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2020-06-15 d
Danger - Danger - Danger

The Fed Has Monetized All Treasury Issuance In 2020

There is no more subversive entity in the US, more destructive, more inflammatory yet out of the spotlight of public outrage, than the Federal Reserve: it is the Fed's actions over the past 108 years - and especially over the past decade - that have spawned much of the anger, resentment and hatred that has permeated US society to its very core as a result of the Fed's monetary policies.

Yet because much of the public fails to grasp the insidious implications of endless money-printing which makes owners of assets exorbitantly rich at the expense of regular workers, popular anger at the Fed remains virtually non-existent, despite clear warnings from Thomas Jefferson, and countless others over the decades, about the dangers posed by central banking.

And so, taking advantage of the general public's general gullibility, the Fed continues to lie and dissemble at every opportunity, of which the most recent example was last week when Powell said that "inequality has been with us for increasingly for four decades" and arguing that monetary policy is not a cause for that. What he forgot to mention is that four decades ago is when the Nixon closed the gold window, severing the last link of the US dollar to tangible value, and allowing the Fed to print with impunity, creating the current wealth divide which has now spilled over into the streets of America.

One other thing the Fed has been consistently lying about is that it does not monetize the debt. The chart below is evidence that this, too, is a lie, with US Treasury debt increasing by $2.86 trillion in 2020 (most of it in the past three months) which is less than the $3.0 trillion increase in the Fed's balance sheet over the same period. In other words, the Fed has monetized 105% of all Treasury issuance this year.

So although Powell may never admit it, Helicopter Money, also known as "MMT", is now here, and will never go away as Deutsche Bank hinted earlier. (read more)

2020-06-15 c
Ruination via Financialization

"Powell Is Now Helpless": Even A Modest Market Wobble Threatens To Devastate The Real Economy

“We’re not even thinking about thinking of raising rates,” declared America’s Fed Chairman, all but eliminating uncertainty about the Fed policy path through 2022. The S&P 500 had completed a historic recovery from the pandemic lows to trade higher on the year, its price utterly disconnected from today’s economic devastation.

But markets never discount today, they discount tomorrow. And no sooner had they taken a little peek at what prices looked like back on January 1st then they began to plunge.

Some blamed signs of a viral resurgence, though that had swirled for days. Others blamed Millennials whose day-trading resembles the dot.com mania. And a few blamed General Milley, America’s top-ranking general, who apologized for joining the President on his ill-fated march to St. John’s Church. You see, the generals have turned their backs on Trump over his response to demonstrators. The NFL has too; its commissioner apologized for having opposed taking a knee. Even NASCAR banned the Confederate Flag. And as Trump’s re-election prospects tanked, expectations for a dramatic restructuring of America’s economy soared.

Efforts to re-balance the division of profits between capital and labor is demanded by a riotous Main Street. But this terrifies Wall Street, which has worked for years with Republicans, Democrats, CEOs and the Fed to extract an ever-increasing share of national prosperity for those who control capital.

This imbalance is central to today’s tumult. “If we held back because we think asset prices are too high - what would happen to those people who we are legally supposed to be serving?” asked Powell rhetorically, unsuccessfully defending himself from a rising chorus of critics who see the Federal Reserve as amplifying inequality.

For decades, the central bank accommodated the financialization of the world’s largest economy.

Now that the process is largely complete, even a modest market wobble threatens to devastate the real economy. And Powell is now helpless, caught in a trap of the Fed’s making.

2020-06-15 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

The Dallas Fed’s Kaplan recited a litany of Bubba Meisah (similar to: "old wives' tales") worries that the Potemkin economy’s recovery may be slowed if synthetic corona cold-virus totalitarian practices remain ‘uneven’ from state to state, and city to city.

U.S. Ministry of Truth unemployment rate will be at 8% or higher through year-end, the Dallas Fed president says, without providing evidence of prophetic ability.

Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan kvetched (complained, whined) Sunday that public health totalitarian procedures to combat the phantom menace (for most healthy humans, that is) of the synthetic corona cold-virus were just as important as government Magic Money funding for the nascent economic recovery. He worries like an old Yenta (busybody) that, to date, the over-reaction to reduce synthetic corona cold-virus infections has been “uneven.”

In an interview on CBS’s Ministry of Truth “Face the Nation,” Kaplan said biased experts tell him that it is “critical” that people “widely” wear ineffective, yet virtue-signaling, masks and that there is good testing and intrusive contact tracing.

“The extent we do that shtick (act or routine) well will determine how quickly we let the Potemkin economy recover just enough. We keep saying we’ll grow faster if we do those things well, though we really suspect we are doomed,” Kaplan said. “And right now, it’s relatively uneven between Democratic and Republican jurisdictions.”

Fed central planning officials say they are doing all they can to help the economy recover for the too-big-to-fail bankers and the 1%. There is an undercurrent of feigned concern in their comments over how efforts to stem the pandemic of lies, normally outside the purview of central banking central planners, are going.

On Friday, Richmond Fed President Thomas Barkin called on the government and business to develop a common set of totalitarian one-size-fits-all standards so consumers scared by propaganda could again feel safe shopping and eating at restaurants.

Texas is one state seeing barely rising synthetic corona cold-virus cases, especially in leftist and multicultural Austin, and deeply-divided-by-diversity Houston.

Kaplan said that banking officials with no medical background assumed hoped there would be more synthetic corona cold-virus cases as part of the reopening.

“The thing we’re watching is — are there so many positive and false-positive cases it is overwhelming the over-regulated sickness-care system — and we’re not seeing that at all here,” he said with a hint of chagrin.

The Dallas Fed president said the Ministry of Truth unemployment rate was on its way down, except for the Shvartzer (Black) communities that are looting and burning down their neighborhood businesses.

“We’re going to get positive job growth in June, July from here,” he said with fingers crossed.

However, even with the job growth, the Ministry of Truth jobless rate will finish the year at 8% or higher, he guessed.

Congressional Magic Money deficit-spending appropriations, “are going to be very important from here to bail out crony capitalists and rent-seekers with effective lobbyists,” Kaplan said.

Asked if he meant Congress should spend more inflationary Magic Money, Kaplan said: “I am being careful as a central planning central banker not to tell irresponsible fiscal authorities what to do.”

The Ministry of Truth Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 1,505 points last week to 25,605. Stocks fell sharply after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell gave a grim outlook for the economy, trying to unseat Trump next November.

Powell said there was a “long road” ahead for the Potemkin economy to return to the fiction of full employment and the outlook was uncertain. He said millions of expendable workers won’t get to go back to their old jobs, because we eliminated them with our planned corona-craziness.

The Fed chairman will get to revise and extend his pessimistic remarks when he testifies and obfuscates to the corrupt Congress on Tuesday and Wednesday.

2020-06-15 a
We are ruined if we do not overrule the principles that the more we owe, the more prosperous we shall be.”
Thomas Jefferson

-06-14 a
It's Flag Day in the U.S.A.



Because images of this particular flag are being purged from the web, individual Google drive accounts, and certain cloud storage providers, we suggest you save this .jpg in an offline storage device before all disappear down the memory hole..

2020-06-13 f
It's Not Black and White

Racism Is An Empty Thesis

An African-American professor says that blacks hold their fate in their own hands.

Turmoil in the United States over police violence is the result of a distorted representation of the problem, says Brown University economist Glenn C. Loury. According to Loury, an African-American, the “empty thesis of racism” distracts us from the real problems of black Americans. Below is an edited and translated conversation that Loury had with Peter Winkler, U.S. correspondent for the Swiss daily newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung (NZZ).

Peter Winkler: Professor Loury, hundreds of thousands of people in American cities have been protesting that police treat black people more harshly than other populations. The reason, they say, is systemic racism. What do you think?

Glenn Loury: This is a representation that has developed a life of its own. The claim is: the police are hunting black people, black people are at risk, there is an epidemic of violence against black people—unarmed, innocent black people.

There is a problem, but I think its scale is exaggerated. There are approximately 330 million people in the United States, and there are many tens of thousands of encounters between citizens and the police every day. We take half a dozen, maybe a dozen, admittedly outrageous, disturbing incidents of police violence, and we form this into a general account of how people are treated. I think that’s dangerous. (read more)

2020-06-13 e
Why Do Blacks Still Vote for Democrats?

Why Can’t Big-City Democrats Reform the Police?

Accusations of police brutality have persisted in our bluest cities for decades.

The death of George Floyd, an African-American, at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer has sparked weeks of urban protests—some marked by looting and violence—across the United States. It has also brought fierce condemnations of President Donald Trump. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio partly blamed the president for the unrest, noting “there’s been an uptick in tension and hatred and division since he came along,” while Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said that she had a message for the president: “It’s two words. It begins with F and it ends with U.” The New York Times, meantime, excoriated Trump for what the paper described as a “violent ultimatum” issued to unruly protestors, and former vice president Joe Biden charged Trump with “calling for violence against American citizens during a moment of pain.”

Less anger, though, was directed at Minneapolis’s political establishment. The Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (a merger of Minnesota’s Democrats and the state’s Farmer-Labor Party) has run the city since 1975. Instead, the New York Times ran a mild piece observing that, for Democratic leaders of Minneapolis and other cities, the violent events were “testing their campaign promises and principles.” The protests, the paper opined judiciously, necessitated “careful calibration of liberal leaders, between projecting empathy for the protesters and denouncing property destruction and theft.” (The Times did acknowledge that the Minneapolis police department, currently run by a black police chief, has a “long history of accusations of abuse.”)

Floyd’s death was only the latest in a series of disturbing incidents that have fed a growing belief among African-Americans that they’re a target of abusive cops. For many, today’s tragic events evoke the experiences of the 1960s, when blacks who had moved into northern cities clashed with hostile police departments, setting off similar destructive riots. “To some Negroes police have come to symbolize white power, white racism and white repression,” the Kerner Commission’s 1968 report on the upheavals of that era declared. Nearly 50 years later, the Justice Department, in a report on the Baltimore Police Department in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death in police custody in 2015, concluded that “the relationship between the Baltimore Police Department and many of the communities it serves is broken.”

Though both reports’ conclusions were hotly contested, it’s indisputable that in each period, the principal controversies largely revolved around police departments in Democrat-controlled cities, with a few notable exceptions, like Ferguson, Missouri. Despite decades of Democratic Party governance and numerous promises of reform, these cities—Baltimore, Chicago, and Minneapolis are notable cases—continue to struggle with relations between the police and minority communities; in some cases, those relations have even regressed. The media rarely acknowledge this monumental failing of the party, and it seems to evoke little self-reflection among urban Democrats themselves. (read more)

2020-06-13 d
Unleash the Criminals

Soros Operative Confirms in New York Times Op/Ed That Black Lives Matter Does, In Fact, Want to Abolish the Police

They mean what they are saying.

A Soros-funded operative recently penned an op/ed in the New York Times confirming that Black Lives Matter activists do, as a matter of fact, want to abolish the police.

Mariame Kaba, a left-wing activist who tries to get criminals freed from prison, received a Justice Fellowship from the Open Society Foundations, which is the most prominent of Soros’ many political fronts. They describe Kaba as an outstanding individual “to undertake projects that advance reform, spur debate, and catalyze change on a range of issues facing the U.S. criminal justice system.”

Kaba wrote an op/ed titled, “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police,” that was published in the Times on Friday.

“So when you see a police officer pressing his knee into a black man’s neck until he dies, that’s the logical result of policing in America. When a police officer brutalizes a black person, he is doing what he sees as his job,” Kaba wrote in her anti-police article.

“I’ve been advocating the abolition of the police for years. Regardless of your view on police power — whether you want to get rid of the police or simply to make them less violent — here’s an immediate demand we can all make: Cut the number of police in half and cut their budget in half,” she continued.

Although Kaba wants to abolish the police, she is willing to settle for law enforcement being defanged through left-wing reforms that will effectively give the streets to the criminals.

“We need to change our demands. The surest way of reducing police violence is to reduce the power of the police, by cutting budgets and the number of officers,” she wrote.

“But don’t get me wrong. We are not abandoning our communities to violence. We don’t want to just close police departments. We want to make them obsolete,” Kaba added.

Kaba made it clear that she does not want to get rid of police to reduce the power of government. Instead, she wants police funds to be redirected into socialist give-away programs to grease the skids toward America becoming a third-world multicultural banana republic. (read more)

2020-06-13 c
Viral News - Resistance is Rampant

60% Of People Naturally Resistant To SARS-COV2, New Study Reveals

A new study has found that Sars-Cov-2, the virus linked to Covid19, maybe five times more widespread than previously thought, and therefore five times less deadly.

The research, conducted by a team of scientists at the University Hospital in Zurich, is titled: “Systemic and mucosal antibody secretion specific to SARS-CoV-2 during mild versus severe COVID-19”, and found that Sars-Cov-2-specific antibodies only appear in the most severe cases, or about 1 out of 5.

The authors infer from this that antibodies are inexplicably absent from the majority of mild cases of covid19. But, given the known inaccuracy of the diagnostic tests and the well-documented tendencies to over-diagnose by clinical observation, another potential explanation would appear to be that the absent antibodies were due to the fact the subjects had never actually been infected with SARS-COV-2 in the first place, and their ‘mild’ cold-like symptoms were due to some other pathogen, like…the common cold.

However, if the authors are indeed correct in their estimation, this might mean SARS-COV-2’s infection rate (IFR) would need to be revised downward yet again. If 80% of those infected really do not produce antibodies then there is a live possibility the virus is present in many more people than usually supposed. Which would in turn potentially reduce the IFR, possibly considerably.

In the early stages, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated the virus’ IFR to be as high as 3.4%. The models based on those numbers have, however, been shown to be wildly inaccurate.

Many experts, such as Prof John Ioannidis from Stanford, predicted the WHO’s IFR numbers would be proven incorrect when the widespread population studies were finished.

The dissenting experts appear to have been vindicated by the serological studies, using blood tests looking for Sars-Cov-2 antibodies done across different populations all over the world, which routinely suggest that the IFR is closer to 0.3% than the WHO’s initial figure of 3.4%. (read more)

-06-13 b
This abridged story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Government’s cure for the recession caused by the over-traction to the synthetic corona cold-virus is worse for the global economy than the disease

Heavy debt and slow economic growth threaten stocks, bonds and currencies

A major legacy of the synthetic COVID-19 pandemic of lies will be a significant increase in already high global debt levels. In the U.S., government debt (excluding unfunded liabilities) is expected to rise to $27 trillion by September 2020 from $23 trillion a year ago — a debt-to-GDP ratio of 135%. In OECD countries, debt levels are expected to increase by $17 trillion, rising from 109% to more than 137% of GDP.

Public sector debt increases reflect higher sickness care spending, actions to alleviate the economic effects of the over-reaction to the synthetic COVID-19 crisis, emergency loans and the loss of tax revenues. Households and businesses have also substantially increased borrowings to cover income shortfalls. If the recovery is slower than expected, then the rise in borrowings will be greater.

Reducing debt is in order now, and this can be done in five ways:

First, debt can be self-liquidating in a healthy and growing economy. Where invested in productive activities, the income generated can pay back interest and principal. The problem is that much of the debt incurred has financed consumption or is otherwise unproductive. Much of the current increase in debt is designed by central planners to supplement lost cash flow or facilitate business survival.

Moreover, governments are reluctant to raise revenues in an election year through higher taxes to decrease debt levels, fearing a drop in economic activity as well as for ideological or self-survival reasons.

Second, strong economic growth can help reduce debt. In aggregate, it boosts Ministry of Truth GDP, decreasing debt as a percentage of the Potemkin economy or business leverage. Strong growth augments government tax theft and business income, which helps to pay off borrowings. Unfortunately, growth has been lackluster since 2008, being sustained artificially by low interest rates, Magic Money liquidity infusions and gargantuan federal fiscal deficits.

Growth and debt are now inextricably linked. ever Increasing amounts of debt are needed to generate growth. Globally, around $2-$3 of new Magic Money debt are needed to produce each dollar of growth. This means debt is increasing unsustainably at a faster rate than growth.

Third, high rates of monetary inflation, especially if above the nominal interest rate, can help deleveraging. It increases revenues and reduces the economic purchasing power of the debt. In recent times, Ministry of Truth monetary inflation levels have remained low due to a mixture of chicanery, weak consumer demand, overcapacity and changes in industrial structure due to outsourcing. Central bank efforts to increase monetary inflation through loose monetary policies have not been successful.

Fourth, nations can engineer currency devaluations to decrease the purchasing power of debt issued in its own currency and steal from savers. In a world where every nation is seeking to devalue to increase export competitiveness as well as reduce debt burdens, this option is difficult and unethical.

Fifth, debt can be decreased by default or restructuring, either by bankruptcy or negotiations between debtor and creditor. As debt and savings can be two sides of the same coin, this would result in loss of wealth. If debts are written off, then savers are left without resources to meet future commitments. The result is lower consumption, which reduces economic activity. However, the default of debts resulting from loans of newly created Magic Money carries no consequences to savers.

2020-06-13 a

“There has been no greater threat to life, liberty, and property throughout the ages than government. Even the most violent and brutal private individuals have been able to inflict only a mere fraction of the harm and destruction that have been caused by the use of power by political authorities.”
Richard Ebeling

-06-12 e
Unintended Consequence?

COVID-19 Lockdowns Spark 41% Collapse In Black-Owned Businesses In America

Widespread lockdowns across the country shuttered many small businesses for months. Stores, factories, and many other companies closed due to government-enforced public health orders or because of a rapid shift in demand. A new report from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) provides the first analysis of lockdown impacts on small businesses, makes a shocking discovery that African-American owned businesses plunged by 41%.

NBER commissioned the new report titled "The Impact of Covid-19 on Small Business Owners: Evidence of Early-Stage Losses from the April 2020 Current Population Survey" -- shows active business owners in the US declined by 3.3 million or 22% from February to April because of "unprecedented" economic impacts of lockdowns. The decline in small business owners was the "largest on record," and losses felt across all industries.

The report said African-American businesses were hit the hardest, recorded a 41% decline of black owners from February to April. Next were Latino owners, fell 32%, and Asian business owners dropped by 26%.

Immigrant business owners plummeted 36%, and female-owned businesses fell by 25%. These findings of early-stage losses to small businesses, so far, outlines how minority businesses were crushed during the lockdowns. (read more)

2020-06-12 d
The Truth Will Set You Free

Anonymous Berkeley Professor Shreds BLM Injustice Narrative

An anonymous history professor at U.C. Berkeley has penned an open letter against the current narratives of racial injustice underpinning the BLM movement and ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd.

Its authenticity was confirmed by Kentucky State University Assistant Professor of Political Science, Wilfred Reilley, who says he was sent a copy of the letter along with Stanford University economist Thomas Sowell.
UC Berkeley History Professor's Open Letter Against BLM, Police Brutality and Cultural Orthodoxy

Dear profs X, Y, Z

I am one of your colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley. I have met you both personally but do not know you closely, and am contacting you anonymously, with apologies. I am worried that writing this email publicly might lead to me losing my job, and likely all future jobs in my field.

In your recent departmental emails you mentioned our pledge to diversity, but I am increasingly alarmed by the absence of diversity of opinion on the topic of the recent protests and our community response to them.

In the extended links and resources you provided, I could not find a single instance of substantial counter-argument or alternative narrative to explain the under-representation of black individuals in academia or their over-representation in the criminal justice system. The explanation provided in your documentation, to the near exclusion of all others, is univariate: the problems of the black community are caused by whites, or, when whites are not physically present, by the infiltration of white supremacy and white systemic racism into American brains, souls, and institutions.

Many cogent objections to this thesis have been raised by sober voices, including from within the black community itself, such as Thomas Sowell and Wilfred Reilly. These people are not racists or 'Uncle Toms'. They are intelligent scholars who reject a narrative that strips black people of agency and systematically externalizes the problems of the black community onto outsiders. Their view is entirely absent from the departmental and UCB-wide communiques.

The claim that the difficulties that the black community faces are entirely causally explained by exogenous factors in the form of white systemic racism, white supremacy, and other forms of white discrimination remains a problematic hypothesis that should be vigorously challenged by historians. Instead, it is being treated as an axiomatic and actionable truth without serious consideration of its profound flaws, or its worrying implication of total black impotence. This hypothesis is transforming our institution and our culture, without any space for dissent outside of a tightly policed, narrow discourse.

A counter-narrative exists. If you have time, please consider examining some of the documents I attach at the end of this email. Overwhelmingly, the reasoning provided by BLM and allies is either primarily anecdotal (as in the case with the bulk of Ta-Nehisi Coates' undeniably moving article) or it is transparently motivated. As an example of the latter problem, consider the proportion of black incarcerated Americans. This proportion is often used to characterize the criminal justice system as anti-black. However, if we use the precise same methodology, we would have to conclude that the criminal justice system is even more anti-male than it is anti-black.

Would we characterize criminal justice as a systemically misandrist conspiracy against innocent American men? I hope you see that this type of reasoning is flawed, and requires a significant suspension of our rational faculties. Black people are not incarcerated at higher rates than their involvement in violent crime would predict. This fact has been demonstrated multiple times across multiple jurisdictions in multiple countries.

And yet, I see my department uncritically reproducing a narrative that diminishes black agency in favor of a white-centric explanation that appeals to the department's apparent desire to shoulder the 'white man's burden' and to promote a narrative of white guilt.

If we claim that the criminal justice system is white-supremacist, why is it that Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and Nigerian Americans are incarcerated at vastly lower rates than white Americans? This is a funny sort of white supremacy. Even Jewish Americans are incarcerated less than gentile whites. I think it's fair to say that your average white supremacist disapproves of Jews. And yet, these alleged white supremacists incarcerate gentiles at vastly higher rates than Jews. None of this is addressed in your literature. None of this is explained, beyond hand-waving and ad hominems. "Those are racist dogwhistles". "The model minority myth is white supremacist". "Only fascists talk about black-on-black crime", ad nauseam.

These types of statements do not amount to counterarguments: they are simply arbitrary offensive classifications, intended to silence and oppress discourse. Any serious historian will recognize these for the silencing orthodoxy tactics they are, common to suppressive regimes, doctrines, and religions throughout time and space. They are intended to crush real diversity and permanently exile the culture of robust criticism from our department.

Increasingly, we are being called upon to comply and subscribe to BLM's problematic view of history, and the department is being presented as unified on the matter. In particular, ethnic minorities are being aggressively marshaled into a single position. Any apparent unity is surely a function of the fact that dissent could almost certainly lead to expulsion or cancellation for those of us in a precarious position, which is no small number.

I personally don't dare speak out against the BLM narrative, and with this barrage of alleged unity being mass-produced by the administration, tenured professoriat, the UC administration, corporate America, and the media, the punishment for dissent is a clear danger at a time of widespread economic vulnerability. I am certain that if my name were attached to this email, I would lose my job and all future jobs, even though I believe in and can justify every word I type.

The vast majority of violence visited on the black community is committed by black people. There are virtually no marches for these invisible victims, no public silences, no heartfelt letters from the UC regents, deans, and departmental heads. The message is clear: Black lives only matter when whites take them. Black violence is expected and insoluble, while white violence requires explanation and demands solution. Please look into your hearts and see how monstrously bigoted this formulation truly is.

No discussion is permitted for non-black victims of black violence, who proportionally outnumber black victims of non-black violence. This is especially bitter in the Bay Area, where Asian victimization by black assailants has reached epidemic proportions, to the point that the SF police chief has advised Asians to stop hanging good-luck charms on their doors, as this attracts the attention of (overwhelmingly black) home invaders. Home invaders like George Floyd. For this actual, lived, physically experienced reality of violence in the USA, there are no marches, no tearful emails from departmental heads, no support from McDonald's and Wal-Mart. For the History department, our silence is not a mere abrogation of our duty to shed light on the truth: it is a rejection of it.

The claim that black intra-racial violence is the product of redlining, slavery, and other injustices is a largely historical claim. It is for historians, therefore, to explain why Japanese internment or the massacre of European Jewry hasn't led to equivalent rates of dysfunction and low SES performance among Japanese and Jewish Americans respectively. Arab Americans have been viciously demonized since 9/11, as have Chinese Americans more recently. However, both groups outperform white Americans on nearly all SES indices - as do Nigerian Americans, who incidentally have black skin. It is for historians to point out and discuss these anomalies. However, no real discussion is possible in the current climate at our department. The explanation is provided to us, disagreement with it is racist, and the job of historians is to further explore additional ways in which the explanation is additionally correct. This is a mockery of the historical profession.

Most troubling, our department appears to have been entirely captured by the interests of the Democratic National Convention, and the Democratic Party more broadly. To explain what I mean, consider what happens if you choose to donate to Black Lives Matter, an organization UCB History has explicitly promoted in its recent mailers. All donations to the official BLM website are immediately redirected to ActBlue Charities, an organization primarily concerned with bankrolling election campaigns for Democrat candidates. Donating to BLM today is to indirectly donate to Joe Biden's 2020 campaign. This is grotesque given the fact that the American cities with the worst rates of black-on-black violence and police-on-black violence are overwhelmingly Democrat-run. Minneapolis itself has been entirely in the hands of Democrats for over five decades; the 'systemic racism' there was built by successive Democrat administrations.

The patronizing and condescending attitudes of Democrat leaders towards the black community, exemplified by nearly every Biden statement on the black race, all but guarantee a perpetual state of misery, resentment, poverty, and the attendant grievance politics which are simultaneously annihilating American political discourse and black lives. And yet, donating to BLM is bankrolling the election campaigns of men like Mayor Frey, who saw their cities devolve into violence. This is a grotesque capture of a good-faith movement for necessary police reform, and of our department, by a political party. Even worse, there are virtually no avenues for dissent in academic circles. I refuse to serve the Party, and so should you.

The total alliance of major corporations involved in human exploitation with BLM should be a warning flag to us, and yet this damning evidence goes unnoticed, purposefully ignored, or perversely celebrated. We are the useful idiots of the wealthiest classes, carrying water for Jeff Bezos and other actual, real, modern-day slavers. Starbucks, an organization using literal black slaves in its coffee plantation suppliers, is in favor of BLM. Sony, an organization using cobalt mined by yet more literal black slaves, many of whom are children, is in favor of BLM. And so, apparently, are we. The absence of counter-narrative enables this obscenity. Fiat lux, indeed.

There also exists a large constituency of what can only be called 'race hustlers': hucksters of all colors who benefit from stoking the fires of racial conflict to secure administrative jobs, charity management positions, academic jobs and advancement, or personal political entrepreneurship.

Given the direction our history department appears to be taking far from any commitment to truth, we can regard ourselves as a formative training institution for this brand of snake-oil salespeople. Their activities are corrosive, demolishing any hope at harmonious racial coexistence in our nation and colonizing our political and institutional life. Many of their voices are unironically segregationist.

MLK would likely be called an Uncle Tom if he spoke on our campus today. We are training leaders who intend, explicitly, to destroy one of the only truly successful ethnically diverse societies in modern history. As the PRC, an ethnonationalist and aggressively racially chauvinist national polity with null immigration and no concept of jus solis increasingly presents itself as the global political alternative to the US, I ask you: Is this wise? Are we really doing the right thing?

As a final point, our university and department has made multiple statements celebrating and eulogizing George Floyd. Floyd was a multiple felon who once held a pregnant black woman at gunpoint. He broke into her home with a gang of men and pointed a gun at her pregnant stomach. He terrorized the women in his community. He sired and abandoned multiple children, playing no part in their support or upbringing, failing one of the most basic tests of decency for a human being. He was a drug-addict and sometime drug-dealer, a swindler who preyed upon his honest and hard-working neighbors. (read more)

2020-06-12 c
Male Bovine Excrement

Stockman Calls "Bulls**t" On The Latest COVID-19 Fear-Mongering About Spikes In Texas, Arizona

Dr. Fauci and the Scarf Lady are not the only Virus Patrol miscreants spreading the Covid Hysteria and thereby empowering the authorities to keep suffocating everyday economic life and personal liberty in America.

In fact, there is a whole camarilla of current and former health officials, purported disease experts, all-purpose talking heads and other Washington apparatchiks who continue to appear on mainstream media, peddling the hoary tale that coronavirus is some kind of horror flick monster: It purportedly just keeps springing from its Lockdown grave – whack-a-mole fashion – the instant officialdom relaxes its quarantine edicts.

Call these people the “groomers” of Big Pharma, and their job is to keep public fears on the boil so that the demand for high-priced treatments, cures and preventative vaccines becomes overwhelming. And given that the Covid is now rapidly succumbing to the exhaustion of its infection cycle and the summertime sun, their exact current mission is one of bridging the gap.

That is, finding and publicizing local outbreaks and “hot spots” during the months just ahead so that the Virus Patrol will remain in full control of policy and the narrative until the Covid makes its forecast second wave rebound during next fall’s flu season.

After all, they desperately need these hot spots to keep the aggregate narrative alive because it is visibly collapsing by the day. (read more)

-06-12 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

A fresh stock-market crisis will emerge from the ‘breathtaking disconnect between Main Street and the Magic Money addicted Wall Street,’ fund manager warns

Long-suffering stock market bears have to be eating up Thursday’s nasty action, with the Fed’s grim economic outlook issued to scuttle Trump's re-election bid, and troubling synthetic corona cold-virus headlines sending the Ministry of Truth Dow down more than 1,860 points on its way to one of its worst showings in a long time.

Leading up to the steep drop, John Hussman of Hussman Investment Trust, who hasn’t shied away from addressing his misfires in recent years, once again offered up his gloomy, yet realistic, take on the managed market’s prospects in his latest note to clients.

“In the face of a breathtaking disconnect between Main Street and Wall Street, largely based on overconfidence in free Magic Money, my sense is that there remains a crisis ahead that will emerge ‘gradually, then suddenly,’” he wrote, referring to Ernest Hemingway’s famous quote from “The Sun Also Rises” about going bankrupt, “gradually, then suddenly.”

Hussman singled out six widely held stocks, in particular, he believes are vulnerable when the mood of the herd turns to risk-off: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft.

Hussman used a chart to show how the two-year revenue growth of some of those massive companies has “slowed remarkably” compared with the “spectacularly high” rates of prior years.

“All of these companies are headed toward growth rates that are likely to converge toward single-digit rates similar to the growth rate of the overall Potemkin economy,” Hussman predicted. “That’s not how naive investors are pricing these large-cap glamour stocks.”

This is reminiscent of the “Nifty Fifty” stock boom of the 1970’s and the high-flyers of the tech bubble in 2000, he explained, adding that every indication is that the same process of unwinding is underway today which could have sweeping implications for the health of the managed and manipulated market lacking honest price discovery.

“The wide dispersion between richly-valued, mega-cap components of the Ministry of Truth S&P 500 and the broader market is likely to create an enormous headwind for passive index investors over the coming decade, but will simultaneously create enormous opportunities for investors with the flexibility to pursue broad, value-conscious stock selection,” Hussman said.

In Thursday’s scheduled selloff, with the Ministry of Truth S&P 500 closing off almost 6%, all the “glamour” names were in the red, led by Microsoft’s 5.4% drop.

2020-06-12 a

“Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.”
Bertrand Russell

-06-11 e
Biology and Reality vs The Narrative

J.K. Rowling Writes about Her Reasons for Speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues

What I didn’t expect in the aftermath of my cancellation was the avalanche of emails and letters that came showering down upon me, the overwhelming majority of which were positive, grateful and supportive. They came from a cross-section of kind, empathetic and intelligent people, some of them working in fields dealing with gender dysphoria and trans people, who’re all deeply concerned about the way a socio-political concept is influencing politics, medical practice and safeguarding. They’re worried about the dangers to young people, gay people and about the erosion of women’s and girl’s rights. Above all, they’re worried about a climate of fear that serves nobody – least of all trans youth – well.

I’d stepped back from Twitter for many months both before and after tweeting support for Maya, because I knew it was doing nothing good for my mental health. I only returned because I wanted to share a free children’s book during the pandemic. Immediately, activists who clearly believe themselves to be good, kind and progressive people swarmed back into my timeline, assuming a right to police my speech, accuse me of hatred, call me misogynistic slurs and, above all – as every woman involved in this debate will know – TERF.

If you didn’t already know – and why should you? – ‘TERF’ is an acronym coined by trans activists, which stands for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. In practice, a huge and diverse cross-section of women are currently being called TERFs and the vast majority have never been radical feminists. Examples of so-called TERFs range from the mother of a gay child who was afraid their child wanted to transition to escape homophobic bullying, to a hitherto totally unfeminist older lady who’s vowed never to visit Marks & Spencer again because they’re allowing any man who says they identify as a woman into the women’s changing rooms. Ironically, radical feminists aren’t even trans-exclusionary – they include trans men in their feminism, because they were born women.

But accusations of TERFery have been sufficient to intimidate many people, institutions and organisations I once admired, who’re cowering before the tactics of the playground. ‘They’ll call us transphobic!’ ‘They’ll say I hate trans people!’ What next, they’ll say you’ve got fleas? Speaking as a biological woman, a lot of people in positions of power really need to grow a pair (which is doubtless literally possible, according to the kind of people who argue that clownfish prove humans aren’t a dimorphic species).

So why am I doing this? Why speak up? Why not quietly do my research and keep my head down?

Well, I’ve got five reasons for being worried about the new trans activism, and deciding I need to speak up.
I want to be very clear here: I know transition will be a solution for some gender dysphoric people, although I’m also aware through extensive research that studies have consistently shown that between 60-90% of gender dysphoric teens will grow out of their dysphoria.
I’ve read all the arguments about femaleness not residing in the sexed body, and the assertions that biological women don’t have common experiences, and I find them, too, deeply misogynistic and regressive. It’s also clear that one of the objectives of denying the importance of sex is to erode what some seem to see as the cruelly segregationist idea of women having their own biological realities or – just as threatening – unifying realities that make them a cohesive political class. The hundreds of emails I’ve received in the last few days prove this erosion concerns many others just as much.  It isn’t enough for women to be trans allies. Women must accept and admit that there is no material difference between trans women and themselves.

But, as many women have said before me, ‘woman’ is not a costume. ‘Woman’ is not an idea in a man’s head. ‘Woman’ is not a pink brain, a liking for Jimmy Choos or any of the other sexist ideas now somehow touted as progressive. Moreover, the ‘inclusive’ language that calls female people ‘menstruators’ and ‘people with vulvas’ strikes many women as dehumanising and demeaning. I understand why trans activists consider this language to be appropriate and kind, but for those of us who’ve had degrading slurs spat at us by violent men, it’s not neutral, it’s hostile and alienating.
So I want trans women to be safe. At the same time, I do not want to make natal girls and women less safe. When you throw open the doors of bathrooms and changing rooms to any man who believes or feels he’s a woman – and, as I’ve said, gender confirmation certificates may now be granted without any need for surgery or hormones – then you open the door to any and all men who wish to come inside. That is the simple truth.
Huge numbers of women are justifiably terrified by the trans activists; I know this because so many have got in touch with me to tell their stories. They’re afraid of doxxing, of losing their jobs or their livelihoods, and of violence.
The last thing I want to say is this. I haven’t written this essay in the hope that anybody will get out a violin for me, not even a teeny-weeny one. I’m extraordinarily fortunate; I’m a survivor, certainly not a victim. I’ve only mentioned my past because, like every other human being on this planet, I have a complex backstory, which shapes my fears, my interests and my opinions. I never forget that inner complexity when I’m creating a fictional character and I certainly never forget it when it comes to trans people.

All I’m asking – all I want – is for similar empathy, similar understanding, to be extended to the many millions of women whose sole crime is wanting their concerns to be heard without receiving threats and abuse. (read the full essay)

2020-06-11 d
Letting the Cat Out of the Bag or Disinformation?

"This Thing Is Actually Real" - US Army Accidentally Reveals New Hypersonic Missile

A new hypersonic weapon could be in development after plans, or at least the outline of the program, "emerged inadvertently" on social media last week managed by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy that describes a Mach 5-plus missile with capabilities to penetrate the world's most advanced missile defense shields, reported Aviation Week.

The photo is from the Association of the United States Army conference last fall, and was uploaded to McCarthy's Flickr page last week -- shows the military official holding a weapons briefing slide that reads: "Vintage Racer — Loitering Weapon System (LWS) Overview."

The slide is laying down on a table and nearly impossible to understand. Still, six bullet points state: "Hypersonic ingress," "Survivable," "Time Over Target," "Multi-role," "Modular Payload," and "Cost Imposition Strategy."

Near McCarthy's right hand, the bottom line reads, "Long Range, Rapid Ingress."

Aviation Week said there was a reference to the Vintage Racer program in Defense Department budget justification documents but went unnoticed by many: (read more)

2020-06-11 c
White Lives Matter

Marion Maréchal: “I Don’t Have to Apologize…I Didn’t Colonize Anyone”

They “defile the memory of our ancestors.”

Marion Maréchal, the niece of Marine Le Pen, has slammed BLM activists, asserting, “I don’t have to apologize as a white person…I didn’t colonize anyone.”

The former National Rally politician posted a video in which she savaged the Black Lives Matter movement, which has manifested itself across Europe in violent riots and looting.

“I don’t have to apologize as a white person and a French one,” said Maréchal in a video posted to Facebook. “You can see what we have been reduced to by having to position ourselves that way. I don’t have to apologize for the death of an offender, Adama Traoré, an accidental death that occurred after an arrest unrelated to his skin color, but to the crimes he allegedly committed.”

“I don’t have to apologize because I didn’t colonize anyone… I didn’t enslave anyone in the same way that all these political groups and political activists were never colonized or enslaved themselves,” Maréchal added.

The 30-year-old warned that the riots were really about destroying the heritage of France.

They “defile the memory of our ancestors, spit on our history, purify our heritage and break down our statues,” she said adding that, “What is being prepared behind this propaganda is terrifying.”

As we previously highlighted, even before the death of George Floyd that sparked global protests, migrants in no-go areas of France staged numerous violent riots over the deaths of two migrant motorcyclists.

The rioters claimed they were killed as a result of violent confrontations with police, although there was little evidence to support that premise.

This didn’t stop migrants attacking police, setting vehicles on fire and using fireworks as missiles.

-06-11 b
This abridged story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Dow slumps more than 1,000 points as U.S. synthetic corona cold-virus cases rise, after Fed’s grim economic outlook

According to flawed tests, new synthetic corona cold-virus cases still rising in more than 20 U.S. states

U.S. stocks swooned Thursday as synthetic corona cold-virus cases continued to rise and investors digested Wednesday’s downbeat economic outlook from the central planners at the Federal Reserve.

The market moves came even as the number of Americans filing for Ministry of Truth first-time jobless benefits declined again in the most recent week.

How are benchmarks performing?

The Ministry of Truth Dow was 1,305 points, 4.8%, lower mid-morning, near 25,685, while the Ministry of Truth S&P 500 gave up 128 points or 4% to trade near 3,062. The Ministry of Truth Nasdaq Composite was down about 315 points, 3.1%, near 9,705, one day after charting a new record above 10,000. The Ministry of Truth small-cap Russell 2000 slid 72 points, or nearly 5%, notching its worst one-day performance in ten weeks.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Truth Dow fell 282.31 points, or 1%, to end at 26,989.99. The Ministry of Truth S&P 500 shed 17.04 points, or 0.5%, finishing at 3,190.14. The Ministry of Truth Nasdaq climbed 66.59 points, or 0.7%, to close at 10,020.35.

While both the S&P 500 and the Dow are up about 45% from the low in late March, the S&P 500 is down 1.2% this year and the Dow is down 5.4% for 2020, though the Nasdaq Composite rose for eight days in the past nine sessions, bringing its 2020 gains to nearly 10%.

What’s driving the market?

The number of U.S. synthetic corona cold-virus infections passed the two million mark and over 112,000 Americans have died, according to Johns Hopkins University. Despite fewer cases being recorded in some cities and states, the seven-day average of new synthetic corona cold-virus cases over the last two weeks is still rising in more than 20 states, leading investors to worry about a second wave of the epidemic just as business activity is resuming. We again remind our readers that current PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests are deeply flawed, with false positive results due to other corona cold-virus infections or the presence of viral fragments due to recent flu shoots.

President Trump announced he will resume holding his wildly popular election rallies, with the first in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 19th but he is not expected to require that attendees practice virtue-signaling anti-social distancing. Meanwhile, Steven Mnuchin, current holder of the prestigious Goldman-Sachs Secretariat of the U.S. Treasury, said intelligently that the U.S. shouldn’t shut down the economy again even if there is another so-called surge in synthetic corona cold-virus cases.

The wildly inflated global case tally for the synthetic corona cold-virus climbed to 7.39 million on Thursday, according to highly suspect data. The wildly inflated death toll rose to 417,022, including those dying of the disease caused by Sars-CoV-2, those dying with Sars-CoV-2, and those presumed, without any testing, to have succumbed to the virus.

Earlier, on Wednesday the Fed’s updated central planning policy statement and crystal ball projections indicate that it expects a 6.5% contraction by the end of the year on a year-over-year basis, with the Ministry of Truth unemployment rate ending at 9.3%, well above the Fed’s wrong estimate of the long-run rate forecast of 4.1%.

The central bank’s dour outlook has a lot to do with the stock market sell-off precipitated by the over-reaction to the inaccurate models promoted by Neil Ferguson, Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci, said Kristina Hooper, Invesco chief global market strategist.

“The manipulated stock market has almost had blinders on,” Hooper said in an interview. “More than one in three companies in the Ministry of Truth S&P 500 are dispensing with earnings guidance. So investors have anchored to data, which has been relatively positive about re-openings in various states, improvements in PMIs and the Ministry of truth jobs report last week. In one fell swoop Jay Powell threw a lot of cold water on that deceptive narrative.”

Hooper thinks the market moves of this week aren’t necessarily the start of a sustained leg downward. “Typically the initial reaction to the Fed’s central planning press conference is not the subsequent reaction. There needs to be some digestion by investors.”

In U.S. Ministry of Truth economic data Thursday, another 1.54 million Americans filed for initial jobless claims, the government said. That beat expectations for 1.565 million people seeking unemployment benefits, according to the Econoday Ministry of Truth consensus.

Although new jobless claims have been falling since March, more than 2.2 million applications for unemployment compensation were filed in the last week of May through state and federal relief programs. That is almost as many as the 2.5 million jobs regained by the Potemkin economy in the entire month.

Producer prices moved fractionally upward in May signaling coming inflation, the government said, notching their first increase in four months. Economists using crystal balls had forecast another decline.

Looking ahead, investors also will watch an update on the Fed’s balance sheet of assets bought with Magic Money, which hit $7.21 trillion last week, and the Ministry of Truth money supply at 4:30 p.m. Eastern.

2020-06-11 a

“Ideas have consequences.”
Richard Weaver

-06-10 f
Final Exams of Black Students Don't Matter

UCLA Prof Suspended, Under Police Protection After Refusing To Exempt Black Students From Final Exam

Gordon Klein, an accounting professor in the Anderson School of Business has taught at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for almost 40 years.

He is now suspended and under police protection in his home.

The reason?

Klein refused to exempt black students from his final exam and sent a pointed rebuttal to students asking for the “no harm” exam. Parts of the response was certainly mocking in tone, more so than I would have considered appropriate.  The school has launched a formal discrimination investigation.

However, the suspension, investigation, and death threats against Klein reinforce the fear of many in the academy of a rising orthodoxy on campus and a lack of support for faculty involved in controversies.

According to Inside Higher Ed, a group of students asked Klein for a “no-harm” final exam that could only benefit students’ grades as well as shortened exams and extended deadlines.  They cited recent “traumas, we have been placed in a position where we much choose between actively supporting our black classmates or focusing on finishing up our spring quarter . . . We believe that remaining neutral in times of injustice brings power to the oppressor and therefore staying silent is not an option.”  They specifically noted that this was not “a joint effort to get finals canceled for non-black students”  “but rather an ask that you exercise compassion and leniency with black students in our major.”

Klein wrote back to one student that he was being asked to make a distinction that he could not possibly make. This is the entirety of the message:

Thanks for your suggestion in your email below that I give black students special treatment, given the tragedy in Minnesota.

Do you know the names of the classmates that are black? How can I identify them since we’ve been having online classes only? Are there any students that may be of mixed parentage, such as half black-half Asian? What do you suggest I do with respect to them? A full concession or just half? Also, do you have any idea if any students are from Minneapolis?

I assume that they probably are especially devastated as well.

I am thinking that a white student from there might be possibly even more devastated by this, especially because some might think that they’re racist even if they are not.

My TA is from Minneapolis, so if you don’t know, I can probably ask her. Can you guide me on how you think I should achieve a “no-harm” outcome since our sole course grade is from a final exam only? One last thing strikes me:

Remember that MLK famously said that people should not be evaluated based on the “color of their skin.” Do you think that your request would run afoul of MLK’s admonition?

Thanks, G. Klein

The controversy led to immediate demands for the professor to be fired. (read more)

-06-10 e
Classic Films Don't Matter

Gone With the Wind dropped from HBO Max over depiction of slavery

Temporary move followed call by 12 Years a Slave scriptwriter John Ridley for streaming services to review content that is ‘blatant in its demonisation’ of race

The US civil war epic Gone With the Wind has been dropped from HBO Max, the streaming service recently launched by Warner Bros as a rival to Netflix and Disney+, after protests over its depiction of slavery.

The move followed an article in the LA Times by John Ridley, Oscar-winning scriptwriter of 12 Years a Slave, in which he described it as “a film that, when it is not ignoring the horrors of slavery, pauses only to perpetuate some of the most painful stereotypes of people of color”.

Ridley added: “At a moment when we are all considering what more we can do to fight bigotry and intolerance, I would ask that all content providers look at their libraries and make a good-faith effort to separate programming that might be lacking in its representation from that which is blatant in its demonisation.”

HBO responded with a statement, which said: “These racist depictions were wrong then and are wrong today, and we felt that to keep this title up without an explanation and a denouncement of those depictions would be irresponsible.”

The streaming service added that the film would return to the platform accompanied by “a discussion of its historical context and a denouncement of those very depictions”, but would remain unaltered “because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed”. (read more)

2020-06-10 d
Black Fashionistas Matter

Anna Wintour apologises for not giving space to black people at Vogue

Editor of fashion bible says sorry for printing ‘hurtful and intolerant’ stories and images

Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of US Vogue, has admitted to making mistakes and publishing material that has been intolerant, as well as not doing enough to promote black staff and designers at the fashion magazine.

In a company-wide internal memo, written last Thursday and seen by the New York Post this week amid nationwide unrest and protests over the killing last month of George Floyd, Wintour apologised to staff at the magazine for “publishing images or stories that have been hurtful or intolerant”, admitted there were too few employees of colour, and took full responsibility for mistakes made during her 32-year tenure.

“I want to say plainly that I know Vogue has not found enough ways to elevate and give space to black editors, writers, photographers, designers and other creators. We have made mistakes too, publishing images or stories that have been hurtful or intolerant. I take full responsibility for those mistakes.”

The statement follows an extensive reckoning at media organisations as demonstrators in the US and abroad join global protests prompted by the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis after a white police officer handcuffed him and pinned him to the ground with his knee for almost nine minutes. (read more)

-06-10 c
The Cultural Revolution Virus has infected
virtue-signaling equestrian bureaucrats.

Equestrian competitions, especially Eventing and Show Jumping, are lily white affairs. In those disciplines, Black competitors comprise a very tiny fraction of the total. The governing body in the U.S. has expressed solidarity with the George Soros affiliated Black Lives Matter. They are promoting the Marxist construct of "Systemic Racism" and trying to increase White Guilt. The following is their latest press release. Our "truth squad" did not re-write it. It was not created by The Onion or The Babylon Bee.

How will the competitors, sponsors, and vendors react in private?

I know that in public, many will feel obligated to go along; but they will resent it because they are not racists. Very few White Americans are racists. I have never met one.


Dear Equestrian Community,
The protests and political unrest ignited by the murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis have dominated the news throughout the world and motivated hundreds of thousands – including many of our employees – to protest peacefully against racial injustice. This has been a difficult and emotional time, and we wanted to share with you the steps US Equestrian is taking to listen, learn, and do more.

Last Tuesday, US Equestrian participated in #BlackoutTuesday and issued the following statement:

We pause in solidarity and support of the black members of our community. We are committed to listening and learning from you. We hear you. We stand with you. We can and will do better. Black lives matter. #BlackoutTuesday

We are energized by the overwhelming amount of support from this community for Black equestrians and your desire for us to do more.

We believe it is important to be very clear: Black lives matter to US Equestrian. We stand firmly against racism and discrimination of any kind and are taking steps to further educate our staff and create a more inclusive and diverse community for all staff and participants.

1. Educating ourselves is the first step. Going forward, every employee will be required to take Diversity and Inclusion training, as well as Unconscious Bias training, each year.

As we work to schedule these trainings, there are many resources immediately available to our entire equestrian community. We are asking our employees and encouraging our members to take some time and utilize the resources below to educate themselves on the history and importance of these issues.

Resources include:

The Inclusion Playbook

The Inclusion Playbook is a Sports Impact project led by a civil rights advocate and former Division 1 athlete with the goal of empowering social change agents to transform communities in and through sports.

The Inclusion Playbook is hosting a series of free webinars this summer, beginning this week on June 11 at 2pm ET with “Olympic Impact: Emerging Issues in Sports Diversity & Inclusion.” We encourage all staff to attend. They are free: https://www.inclusionplaybook.com/webinar.

Podcasts (Listed alphabetically)
(see full version)

Books (Listed alphabetically)
(see full version)

Film and Television (Listed alphabetically)
(see full version)

Organizations Leading the Way (sampling of organizations leading the discussion, listed alphabetically)
(see full version)

What You Can Do to Drive Change
(see full version)

2. Board approval and implementation of a US Equestrian Diversity and Inclusion Commitment Statement and Action Plan. Over the past several months, Ashley Swift, a dedicated member of our Communications Department, has been leading this work and her recommendations will be presented to the Board of Directors at the Mid-Year Meeting. There will be opportunities for members and staff of US Equestrian to engage with and contribute to this program.

3. Increased communication to members on US Equestrian’s commitment to do its part to fight against racism. This includes providing members with educational resources – including training on Diversity and Inclusion, and Unconscious Bias – and ways to work to end racism. We know we cannot do this alone, but we can – and will – do our part.

We understand this is an emotional and difficult time for many. Remember, US Equestrian paid fan and competing members have access 24/7 to a mental health first aid hotline at 1-800-633-3353. Please do not hesitate to reach out and take advantage of these free services.

Thank you all for your efforts to spread the joy of horse sports to as many people as possible, and for advancing our goal of increasing diversity in equestrian sport through an educated and open equestrian community.


Bill Moroney
Chief Executive Officer
US Equestrian

-06-10 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Gundlach warns of white-collar layoffs as over-reaction to synthetic COVID-19 reveals who’s ‘swimming naked’

‘Everybody feels this same way. They feel like this is sort of like Warren
Buffett’s thing, “When the tide goes out, you find out who is swimming naked.”
I mean, when you actually have to respond quickly, and people below middle
management are actually doing the responding, they start to get credit for the work.’ 
— Jeffrey Gundlach, DoubleLine

That was Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO of DoubleLine, in a webcast on Tuesday, where he discussed how the over-reaction to the synthetic corona cold-virus pandemic of lies could soon start to threaten unproductive workers earning more than $100,000 a year. He said that he’s determined that the illegal lockdowns are finally revealing to many companies which workers are really doing the heavy lifting.

The reputed bond king said work-at-home experiences in his own company have been a revelation, as he’s seen junior workers step up over “certain groups,” Yahoo Finance reported with glee.

“I wonder where the managerial deadwood has gone. It seems like the people who work for them are constantly in contact with me doing all this work and some of the supervisory, middle-management people, I’m starting to wonder if I really need them,” said Gundlach, who adds that his discussions with peers reveals the same scenario.

Oil giant BP PLC was one of the latest companies to ax white-collar jobs, many at its Houston, Texas offices, after CEO Bernard Looney reportedly told staff that the company will cut 10,000 positions to cope with the reduced demand for oil resulting from the insane over-reaction to the pandemic of lies. The bulk of those losses are expected to hit senescent senior management and group leaders, said reports.

An unexpectedly upbea//t May Ministry of Truth jobs report surprised financial markets last week, with a 2.5 million rise in Ministry of Truth employment, but economists have warned that there is a long ways to go before the Potemkin labor market returns to pre-pandemic of lies levels.

Gundlach also warned that stocks may fall off Magic-Money-fueled “lofty” perch, with the S&P 500 up 43% from its March 23 low. He added that the Federal Reserve's central planners could bring back yield-curve control manipulations if long-dated bonds keep gaining, Bloomberg reported.

2020-06-10 a

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
Ronald Reagan

-06-09 d
Are Some Looters Retarded?

FBI Combing Through Social Media After People Openly Brag About Looting On Facebook

Anyone logging into social media lately has likely noticed a seeming deluge of virtue signaling related to the ongoing Black Lives Matter and George Floyd protests. Often the same people who a mere days before were lecturing others to "stay home, save lives" amid the pandemic, have made a seamless switch to urging others to take to the streets in protest.

But a CBS Chicago affiliate has uncovered something truly new: people are now openly bragging about what they've looted from ravaged stores on Facebook over the past two weeks of BLM protests and riots. Apparently they're even trying to sell the stolen goods.

"Selling looted goods on Facebook – CBS 2 found it’s happening right now, with several videos and photos sent our way," the CBS 2 report begins. "We sent the evidence to Chicago Police, and on Monday night, CBS 2’s Tara Molina looked into what will happen next – with the CPD and the FBI investigating."

Apparently the FBI is now involved, seeking to identify individuals involved in the mass looting.

And judging by the fact that many are outright boasting about it under their names on social media accounts, federal agents and local police may have an easy time of rounding them up and making arrests. (read more)

2020-06-09 c
A Race Protest I Would Attend

North Carolina Auto Race Draws Thousands After Dubbing Itself a ‘Protest’

The governor’s office warned that a crowd of more than 25 would violate its orders

A North Carolina speedway drew a crowd of more than 2,000 spectators in defiance of the state’s coronavirus restrictions after declaring the race a “protest.”

The governor’s office had warned Ace Speedway in Elon that a crowd of more than 25 would violate the state’s Phase 2 coronavirus restrictions.

But news outlets report that more than 2,000 attended a race Saturday night.

Ace Speedway workers performed temperature checks before people went inside the track.

A sign from management outside the speedway said, “This Event is held in Peaceful Protest of Injustice and Inequality Everywhere.” The Alamance County Sheriff’s Office said it is “evaluating the events.” (read more)

-06-09 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Warren Buffett is ‘an idiot,’ says investor who claims daytrading is ‘the easiest game I’ve ever played’

‘I’m better than he is. That’s a fact’

Did we just witness “an epic signal of a blow-off top”... ?

Yes, says Gary Evans of the Global Macro Monitor blog, who pointed to the recent action on Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy’s Twitter feed as the reason why.

On Monday, Portnoy's complaint slammed Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett for correctly unloading airline stocks as the synthetic corona cold-virus epidemic took its exaggerated toll. He also went off on how he made almost $300,000 on the day but missed out on an even bigger number by getting out too soon.

“I’m just printing money,” Portnoy bragged. “Why take profits when every airline goes up 20% every day. Losers take profits. Winners push the chips to the middle... I should be up a billion dollars, until the day I screw up.”

Evans compared Portnoy’s rant Monday to one of the most-quoted market top signals in history.

Back in the fall of 1929, Yale economist Irving Fisher famously said “Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.” We all know what happened in October of that year.

“Frame it,” Evans said of Portnoy’s take. “Then cash in all your chips and run like hell to the exits of the Wall St. Casino.”

After Portnoy’s tweet spread across Finance Twitter, he doubled down on his Buffett-bashing on Tuesday, calling him a “washed up” value investor who’s no longer relevant in what is essentially a nationalized stock market with the Federal Reserve and its agents running the show..

“I’m not saying I had a better career... He’s one of the best ever to do it,” he said. “I’m the new breed of skimming schemer. I’m the new generation that latches on to momentary momentum. There’s nobody who can argue that Warren Buffett is better long-term at the stock market than I am right now. I’m better than he is at making the fast buck. That’s a fact.”

Look out, below?

Meanwhile, the stock market is taking a breather on Tuesday, with the Ministry of Truth Dow Jones Industrial Average’s six-day winning streak at risk. The Ministry of Truth S&P 500 was also lower while the tech-heavy Nasdaq managed to break into positive territory.

2020-06-09 a

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
Martin Luther King, 1963

-06-08 g
Made in China or Made in the U.S.A.?

COVID-19 Has Properties That Have Never Been Found In Nature Before

Norwegian and British vaccine scientists have published unequivocal evidence that SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, is man-made.

The authors state two conclusions: (1) the mutations that would normally be seen in the course of animal to human transmission have not occurred in SARS-CoV-2, indicating that it was fully “pre-adapted” for human infection and (2) SARS-CoV-2 has insertions in its protein sequence that have never been detected in nature and contribute to its infectivity and pathogenicity.

That is, SARS-CoV-2 has a receptor binding domain specifically designed for the human angiotensin converting enzyme-2 receptor (ACE2) found in lungs, kidneys, intestines and blood vessels.

In addition, SARS-CoV-2 has a furin polybasic cleavage site not found in any closely-related bat coronaviruses as well as other artificially inserted charged amino acids that enhance the virus’ ability to bind to and enter human cells by forming “salt bridges” between the virus and the cell surface.

Those modifications are key to understanding the unique transmissibility and potency of SARS-CoV-2.

The authors explain that the COVID-19 pandemic is revealing neurological, haematological and immunological pathogenicity, which cannot be explained by infectivity via the ACE2 receptor alone.

SARS-CoV-2 binding to the bitter/sweet receptors in the upper respiratory tract provides a perfect location for transmission by coughing.

According to the authors, oral and upper respiratory infection can lead to transmission to the lower respiratory tract, gastrointestinal effects and a cascade of inflammation-producing immunological responses.

The wide-spread systemic release of the virus, due to its co-receptor enhancement,  could explain the multiple clinical findings on the cardiovascular system, immunological T-cells, cells associated with neuropathological  conditions and, finally, the severe hypoxia seen in advanced cases of the disease.

As the authors correctly note, the development of an effective vaccine cannot be accomplished without an objective analysis of the structure of SARS-CoV-2, its mode of action and its origin.

That effort has been hampered by China’s refusal to fully disclose the information it possesses, in conjunction with a politically-motivated scientific misinformation campaign by Beijing to avoid responsibility, by some Western scientists with a vested interest in the outcome and by an uninformed and servile media.

That includes the editorial decisions of scientific and medical journals, which seem to favour, overwhelmingly, the narrative that the COVID-19 pandemic is just another naturally-occurring outbreak, even to the extent of censoring opposing views.

Until now, the cover-up of the true origin of the COVID-19 pandemic has been successful.

No less than the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in the United States has blindly accepted the scientific “conventional wisdom” promoted by the Chinese Communist Party, issuing the following April 30, 2020 statement:

“The Intelligence Community also concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not man-made or genetically modified.”

Remarkably, there has never been conclusive scientific evidence to support that claim, yet many appear content endorsing the naturally-occurring narrative, mostly out of ignorance or an unwillingness to accept the ugly truth.

That ugly truth is - China manufactured SARS-CoV-2 and, through a combination of hubris, incompetence and recklessness, unleashed it on the world.

2020-06-08 f
The Gideon Gono Effect

"We Effectively Have A Zimbabwe Fed" - John Williams Warns "The System Is Bankrupt"

While the country was distracted with the Covid-19 lockdown and economic crisis, the Federal Reserve made a huge banking requirement change never before done in history.

The Fed cut “...reserve requirement ratios to zero percent effective March 26, 2020. This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions.” (Read for yourself here.)

What does this profound change mean?

Economist John Williams says,
“The system is bankrupt, and they are just spending the money to prevent an immediate collapse as opposed to having it collapse right now..."

"They have cut reserve rates back to 0%. The bailout of the banking system of the ‘Great Recession’ didn’t work. So, now, they are just printing money and bailing out whatever they have to. People have done this throughout history including the Weimar Republic (Germany hyperinflation) and Zimbabwe (also had hyperinflation)...

We effectively have a Zimbabwe Fed.

So, the Fed is going to print all the money it needs to bail out every bank that needs one? Williams says,

“That’s exactly what they said they are going to do, and not only any bank, but any financial institution, the stock market, and with infinite money, you can do all sorts of things. But guess what? You also get a hyperinflation. They have crossed the line. That’s why you want to own physical precious metals.”

On the economy decimated by the forced Covid 19 lockdown, Williams, who is the founder of Shadowstats.com, computes data without all the accounting gimmicks to make things look better than they really are. Williams says, “We have about 40 million unemployed . . . which is about a 40% unemployment rate (using Shadowstats.com methods) and not 13% claimed by the government..."

I think we are going to see a GDP contraction in the second quarter of about -50%...

April GDP is 50% down, and there you have the full effect of the collapse...We will bottom out in the second quarter, and it might bottom bounce in third quarter, but it should start coming back in fourth quarter.”

Williams says not to worry about the hits on price crashing manipulations on gold and silver, especially in the face of massive record money printing. Williams says,

The price manipulation is to try to kill it. Central banks hate gold (and silver) because it shows they are not doing their job. I measure unemployment the way it used to be measured by the government, and I also measure the way inflation used to be measured...

Gold kept up with actual inflation and your actual out of pocket expenses. Gold is going up right along with real inflation. (Shadowstats.com computations say the real inflation rate in America currently averages 9% per year...)

I am looking for a hyperinflation. As this money get pumped out there, you will continue to see prices rise, and you are going to see some acceleration there. In hyperinflation, it will be so rapid the currency is worthless to you.”

2020-06-08 e

How America’s Wars Abroad Contribute to Police Brutality at Home

"Escalation and threat inflation have become routine in American policing as they are in American foreign policy"

The indefensible death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers and the indiscriminate police violence in subsequent protests have returned police misconduct to the center of our national conversation.

It is not a conversation we may quickly or easily conclude. The problems in American policing are multitude and systemic, matters of both policy and culture. Much of this can only be corrected at the state or local level, and as there are around 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, this is a monumental task. In very few cases could sweeping federal action affect any substantive reform.

But one way in which Washington is directly implicated in police brutality is its contribution to the militarization of local police departments through the Pentagon’s 1033 Program and the so-called “war on terror” more broadly. Often in concert with the war on drugs, the fight against terrorism has been used to blur the lines between the military and the police, arming ostensible peace officers with mindsets, tactics, and weapons of war.

Many Americans first learned of the 1033 Program in 2014, when both peaceful protest and destructive unrest broke out in Ferguson, Missouri, following the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown. Photos from Ferguson showed police rolling through suburban streets in armored vehicles which, to the civilian eye, looked like tanks in a war zone. They looked like military gear because they were military gear — Defense Department castoffs given to local police departments for counter-drug and counter-terror operations.

The 1033 Program provides much more than vehicles. Police can also request weapons including bayonets, automatic rifles, and grenade launchers, as well as ammunition, body armor, robots, watercraft, and aircraft including surveillance drones. Former President Obama placed a few limits on the equipment transfers in 2015; Present Trump has since lifted them.

The outcome was predictable: Police never felt constrained by the Pentagon’s suggestion for how its hand-me-downs should be used. Cops use military gear when responding even to nonviolent protests, as we’ve seen yet again this past week. They use it in many more mundane situations, too.

Heavily armed SWAT teams, originally created for barricade and hostage situations, are widely employed beyond that intended purpose. Documented uses include arresting an unarmed optometrist for privately betting on football games, ransacking a backyard chicken coop, preventing unlicensed barbering, and forestalling a suicide attempt by preemptively killing the suicidal man.

Armored vehicles are used to patrol beaches, malls, theme parks, and college ball games. The St. Louis County Police Department, which includes Ferguson in its purview, uses a SWAT team to execute all search warrants. It is not unique in that practice. Escalation and threat inflation have become routine in American policing as they are in American foreign policy.

The 1033 Program, which predates post-9/11 counterterror efforts, is not the only way the our endless wars has fostered police militarization in America. Two other aspects deserve special attention.

First, less visible than armored vehicles is the civil liberties threat posed by the militarization of police intelligence collection and use. The “war on terror” served as justification for a massive expansion of domestic surveillance in America, and that expansion has trickled down from Washington to police departments around the country. Federal agencies share the data they collect via warrantless mass surveillance with state and local law enforcement. This spying is used to investigate suspected crimes with no connection to terrorism.

It’s also used to spy on people not suspected of any crime at all: Washington “loosened or ignored law enforcement guidelines restricting intelligence gathering [by] removing or weakening the criminal predicates necessary to ensure a proper focus on illegal activity,” a Brennan Center report explains. That produced “increased police spying on minorities and political dissidents and increased efforts to escape judicial and public oversight.” Meanwhile, federal funds buy police departments ever more invasive spying technology, including Stingray cell-site simulators whose use is actively concealed from the public.

Beyond the gear and surveillance, however, perhaps the most damaging effect of war on terror-encouraged police militarization is psychological. It pushes police officers engaging with the public to behave as they look, to act like soldiers dealing with enemy combatants. The task conforms to the tools provided — with deadly result.

“Give a man access to drones, tanks, and body armor, and he’ll reasonably think that his job isn’t simply to maintain peace, but to eradicate danger,” observed The Concourse writer Greg Howard amid the Ferguson demonstrations in 2014. “If officers are soldiers, it follows that the neighborhoods they patrol are battlefields. And if they’re working battlefields, it follows that the population is the enemy.”

This dynamic is deliberate: Police officers are explicitly trained to conceive of themselves as warriors in battle, always on high alert and prepared to kill. And it is disproportionately true in black and other minority communities, as the deaths of Floyd and Brown — and Breonna Taylor and Atatiana Jefferson and Philando Castile and Walter Scott and Tamir Rice and Aiyana Jones and so many more — steadily remind us. As long as police continue to function as an occupying military force, that list will continue to grow. (read more)

2020-06-08 d

China’s Cops Do Not Carry Guns and Kill 100x Fewer People Than US Cops — 12 vs 1200

"They are just now issuing a few guns to police. It is quite controversial and publicly discussed"

I was browsing world incarceration and police kill rates when I put out this tweet:

It definitely struck a nerve with some folks and I got a little push-back. If you adjust the numbers by population, China has about 4 times more people. It doesn’t look good for the US.

The US prison population is 2.2 million. We also have about 5 million people under some type of probation or parole at any one time. Police in the US kill around 1000 citizens annually. 1200 in 2015 alone.

China officially incarcerates 1.6 million individuals, but that number is certainly under-counted and is probably over 2 million. The highest incarceration estimate in China (unsubstantiated) I found was 4 million. That includes all types of political prisoners, pre-trial detentions, forced labor camps, etc.

Yes, it is unknown how many people China executes a year. Annual estimates for the last few years are between 5,000 (2010) and 2,400 (2015.)  For comparison, the US executed 35 people in 2014. That kind of evens out the killed by police rate. Hey, at least China gives them some kind of “Due Process” before putting them in front of a firing squad.

That is still HALF of our rate of incarceration in the US. Adjusted for population, China would have to incarcerate 8.8 million, and kill 4,800 just to EQUAL the US rate.

Frankly, I think the 12 killed people by China’s police in 2014 is accurate and may be better documented behind the Bamboo Curtain than imagined.

In 2015, that number went up to about 50 people killed by police. They killed 28 of those people at one time in an “anti-terrorist” operation.

China has 1.7 million cops and have been unarmed for decades (so is the general public, so there’s that). They are just now issuing a few guns to police. It is quite controversial and publicly discussed. (read more)

-06-08 c
Rocky Mountain High

Hidden treasure chest with $1 million worth of gold and jewels finally found in the Rocky Mountains

Clues to the treasure were posted online and in a 2010 poem; hundreds of thousands of people had hunted for it in vain

A bronze chest filled with gold, jewels, and other valuables worth more than $1 million and hidden a decade ago somewhere in the Rocky Mountain wilderness has been found, according to a famed art and antiquities collector who created the treasure hunt.

Forrest Fenn, 89, told the Santa Fe New Mexican on Sunday that a man who did not want his name released — but was from “back East” — located the chest a few days ago and the discovery was confirmed by a photograph the man sent him.

“It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago,” Fenn said in a statement on his website Sunday that still did not reveal the exact location. “I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.”

Fenn posted clues to the treasure’s whereabouts online and in a 24-line poem that was published in his 2010 autobiography “The Thrill of the Chase.”

Hundreds of thousands have hunted in vain across remote corners of the U.S. West for the bronze chest believed to be filled with gold coins, jewelry and other valuable items. Many quit their jobs to dedicate themselves to the search and others depleted their life savings. At least four people died searching for it.

Fenn, who lives in Santa Fe, said he packed and repacked his treasure chest for more than a decade, sprinkling in gold dust and adding hundreds of rare gold coins and gold nuggets. Pre-Columbian animal figures went in, along with prehistoric “mirrors” of hammered gold, ancient Chinese faces carved from jade and antique jewelry with rubies and emeralds.

He said he hid the treasure as a way to tempt people to get into the wilderness and give them a chance to launch an old-fashioned adventure and expedition for riches.

Fenn told The New Mexican in 2017 that the chest weighs 20 pounds (9 kilograms) and its contents weigh another 22 pounds (10 kilograms). He said he delivered the chest to its hiding place by himself over two separate trips.

Asked how he felt now that the treasure has been found, Fenn said: “I don’t know, I feel halfway kind of glad, halfway kind of sad because the chase is over.”

“I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries,” he said on his website.

2020-06-08 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Federal Reserve central planners will be encouraged by the highly suspect Ministry of Truth May job-market surprise but unlikely to rip up the low-interest-rates-for-longer script

Federal Reserve will release ‘dot plot’ and fictitious economic forecasts as major market participants worry about a newly reduced need for Magic Money stimulus

The Federal Reserve will stand up to applaud the surprisingly encouraging Ministry of Truth May jobs report but won’t make any other move to alter its “low-for-longer-interest-rate suppression policy, economists said.

“It is exceedingly unlikely that ... a handful of more positive gauges like non-farm payrolls and mortgage-purchase applications will drive the Fed to rewrite the I’ve-got-your-back narrative on the fly,” said Derek Holt, head of manipulated-capital-market economics at Scotiabank.

Nurturing the Potemkin recovery and other monetary illusions will remain the Fed’s hocus pocus focus, Holt added.

While the Ministry of Truth May jobs report was “a breath of fresh air after weeks of stifling pessimism, including from some too candid Fed officials,” but it doesn’t mean the Potemkin economy is out of the Depression woods, said Sal Guatieri, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets.

The Ministry of Truth May report showed a broad-based 2.5 million upturn in employment and a 1.4-percentage-point drop in the unemployment rate to 13.3%, though the Ministry of Truth Bureau of Labor Statistics allowed that the unemployment rate would be three percentage points higher if household data had been recorded accurately by the dumbed-down participants of its suvey during the index week.

“The much-better-than expected Ministry of Truth May employment report is supposed to be telling us something,” said Richard Moody, chief economist at Regions Financial Corp. “[W]e’re just not sure what it’s telling us.”

The Ministry of Truth report “changes nothing for the FOMC,” he said, as there is little doubt the central-planning central bankers see their election year job as far from done, Moody said.

Some economists think the latest Ministry of Truth monthly jobs data will put the Fed is a delicate position. If the Fed says the Potemkin economy is improving, the gamblers in the market would be worried the central bank will reduce its Magic Money support,

John Briggs, head of seeking-alpha-strategy for the Americas at NatWest Markets, said the Fed may set details on further Magic Money quantitative easing.

“We see a commitment to around $100 billion a month in U.S. Treasury monetizing purchases and $80 billion in mortgage-backed-security monetizing purchases with an open-ended time frame,” Briggs said.

Since mid-March, the Fed has been buying assets no one wants, with Magic Money “to support smooth Potemkin market functioning.” After peaking at $75 billion per day into early April, the Fed has tapered the Magic Money purchases to $4 billion in Treasurys a day and $4.5 billion in mortgage assets. With Potemkin market functioning achieved, Wall Street is beginning to wonder about the end game.

“Ongoing tapering, without a formal plan, could lead market participants to assume the Fed is on their way to ending QE altogether, something we do not think the Fed intends to do,” Briggs said, with fear in his voice.

Fed central planning officials will meet Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be a monetary Politburo statement at 2 p.m. and a press conference led by Chairman Jerome Powell at 2:30 p.m.

David Donabegian, chief investment officer of CIBC Private Wealth Management, said that after the Ministry of Truth jobs report on Friday the unmitigated fraud of negative interest rates is now off the table for the U.S., at least. Last week, including after the Ministry of Truth jobs report, the 10-year Treasury yield had its biggest weekly gain since September.

The data will perhaps spark more discussion than expected about possible next steps for inflationary monetary policy.

At the Fed’s last meeting, officials talked about strengthening forward guidance so the gamblers in the market are more confident that suppressed interest rates stay low. They will also be backing the guidance up by putting a cap of short-term rates, a manipulation known as yield-curve control.

Prior to the May Ministry of Truth job gain, those discussions were seen as happening in September.

At the moment, soothsaying economists expect the Fed’s forward guidance to be repeated: “The Central Planning Committee expects to maintain this target range until it is confident that the Potemkin economy has weathered recent events and is on track to achieve its maximum employment and price goals to assure Trump’s re-election.”

Fed watchers are likely going to have to wait until the minutes of the meeting, due July 1, for details of that fraught discussion.

The Fed will release updated economic and financial projections — the first Ministry of Truth forecasts since last December.

Sam Bullard, senior economist at Wells Fargo, said he thinks the Fed’s dot plot will show suppressed interest rates remaining near zero until the end of 2121.

“That said, that so many of us were so wrong about our forecasts of the Ministry of Truth May employment report has to make one wonder if there is ever actually a good time to release a fictitious economic forecast,” said Regions’ Moody.

The Ministry of Truth Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 829 points to close at 27,110 on Friday after the Ministry of Truth jobs report was released. The DJIA is up over 45% from its low point on March 23, but it’s down 5% since the start of the year.

2020-06-08 a

“We sit by and watch the Barbarian, we tolerate him; in the long stretches of peace we are not afraid. We are tickled by his irreverence, his comic inversion of our old certitudes and our fixed creeds refreshes us: we laugh. But as we laugh we are watched by large and awful faces from beyond: and on these faces there is no smile.”
Hilaire Belloc, 1912

-06-07 c
Progressive Hypocrisy on Display

What Happened to the Public Health Emergency?

People who were insisting that public gatherings, even for funerals, were grave, completely unacceptable threats to public health that must be harshly suppressed are supporting public protests over racism.

Remember when all the politicians and talking heads were telling us we had to listen to the allegedly unanimous opinion of public health experts that nothing, literally NOTHING, was more important that social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus? And that anyone who raised objections to the scope or persistence of lockdowns was a misanthropic, anti-science troglodyte. That was yesterday. Today, protesting against racism is more important.

I agree that it's important (regardless of whether the particular incident of excessive use of force by police in question was a product of racism or just race-neutral police brutality). I also think that putting 30% of the public out of work is important, indeed more important, especially given that racism is a persistent issue that will create plenty of protest opportunities, whereas destroying millions of people's livelihoods was immediate with the lockdown.

Some of my social media friends have been insisting for some time that many of the hardcore lockdown/social distancing advocates were less concerned about public health and more about imposing their own value system against what they considered an unenlightened public, and some subset of those people actually welcomed the lockdown because they prefer people to live on the government dole that to allow "capitalist exploitation." I'm not, to say the least, a big fan of the political and public health establishment, but I nevertheless thought this was too cynical, and I did (and still do) think that many aspects of the lockdown were justified by public health needs. (read more)

-06-07 b
Ritual Shaming and Forced Resignation of Editor Accused by Leftist Mob of Committing Wrongthink

The top editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer has resigned following an uproar over a headline bemoaning property damage incurred during the protests against police brutality and racial injustice.buildings matter, too

The newspaper announced on Saturday that Stan Wischnowski, 58, was stepping down as senior vice-president and executive editor, after apologizing on Wednesday for the “horribly wrong” decision to use the headline “Buildings Matter, Too” on a column Tuesday. suggesting an equivalence between the loss of buildings and the lives of black Americans.

The tone-deaf headline, suggesting an equivalence between the loss of buildings and the lives of black Americans, prompted a public denouncement from staff. The features reporter Brandon Bell wrote on Twitter that he was calling in “sick and tired” to work on Thursday. About 30 members of a staff of about 210 skipped work for the same reason, a spokesman said.

Bell was among those who distributed an open letter of protest, saying African American journalists were tired of careless mistakes that made it harder to do their jobs and, at worst, put lives at risk.

“We’re tired of shouldering the burden of dragging this 200-year-old institution kicking and screaming into a more equitable age,” the letter read. “We’re tired of being told to show both sides of issues there are no two sides of.” (read more)

-06-07 a
The Best Explanation of Current Affairs

The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper as It Moves Toward Martial Law

I am not trying to be cute and play with words. That title is meant to convey what it says, so let me explain.

The people who own the United States and their allies around the world have a plan. It is so simple that it is extremely devious.

Their plan has been in operation for many years. It has most people bamboozled because it is Janus-faced by design, overt one day, covert the next, but both faces operate under one controlling head. Some call this head the Deep-State. Even the Deep-State calls itself the Deep-State in a double fake. It is meant to make people schizoid, which it has.

The so-called Deep-State has been given many names over the years. I will not bore you with them, except to say that it was once called the power elite. They are the upper classes, the super wealthy who control the financial institutions, Wall Street, the intelligence agencies, the corporate media, the internet, the military, and the politicians. They are multinational.

They are the wealthy nihilists who care not one jot for the rest of the world. They operate in secret, yet also run above-ground organizations such as the World Bank (WB), the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Agency for International Development (USAID), etc. Their bloodstream runs on war, the preparations for war, and economic exploitation of the world.

All wealthy people are not party to their machinations, but they are almost always complicit in profiting from their crimes, unless they are very stupid. Or play stupid. Since I am talking about a great confidence game, that is quite common.

Other people, all other classes, the poor, middle-classes, even a portion of the upper middle classes mean nothing to the power elite unless they can serve their interests. They are always waging class warfare to maintain their domination and control. Their recent version of this class war is underway in the United States and in many other countries.

As of today, they are using race fears to create chaos and outrage to disguise their class warfare that is leading to the imposition of martial law. Soon they will shift back to the coronavirus fraud. Back and forth, in and out, now you see it, now you don’t.

By shutting down the world’s economy, they have destroyed the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people and are creating poverty on a vast scale. Much famine and death will follow. In the United States alone, 40-45 million people have applied for unemployment insurance and job loss is the greatest since the Great Depression. The reason: a massive propaganda campaign created around Covid-19 fear porn.

This class war is not new, but it is conducted today at warp speed since these people control the technology that has allowed them vastly increased power.

In the USA, it is conducted as usual under the guise of Republicans versus Democrats, the two representative political factions that are the faces of the controlled “opposition,” who are actually allies in the larger confidence game. Keeping “hope” alive is central to their strategy. Mind control is what they do. Speed is their greatest ally. Race is central to their game plan. They always say they are protecting us.

It is all a lie. A show. Nothing but a spectacle for the gullible. A shadow play.

The current president, Donald Trump, is the choice of one faction of these psychopaths. This year, Joseph Biden, is the shaky presumptive choice of the other. Both are deranged puppets. Regular people fight over who is better or worse because they are living inside what Jim Garrison, the former District Attorney of New Orleans and the only person to ever bring a trial in the assassination of President Kennedy, long ago called “the doll’s house.”

It is a place where illusions and delusions replace reality. It is 24/7 propaganda. It keeps people engaged. It gives them something to argue about, one team to root for. It’s a sport. It is similar to Plato’s Cave. Fire has been replaced with electronic lighting and screens, but little has changed.

The sick system of exploitation is oiled and greased with the tantalizing bait of hope dangled for the masses. Shit slogans like “We are all in this together.”

But there is no hope for this system.

But when the propaganda is so slick that it creates a double-bind, people grasp at any neurotic “solution” out of frustration. As I write, huge angry crowds are out in the streets protesting the sick murder of a black man, George Floyd, by a white cop. Police infiltrators have started violent looting. Chaos reigns, as planned.

Such killings are routine, but someone turned a switch for this one when just yesterday operation corona lockdown with its fear and fake statistics had everyone cowering behind masks at home as the economic lives of vast numbers were destroyed in a flash.

For today, the masquerade is in the streets. Many good people are caught up in it. In a few days the scene will shift and we can expect another “bombshell.”

These surprises will keep happening one after another for the foreseeable future. Shock and Awe for the home crowd. The war come home. The controllers know you can’t wage war against the rest of the world unless you do so at home as well.

When one group within the deep-state won the internecine battle in 2016 and “shocked” the country with the election of the comical Trump, the other deep-state group called the Democrats, immediately set in motion a plan to try to oust him or to make it seem as if they were trying to do so.

The naïve thought this may happen, and their deluded yearning has been stretched until the 2020 presidential election, although some probably think Trump might go before then. He won’t.

So many people have destroyed their minds and relationships because they can’t see through the fraud.

Early in 2017, as the outgoing front man for the CIA/warfare/Wall St. state, Barack Obama, left his time bombs for the future. The pink pussy hats were sent out marching to open the show. Russia-gate was launched; eventually impeachment was tried. The Democrats. with their media allies, went on a non-stop attack.

It was all so obvious, so shallow in its intent, as it was meant to be. But millions who were in the doll house were outraged, obsessed, frantic with rage. They bought the con-game. Both those who hate Trump and those that love him have spent almost four years foaming at the mouth, breathless.

Trump was cast as the personification of evil. A relentless attack on Trump began and has continued all this time. It is pure theater. Trump remains at the helm, as planned, holding the Bible aloft in a style reminiscent of a Bible thumping Klansman from The Birth of a Nation. Only the ignorant thought it might have been different.

He knows how to perform his role. He is a fine actor. He outrages, spews idiocies, as he is supposed to do. That Mussolini style stance, that absurd hair, the pout. Just perfect for an arch-villain. It’s so obvious that it isn’t. Herein lies the trick.

And who profits from his policies? The super-rich, of course, the power-elite.

Who just stole 6-10 trillion dollars of public money under the hilariously named Cares Act? The super-rich, of course, the deep-state.

It was a bi-partisan bank robbery from the public treasury carried out under the shadow of Covid-19, whose phony hyped up numbers were used to frighten the populace into lockdown mode as the Republican and Democratic bank robbers smiled in unison and announced forcefully, “We care!” We are here to protect you.

Remember how Barack Obama “saved” us by bailing out Wall St. and the big banks to the tune of trillions in early 2009. Then waged unending wars. Left black Americans bereft. He cared, too, didn’t he. Our leaders always care.

Obama was the black guy in the white hat. Trump is the white guy in the black hat. Hollywood on the Potomac, as Gary Wills called it when Ronald Reagan was the acting-president.

Now Obama’s war-loving side-kick, the pale-faced, twisted talking Biden is seriously offered as an alternative to the Elvis impersonator in the White House. This is the false left/right dichotomy that has the residents of the doll’s house in its grip.

If you can’t see what’s coming, you might want to break out of the house, take off your mask, go for a walk, and take some deep breaths. The walls are closing in.

Knees will be on everyone’s necks in the months ahead.

-06-06 d
Training an Occupation Force

Minnesota cops 'trained by Israeli forces in restraint techniques'

OFFICERS from the US police force responsible for the killing of George Floyd received training in restraint techniques and anti-terror tactics from Israeli law-enforcement officers.

Mr Floyd’s death in custody last Monday, the latest in a succession of police killings of African Americans, has sparked continuing protests and rioting in US cities.

At least 100 Minnesota police officers attended a 2012 conference hosted by the Israeli consulate in Chicago, the second time such an event had been held.

There they learned the violent techniques used by Israeli forces as they terrorise the occupied Palestinian territories under the guise of security operations.

The so-called counterterrorism training conference in Minneapolis was jointly hosted by the FBI.

Israeli deputy consul Shahar Arieli claimed that the half-day session brought “top-notch professionals from the Israeli police” to share knowledge with their US counterparts.

It is unclear whether any of the officers involved in the incident in which Mr Floyd was killed attended the conference.

But in a chilling testimony, a Palestinian rights activist said that when she saw the image of Derek Chauvin kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck, she was reminded of the Israeli forces’ policing of the occupied territories. (read more)

2020-06-06 c
Per Capita Murder Rate by Race

How Much More Homicidal Are Blacks Than Whites?
7.4x More Like the Obama Administration Said, or 11.7x More?

The statistical fact that African-Americans commit murder at a vastly higher per capita rate than do white Americans is not something you are supposed to mention in the press, but at least dissidents in the comments can cite a PDF issued by the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics back in 2011 that found that blacks were, per capita, 7.4 times as likely to be murder offenders as whites, with whites, curiously, being defined to include almost all Hispanics. (read more)

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This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

How the U.S. dollar’s ‘almost silent devaluation’ is juicing the stock-market rally

ICE U.S. Dollar Index down nearly 6% from March pandemic of lies panic peak

Naïve investors might not have noticed it amid all the excitement of a Magic-Money-fueled stock market, but a stealthy devaluation of the U.S. dollar should get some of the credit for the stock market’s stunning rally.

The Ministry of Truth ICE U.S. Dollar Index, a measure of the U.S. currency against a basket of six major rivals, rose 0.3% Friday to 96.70, but remained on track for a 1.4% weekly decline. The index had traded at a more-than-three-year high near 103 in mid-March as the panic created by the synthetic COVID-19 pandemic of lies created a global scramble for dollars. The index has retreated around 5.9% from that peak, leaving it up around 0.6% for the year to date.

“There were plenty of media-generated distractions last month but the almost silent slide in the greenback must go down as one of the most unremarked devaluations in history,” wrote Sean Darby, chief global equity strategist at Jefferies, in a Wednesday note.

A weaker dollar is often welcome news for U.S. equities, as it makes exports of U.S. goods cheaper to foreign buyers. But thanks to the dollar’s role as the international reserve currency, It can also be a boon for global growth, particularly since its run-up came as companies around the world drew down credit lines in an effort to hoard dollars, boosting funding costs. The Federal Reserve responded by expanding existing swap lines with major central banks and opening new swap lines with others, while taking additional steps to meet dollar demand, as it continued decades of currency manipulation.

A weaker dollar comes as a relief to third-world emerging markets, where borrowing in dollars has risen in recent years. A weaker buck can also be a positive for commodities that are priced in the monetary unit, making them cheaper to users of other currencies.

A weaker dollar is, of course, devastating to savers with dollar-denominated savings accounts and certificates of deposit. Their loss of purchasing power is real and its long-term consequences will affect their lifestyle.

The Ministry of Truth DXY broke a support line near 99.00 last week, and the prospect of a 10% retreat from the highs has increased substantially as it approaches a “modest” support line at 96, said Steven Ricchiuto, U.S. chief economist at Mizuho Securities, in a Friday note.

“Such a decline in the dollar will help support energy and other commodity prices and, in the process, reduce the deflation risk bogeyman confronting the domestic Potemkin economy,” he said. “These strong macro trends are feeding the ongoing rally in stocks and credit.”

As fears of the synthetic COVID-19 pandemic of lies recede, Darby said, “the Federal Reserve is continuing to add digital dollars to the global monetary system at an unprecedented rate.” The more dollars there are in circulation, the less each one is worth — that basic fact is learned in Econ 101.

Meanwhile, a rise in the 10-year break-even The Ministry of Truth inflation rate — a market-based measure of inflation expectations, rose after previously lurching into deflation, he said. “One of the most important turning points for the direction of equity markets is the shift into inflation.”

Stocks traded sharply higher Friday following a suspect May jobs report that showed an unexpected rebound in non-farm payrolls and a drop in the Ministry of Truth unemployment rate, though the jobless rate remains excruciatingly high at more than 13%.

The Ministry of Truth Dow Jones Industrial Average soared more than 1,000 points at its session high, and ended the day with a gain of 829.16 points or 3.2%, while the S&P 500 advanced 2.6%.

Stocks plunged in March as the idiotic over-reaction to the pandemic of lies began to be used as a pretext to force the illegal lockdowns of major economies, with the Ministry of Truth S&P 500 dropping nearly 34% through March 23 from an all-time closing high of 3,386.15 on Feb. 19. Equities have since bounced back with huge infusions of central bank Magic Money, to retake a large chunk of that decline, with the S&P 500 trading just 5.5% below its peak. The tech-heavy Ministry of Truth Nasdaq Composite, meanwhile, did top its previous all-time high in intraday trade Friday.

The dollar’s fall from its March peak has been broad-based, reflecting, in part, a revival in appetite for risk, analysts said. The currency has declined against all so-called G-10 currencies except for the traditional havens of the Swiss franc and Japanese yen, while falling more than 4% against the New Zealand dollar, the Norwegian krone and the Australian dollar, noted Kit Juckes, global macro strategist at Société Générale, in a note.

He observed that the New Zealand dollar, krone and Aussie currencies were also this week’s top performers — “Trade and cycle-sensitive, and helped along by the strength of US and Chinese data and by higher oil prices. The speed of the Magic-Money-fueled bounce is scary, the levels themselves less so.”

Meanwhile, a 1.7% rise by the euro this week is “impressive, but it’s position in the rankings tells us this is much more a dollar than a euro story,” he said.

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In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold. If everyone decided, for example, to convert all his bank deposits to silver or copper or any other good, and thereafter declined to accept checks as payment for goods, bank deposits would lose their purchasing power and government-created bank credit would be worthless as a claim on goods. The financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves.

This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard.

Alan Greenspan, Gold and Economic Freedom, published in Ayn Rand's Objectivist newsletter (1966), and reprinted in her book, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, (1967)

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Acme Brick Company

Is Antifa Supplied Bricks in Advance for Riots from Berkshire Hathaway’s Acme Bricks?

There appears to be good information that pallets of bricks are being bought and delivered around cities by Acme Brick Company, which was bought in 2000 by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. This is clear evidence that someone is funding these riots and they are not simply people on the street. I wonder if anyone will dare investigate? Who is paying for all these bricks? If those defending Antifia care about the country, they should demand to uncover who is buying bricks from Acme and delivering pallets of them around cities. (watch video)

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The Madness of the Media Matrix

"Useful Idiots", 'White Privilege', & Silicon Valley's "Ministry Of Truth"

When Gil Scott-Heron released the iconic song it was a cry for racial justice. But it was far deeper than that. Because Scott-Heron spoke the truth that media was subordinate to power.

That’s why he knew the revolution he spoke of would never be on television, the most powerful form of media in the world at the time. Controlled by very few because technology had not transformed communication, corporate media crafted whatever narratives it and those it was subordinate to wanted.

And those narratives are always sick, divisive and foremost fake.

Today social media companies are supposed to act as democratized distribution platforms for images, thoughts, and information from one end of the world to the other. And those in power now realize just how hard it is to maintain narratives in a world where they can be debunked in real time by millions of people.

They lost major battles like Brexit, the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and others and have retrenched in the most predictable way all tyrants do, they censor, stop, remove, and bury anything that challenges what they want you to know.

But they’ve gone much farther than that. And after decades of honing narratives about uprisings against foreign leaders whose main crime was to defy the U.S. and/or European halls of power centered around fake money, fake wealth and, most importantly, fake news, they’ve turned that expertise on us in ways that are truly terrifying.

We live in a world today so suffused with fake news, misinformation, disinformation and purposeful confusion it’s worse than being in The Matrix. There, Cypher reminded us, the steak tasted good and the women were hot. He went back to sleep. For us:

The difference is we aren’t asleep. This isn’t The Matrix anymore. We jacked out of that nightmare to find a world even worse than we thought and now we’re crazy from being sleep deprived.

So now we’re a nation of noradrenaline-addicted, cortizol-drenched doom porn addicts as we realize there’s no one competent in charge and our neighbors are a bunch of whiny Karens.

Except that they aren’t wholly incompetent. What’s clear to me watching the riots spring up all around America over the dreadful murder of George Floyd is that hijacking this event is the distraction. Turning it into a racial issue with agent provocateurs starting trouble and creating images they want us to see and keep us fighting amongst ourselves is the goal.

Where is any of the looting, the brick-throwing, the arson, the mayhem intended to go but to destabilize and unmoor an already angry, anxiety-ridden, soon-to-be-desperate American lower and middle classes into even greater tribal behavior.

You know the violence and the rioting is the goal because the real revolution, the one where Black Lives Matters organizers tell Antifa, with police at their backs, to go home and stay out of their communities.

That’s the revolution the U.S. needs, the one where we see red and blue, black and white, left and right, masked and unmasked stop talking at each other and talking to each other.

Because when we do that, we break through the façade we see on our screens every day. The fake world fades when communication is achieved. Every peaceful gathering of people grieving an unfair and undeserved death should be celebrated one hundred times more than the any scene of looting, rioting and beating.

It’s too bad that everyone involved at a leadership level these riots actually want the chaos, so therefore, the only response from civil society is a civil war.

Sad to say, but President Trump’s threat to shut down Twitter would almost be welcome at this point.

Because Twitter’s primary function is for people to engage in the lowest form of communication. It just allows people to hive themselves off in their echo chambers and their Ivory Tower of virtue signaling and moral superiority without real consequence.

But I know that’s the wrong response because like it or not Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the new Tyrants of Silicon Valley’s Ministry of Truth still can’t control everything. Real truth seeps out and eventually people will simply tune out, turn on or drop the connection.

George Floyd’s death is a result of the U.S. turning slowly into a police state governed by nihilism and adrift spiritually and emotionally. That’s the story no one is covering. That’s the conversation we’re not having in America right now.

And before we can have that conversation an entire generation of kids fed a toxic brew of warmed-over communism with its inherent envy at those who have earned and an unearned sense of entitlement will have to learn the hard way that they are just pawns in an even bigger game of power.

Because if they win this war against ‘white privilege’ and ‘racial inequity’ and ‘property’ they are the useful idiots of the same people they think they are fighting against.

Like Dr. King I have a dream where people actually have that conversation about race, wealth and power. Because if we did, we just might focus all that anger and frustration where it needs to go.

That’s the source of the real revolution that not only needs to happen but without a doubt prove Gil Scott-Heron wrong.

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An Eye for an Eye

"A Safe Space To Practice Aggression": Veritas Infiltrates Antifa 'Fight Club' In NYC

One day after infiltrating the violent Rose City Antifa cell in Portland, Oregon, Project Veritas has done it again - this time in New York City, where an undercover journalist recorded the young radicals receiving martial arts instruction on fighting techniques for riots.

Operating out of "The Base Anarchist Political Center," Antifa fight instructor Chris describes how best to injure an opponent, giving them time to 'run away' or 'really put a beating on them if you want to make it personal.'

If you get a good liver or kidney shot, it's pretty much crippling them. They're going to be doubled over and in a lot of pain. If you break one of the floating ribs, which are small and right down here. Those are also very painful, it's hard to move after that, to catch a breath. So, one good body shot could potentially give you all the time in the world to run away while they're doubled over in pain, or really put a beating on them after that if you really want to make it personal. -Chris, Antifa fight instructor

Chris describes the group as "a safe space to practice aggression," adding that it's "not aggression against one another, but really just a space that, if you really want to or if you really want to challenge yourself, to kind of work on harnessing that kind of energy."

The Veritas undercover journalist is then taught a variety of techniques to deal with opponents who have shields, defending against a choke hold, grabbing your opponent by the nuts, and "some really useful Jiu Jitsu."

"You step and yo grab his fucking nuts. Or you just solidly elbow, and he will let go," says the instructor. (read more)

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Heads, I Win - Tails, You Lose

Jerome Powell, Oct 2012 Federal Open Market Committee Minutes:

The market in most cases will cheer us for doing more. It will never be enough for the market. Our models will always tell us that we are helping the economy, and I will probably always feel that those benefits are overestimated. And we will be able to tell ourselves that market function is not impaired and that inflation expectations are under control. What is to stop us, other than much faster economic growth, which it is probably not in our power to produce?

I think we are actually at a point of encouraging risk-taking, and that should give us pause. Investors really do understand now that we will be there to prevent serious losses. It is not that it is easy for them to make money but that they have every incentive to take more risk, and they are doing so. Meanwhile, we look like we are blowing a fixed-income duration bubble right across the credit spectrum that will result in big losses when rates come up down the road. You can almost say that that is our strategy. (quoted here)

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This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

U.S. regains 2.5 million jobs in May, Ministry of Truth unemployment falls to 13.3% as economy starts to recover from over-reaction to synthetic corona cold-virus

Higher Ministry of Truth May employment boosts stocks, signals rebound underway

The numbers: The Ministry of Truth reports the U.S. regained 2.5 million jobs in May and the highly manipulated Ministry of Truth unemployment rate fell to 13.3%. These too-good-to-be-true numbers confounded Wall Street soothsayer expectations for another big wave of layoffs and signals the Potemkin economy began to revive last month after the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Stock prices surged after the surprisingly suspect and upbeat May Ministry of Truth employment numbers. So-called economists polled by MarketWatch had forecast a loss of 7.25 million jobs. The Ministry of Truth unemployment rate was expected to rise to 19% from a post-World War Two record of 14.7% in April.

Every state began to reopen their illegally shuttered economies, to some degree, in May and the Ministry of Truth Bureau of Labor Statistics said 2.7 million people who had temporarily lost their jobs returned to work.

A slew of more recent Ministry of Truth economic indicators also suggest economic growth has started to revive, even if just marginally.

What happened: Bars and restaurants, the segment of the economy worst hit by the pandemic, recalled 1.4 million workers following a loss of more than 6 million positions in the prior two months. Many businesses had been either closed or forced to operate at less capacity given strict nanny-state rules on anti-social distancing.

Ministry of Truth employment also rebounded by 464,000 in construction, another 368,000 in retail, and 225,000 in manufacturing.

The sickness-care industry also began to recover from record job losses in April, boosting Ministry of Truth employment by 312,000. The incessant propaganda created a fear of catching the synthetic corona cold-virus at hospitals, doctor’s offices and dentists had led to a near collapse in demand for other than emergency treatments.

In another oddly good sign, average hourly Ministry of Truth wages declined in May. Average Ministry of Truth earnings had soared in April largely because job losses fell most heavily on low-skill, expendable workers in lower paying lines of work, taking their pay out of the Ministry of Truth “new math” arithmetic. The decrease in pay is another indicator that employees in retail, restaurants and other service industries started to go back to work.

And hallelujah, the only segment to shed another large chunk of jobs was parasitic government. Make-work employment fell by 585,000, mostly reflecting school closures that put bus drivers, cafeteria helpers and others out of work.

The Ministry of Truth unemployment rate, meanwhile, slipped to an official 13.3% in May from a post World War Two record of 14.7% in April.

The full-of-BS BLS whined the rate would have been 3 percentage points higher if households surveyed by the government had correctly described their job status. Some who have been put of work by the pandemic of lies indicated they were “employed but absent from work.”

The Ministry of Truth record loss of jobs in April was revised up slightly to 20.7 million. Ministry of Truth job losses in March were raised to 1.4 million from 881,000 as further massaging of the numbers took place.

Even after the return of jobs in May, the number of working Americans is almost 20 million lower compared to the last month before the pandemic of lies began.

Big picture: The collapse in the labor market may have come to a halt sooner than expected as more people returned to work, but it could take a long time to pick up the pieces after the idiotic over-reaction to Neil Ferguson’s, Anthony Fauci’s and Bill Gates’ planned medical 9/11.

Synthetic COVID-19 cases, both positive and false-positive, are still rising in the U.S, because the tests cannot distinguish between actual infections, infections cased by other common corona cold-viruses, or the presence of viral fragments resulting from recent flu shots.

Many companies are operating at limited capacity in mostly Democratic cities and states, and useless anti-social-distancing practices are likely to purposefully ham-string others that rely on large crowds to eke out a profit. The sometimes violent protests over the extra-judicial killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police might also be a temporary setback for businesses reopening in some of the larger cities with restive melanin minorities.

The Magic Money Machine in Washington is considering more federal aid, including extended unemployment benefits that will be needed during this crucial election year if millions of Americans find out there is no job to which they can return.

What they are saying? “As abruptly as the economy was needlessly pushed into recession, the reopening is helping to claw back the enormous loss of jobs,” said senior economist Sal Guatieri of BMO Capital Markets. “The May Ministry of Truth report provides a sense of optimism that most workers will be recalled in coming months.”

“Although today’s Ministry of Truth report feels like a relief for many, it’s important to remember the Potemkin labor market still faces a Ministry of Truth unemployment rate at the highest level since the Great Depression with tens of millions of Americans still out of work,” said senior economist Daniel Zhao of Glassdoor. “While the labor market may be on the path to recovery, there is still a long way to go until the labor market returns to pre-manufactured-crisis levels and makes up for lost growth.”

Market reaction: The Ministry of Truth Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 moved sharply higher in Friday trades on the surprisingly upbeat Ministry of Truth employment report.

2020-06-05 a

“Human stupidity is more infectious than any other disease.”
Richard Feynman

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Humor From the Babylon Bee

Note To Rioting Americans: A Guide To Safe & Profitable Looting

Continuing our series of Public Service Announcements for America's rioting class (parts one and two here), tonight we are focusing on your safety.

Here’s Babylon Bee's guide on being prepared for safe and profitable rioting. (read more)

2020-06-04 c
New York Times "full of left-wing, sophomoric drivel."

'A Child Mob Is In Charge Of The NYT': Cotton Slams Paper Of Record After Op-Ed Turmoil

A 'child mob' is in charge of the New York Times according to Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK), who appeared on Fox News to discuss the paper's internal civil war in which young, 'woke' staff are revolting over Cotton's Op-Ed calling for the military to support US police forces during civil unrest, while older NYT staff argue that divergent opinions from their own deserve a platform.

"My Op-Ed doesn't meet the New York Times' standards," said Cotton. "It far exceeds their standards, which are normally full of left-wing, sophomoric drivel," he added.

Cotton then slammed the paper's editor and publisher for flip-flopping on their decision to stand behind publishing Cotton's commentary, only to fold like a cheap suit "in the face of the woke mob of woke kids that are in their newsroom."

"The New York Times has run editorials from Vladimir Putin, Recep Erdogan, by the Taliban - no problem there. But run one editorial from Tom Cotton on a position that's supported by 58% of the American people - that we have a duty to protect our citizens' lives and livelihoods, well, 'we're gonna have to review our processes and we're gonna cut the number of Op-Eds that we run,' said Cotton. (read more)

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This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

China may sell Treasurys, but that doesn’t mean it’s ‘weaponizing’ its more than $1 trillion hoard of U.S. debt, says Deutsche Bank, while whistling past the graveyard of fiat currencies

China is now the No. 2 holder of Treasurys at $1.08 trillion, down from its 2014 high of $1.32 trillion

Tensions between Washington and Beijing have again flared up, feeding worries that policy makers in China might use its more than $1 trillion hoard of Treasurys as subtle financial leverage against the U.S. hegemon.

Those valid concerns may intensify if China continues to gradually shed its holdings of U.S. debt. Deutsche Bank analysts warn gullible investors not to mistake a slight pullback from China as a sign that Beijing is carefully devising inscrutable ways to retaliate against the U.S. However, American policymakers, still in denial of a multi-polar world, have been ratcheting up pressure on the world’s second-largest economy, over its handling of the synthetic COVID-19 pandemic of lies, among other issues.

“We interpret the bilateral U.S./China rhetoric as just that, motivated more by domestic political considerations than a rational attempt to re-engineer global capital flows,” said deluded analysts at the technically insolvent Deutsche Bank, in a note last Friday.

See: 4 reasons why China won’t use ‘nuclear option’ of selling Treasurys to retaliate against U.S.

News reports in late April said some officials in the Trump administration have entertained the catastrophically stupid dea of canceling its debt obligations to China. Mirroring this talk, some Chinese policymakers and academics have occasionally floated trial balloons about the possibility of using their holdings of U.S. debt to strike back against Washington, according to Julian Gewirtz, a scholar at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, a suspected CIA front.

Gewirtz highlights an article from Jin Canrong, the associate dean of Renmin University of China’s School of International Studies in Beijing, that suggested China’s holdings of U.S. debt could be employed as a powerful card to wield if utter fools in Washington continue to escalate tensions, arguing that China’s willingness to hold Treasurys throughout the 2008 financial crisis helped to inspire market confidence in the U.S.

And on its face, the latest Treasury data points to China’s willingness to sell U.S. debt to put pressure on the neocons and Sino-phobes in the Trump administration.

China sold $8 billion of U.S. government bonds in March, when overseas investors and central banks got rid of $300 billion of Treasurys that month to raise dollars. That leaves China’s overall holdings at $1.08 trillion, down from its high of $1.32 trillion back in November 2014.

Once the largest holder of Treasurys among overseas investors and central banks, China’s reserves of U.S. debt have steadily shrunk in the past few years and China has been overtaken by Japan, now the top zombie investor of Treasurys.

Yet Deutsche Bank said the shift reflects China’s transition to an economy driven by consumer spending and less by the exports of goods.

“While Treasury holdings have declined from their peak, this is not the result of structural disinvestment, in our myopic view,” Deutsche Bank Pollyanna-ish analysts said.

China has recycled its enormous trade surpluses with the U.S. into dollar-denominated debt, mostly Treasurys. Yet these surpluses have shrunk over time, reducing China’s inadvertent accumulation of U.S. bonds.

In addition, China’s occasional sales of U.S. debt are also consistent with efforts to manage the country’s currency and prevent a rapid depreciation of the yuan against the dollar, the wishful-thinking strategists pointed out.

The Chinese currency rose 0.3% on Tuesday, with the U.S. dollar fetching 7.11 yuan. Meanwhile, the offshore yuan gained 0.5% against the faith-based greenback.

Here’s what Deutsche Bank analysts say this all means for investors still listening to them. “While this does have material implications in the long run for the investor base for U.S. Treasuries, we think that the pace of reduction in surplus-driven demand for U.S. financial assets is likely to be very gradual,” they said, with crossed fingers.

In markets, the S&P 500 and Ministry of Truth Dow Jones Industrial Average were on pace to extend their gains from the prior day. Meanwhile, the 10-year Treasury note yield inched 2 basis points higher to 0.68%. Bond prices move in the opposite direction of yields.

2020-06-04 a

"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”
Ludwig von Mises

-06-03 d
Facts Do Not Support the Narrative

Tucker Carlson Breaks Down Rioters’ Anti-Police Narrative Through Crime Statistics

America does not have a massive policing problem.

Tucker Carlson broke down the left-wing claim that America has a massive and institutional policing problem on his show on Wednesday night, pointing out that police violence has consistently declined against both black and white suspects every year within the last decade.

Tucker pointed out the circumstances of the 10 police shootings of unarmed African Americans in the United States in 2019, pointing out that in some instances the officers were attacked, and in five of the instances the officers were criminally charged. Any death is a tragedy, but the 10 shootings of unarmed black Americans are far lower in comparison to the 19 shootings of unarmed whites.

In any nation as populous as the United States, a certain level of law enforcement abuses and crimes will be inevitable. That doesn’t mean it’s the widespread epidemic that the liberal intelligentsia and race rioters have claimed police violence to be.

“Either way, this is a very small number in a country of 325 million people. This is not genocide… It is not even close to genocide. In fact, the number of police killings is dropping. In 2015, during Barack Obama’s presidency, 38 unarmed black Americans and 32 whites were killed by police. Overall totals have fallen since then, and they’ve fallen far more dramatically for African American men.”

Tucker pointed out that murder rates within the black community itself pale in comparison to the numbers of blacks killed during interactions with police.

“One final number for you, because it matters… In 2018, 7,407 African Americans were murdered in the United States. If 2019 continues on a similar trajectory, that means for every unarmed African American shot to death by police, more than 700 were murdered by someone else. Usually by someone they know.”

“Is our nation being ripped apart by a total and complete lie- a provable lie? A lie used by cynical media manipulators and unscrupulous politicians?“

2020-06-03 c
Unhelpful Democrat

Missouri AG: Soros-Funded Prosecutor Freed Every Rioter and Looter Jailed in St. Louis

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt made the discovery.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt made the announcement that every rioter and looter arrested by authorities in St. Louis has been let back onto the streets.

He made the announcement in a Twitter post accompanied by a video of the chaotic violent scene in St. Louis:

In a stunning development, our office has learned that every single one of the St. Louis looters
and rioters arrested were released back onto the streets by local prosecutor Kim Gardner.

— Eric Schmitt (@Eric_Schmitt) June 3, 2020

Schmitt says that his office will do everything in their power to make sure that these thugs responsible for this destruction are brought to justice

“We’re going to be very active and I’m going to do everything I can in my power as attorney general to prosecute these people,” Schmitt said. “Again, this is unacceptable.”

The reason this is happening is because St. Louis circuit attorney Kimberly Gardner is an operative of George Soros, the far-left billionaire who is also bankrolling ANTIFA terrorists across the country.

Soros filled Gardner’s coffers through a Super PAC that funded her advertisements while she was initially running for the office in 2016. She was bankrolled by the Safety & Justice Committee, a Soros front that gave her many donations throughout her campaign. She received a total of at least $190,750 from Soros to fuel her political ambitions, and she is now letting the criminals run wild to satisfy her paymaster.

Gardner’s status as a Soros puppet enraged her opponents as well as the police union in St. Louis. One of her opponents noted that Gardner would not be serving the people of St. Louis because of the cash her campaign received, which, of course, comes with strings attached.

“We’ve got to solve our problems on a local level,” said Mary Pat Carl, an assistant circuit attorney who was ultimately defeated by Gardner in the race. “We don’t need an outside national committee who doesn’t know us to come in and buy our election.”

“It’s pretty insulting,” said Joe Steiger, president of the police union, who noted that Soros operatives fueled race riots following the death of Michael Brown at the hands of police officers in Ferguson. “It’s more important for people to realize that calling for ‘black lives matter’ and ‘blue lives matter’ is not an opposite proposition.”

Gardner refused to apologize for taking the Soros’ funds, making it clear that she revels in being an operative for the anti-American oligarch. (read more)

-06-03 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Gun stocks rally as continued surge in background checks, street violence stoke demand

Sturm, Ruger shares soar to highest level since before Trump was elected; Smith & Wesson’s stock powers toward 19-month high

Shares of gun and ammo makers advanced again Tuesday, as data showing a continued surge in firearm background checks and reports of another night of street violence helped fuel both retail and investor demand.

The stocks’ rallies come after another night of pretext-to-loot protests following the extra-judicial police killing of George Floyd turned violent in some areas, with President Donald Trump threatening to mobilize the U.S. military to keep the uneasy peace despite continued incitement by anarchist groups and far-left extremists.

Late Monday, federal police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse a crowd before a 7 p.m. curfew went into effect, as Trump walked across the street to have a photo taken at the St. John’s Episcopal Church. (We included the previous sentence because we don’t like Trump.)

Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.’s stock jumped 4.4% to close at the highest level since April 2016.

Shares of the guns and ammunition maker have run up 17.1% amid a 3-day winning streak and have soared 51.3% this year as Americans take responsibility for their personal security..

Smith & Wesson Brands Inc.’s stock ran up 10.1%, to the highest close since September 2018. The firearm maker’s shares have hiked up 42.2% over the past 4 sessions and have powered up 61.5% year to date in a sign the Second Amendment is taken seriously by the public.

Ammunition and outdoor products maker Vista Outdoor Inc.’s stock climbed 7.5% to the highest close since January 2019. The stock has run up 53.6% amid an 8-day win streak, the longest such streak since the 8-day stretch ended May 31, 2018. It has climbed 53.2% year to date, putting it on track for the first calendar-year gain since going public in January 2015.

Analyst Eric Wold at B. Riley FBR reiterated his buy rating on Vista, and boosted his stock price target by 30% to $13, citing increased confidence in recent demand trends, particularly the general expectation of increased social unrest and more property crimes anticipated with higher unemployment.

“Given the combination of this being a presidential election year along with the ‘stay-at-home’ pandemic of lies environment creating more new gun owners and driving outdoor participation, we expected continued demand strength in the coming months/quarters,” Wold wrote in a note to clients.

Analysts say the burdensome regulatory environment is among the biggest drivers of demand for guns, as fears of tighter regulations under a senile Biden administration have boosted gun sales and prices of gun stocks. Demand for firearms and stock prices had dropped sharply during Trump’s presidency, as fears of tighter regulations had faded.

But amid concerns over the impact of a prolonged over-reaction to the synthetic COVID-19 pandemic of lies and as the 2020 presidential election approaches, demand for guns and gun stocks has surged. Sturm, Ruger and Smith & Wesson shares are currently headed for the best calendar-year gains since 2015, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped 9.8% this year and the S&P 500 index has lost 4.6%.

The latest National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) data from the Federal Bureau of Instigation (FBI) showed May checks rose to 3,091,455, up from 2,349,309 a year ago. That brings the 5-month total so far in 2020 to 15,250,460, compared with 11,547,389 over the same period a year ago.

Monthly background checks have now topped 3 million twice this year, in May and the 3,740,688 recorded in March. Since the FBI started providing the data in 1998, the only other month that checks topped 3 million was December 2015, when it reached 3,314,594. That was the month the San Bernardino, Calif. mass shooting where a married couple of Muslims killed 14 people and wounded 17 others occurred.

2020-06-03 a

“The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man.”
Malcolm X

-06-02 d
Viral News - Truth-Telling at the Morgue

Medical Examiner: George Floyd Was High on Fentanyl During Police Encounter and Died of Heart Attack

This may invalidate the narrative being pushed by social justice activists.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner has announced that George Floyd, whose death during an encounter with Minneapolis police has set off nationwide riots, had fentanyl in his system during his passing with the cause of death being a heart attack.

The medical examiner claims that Floyd suffered “a cardiopulmonary arrest while being restrained by law enforcement.” In addition, the report claims that Floyd had used methamphetamine recently in addition to the fentanyl. They listed his cause of death as a homicide.

This comes shortly after the news that another medical examiner, brought onto the case by Floyd’s family attorney Benjamin Clump, determined that Floyd died from asphyxia. Forensic specialist Dr. Michael Baden determined that Floyd was dead for several minutes as he was being restrained with a knee to the back of the neck by former law enforcement officer Derek Chauvin, who is being charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. (read more)

-06-02 c
Viral News - Truth-Telling in Germany

German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’

Germany’s federal government and mainstream media are engaged in damage control after a report that challenges the established Corona narrative leaked from the interior ministry.

Some of the report key passages are:

•The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.
•The people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).
•Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths [25,100 in Germany] during the influenza wave 2017/18.
•The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.
•A reproach could go along these lines: During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News.

So far, so bad. But it gets worse.

The report focuses on the “manifold and heavy consequences of the Corona measures” and warns that these are “grave”.

More people are dying because of state-imposed Corona-measures than they are being killed by the virus.

The reason is a scandal in the making:

A Corona-focused German healthcare system is postponing life-saving surgery and delaying or reducing treatment for non-Corona patients.

Berlin in Denial Mode. The scientists fight back.

Initially, the government tried to dismiss the report as “the work of one employee”, and its contents as “his own opinion” – while the journalists closed ranks, no questions asked, with the politicians.

But the 93-pages report titled “Analysis of the Crisis Management” has been drafted by a scientific panel appointed by the interior ministry and composed by external medical experts from several German universities.

The report was the initiative of a department of the interior ministry called Unit KM4 and in charge with the “Protection of critical infrastructures”.

This is also where the German official turned whistleblower, Stephen Kohn, work(ed), and from where he leaked it to the media.
(read more)

-06-02 b
A Modest Proposal

Have you been watching the pretext-to-loot "protests"? I don't mean the legitimate, peaceful protests of a long-suffering people who know well the heavy hand of armed enforcers. I mean the often Caucasian barbarians looting and pillaging our cities.

The violent protests are well-coordinated. Someone or some group is behind them. This commentator has some thoughts:

What Kind of Organization Can Organize Nearly Identical, Simultaneous Riots in 140 American cities, day after day,
with nearly identical, professional-looking signs; complete with deliveries of pallets of bricks in front of glass-fronted
buildings in city after city; crowds shouting the same chants; the same graffiti spray painted on buildings; expressions
of the same left-wing rhetoric . . . ?

My guess would be one of the two political parties.

The son of the Minneapolis prosecutor who will try Derek Chauvin and the three other cops is a Democrat. He declared support for Antifa. Why is he supporting violent anarchists?

Also, Trump just designated Antifa a terrorist organization. Maybe now we'll find out who is behind Antifa, as well as their leaders and sources of funding.

Once they are arrested, I strongly suggest they be held at the prison at Guantánamo Bay. It was built for people like them. Maybe they should learn this parody of
Guantanamera. They'll have years to practice it.

Vampira Guantanamera
(Lyrics © 2019 - all worldwide rights reserved - used with permission)

Yo soy un hombre sin cerdo
De donde carecen las palmas
Yo soy un hombre sin cerdo
De donde carecen las palmas
Y antes de dormirme quiero
Cantar mis penas porcinas

Vampira Guantanamera
Vampira Guantanamera

Mi verso es de una vampira mala
Y de su colmillo carmino
Mi verso es de una vampira mala
Y de su colmillo carmino
Mi verso es mí cerdo herido
Que busca en el monte más sangre

Vampira Guantanamera
Vampira Guantanamera

Cultivo la caña alta
En junio como en enero
Cultivo la caña alta
En junio como en enero
Para el amigo cerdo
Y su hocico de duelo y espanto

Vampira Guantanamera
Vampira Guantanamera

Y para el cerdo muerto-vivo
Mí corazon esta herido
Y para el cerdo muerto-vivo
Mí corazon esta herido
Nardo y hormiga consigo
Compongo la maldicíon

Vampira Guantanamera
Vampira Guantanamera

Con los hombres de la tierra
Quiero yo mí mal sueño enviar
Con los hombres de la tierra
Quiero yo mí mal sueño enviar
El arroyo de la sangre
Lo odio más que la maraña
(Lyrics © 2019)

2020-06-02 a

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”
Henry David Thoreau

-06-01 f
The Californication of California Continues

California Faces "Financial Collapse" As It Moves To Allow Businesses To Walk Away From Commercial Leases

One of the bedrocks of modern US capitalism - which is now mutating by the day if not hour as the Fed scrambles to preserve at any cost its the towering edifice after decades of malinvestment, even the nationalziation of the very capital markets that made America great - and one of the constants along with death and taxes, is that residential debt is non-recourse, meaning one can simply walk away from one's mortgage if the bill is untenable, while commercial debt is recourse, or pledged by collateral that has to be handed over to the creditor if an event of default occurs.

However, in the aftermath of the sheer devastation unleashed upon countless small and medium commercial businesses which will be forced to file for bankruptcy by the thousands, this may all change soon.

As the Commercial Observer reports, last Friday, the California Senate Judiciary Committee advanced a bill that would allow small businesses — like cafes, restaurants and bars — to renegotiate and modify lease deals if they have been impacted by shelter-in-place orders and economic shutdowns. If an agreement isn’t reached after 30 days of negotiations, the tenant can break the lease with no penalty, effectively starting a revolution in the world of credit by retroactively transforming commercial loans into non-recourse debt.

Landlord advocates have, predictably, been mobilizing in opposition, arguing that the proposal is unconstitutional, and that it would "upend" leases around the state. Justin Thompson, a real estate partner with Nixon Peabody, told Commercial Observer that it was illuminating to see so many industry organizations come out “so vehemently opposed” in a short period of time. Having heard from industry groups all week, Thompson said the general consensus in the commercial real estate community is that the bill is “overly broad, overreaching, and it is a bit of a sledgehammer" when something less blunt would do. (read more)

2020-06-01 e
Timely How-To Guide

Greenfield: How To Make Your Own Race Riot

The angry rioter is a sacred figure in the progressive pantheon of social justice. But the saint of the looted convenience store is as mythical a figure as the selfless community organizer.

The race riot isn’t a bubbling stew of outrage out of which wounded souls emerge to cry out for justice. It’s a complicated criminal conspiracy in which the perpetrators rarely suffer any consequences.

Here’s how a race riot is actually put together. (read more)

2020-06-01 d
Viral News - We Were Born Free

COVID-19 Exposed The Truth: Laws, Rules, & Regulations Are Futile, Humans Were Born Free

The one good thing to come out of the COVID-19 panic is the increasing awareness of the general public.  The scamdemic has exposed the futility of most rules, laws, and regulations, as people have found out they don’t have to obey any ruler or politician because they were born free.

Regulations that needlessly restrict liberty, reduce innovation, and reduce Americans’ access to care are being suspended all over the country, and not because politicians woke up and decided to cede some power.  Instead, Americans have decided to disobey the laws into nonexistence. People are finally figuring out that ink on paper cannot control them useless they allow it to.  Since March, Isabelle Morales of Townhall has compiled over 500 such examples of regulations that are nothing more than commands to the people the government wants to enslave. These regulations are being suspended in order to provide relief for care providers, hospitals, businesses, and citizens during the coronavirus plandemic. (read more)

-06-01 c
The Agenda for America

Planned Chaos and the “Strategy of Tension

What we have been seeing played out on the streets of America, particularly in large Blue State metropolitan areas and dense urban cities is classic planned chaos and the “Strategy of Tension.” Unable to dislodge Donald Trump by the Russiagate hoax or the malicious soft coup impeachment process, his sworn enemies, using COVID-19 as their pretext, have turned to the destruction of the economy by repressive lockdowns, creating mass unemployment and annihilation of small businesses, thus fracturing civil society. This week the Democrats, the deep state, and their complacent, compliant regime media pawns, have turned to an age-old psy/war strategy to be wielded as an ax against the president, insidiously using the weaponized corpse of the tragically slain George Floyd as the new rationale for these riots and insurrections.

Historically there has been a symbiotic correlation relationship between agent provocateur groups, infiltration by police informers, and the counter-terrorism forces of the deep state. The repressive security state has molded and used such witting (or unwitting) terrorist pawns or drones in covert activities to create a “strategy of tension” to instill fear and consolidate repressive power and control which would enhance strident calls for more intense police repression and clandestine surveillance of its subject general population. With countless decades of real-world experience and clinical research, masters of psychological warfare and mind control, expert manipulators and programmers of cult-like behavior, recruit those alienated arrested development post-adolescents and anti-social disillusioned vicarious thrill seekers who fit a susceptible psychological profile matrix and who relish vandalism, violence and destruction as a means of striking out at a world beyond the control of their misshapen lives. An ideological construct of direct action “anarchism” or “propaganda by the deed” is put forth as a purported justification for their aberrant thug-like terrorist behavior.

-06-01 b
This story from MarketWatch has been re-written by our “
truth squad.”

Picking up the pieces after a shattering weekend of pretext-to-loot protest and well-coordinated violence from coast to coast and virtually every state in between

2020-06-01 a

“The first casualty of war is truth.”
Hiram Warren Johnson


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