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Annals of Pigmental Privilege (an occasional series)

Identification and Analysis of Diversity Downfall: A Novel Construct in the Social Sciences with Economic Implications

Fidelia Chávez Castro, Chavita Cuauhtémoc Maduro, and Keisha Washington-Oyalumbo (all three are Adjunct Professors at The Che Guevara Center for Humane Humanities)

The land of the fragile and the home of the afraid. (an occasional series)

First things first - I’m going to two different Chinese restaurants this weekend. Why not? I’m not a lemming and I know how to evaluate risks. Also, I like the proprietors and I like the food. It would be a travesty if the current hysteria would cause them further financial hardship.

2020-02-26 and 27
The second and third parts of
2020-02-25 a, The Pendulum Paradigm and Trump Derangement Syndrome, have been posted.

2020-02-25 b
Infectious Thoughts

The following conjectures are based on two premises:

2020-02-25 a
The Pendulum Paradigm and Trump Derangement Syndrome
(with concluding remarks about the fissiparous nature of societies)

First, a sincere thank-you to Alissa Hirshfeld, whose announcement, in an alumni magazine, of her most recent literary venture sparked these ruminations.

2020-02-24 b
Guide for The Perplexed (an occasional series)

If you are still perplexed about the origin of the
2019-nCoV betacoronavirus, this 1 October 2015 article offers a big hint about a possible suspect and a suspected motive.

2020-02-24 a
Trump in Walla World

D. J. Trump is in Walla World. His host, Prime Minister Modi, began working as a chai-walla, a tea vendor.

Running With Scissors

It entailed no inner struggle for me to quote (2020-02-21 b) from My Struggle by Gilad Atzmon. His argument is well-reasoned and his title is clever.

2020-02-21 b
I’m Unorthodox and I’m Okay (an occasional series)

" ... I realised that those who identify as Jews can be divided into three non-exclusive categories. 1. Those who follow Torah and Mitzvoth. 2. Those who identify with their Jewish ancestry. 3. Those who identify politically as Jews.

2020-02-21 a
Will Blago Blab?

Of course he will. Former Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich, was freed from federal prison by the kindness of D, J, Trump’s commutation.

2020-02-19 b

A progressive of the most insidious kind, one who claims to be “woke,” must, perforce, sleepwalk through a world filled with truths: biological truths, economic truths, historical truths, logical truths, mathematical truths, objective truths, etc.

2020-02-19 a
To lead, or not to lead?

If you are led to lead, please see if you are qualified by checking off the following traits of psychopaths (most leaders are psychopaths or sociopaths, especially politicians).

2020-02-18 c
Know Your Candidates (an
occasional series)

Pete Buttigieg (D-Deep State) is an intelligence asset and a Company man.

2020-02-18 b
Rejoice, readers of supermarket tabloids. The ex-man once known as Bruce Jenner is posing, in the nude, for Sports Illustrated.

2020-02-18 a
Maybe Lady Justice will make a rare appearance in the courtroom of Amy Berman Jackson.


Potemkin Planet (an occasional series)

An early spring has come and risk is in the air: systemic risk, counterparty risk, political risk, viral risk and bubble-popping risk.


Beware the Ides of February

Today, we mark the 75th anniversary of the firebombing of Dresden. It was a beautiful city, the 'Florence on the Elbe' and, till then, largely intact. It was the home of women, children, the elderly, American and British POWs, and their guards. Germany was on its knees. The war was concluding. Where is the glory in further demoralizing a vanquished people? Why rain hell on innocents and captives?

2020-02-12 b
Just as the hands on a broken analog clock tell the correct time twice a day, the 2015 speech Mike Bloomberg (D-Wall Street) gave to the Aspen Institute is inconveniently correct (mostly), see excerpt below. And, do look up the annual crime statistics compiled by the federal government to convince you. The statistics are conveniently broken done by race. It's all there in BLACK and WHITE. Get it?“

If you are following the drama surrounding the resignations (good riddance) of the hyper-partisan, vindictive federal prosecutors in the Roger Stone case, keep in mind: Prosecution becomes persecution when they can't indict you for a real crime and instead indict you for "conspiracy' or a process crime.

Angela Merkel's mass importation of misogynists from Mesopotamia and the Middle East has claimed yet another victim.

2020-02-10 b
The land of the fragile and the home of the afraid.

This story could have sprung from the Onion or the Babylon Bee, but it didn't. A Nazi flag was seen (SEEN !!!) over the weekend in a window at Governor Thomas Johnson High School in Frederick, south of Camp David, in the People's Republic of Maryland. The horror! The horror!

2020-02-10 a
Ruminations on Ruin in a Bernays World
(Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, published, Propaganda, in 1928.)

These are some of the claims that try men's souls.

- The claim that ...

An augmented paragraph worth repeating from the last seven days (from 2020-02-05 a (addendum)):

Sadly, our dangling carrots are a selective lure. Except for the current waves of so-called asylum-seekers, we have generally received, legally and illegally, the brighter ones, not the dullards, from those cursed lands.

Dare I write, "the Schiff hits the fan?"

"Earlier today, an indictment was unsealed against the CEO of an online payment processing company, and seven others, charging them with conspiring to make and conceal conduit and excessive campaign contributions, and related offenses, during the U.S. presidential election in 2016 and thereafter." (DOJ source)

(a) some background

The Democrats' fixation on the Ukraine and the temporarily-constricted torrent of foreign aid to that former Soviet Republic did not start with the Atkinson-Ciaramella Affair nor with the gang of Deep State freshmen congressmen (and women) sending a letter to Madame Pelosi asking her to initiate the impeachment inquiry nor with Adam "I Like Chocolate" Schiff convening his Star Chamber deep below the cast iron dome of the Capitol.

Regardless of your opinion of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, please be aware it is painfully obvious she is not long for this world. Please pray for her and those who love her and those lucky ones who learned about justice and mercy from her.

2020-02-05 a (addendum)
"He should also have called for Plyler v. Doe (1982) to be overturned,"
But what about the children? Don't you care about the children and their education?

Yes, I care deeply about the children - all children, even unborn children.

2020-02-05 a
The State of the Union Address was delivered by:
(a) Father Christmas
(b) Pere Noel
(c) Santa Claus
(d) D. J. Trump
(e) a man unaware of the 10th Amendment he swore to uphold

2020-02-04 b
ACRONYM's Shadow, has fallen over the Iowa vote count. The Shadow-made app to tally last night's caucus results was funded by the Iowa Democratic Party and Buttigieg's campaign.

2020-02-04 a
I intend to watch the State of the Union Address this evening. My attention will be focused on the unnaturally botoxed face of Madame Pelosi. I am not a masochist. I merely want to study evil incarnate to better discern its presence in those who conceal it.

2020-02-03 b
We saw the movie, 1917, this afternoon. It was an intense emotional experience and merits the highest accolades. This cinematic pièce de résistance was shot in one take. A world that still honors valor would grant this movie multiple awards regardless of the race or gender or sexual orientation of the director, the cinematographer, and the actors.

2020-02-03 a
This latest revelation from a Friend-of-Julian is quite interesting. FBI illicit lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page exchanged two pages worth of emails with the subject line, Seth Rich, within a month of the hit. Yes, that Seth Rich.

Super Bowls of Snowdrops
Super Bowling Shoe
Super Bowling League
Super Bowling Green
Super Bowline
Super Bowler Hat

- Is this merely super, or superannuated, supercilious, superfluous, supernatural, or supernumerary?
- Do you live for LIV?
Alas, I do not partake of panem et circenses (from Juvenal, Satire X, line 81). I prefer word games.

Vile Schmuck of the Month

Adam "I Like Chocolate" Schiff (D-Sodom and Gomorrah) has been named the 'Vile Schmuck of the Month' for January. It was a unanimous decision of the judges to award the tumescent member of Congress the imaginary jar of pickled pigs' penises. The 'Vile Schmuck of the Month' for February will be announced on March 1st.


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2020 - JANUARY


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- The loudest partisans belong to the smallest parties. The media exaggerate their size and influence.

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