those with relevant experience or hard evidence to contact me through my website,

(read more)

2022-08-20 b

Ex-Gorsuch Law Clerk Takes a Blowtorch to the Imaginary Law Violations the FBI Cited in Trump Raid

It's a move that House Republicans should consider when they regain the majority in November, but will they do it? In the aftermath of the unlawful August 8 raid on Mar-a-Lago, the Republican Party has been united in its revulsion of what appears to be an unprecedented ransacking of a former president’s home. The legal justification doesn’t pass constitutional muster. There seems to be no crime committed, only that the National Archives grew impatient over record retrieval. That’s not a crime; people dragging their feet regarding government documents is quite common in DC.

Mike Davis has gone on epic threads on social media gutting the case the government has made for the raid. Davis, a former law clerk to Justice Neil Gorsuch, decided to take his legal takedowns of this arguably illegal search and reorganize it into an opinion column for Newsweek. He took the position many have felt for a long time: FBI Director Chris Wray, and now Attorney General Merrick Garland should be removed from office. He also added that it's telling why AG Garland did not seek the opinion of the DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel about signing off on the search warrant (via

All presidents take mementos and other records when they leave office. They don't pack their own boxes. The National Archives takes the position that almost everything is a "presidential record." And the federal government, in general, over-classifies almost everything.

Even if Trump took classified records, that isn't a crime. The president has the inherent constitutional power to declassify any record he wants, in any manner he wants, regardless of any otherwise-pertinent statute or regulation that applies to everyone else. The president does not need to obtain Congress' or a bureaucrat's permission—or jump through their regulatory or statutory hoops—to declassify anything. The Supreme Court reaffirmed this in the 1988 case, Department of the Navy v. Egan : "The President, after all, is the 'Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.' U.S. Const., Art. II, § 2. His authority to classify and control access to information bearing on national security...flows primarily from this constitutional investment of power in the President, and exists quite apart from any explicit congressional grant."

Thus, if Trump left the White House with classified records, then those records are necessarily declassified by his very actions. He doesn't need to label that decision for, or report that decision to, any bureaucrat who works for him. It is pretextual legal nonsense for the Biden Justice Department to pretend Trump broke any criminal statute. Indeed, it is noteworthy that Attorney General Garland apparently did not seek an opinion from the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel (OLC)—the de facto general counsel for the executive branch—before ordering this home raid of his boss's chief political enemy. Perhaps Garland knew OLC wouldn't give him the answer he wanted.


All former presidents also get a federally funded office, called the Office of the Former President. They get lawyers and other staff, security clearances, Secret Service protection, and secure facilities (SCIFs) for the maintenance of classified records. Even if Trump had classified records, then, they were protected and secure.


FBI Director Christopher Wray recently testified that the FBI was too busy to stop dangerous and illegal intimidation campaigns outside Supreme Court justices' homes. This was after an attempted assassin was thankfully arrested outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home. The FBI apparently didn't have the time to investigate actual threats to the lives of constitutional officers, but it had plenty of time to raid the home of a former president over an 18-month-old records dispute—with which Trump publicly stated he was fully cooperating.


House Republicans must impeach Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Wray for their unprecedented and destructive politicization of the Justice Department, when they reclaim power in January. And over the long term, House and Senate Republicans must dismantle and rebuild the FBI, so political raids like this never happen again. We cannot allow our law enforcement agencies to become third-world political hit squads.

It's a line-by-line takedown of the DOJ’s overreach. The Presidential Records Act isn’t a criminal statute. Since Trump was president, the removal of alleged classified materials isn’t a crime. The president is the ultimate decider on classification status, which dresses down the violation of the Espionage Act allegation as lunacy. 

Davis also highlights the gross incompetence and hyper-politicization that has engulfed the Justices Department, noting the FBI’s inability to protect sitting Supreme Court justices from death threats after the Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade, because they were too busy. And yet, the FBI had plenty of time to pursue this search of Mar-a-Lago with a 30-person team following a treasure hunt over allegations that aren’t crimes regarding Donald Trump and classified materials. People were showing up at the homes of Supreme Court justices; some were armed and prepared to commit political acts of violence over abortion. That was real. The purported classified documents at Mar-a-Lago are not actual law violations, but Garland’s presser, which gave this smash-and-grab a federal blessing, tossed him into the same rogue camp as Wray. 

House Republicans promised investigations into these egregious acts of extrajudicial operations conducted by the DOJ.  They better make good on those overtures, leaving the door open for possible impeachment articles against these two men. (read more)

2022-08-20 a

Fixing The CDC: Bulldoze It

It's not fixable, despite what Walensky would like to claim.

"For 75 years, CDC and public health have been preparing for COVID-19, and in our big moment, our performance did not reliably meet expectations," she said in a statement obtained by the Washington Post. "My goal is a new, public health action-oriented culture at CDC that emphasizes accountability, collaboration, communication, and timeliness."

The CDC in short did all of the below,
any one of which is enough to merit its permanent destruction:

  • Deliberately lied.  They have known for 40+ years (going back to 1981) that masks do nothing to interdict airborne pathogens.  Neil Orr proved it, and multiple attempts to falsify his work over the next few decades all failed.  Note that this seminal work was with 100% trained professional medical staff in operating rooms which, of course, are also sterilized on a routine basis as is everything that goes in there.  That leaves only the people and thus it is the "cleanest" test in terms of confounding variables that you can have.  They don't work.

  • Ignored physics.  See the above.  The reason masks don't work is that you have to reliably be able to filter smaller particles than the ones you wish to catch, and transport through must be prohibited.  You can't do that with a surgical mask nor anything else that does not have a reliable and 100% seal.  Any "mask" that claims to operate while allowing passage of gas in both directions fails this test and must because the leakage either occurs every time you breathe due to the corners lifting or they're not sealed in the first place.  The CDC went so far as to claim that "valved" N95s were unacceptable while a valved N95 is the only one that can work, yet since a filter only works one way it can only provide personal protection and never can act to protect others.  The CDC both knows this and doesn't care because as soon as you deal with physical reality you lose the capacity to mandate since personal choice and personal protection is none of their damned business beyond recommendations.  This wasn't ignorance it was malice.

  • Failed to balance harms with benefits. Even if you do believe that some small benefit exists for masks its immaterial because the harms, especially in children, are profound.  The majority of human communication is non-verbal and a very large percentage of that occurs in the face.  Language development in young children requires that.  We've known this for a very long time and as such masking children in daycares forward all the way into and through High Schools has done permanent harm to their development.  A year or two years lost can never be recovered, even if the progression resumes when the mandates end (and there's plenty of evidence it doesn't and the harm is permanent.)  The same is true for the trillions of economic damage done from lockdowns and other "mitigation" measures; zero balance and evaluation was given to those harms.

  • Ignored elephants in the room, repeatedly.  Diamond Princess anyone?  We knew at the outset of Covid that a huge percentage of people could not get seriously ill with this virus -- or even ill at all.  We didn't know precisely why (and still don't) but we knew it was fact because cabin-mates quarantined on a ship for weeks had one person get nailed and the other never even sneezed.  This wasn't conjecture, once again, it was known fact and yet the CDC not only ignored it they modeled everything based on 100% susceptibility which was and remains a knowing, intentional lie.

  • Ignored evidence of both tampering with the genetic evolution of the virus originally and, via trivial math, when it had to be circulating both in Europe and here.  This ties into the above; we knew, as I documented at the time, the story peddled was bullshit.  Specifically due to epigenetic drift (that is, the mutational rate) which we had very early on via public sequencing we knew the virus coming into the US from the East Coast was different than that on the West Coast and that due to epigenetic drift and ties to Europe, specifically Italy, it was present in the US no later than October of 2019.  Mathematics is not the 10 suggestions; it is truth, always, and if you have tools like genetic sequencing with viruses that rapidly mutate, as do coronaviruses, it is not difficult at all to put the latest possible time of entry on a specific virus.  The CDC deliberately lied about the time of entry into the United States; they knew within a couple of months that in fact it did not appear here in February of 2020 but had been in the US and was circulating for at least five months at that point.

  • Engaged in willful and intentional fraud to gin up fear and spread the pathogen to high-risk individuals who it then killed. .Since we knew the virus was here in October of 2019 what was the monstrous fear factor about?  Simply put we concentrated it on purpose into care homes and other high-risk places, including hospitals and doctor's offices.  That was fucking stupid and I pointed it out at the time. In fact, early on in 2020 I pointed to a small cluster of infections among hospital workers in Minnesota and predicted in two weeks a massive outbreak in the general population would occur among high-risk people in that specific place.  It did.  Why?  Because the hospitals were giving it to the patients!

  • Lionized the actual vectors of the disease.  Rather than lock in health care workers until and unless they had seroconverted, thus providing evidence they could not bring the virus into other people who were at high risk, the CDC advocated separating and isolating the general public instead which was fucking stupid.  A huge percentage of the public was already resistant and we knew it and worse, healthy people were at very little (but not zero) risk.  The fastest way through with the lowest death count was for the lowest-risk people to increase rather than decrease their social interaction and thus rapidly build up "dead ends" for the virus through natural immunity.  Remember, there were no vaccines at this time (working or not) and this is exactly why your mother took you across the street (as did mine) to deliberately infect you with Chicken Pox.  You having had it at age six meant you couldn't later give it to your 80 year old Grandmother who was the one in a 100 who hadn't had it as a child and thus it could kill her.  As with Covid-19 the Chicken Pox has a skewed risk profile; among young children it is almost-never fatal but it is 25 times more dangerous in late adolescence and adulthood.  I modeled this as well showing that by natural forces older people interact with others less and the correct approach to this since Covid-19 was not dangerous to healthy young people was for mayors and colleges to throw KEGGERS to deliberately encourage young people to interact closely AND GET IT in environments where THERE WEREN'T MANY OLD, HIGH RISK PEOPLE.   I backed this up with math and demonstrated that this could and would cut the fatality count by a huge amount, far more than half, simply by eliminating a huge percentage of those who could be infected and thus act as vectors.

  • Deliberately set the PCR Ct for a "positive" result outrageously high and also refused to insist on reporting the Ct for each test where it came positive.  They knew that what they were doing was bogus and didn't care; it was more important to stoke fear than actually provide a useful diagnostic.  Simply put a Ct >25 to 30 is not diagnostic for actual infection.  This was wildly harmful for multiple reasons with some of the worst being people believing they had the virus "asymptomatically" and thus then had a measure of protection when they were never infected at all.  The number of people who were killed this way by someone vectoring the disease into them when they believed they had already had it and recovered and thus were at least nominally safe likely numbers in the tens of thousands if not more and every one of those people are dead as a direct result of intentional fear-mongering malfeasance by the CDC.  People should literally hang for that.

  • Deliberately ignored medical centers and physicians that were having outsized positive results with patients.  There are almost too many of these to count.  There was an early medical center success in Florida with Ivermectin, another with Budesonide in Texas, several including one of the most-respected medical groups in the US, Henry Ford, which reported out very significant success with early use of HCQ and ZPak, never mind Zelinko (who they couldn't "cancel" as he knew he had a terminal illness and thus was free to help people without fear of having his job threatened) and then there's the tiny little hospital in North Carolina that used a drug for Sickle Cell anemia on Covid patients that were on ventilators, having been written off by the transferring hospitals and saved more than eight in ten of them.  The latter is as close to a medical miracle as you will ever encounter and it was not only ignored not one clinical trial was run on that drug for Covid despite it being used for a very long time in the management of Sickle Cell disease -- in other words we knew its risk profile very well, exactly as we did with HCQ.  Arguably one of the worst of these was ignoring budesonide which I credit with personally arresting the progression of Covid in my own lungs when I got Delta in August of 2021, and which brought a nearly-immediate and complete response in my case.  Never mind the demonstrated superior results in my personal case compared with jabs; I have a robust antibody titer a full year later, I did not wind up in the hospital or dead, I have zero residual harm to my cardio (or other) capacity that I can detect and I haven't gotten reinfected either nor do have any fear of a potential reinfection down the road; if I do get some "N"th mutation at some point I am confident it will be an annoyance rather than a material illness.  In short everything the CDC told me was a lie by my own personal experience.

  • Deliberate continued recommendation and use of Remdesivir, a failed drug for multiple indications including Ebola where it resulted in more death than doing nothingeven after it failed again in a huge multi-national trial reported out by the WHO.  That drug, expensive, IV-only and on-patent has a known side effect profile of causing severe kidney damage in a material percentage of those it is given to.  There is no possible way to separate out those who died with Covid yet their proximate cause of death was kidney failure, they were given the drug and the destruction of one's kidney function is a known problem with the drug!  How many of those people were actually killed by the effects of the virus and how many were slaughtered by that crap will never be known and yet to this day the CDC has not blackballed it either.

  • Deliberately, and with malice aforethought, extended beyond disease and advice on same into social policy, a rank violation of law sufficient to justify instant indictment and imprisonment of every single CDC employee.  I speak specifically of the "Rent Moratorium" which was ruled illegal and, rather than stand down they extended it anyway and gave the finger to the courts!  It took a second court action for them to stop it.  The economic damage done by this event to landlords, especially individual owners of single family rentals and small apartment houses is incalculable.  This agency effectively robbed all of those people at gunpoint even beyond the point that their original act was ruled illegal.  If there is an argument for Making Guillotines Great Again, this act by the CDC stands above all others in that regard in that it was clearly illegal and so-confirmed by the courts yet the CDC did not care.  Walensky herself should be held personally liable for this.

By the way the above is not an exhaustive list.  We could discuss, for example, the apparent hiding of a very statistically-significant increase in all-cause less-the-virus death that started exactly when the mass roll-out of jabs began, and which is visible in the CDC's own data.  You'd think a so-called "public health" agency would instantly go bananas immediately about that, but not one peep has been heard.  Indeed the evidence is that they're deliberately trying to hide it.  Gee, I wonder why?

I could literally spend hours writing on the institutional corruption and jackbooted bullshit out of the CDC.  Some of it is nothing new; nowhere, for example, can you find the CDC recommendation to stop being a fat slob, which is 100% under your control, in the first months after Covid-19 appeared even though we knew that being one was wildly more-dangerous when you got infected.  There was an eight month period during which we both knew this and before the winter 2020 wave arrived which, by simply not eating carbs and machine-processed oils essentially everyone could have massively-improved their metabolic profile and altered the odds.  That had a literal zero cost to implement and while you can't force someone to do it failing to honestly inform the public (screw the scolds who scream about "fat shaming") when the risk skew was wildly against those who are obese is outrageous criminal negligence sufficient to lock all of them up.

The CDC didn't care then and still doesn't care now.  "Healthy at any size" was never true and still isn't yet that line of crap is insanely profitable for physicians, hospitals and, in the context of a nasty virus it made everyone in the medical system billions of dollars.

Never mind that they're doing the same damned thing now with Monkeypox where it is quite-obvious that screwing in the ass (along with sucking ass-screwing dicks) is the primary vector because one of the "characteristics" of the disease in the US is infections up the anus, on the penis and, occasionally, in the mouth and the huge majority, nearly all, of the "victims" are men who screw other men.  How did it get there via non-sexual contact and why is it almost-exclusively occurring in that segment of the population?  Anyone with more than 2 IQ points knows damn well how that virus is being spread.  The very same CDC that right now refuses to demand a stop to planned mass-anal-sex events all over the US that will almost-certainly spread monkeypox forbid your local church from holding services because someone might get Covid.

I recommend as a proper remedy for this crap giving each person who had a family member die with/of Covid over the last two years, or are a parent of a child muzzled in school or locked out of school entirely, be given a sledge hammer and pointed at at the CDC building of their choice.  All of them would be rubble within an hour.

Fuck you Walensky and may you and your vunt agency be destroyed. (read more)

See also: No Forgiveness for the CDC's Cruelty

-08-19 i

- a good man with a gun could have stopped this -

Low IQ melanin minorities impoverish America.
They do not enrich our nation.

2022-08-19 h

2022-08-19 g



2022-08-19 f

2022-08-19 e


flasher mouse

2022-08-19 d

I'm Just Going to Go Ahead and Say It: Twitter Is Objectively Pro-Groomer

Pro-groomer social media platform Twitter has permanently suspended the Gays Against Groomers organization from their account.

Describing themselves as “a coalition of gays against the sexualization and indoctrination of children,” Gays Against Groomers was founded earlier this year by Jaimee Michell. A gay woman who describes herself as “based” and “strayed” from woke culture, Michell has compared “gender-affirming” surgery on minors to the works of Nazi butcher Dr. Josef Mengele.

That’s probably because Michell is unafraid to speak hard truths. She told OAN last month:

I created the coalition because, you know, there are many of us within the gay community that have been speaking out against what’s happening now to children in our name for a long time. But we never had a unified voice. We never had a unified front to really tackle this stuff head-on. So, I thought it would be a very powerful thing to do to band together and unite behind this message that we oppose it, that we don’t want anything to do with these people. And it’s very important.

I contacted Michell to find out how many followers her organization lost with the suspension, but haven’t heard back from her yet. Their backup account — however long it lasts — is here and after a few hours already has 6,400 followers. Growth of the suspended account had been described in one recent article as “viral.”

It is important what the organization is doing, in large part because it shows the well-intended folly my LGB friends indulged in when they allowed the Ts to tag along. Sexuality always has and always will exist on a broad spectrum, and what grown-ups choose to do is for them to decide and God to judge.

ut gender dysphoria is a mental condition that requires mental treatment, not butchery — particularly not on minors. They don’t understand the seriousness and permanence of the decisions foisted on them by groomers.

As Gays Against Groomers themselves say:

The gay community is not a monolith. Those pushing this agenda do not represent or speak for us all, nor do we want to be associated with them in any way. What we are witnessing is mass scale child abuse being perpetrated on an entire generation, and we will no longer sit by and watch it happen.

Socially, chemically, and surgically altering children — in some cases without the parents’ consent or even knowledge — is something we need to have a frank discussion about because, frankly, this woke-sanctioned abuse has got to stop.

But we can’t have that discussion on Twitter without getting permanently suspended.

In fact, yesterday with Bill Whittle and Scott Ott, I recorded a Right Angle segment on the importance of what Gays Against Groomers is trying to accomplish. The segment hasn’t gone live yet, but I’ll link to it when it does later this week.

There’s just one small twist. YouTube has similar policies to Twitter. So we had to record a teaser segment on Twitter, leading people to the actual discussion on Rumble. As a result, our Right Angle discussion about Gays Against Groomers will reach a much smaller audience.

When I see what’s happening to kids all across the country, it’s clear that these groomers need the widest possible exposure on every possible media platform. Twitter would rather suspect Michell’s organization and let the groomers run wild.

George Orwell once argued that British pacifists were “objectively pro-Fascist.” He later recanted but, let’s face it, Orwell got it right the first time.

By that measure, it’s more than fair to say that Twitter is objectively pro-groomer. (read more)

2022-08-19 c

when you tell a Demoncrat

2022-08-19 b

The Clinical Steps To Grooming Kids Match Exactly How They’re Being Taught In Schools

he steps predators take to groom children for sexual abuse bear a remarkable resemblance to some modern lesson plans in American elementary schools, according to descriptions clinical experts provided to the Daily Caller.

Proponents of introducing Critical Gender Theory curricula and graphic sexual education to young children in schools have rejected the “groomer” pejorative critics recently began lobbing at them. Still, the grooming methods that experts outlined for the Caller bear a striking resemblance to some of the newer sexual education lessons the fringe political left is pushing into classrooms.

The most common tactics groomers employ are cultivating a positive reputation within a community, introducing sexualized topics or imagery to kids, isolating them from their parents, and encouraging them to keep secrets, experts told the Daily Caller. Each of these red flags have manifested themselves in classroom policies or public programs for children across America in recent years.

“I can’t think of too many times where I would think that an unrelated person should say, ‘Don’t say this to your parents,'” Daniel Pollack, professor at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University, told the Daily Caller.

“[Parents] should be informed [about sex education], especially the younger kids are,” Chris Newlin, executive director of the National Children’s Advocacy Center, said. “I’m just not a fan of things being held secret from parents, and kids being told not to tell.”

Yet a culture of secrets is exactly what’s cropping up in some schools. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that a school could institute a policy in which kids change their gender identity without informing parents. In March, a Texas elementary school told 5-year-old kids not to tell their parents what adults taught during pride week classroom discussions. A new Philadelphia policy requires teachers to hide the transgender status of students from parents.

Examples are international, too: in Canada, one school hosted a “pride dance” that parents were prohibited from seeing.

The dictionary definition of groomer is “the criminal activity of becoming friends with a child in order to try to persuade the child to have a sexual relationship,” according to the Cambridge English Dictionary. Some critics of sexualized education for kids and programs like Drag Queen Story Hour allege that kids aren’t only being groomed for potential abuse, but are being mentally groomed into a particular worldview regarding sexuality and gender.

Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute who has led a political movement against the teaching of gender ideology in school, as well as other topics, said some educators are undertaking actions that match up well with that definition of grooming. 

“Many school districts, including large districts such as Los Angeles Unified, have adopted explicit policies that teachers can facilitate a child’s gender and sexual transition without notifying parents. In fact, the default is to keep these transitions a secret — the child has to request notification,” Rufo told the Daily Caller. “This is extremely dangerous and an immense violation of the rights of parents to know what’s happening to their children. It opens up kids to manipulation, indoctrination and abuse.”

Another key step in grooming is exposing children to sexualized content at a young age. “They start to bring up some kind of sexual content at some point so that they can start to initiate some contact with the child,” Newlin said, explaining that only trained professionals or parents should be discussing these topics. “Who should be doing that? Professionals, in that kind of setting. I think it’s good for parents to be having conversations with their children about sexuality.”

Kids are increasingly exposed to sexualized topics in schools and other community settings. For instance, a recent pride event labeled “family-friendly” in Rome, Georgia, featured sex toys, condoms and explicit drag queen performances. One left-wing sex education group markets videos to kids as young as kindergarten and discusses topics including sexting and abortion.

“In the fourth and final stage before the contact abuse occurs, the perpetrator prepares the minor for abuse by desensitizing them to sexual content,” clinical psychologist, sexual violence prevention expert and professor of psychology at John Jay College, Dr. Elizabeth Jeglic told the Caller. She said examples can include showing them pornography, talking about sexual experiences or teaching them about sexual education.

“This should be a major red flag: adults with institutional power talking about sex with young children is a mechanism that can be easily abused,” Rufo said. “We’ve seen stories such as one in Pennsylvania in which teachers use casual conversations about sex as the first step in the grooming process.”

Oftentimes predators aren’t only grooming children for abuse. Experts told the Caller that grooming the surrounding community in order to gain trust is also critical to creating an environment for abuse.

“They are trying to gain not only the trust of the intended victim, but they’re really trying to gain the trust of the people around that victim,” Pollack said. “They are grooming, if you will, not just that victim, but they’re grooming the institution.”

Institutions have been groomed for child sexual abuse before. The Catholic church has infamously dealt with systemic, institutional issues of sexual abuse. Swap the priests out for teachers graduating from colleges with highly subversive approaches to K-12 pedagogy, and suddenly public schools are facing a similar problem.

“The goal of gaining trust is so they can easily access the minor without suspicion. Behaviors and tactics include having a good reputation in the community [and] coming across as charming and likable,” Jeglic said.

There have been concerted efforts to normalize and positively spin the sexualization of children’s education and content in recent years. Amazon, one of the world’s most powerful corporations,
sponsors a program to put gender ideology books in schools. Teachers are openly explaining how they push sexualized gender lessons onto young kids and are attempting to normalize the practice.

Many infamous abusers have developed pristine public reputations, leading to shock when their crimes were revealed. Jerry Sandusky founded a charity for at-risk children in his community and was known as a kind-hearted mentor. Larry Nassar was considered an elite doctor, and girls he abused were told it was an honor to be treated by him. But the new trusted acolytes are teachers and men in women’s clothing.

The issue isn’t strictly hypothetical. A Pennsylvania drag queen was arrested in June and charged with 25 counts of child pornography after previously performing shows for children. In 2021, a Milwaukee judge was arrested on child pornography charges while acting as president of an organization that offered drag queen story hours.

A Hawaii teacher who accused conservatives of “projecting” when they call people “groomers” was charged with child pornography and having sex with a 13-year-old.

Major progressive institutions and figures have defended programs like Drag Queen Story Hour and expanded graphic sexual education for young children. The Daily Caller reached out to nearly a dozen advocates or defenders of these programs, and did not receive a response from any except for Montgomery County, Maryland, Council candidate Kristin Mink.

“When kids go to Drag Queen Story Hour with their parents, they see a princess reading a story,” she said. “Turning that into something sexual because you’re focused on the genitals you assume are under the princess garb is by far the strangest thing happening here.”

Rufo disagreed: “Activists have bullied parents into believing that they cannot oppose any conversation about gender, sexuality, and behavior between teachers and students. They have tried to use manipulative language to make parents’ instinctive concerns appear to be a form of bigotry or repression.”

“This is a dangerous game that will, unfortunately, have negative consequences for the most vulnerable students.”

(read more)

See also:
Left-Wing Activists Urge Big Tech To Censor Anti-Pedophile ‘Smear’

See also:
Twitter Censors ‘Groomer’ Term After Left-Wing Pressure Campaign

2022-08-19 a

Remember, The Fake President Showered
with His Teen Daughter

creepy Biden

non Bidenary


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