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 The No Times

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- News and facts for those sick and tired of the National Propaganda Radio version of reality.

- Unlike all the legacy media, our editorial offices are not in Langley, Virginia.

- You won't catch us fiddling while Western Civilization burns.

Close the windows so you don't hear the mockingbird outside, grab a beer, and see what the hell is going on as we witness the controlled demolition of our society.

- The truth usually comes from one source. It comes quietly, with no heralds. Untruths come from multiple sources, in unison, and incessantly.

- The loudest partisans belong to the smallest parties. The media exaggerate their size and influence.


The Peter Principle: “In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”

Parkinson’s Law: “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.”

As modified by Stephen Paul Foster, The Diversity Parkinson’s Law: “Diversity work expands to fill the time of the staff added to the diversity payroll.”

The least diverse department in an organization is the Diversity Department.

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If you let them redefine words, they will control language.
If you let them control language, they will control thoughts.
If you let them control thoughts, they will control you. They will own you.
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