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2021-05-05 g

Plenty more where that came from! Bill Gates - worth $130bn - transferred $1.8bn in stocks to his wife Melinda the day they announced their divorce after reaching a 'separation agreement'

• Bill Gates' investment company, Cascade, transferred $1.8bn in stocks to Melinda on Monday
• $1.5billion was in Canadian National Railway Stock and $300million was in AutoNation stock
• It's a drop in the bucket of what she is likely to receive in total from their $130bn fortune
• When the pair got married in 1994, there was no prenup and Bill was already a billionaire
• They have said they will continue to work together at their foundation

Bill Gates transferred $1.8billion in stock to his wife Melinda the day they announced their divorce in what appears to be the first of many public transactions the pair will make as they start to divide up their extraordinary assets.

The Microsoft co-founder is the fourth richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of $130billion. He and Melinda have been married for 27 years and have three adult children, but announced in a joint statement on Monday they were parting ways.

She said in court filings that the marriage was 'irretrievably broken'.

The pair's divorce settlement hasn't been finalized in court but they have agreed on a some of the terms of their separation. It's likely that the pair will settle privately, and that the only glimpses into their division of assets will come from SEC filings about how many shares they own in public companies.

One such filing on Monday revealed that Bill gave Melinda more than 14million shares of the Canadian National Railway Company worth $1.5billion. He also gave her 2.9 million shares of AutoNation.

The shares were transferred from Cascade Investment LLC, an investment company controlled by Gates. Bill has hired 97-year-old billionaire lawyer Charlie T. Munger to represent him in the divorce. 

He knew Munger from their time at Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett's holding company, where Bill served on the board for 16 years and where Munger remains Vice Chairman.

Munger's expertise is not in family law but in business.

Melinda has also hired a powerhouse batch of attorneys to represent her.

What specifically prompted their divorce is unclear. Melinda has previously described Bill's hesitancy over getting married in the early 1990s.

In her petition for divorce, Melinda says spousal support is 'not needed' - meaning she won't seek regular payments from Bill but take a settlement which is likely to be privately negotiated, if it hasn't already been decided upon.

Lawyers are shocked there was no prenup, given Bill had already made his first billion dollars at the age of 31 in 1987 - the same year he met Melinda. Now, their myriad assets are up for grabs.

The couple met in 1987 - the same year Bill became the world's youngest billionaire at the age of 31 - married in Hawaii in 1994, and have three children together: Jennifer, 25, Rory, 21, and Phoebe 18.

They also established the world's largest charitable foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in 2000 which has contributed more than $50billion to causes including eradicating polio and malaria. The foundation has also been a major investor in coronavirus treatments.

In a joint statement posted to their Twitter accounts on Monday, the pair said their work with the foundation will continue but their marriage will not, adding: 'We no longer feel we are able to grow as a couple in this next phase of our lives.'

While the couple have no prenup, it appears a lot of the work of dividing up their estate - which includes properties in five states, a private jet, an astonishing art collection and a fleet of luxury cars - has already been done, as their divorce papers repeatedly refer to a 'separation contract' which both have signed. The contract itself has not been made public.

The documents, which were obtained by, came to light after the couple's eldest daughter revealed their family has been going through a 'challenging stretch of time'. (read more)

See also: Bill and Melinda Gates' daughter Jennifer speaks of 'a challenging stretch of time' in an emotional post about her parents' divorce

2021-05-05 f

Drug baron who was El Chapo's right-hand man and founded feared Sinaloa cartel could be freed after Mexican judge absolves him of organised crime charges

• Hector 'El Guero' Palma Salazar, 80, will be released if no other court decides to bring charges against him for separate crimes in the next week
• He was absolved of organised crime charges by a Mexican judge on Saturday
• Held in Altiplano prison on murder charges since release from US jail in 2016
• Spent nine years in prison in California for trafficking cocaine after 1995 arrest

A top drug baron who was El Chapo's right-hand man and co-founded the feared Sinaloa cartel could be freed after a Mexican judge absolved him of organised crime charges. 

Hector 'El Guero' Palma Salazar, 80, will be released if no other court decides to bring charges against him for separate crimes in the next week.

The 80-year-old drug lord has been held at Mexico's Altiplano prison since 2016, when he was released from jail in the US nearly a decade inside, transferred to Mexican authorities, and arrested.

He was charged over two 1995 murders in the Pacific coast state of Nayarit on his return but was never properly prosecuted for the alleged crimes.  

Salazar was cleared of the most recent charges in a memorandum by Mexico's Second District Court of Federal Criminal Proceedings on Saturday.

Mexico's foreign ministry said it had also asked the US government to check for an outstanding extradition request for Salazar before his release. 

They added that the prosecutor's offices in all 32 Mexican state are currently checking if they have any outstanding charges against Salazar, whose nickname means 'Blondie' in English.     

Salazar was first arrested in Arizona in 1978 for trafficking cocaine and was sentenced to eight years in prison.  

On his release, Palma returned to Mexico and started working for the fear Sinaloa drug cartel alongside Joaquin Guzman Loera - 'El Chapo'.  

Salazar was a top associate of Guzman, the Sinaloa kingpin who gained international attention when he famously escaped from Altiplano prison in 2015 and later met with actor Sean Penn while he was on the run.

Guzman escaped his prison cell through a well-constructed, mile-long tunnel that led from his shower block to a house, sparking a massive manhunt that ended with his arrest in the northern state of Sinaloa in January 2015.  

Under the pair's leadership, the Sinaloa cartel became the most powerful in Mexico.

The United States Attorney General's office estimates that the cartel trafficked 200 Tons (400,000lbs) of cocaine into the US between 1990-2008. 

Salazar was arrested for the second time by Mexican authorities in June 1995 after his private jet crashed while en route to a wedding. It was claimed he initially evaded authorities by dressing in a police uniform, but was eventually taken into custody.

He was extradited to the US in 2007, pleaded guilty to transporting 50kg (110lbs) of cocaine and was sentenced to 16 years in Atwater high-security federal prison in California.

He was cleared of nine counts of murder, plus charges of kidnapping and robbery.

The embassy said he was returned to Mexico yesterday after serving nine years because of good behavior and the five years he spent in a Mexican prison while waiting for extradition, which counted as time served. 

According to Mexican media, Salazar's wife was murdered by rivals who sent him her severed head inside a box. His two young children were also killed by being thrown off a bridge in Venezuela.

He reportedly spent more than $400,000 to build an elaborate tomb for his late wife. (read more)

2021-05-05 e

[White] Farmer left paralysed by violent robbery in South Africa 20 years ago is tied up and murdered in his wheelchair in a second horrifying attack

• Neil McKay, 46, was found by his mother when she visited his farm to see him
• He was found tied to his wheelchair in his bedroom on the South African farm
• McKay was paralysed when he was shot in the spine by robbers 20 years ago 

A helpless farmer shot through the spine by robbers and left paralysed 20 years ago in South Africa was tied up in his wheelchair and cruelly strangled to death in a second attack.

Neil McKay, 46, was found by his distraught mother when she visited the farm in Winterton to check on him.

Widow Bev went upstairs and found her disabled son tied up in his wheelchair in his bedroom.

Police investigators said he had been strangled by his captors, who had been hiding close to the property, waiting for Neil to be alone.

His death has sparked fury in the town of Winterton in KwaZulu-Natal province, especially as his attackers were not captured after the first assault.

Alf Lees the Democratic Alliance MP for Uthukela constituency said: 'Who would murder a man in a wheelchair? A man who was unarmed and physically unable to defend himself?

'Neil was a gentle and friendly man of peace who refused to carry or have a gun despite living on a farm where his late father made it possible for him to work from a wheelchair.

'It seems his attackers were keeping watch on the farm and attacked the defenceless Neil when his farm manager and staff had left and he was alone for the evening.

'First, they cleaned out the safe then they apparently dragged Neil to his bedroom where they brutally strangled him to death having tied him up despite being in a wheelchair.

'Despite 20 years having passed since the first attack on Neil, the attackers have never been convicted and Mrs McKay has had to live through that and now his murder.

'He was murdered by people who don't deserve any place in our society except prison.'

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said officers had opened a murder investigation into the incident.

She added McKay's body was found strangled at Skietdrif Farm in Winterton.

She said: 'The body of 46-year-old man was found strangled to death in his wheelchair. We believe he had been tied up and murdered.'

A family friend explained the attackers had targeted McKay so they could steal the money in his safe.

The robbers, he said, left out three of McKay's six dogs before tying up the victim and strangling him to death.

The other three dogs were slashed with knives as they tried to defend McKay, he said.    

'How much more evil can you get than tying up a terrified man in a wheelchair who cannot defend himself and offered no resistance and then strangle the life out of him?', he said. (read more)

2021-05-05 d
(Though we are rolling on the floor, laughing uncontrollably, we have decided to forego our proposed headline in case children or attorneys read this blog.)

‘Dangerous Faggot’ Milo Yiannopoulos is now a dangerous heterosexual Christian who wants to help others become ‘ex-gay’

Controversial right-wing self-declared former homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos plans to open a clinic in Florida offering ‘conversion therapy’ for the thousands of gay men he says have contacted him in the hope of following his path.

Yiannopoulos, the conservative author, philosopher and now the world’s most famous ex-gay, has outraged his detractors by going to Hawaii to cast into the ocean what he calls the Sodomy Stone – a four-carat diamond worth $150,000 which he bought as an engagement ring for his marriage to another man.

In a piece to camera, he is seen on a chartered boat holding a Cartier jewellery box. He tells us that he “prayed and drank an enormous amount of vodka” – only Milo could say that – and reminded himself that “nothing beautiful or true can be made or grow on a foundation of wickedness” before tossing the ring into the sea.

BREAKING: Milo Yiannopoulos, who recently announced that he is no longer
a homosexual, just threw the $150,000 engagement ring from his gay marriage
into the ocean.

— National File (@NationalFile) April 30, 2021

The wickedness was a union that Milo now regards as “infernal.” The trappings of his former life (he once did a speaking tour under the title ‘The Dangerous Faggot’) had to be gotten rid of – accompanied by a Celine Dion soundtrack.

“It was a lie that I could be a culture warrior for the right and a sodomite at the same time,” Milo, whose husband has been ‘demoted’ to the status of housemate, tells us.

Not since Coco Chanel was on the Duke of Westminster’s yacht and tossed overboard a ruby as big as a hen’s egg that he had given her, has there been such speculation and outrage.

In Milo’s case, it is coming from the left. It seems that one can aspire to any of the one hundred sexual identities on offer so long as it is not heterosexual.

As one angry critic fumed: “We knew it from the start. He was never homosexual. He was always a rightwing straight white male’s parody of what a gay man would be like.” 

Social media has been electric with disapproval at Milo’s opinions, in which he states unapologetically that God created us male and female. He says: “‘Born this way’ is a slogan invented by the gay lobby. It is basically PR and has no basis in science  ‘Born this way’ is a lie. It is not a lifestyle. It is a set of symptoms. We don’t have a healthy and proper respect for the family. We are not drilling people that the nuclear family is the best engine of healthy, happy people.

If you tell people that this is who you are and what you are and send them messages that there is something morally good about it, then homosexuals are celebrated as though there is something intrinsically preferable about being gay. This is just one of the sick things that culture does. These lifestyles will suck you into misery, into drug-taking, prostitution, pederasty and promiscuity.”

Milo believes that it is white liberals who ruin the world, citing organisations such as Drag Queen Story Hour and Gay Pride.

He is moving to Florida to open a clinic for people who want to be cured of same sex attraction, saying he has been overwhelmed with messages from people wishing to follow his example of declaring himself to be an ex-gay.  “The reason people aren’t opening clinics for gays to come out of this lifestyle is because the cultural pressure is horrifying,” he says. “These ideas aren’t permitted.”

Milo sees the clinic as the great moral duty of the next decade of his life: “America is structured to reward conformity, mediocrity and predictability. It doesn’t accommodate free thinkers. Those who don’t go with the mainstream narrative will get crushed. There is no willingness to go against cultural norms.”

Thousands of gay men are writing to him. They feel that they have buried their true feelings about their sexual choices and want to talk to him.

The mythology of America has clashed with what he has been living for the last half decade. Milo has been in “enforced retirement” because he has been cancelled countless times. Rioting mobs have prevented him from speaking at, amongst other places, Berkeley.

So much for the first amendment.

He had time to think and became closer to his Catholic faith. He came to realize that the experience of committing certain acts in his private life were making him unhappy. In 2018, he wrote “Diabolical” about the way Pope Francis has been betraying the victims of pedophilia and protecting the clergy who committed these abuses.

Milo’s clinic (for Reparative Therapy rather than Conversion Therapy in order to avoid lawsuits from the left) will seek to educate and help people move away from homosexuality. He believes Governors that have made such therapy illegal are akin to those who issue mask wearing mandates and peddle fictitious statistics about Covid-19 and the trustworthiness of the WHO.

Tell people the truth. Let them make up their own minds. Don’t force them to only hear one point of view,” he says. “At this clinic we will publish research and build an auditorium so I can give speeches.” According to Milo, the last election was proof that conservatives and the left live in different fact universes.

He is writing a book which will be called ‘Make America Hate Again.’ “We have lost our understanding that it is right and proper to hate hateful things,” he argues. “We need a kind of rehab for our natural instincts of righteous indignation. It is about ordering our affections. Loving the things that God loves. Hating things that are wrong. We are told that any kind of hate is intrinsically unacceptable.”

Groups on the left such as The Southern Poverty Law Center and The Anti-Defamation League claim to be dedicated to defeating hate. So do [Only] Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ movements and Antifa. In truth they are more about wiping out the people THEY hate. We live in a society which values tolerance – or claims that it does. It claims to love tolerance more than courage or integrity or compassion or truth.

It has been decided that none of us can hate anything,” Milo explains. “Yet these people are utterly lacking in mercy. They have no space for forgiveness. Cancel culture is all about demonstrating that there is no forgiveness, let alone tolerance in their souls. Cancel culture is nothing if not atheist cultural Marxism.” (read more)

-05-05 c

The Migrant Crisis Isn’t Just About Illegal Immigration, It’s Also About The Cartels That Run The Border
The {illegitimate] Biden [regime] wants to blame the border crisis on Trump, but the problem is much larger and more complex than that.

The Biden administration would like you to know that, whatever is happening at the border, it’s not Joe Biden’s fault. It’s Donald Trump’s. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said Sunday the historic surge of unaccompanied minors in recent months isn’t “because of a speech Joe Biden gave,” but “because of horrible conditions in El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras.”

Never mind that conditions in those countries have been horrible for at least the last five administrations. The important thing, President Biden said in an interview that aired Friday, is that his administration “has now gotten control” of the situation and that the numbers are “way down now.” They’re not, though, and we’ll all find out just how much higher the April numbers were over March in the coming days.

But the spin that everything is okay on the border is the message that team Biden is desperately trying to project. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki predictably lied about the border crisis on Tuesday, claiming the current surge of illegal immigration is “something that began during and was exacerbated by the Trump administration.” In fact, the surge began in January, after Biden took office on the heels of a presidential campaign that promised amnesty for illegal immigrants and looser border policies.

It’s true that the number of border apprehensions had been creeping up last fall under the Trump administration, from 71,945 in October 2020 to 78,444 in January, but from January to February apprehensions jumped to more than 100,000, and again from February to March they jumped to more than 172,000 — the highest monthly total since March 2001. Everyone knows why, and anyone can read the data for themselves on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website, so it’s curious that Psaki would lie so blatantly.

Maybe the White House is betting corporate media will keep giving them a pass on the border, and maybe they will. After all, for the most part the DC press has no problem with illegal immigration and open borders, and has been eager to run interference for the administration since the crisis began — recall, for example, PBS White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor asking Biden if all these migrants are coming now because he’s so “moral” and decent.”

The Border Crisis Is a Cartel Crisis

But there’s another dynamic to the border crisis that at least a few reporters aren’t willing to ignore: the surge of fentanyl coming into the United States from Mexico, the rising chaos in border communities, and the breakdown of anti-cartel operations between the two countries.

The thread that ties all these things together is an aspect of the border little discussed and seldom understood in America: cartels. Mexican drug cartels are smuggling unprecedented amounts of fentanyl into the country at a time drug overdoses are spiking.

They are making billions off industrializing illegal immigration, sending over families and children — all of whom must pay the cartels in order to cross the Rio Grande — to bog down Border Patrol while they smuggle in adults who want to evade detection. They are also now powerful enough to exert significant influence over Mexican officialdom, with the result that joint anti-cartel operations between the United States and Mexico have all but ceased.

The Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli reported Tuesday that fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is being smuggled through New Mexico and southwest Texas “at rates that federal and local police have never seen before.” According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, federal agents in this region seized 247 pounds of fentanyl between October 2020 and mid-April, compared to just 36 pounds for all of fiscal 2020.

NEW: One of the most deadly drugs in the world, fentanyl, is being smuggled into
the United States from Mexico through Western Texas and New Mexico at rates that
federal and local police have never seen before.  #opioidcrisis

— Anna Giaritelli (@Anna_Giaritelli) May 4, 2021

Experts estimate the volume of drugs confiscated at the border generally represents maybe 10 or 15 percent of total production. That amount of fentanyl — thousands of pounds — coming over the border has deadly consequences once it reaches U.S. cities and towns. Last year, a record number of Americans (some 90,000, possibly more) died of drug overdose.

The increase in overdose deaths from 2019 to 2020, researchers say, was driven by synthetic opioids like fentanyl. Fatal fentanyl overdoses spiked during the pandemic last spring, claiming more than 6,000 lives in May 2020 alone, and as the year went on they never dropped back down to pre-pandemic levels.

What does this have to do with the cartels? Over the past decade, the cartels have shifted their income streams away from trafficking in marijuana in favor of harder drugs like meth, heroin, and fentanyl. These drugs are easier to transport and smuggle, fetch a higher street price, and in the case of meth and fentanyl, can be manufactured in a lab.

Powerful cartels like Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation Cartel import raw materials for fentanyl from China or India and produce the finished drug (usually in pill form) in Mexican labs before smuggling it into the United States. Most often they go through ports of entry, hiding the drugs inside commercial vehicles.

But they also routinely use tunnels or move the drugs on foot, between ports of entry, conscripting migrants as drug mules in exchange for access to the border. Using the same infrastructure and distribution routes and networks they developed for marijuana and cocaine, these cartels reach over the border and deep into the U.S. interior.

The cartels control the flow of migrants and drugs into the United States because they control physical territory along the border and throughout much of northern Mexico. No migrant can cross the border now without paying a smuggler, whose price includes a payoff, or tax, for the cartel that controls that region. Often, cartel-associated smugglers will coordinate the crossing of large groups of unaccompanied migrant children and families to tie up Border Patrol while a few miles downriver they move adult migrants or drugs over the border undetected.

The groups of adult migrants being brought across — who, unlike children and families, wish to avoid apprehension and deportation — are in turn a source of conflict and rising tension for border communities in the United States. The Washington Post ran a long article Tuesday chronicling the problem these adult migrants and cartel-associated smugglers are causing in places like South Texas, where rural towns and communities are suffering a spate of high-speed chases, vehicle theft, and break-ins.

“I’ve never really been scared until now,” one 17-year-old girl told the Post. “I should not have to be put in a situation where I can’t leave my house. Normal people out here don’t lock their barns. Now, we do.”

Zooming out from the border itself, the larger geopolitical problem is that the United States and Mexico have all but ceased cooperating in the fight against the cartels. NPR reported Sunday that efforts to target drug cartels in Mexico have unraveled.

“We’re willing to share [intelligence] with our counterparts in Mexico, but they themselves are too afraid to even engage with us because of repercussions from their own government if they get caught working with DEA,” Matthew Donahue, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s deputy chief of operations, told NPR. The cartels, Donahue said, “do not fear any kind of law enforcement … or military inside of Mexico right now.”

Nor is there an appetite among Mexican leaders for cooperation with the United States. A law passed by Mexico late last year removes diplomatic immunity for Drug Enforcement Administration agents inside the country and requires Mexican officials to share any U.S. intelligence about cartels with other Mexican law enforcement agencies, including ones infiltrated by the cartels that U.S. officials don’t trust. The result has been that joint investigations have ground to a halt.

All of this represents the best possible scenario for the cartels. They can continue reaping the benefits of mass illegal immigration, flood the United States with fentanyl, and operate more or less with impunity inside Mexico.

But you won’t hear about any of it from [illegitimate] Biden [regime] officials. No matter what happens on the border, their answer is always the same: it’s Trump’s fault. (read more)

2021-05-05 b

Liz Cheney (R- Military-Industrial/Military Contractor/Intelligence/State Security/Think Tank Complex) does not represent the people of Wyoming nor the interests of peace-loving Americans. This forever-war spawn of a forever-war crook cannot remain in a leadership position in Congress. Just as you wouldn't want her dad going with you on a dove hunt, you don't want Liz going with you on a hunt for traitors, turncoats and appeasers.

President Trump, along with Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) endorse Elise Stefanik (R-NY) to be the next G.O.P. House Conference Chair.

Rep. Stefanik graduated from Harvard College in 2006. She is serving her fourth term representing the 21st Congressional District of New York. Her cowardly alma mater recently removed her from its Institute of Politics Senior Advisory Committee. That, to me, is a great endorsement. I'd vote for anyone who has run afoul of the emasculated, "woke" leadership of socialist Harvard.

BREAKING: @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy and @SteveScalise turn on Cheney, back
Stefanik for conference chair. @PunchbowlNews AM is out

— Punchbowl News (@PunchbowlNews) May 5, 2021


President Trump's endorsement:
“Liz Cheney is a warmongering fool who has no business in Republican Party Leadership. We want leaders who believe in the Make America Great Again movement, and prioritize the values of America First. Elise Stefanik is a far superior choice, and she has my COMPLETE and TOTAL Endorsement for GOP Conference Chair. Elise is a tough and smart communicator!”

2021-05-05 a
FOLLOW THE SCIENCE OR FOLLOW THE MONEY (flowing from the teachers' unions)?
(This was within an article posted yesterday. It needs to be known by every American.)

The 10 states with the most open K-12 schools all voted for Trump
and have GOP legislatures.

The 10 most closed states voted for Biden and have Democratic

— reason (@reason) April 19, 2021

-05-04 k

Derek Chauvin Files Motion for New Trial and To “Impeach the Verdict” Due To Jury Misconduct

“jury committed misconduct, felt threatened or intimidated, felt race based pressure during the proceedings, and/or failed to adhere to instructions during deliberations, in violation of Mr. Chauvin’s constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial.”

It’s not a surprise that Derek Chauvin has filed a Motion for a New Trial and to Impeach the Verdict (pdf.). If MN is like other states, that’s a requirement to preserve issues for appeal.

What does surprise me is that the motion does not explicitly mention that one of the jurors may have lied on the jury questionnaire, as issue we explored earlier today, Chauvin Juror Admits Participating In Pre-Trial Protest, Photographed In “Knee Off Our Necks” T-Shirt. Some of the language, quoted below, likely is broad enough to cover that juror.

(screenshot of Brandon Marshall)

First, the Motion for a New Trial (emphasis added):

1. For an order granting a new trial, pursuant to Minn. R. 26.04, subd. 1, on the following grounds: the interests of justice; abuse of discretion that deprived the Defendant of a fair trial; prosecutorial and jury misconduct; errors of law at trial; and a verdict that is contrary to law. The specific bases for this motion include, but are not limited to:

a. The Court abused its discretion when it denied Defendant’s motion for a change of venue, pursuant to Minn. R. Crim. P. 24,03, subd. 1, and 25.02, subd. 3, in violation of Mr. Chauvin’s constitutional rights to a due process and a fair trial. See Sheppard v. Maxwell, 384 U.S. 333, 363 (1966).

b. The Court abused its discretion when it denied Defendant’s motion for a new trial on the grounds that “publicity during the proceedings threaten[ed] the fairness of the trial[.]” Sheppard, supra. Such publicity included post-testimony, but predeliberation, intimidation of the defense’s expert witnesses, from which the jury was not insulated. Not only did such acts escalate the potential for prejudice in these proceedings, they may result in a far-reaching chilling effect on defendants’ ability to procure expert witness—especially in high-profile cases, such as those of Mr. Chauvin’s codefendants—to testify on their behalf. The publicity here was so pervasive and so prejudicial before and during this trial that it amounted to a structural defect in the proceedings. See United States v. Hasting, 461 U.S. 499, 508-09 (1983) (certain errors involve “rights so basic to a fair trial that their infraction can never be treated as a harmless error”).

c. The Court abused its discretion when it failed to sequester the jury for the duration of the trial, or in the least, admonish them to avoid all media, which resulted in jury exposure to prejudicial publicity regarding the trial during the proceedings, as well as jury intimidation and potential fear of retribution among jurors, which violated Mr. Chauvin’s constitutional rights to due process and to a fair trial. Minn. R. Crim. P. 26.03, subd. 5.

d. The State committed pervasive, prejudicial prosecutorial misconduct, which deprived Mr. Chauvin of his constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial, including but not limited to: disparaging the Defense; improper vouching; and failing to adequately prepare its witnesses.

e. The Court abused its discretion and violated Mr. Chauvin’s rights under the Confrontation Clause when it failed to order Morries Hall to testify, or in the alternative, to admit into evidence Mr. Hall’s statements to law enforcement regarding his interactions with George Floyd and presence at the May 25, 2020 incident. U.S. Const., amend. VI.

f. The Court abused its discretion when it submitted instructions to the jury that failed to accurately reflect the law with respect to second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and authorized use of force.

g. The Court abused its discretion, in violation of Mr. Chauvin’s constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial, when it permitted the State to present cumulative evidence with respect to use of force.

h. The Court abused its discretion, in violation of Mr. Chauvin’s constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial, when it ordered the State to lead witnesses on direct examination.

i. The Court abused its discretion, in violation of Mr. Chauvin’s constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial, when it failed to order that a record be made of the numerous sidebars that occurred during the trial.

j. The cumulative effect of the multiple errors in these proceedings deprived Mr. Chauvin of a fair trial, in violation of his constitutional rights. See State v. Duncan, 608 N.W.2d 551, 551-58 (Minn. App. 2000), review denied (Minn. May 16, 2000) (“when the cumulative effect of numerous errors”—even if, alone, the errors are harmless—“constitutes the denial of a fair trial, the defendant is entitled to a new trial”).

The only shock above is that the Judge didn’t create a record of sidebars. That’s unfathomable, and leaves many rulings incapable of being contested on appeal, or at least a lot harder.

Next, the Motion to Impeach the Verdict (emphasis added):

2. An order for a hearing to impeach the verdict, pursuant to Minn. R. Crim. P. 26.03, subd. 20(6) and Schwartz v. Minneapolis Suburban Bus Co., 104 N.W.2d 301 (Minn. 1960), on the grounds that the jury committed misconduct, felt threatened or intimidated, felt race based pressure during the proceedings, and/or failed to adhere to instructions during deliberations, in violation of Mr. Chauvin’s constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial. State v. Larson, 281 N.W.2d 481, 484 (Minn. 1979); State v. Kelley, 517 N.W.2d 905 (Minn. 1994); State v. Bowles, 530 N.W.2d 521 (Minn. 1995).

Last, a request for more time to fully brief the issues:

3. For an order granting the Defense additional time to thoroughly brief the above issues, in light of the time that was required for preparation of partial transcripts of the proceedings

Seems to me the Judge could start with alleged jury misconduct, particularly Brendan Mitchell. If the Judge finds juror misconduct, the rest of the substantive issues are moot, and a new trial must be granted.

If there was no juror misconduct, then the Judge can address the substantive grounds, though I expect him to give them short shrift, figuring it’s an issue for appeal, particularly as to his own alleged abuse of discretion. (read more)

-05-04 j

The Democrats in the Era of Joe Crow

The Democratic Party has always been a racist party.  Any interested person who has studied the internal workings of this duplicitous faction is aware of its racist history, its elitist framework, its systemic arrogance, hypocrisy, and intellectual dishonesty -- and, more disturbingly, of its brightly lit scaffold of democratic pretensions.  But the most disheartening effect of its propaganda is that millions are drawn to its superficial rhetoric of "social justice" in the hope of finding moral certainty in the sewers and waste pits of a despotic ideology of power.
Racism is a structural injustice deeply embedded within the politics and language of the Democratic PartyIt is now a national party of censorship and intolerance of dissenting opinion.  There can be no effective debate on issues of national importance when Democrats are guided by revisionist denials of their own historical wrongdoings; but America is cursed not only by deep-running liberal guilt but also by partisan efforts to project that guilt upon others.  Any attempt at dialogue or political reconciliation is met with rhetoric laced with hysteria and howls of false outrage.  Liberals do not target ideas; rather, they target people, and they target for ruin.  If you disagree with a liberal, he will call you a racist, leap from his chair, and run from the room.  Calling someone a racist is an attempt to kill that person's soul, for the word is as final as a gunshot -- and it is loaded on every liberal tongue.

Democrats have always reveled in their abiding fantasy of owning and controlling entire populations of voters.  There is a terrible motive in that urge to create properties of men and women, to use them without justice in a massive vote-farming scheme; but Democratic strategists have lately rediscovered a political advantage in dividing the families of mankind against one another according to the color of their skin -- of targeting and separating them into racial or ethnic groups, of stirring hatred into their spirit, of buying them with promises, of feeding them with propaganda, and selling them into dependency to progressive overlords.  It is called "identity politics," and of all the evils that partisan interests have devised for usurpation and the ends of power, this pure invention of tortured reasoning is the most dehumanizing, egregious, and corrupt.

Democrats are prisoners of their dishonorable past and of their consequent political culture and upbringing.  They presently occupy themselves in the production of fictions and narratives that stand in the place of truth, and they have found little reason to study America's history, for the greater part of their collective guilt results from their ancestral responsibility for slavery during the antebellum South, their expansion of Jim Crow during Reconstruction and its patronage throughout the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.  Wilson was a true racist who packed his cabinet with Southern Democrats, thus assuring supporters that his administration would not be vulnerable to an organized registration of black voters who, by their numbers, would certainly bring annihilation upon the entire Democratic Party.  And fear of the black vote extended to every succeeding Democratic administration until the party's leadership embraced a new innovation upon the old evil by which that vote could be secured in perpetuity.  But the new Democrats, in spite of all efforts to distract from scrutiny and to project their original racial sentiments upon others, cannot escape the severity of historical judgment; and their guilt yet hangs upon them, brands and disfigures them with the darkest of inscriptions: the Democrats were the authors of Jim Crow.
Those who deny the truth have no effect upon truth itself.  There is one truth in particular that has been cancelled from living memory but that cannot be moved or unwritten: Democrats are the authors of racism in America, and they made old Jim Crow, as they made the Ku Klux Klan, out of their own fears and imperishable distrust of the black voter. The Democratic Party was the segregationist party of the Old South, which profited economically and politically from racial suppression.  The old Democrats agreed that segregation was necessary, that it was a good thing to separate the races. The Democratic Party of the 21st century has continued to adopt this evil as an effective political strategy of power, regardless of the terrible consequences that are now falling upon and dividing our nation.
Democrats have always worked racism to their political advantage and the ancient prejudices, even at this late hour, speak loudly in them.  Joe Biden has fixed his name to the political injustices of his faction in the derelict and mentally incapacitated figure of "Joe Crow," for the term defines today's Democratic Party just as Jim Crow defined the party over a century ago.  Neo-socialist racists within the Democratic Party need the black vote now as much as the old Democrats needed to suppress it, and by methods of disinformation available to new technology and liberal media, they have developed the means to secure it.  With assistance from corporate lobbyists, Big Tech, foreign interests and Soros money, the Joe Crow Democrats are returning to the South to establish new vote-farming plantations on lands of the old cotton.

Joe Crow fully realizes the totalitarian impulse of human nature.  The character represents the weaker argument of government by intimidation and force.  It succeeds through an unrestricted purge of ideas.  It is both a comic and a tragic figure of contemporary Democratic politics -- a strutting expression of liberal arrogance, guilt, and cowardice pretending some importance.  The figure speaks to a dangerous obsession among progressives for whom the object of politics is never progress towards the common welfare, but only victory and the sole authority to define the terms of justice.  Scholars of a better age to come will look hard into our degenerate culture to determine how an entire ruling faction, in a storm surge of political self-interest, could have been reduced to such a ridiculous totem of stupidity and error.
Racism is now the official language of the Democratic PartyOne cannot enter the party's elitist culture without speaking in the dialect of radical disinformation, for the pure invention of systemic racism in America has become the necessary glue that holds the new Crow administration in power.  Racism is a scourge upon mankind, but liberals employ that curse as a weapon of thought and behavior control, for without the black vote the Democratic Party collapses into a confused heaping of broken dreams of power, white liberal guilt, and Soros money.  Once again, the races must be divided so that Democrats may prosper; and once again, in the spirit of the old Klan, Joe Crow has nailed his political fortunes upon a burning cross of racial strife.  Democracy cannot long endure in a nation under the moral crisis of intellectual slavery; and there can be no greater truth in this last sanctuary of freedom on earth than that the new spirit of racial division and identity politics under Joe Crow must be extinguished forever. (read more)

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2021-05-04 i

By Democrats’ Standards, Their School Closures Are Systemic Racism
While the [illegitimate] Biden administration still refuses to say whether schools should be fully open this fall, new data shows systemic racial disparities in the availability of in-person education.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris[, the illegitimate duo,] called it “systemic racism“ when a white cop knelt on a black man for almost 10 minutes. But teachers unions largely led by white people have knelt on the futures of black American kids for 13 months, and Democrats are taking millions to look away.

While the [illegitimate] Biden administration still refuses to say whether schools should be fully open this fall despite rolling lockdowns already damaging two school years, new data shows systemic racial disparities in the availability of in-person education.

“Eighty percent of public schools were open for at least some in-person learning by the end of February, according to a government survey, but an estimated 78 percent of Asian eighth-graders were learning in a fully remote environment,” Politico reported last week. “Nearly 60 percent of Black and Hispanic eighth-graders also learned at home full time.”

The publication noted that these racial disparities were present earlier in the lockdowns as well. “Nationwide, 52 percent of white fourth graders were back inside public schools full time by the end of February, according to the latest available estimates from a government school reopening survey Biden commissioned. But between 54 and 69 percent of Black, Hispanic and Asian fourth-graders were enrolled in full-time remote instruction at that point…”

U.S. Democrats have undeniably been the party pushing, enabling, and excusing school closures while leftist-led countries all over the world reopened schools starting as early as a year ago after initial lockdowns in March 2020. The consequences include deeply worsening the education of vulnerable children that was typically of low quality even pre-lockdowns.

There’s strong evidence that Democrats’ subservience to unions at the expense of children is a driving factor in this systemic display of racial injustice. On May 1, newly uncovered emails provided even more evidence that Democrats pushed to keep schools closed against kids’ best interests because of their huge financial entanglement with teachers unions. The New York Post reports:

The American Federation of Teachers lobbied the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on, and even suggested language for, the federal agency’s school-reopening guidance released in February.

The powerful teachers union’s full-court press preceded the federal agency putting the brakes on a full re-opening of in-person classrooms, emails between top CDC, AFT and White House officials show.

The emails show that the nation’s second-largest conglomerate of teachers unions helped write the “science” agency’s rules for schools. “In at least two instances, language ‘suggestions’ offered by the union were adopted nearly verbatim into the final text of the CDC document,” the Post reports.

Since 1990, AFT has donated more than $103 million to political campaigns, with only 0.26 percent of that total going to any Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. AFT spent almost $20 million on behalf of Democrats in 2020.

"The National Education Association’s PAC increased its federal donations by 38 percent […]

The uptick in donations, almost entirely to Democrats, came as the debate over remote
schooling became political fodder."

— Corey A. DeAngelis (@DeAngelisCorey) April 28, 2021

Minority children are concentrated in districts that Democrats control. These school districts are overwhelmingly the nation’s poorest-performing and typically have been failing children going back decades. After Biden took office, Democrats paid back teachers unions for their massive political and financial support by sending the schools they control $213 billion in additional funding with no requirement to reopen.

A March data analysis found that “neither money nor local COVID infection rates are at all related to whether schools reopen or stay closed.” What were the biggest factors determining whether a public school offered in-person instruction? How locally powerful were teachers unions and the Democrat Party.

Plenty of other data reinforces this. For example:

The 10 states with the most open K-12 schools all voted for Trump
and have GOP legislatures.

The 10 most closed states voted for Biden and have Democratic

— reason (@reason) April 19, 2021

The distance between what Democrats say they care for — vulnerable minorities, the poor — and what they actually do has increased in the past year, with devastating results. Even though 80 percent of school personnel are vaccinated right now and we now have a year’s worth of solid evidence that lockdowns devastate children’s life opportunities, the Biden administration is still not willing to definitively say that children should be back in school in four more months.

Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to the President, says Biden believes that schools should
probably reopen in the fall if people continue to get vaccinated, adding that it is not absolute
because "it's an unpredictable virus." #CNNSOTU

— State of the Union (@CNNSotu) May 2, 2021

Democrats have gotten so much out of COVID that they are unwilling to let the indefinite leverage go, no matter how many people’s lives they ruin in the process. Teachers unions are holding poor, brown, and black children’s futures hostage, and Democrats are making taxpayers pay repeated ransoms without even negotiating hostage releases in return, while also expecting to see a cut of the loot. It makes “we’re all in this together” look like a very dark and cynical lie, indeed.

Far from bearing any relation to “the science,” the availability of in-person instruction in the past year has been largely a question of politics. That is reinforced further by the data about COVID’s risks to school-age children, which are smaller than many other risks parents continue to take daily, such as walking up stairs and driving cars. This risk calculus is exactly why even leftist-controlled foreign peer nations such as Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands started reopening their schools almost an entire year ago.

Yet for the vast majority of American kids, and an even larger proportion of non-white American kids, schools have been closed. While Democrats forced taxpayers to send one of their largest political donors billions more dollars despite keeping schools closed, kids have been devastated by the closures, especially poor and minority children.

The costs to these children, and to the entire nation’s future, are tremendous. Experts are expecting American kids to be set back at least an entire year in math on average, and to likely never recover. This much learning evaporation is associated with tens of trillions of dollars in lost national prosperity, as well as tens of thousands of dollars of lost lifetime income for each individual.

Such financial costs are easier to quantify but less important than the far bigger costs in lost happiness for an entire generation whose childhoods have been damaged purely for the sake of Democrats’ political power. Children who were at risk of never finishing high school before lockdowns have been now callously written off as so many future welfare dependents in some technocrat’s calculations, rather than even given a fighting chance to earn their own happiness through life achievements.

Lockdowns have also ruined families and friendships, exacerbated child abuse, caused many children to die by suicide, destroyed the life’s work of millions, caused millions to starve, politicized the very act of breathing, and perpetrated thousands more unquantifiable evils upon the entire world. All of this has hit the most vulnerable kids hardest. It’s why Dr. Jay Bhattacharya calls lockdowns “the single biggest public health mistake in history.”

If it were Republicans visiting this much darkness upon the world for their own benefit, Democrats would not hesitate to call it, among other things, verifiable proof of systemic racism. But because Democrats are doing it, all these horrors are simply waved away, jeered at, and ignored. Almost nobody with power seems to care how many people Democrats have put in this situation are screaming, “I can’t breathe.” (read more)

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(Voters in left-leaning city decided not to let politicians turn Austin into San Francisco.)

How Fed-Up Citizens Armed With A Petition Took On Leftists Over Austin’s Homeless Problem[ and Won]
'As your safety declines, so does your compassion. Every time I have to pick up human sh-t, my liberal-ness just got lowered what one more notch,' said one Austin woman.

Voters in Austin, Texas headed to the polls to cast their vote in a May 1 election that reinstated a public camping ban[, repudiating the city council].

Austin’s homeless population has grown significantly over the last decade as the city has grown, housing prices have risen, and local officials have relied on outdated and failed federal programs and policies to try to curb the crisis. The city of Austin, led by a zealously left-wing city council and mayor, Steve Adler, has followed in the footsteps of west-coast cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles, all of which have exacerbated their homelessness problems through bad public policy that encourages homelessness and its attendant problems of drug abuse, public disorder, and crime.

The increasing number of people sleeping on the streets in Austin became even more apparent two years ago when the Democrat-dominated city council decided to remove a decades-old ordinance banning public camping, as well as decriminalizing panhandling. Shortly after the city lifted the ban, homelessness in Austin not only reached a 10-year high but citizens and downtown businesses, many ravaged by government-mandated lockdowns, began to complain that the groups of tents set up on streets, sidewalks, in parks, and other public areas were magnets for trash, crime, drug abuse, mental health crises, and aggression towards Austinites.

The city council’s decision was rushed, made without any official input from the citizens living in the communities the ban had protected. This lack of participation from Austinites, combined with a worsening homelessness problem that even Adler admitted wasn’t fixed by lifting the ban, prompted outrage that sparked a petition to overturn the new ordinance.

A bipartisan group called Save Austin Now led an indirect initiative that garnered at least 24,000 signatures and qualified for a ballot referendum as Proposition B in upcoming city-wide elections. Among supporters of Prop B, the hope is that elected officials will redirect their attention to handling the crisis they helped create.

“What [a lack of camping bans] don’t do is they don’t hold policymakers accountable for transforming policy that’s not working,” said Michele Steeb, a senior fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, who specializes in homelessness policy. “So when you allow camping, as a local jurisdiction, there’s no reason for you to change policy that’s kind of forced this situation in the first place.”

In the 2020 fiscal year, the Austin City Council devoted $73.4 million, the largest amount in its history, to address the growing number of people sleeping on the streets, including by providing them housing. But as of December 2020, at least $31 million of those funds had been left unspent. Even after $43.2 million was spent on Austin’s approximately 2,500 homeless people last year, the city continues to face a worsening homelessness problem.

Violent crimes involving the homeless have increased, with at least a 10 percent rise in 2019 after the ban was lifted, making it the largest increase in the past five years. In some cases, the victims of these violent crimes have been homeless people, whose ranks have steadily increased since 2014.

“Crime has skyrocketed 43%. We’re on track for more murders this year than in the last 3 years combined. Lawlessness is not helping the homeless and it’s not helping Austin,” Save Austin Now states on its website.

The city council, which recently pulled funding from Austin’s police departments, wasn’t going to allow a city-wide referendum on its camping ban go down without a fight. It changed the wording of Prop B in a way that violated the city’s charter and showed bias against reinstating the ban, according to  a recent ruling by the Texas Supreme Court.

In March, the court ordered the city to remove the word “anyone” before language describing who would be penalized for “sitting or lying down on a public sidewalk or sleeping outdoors in and near the Downtown area and the area around the University of Texas campus,” to make the vote fairer.

While the election was still months away from this language change, the political battle over Prop B had just begun. Soon after Prop B started to gain more traction, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott rushed to dish out more than $43,000 on advertising in favor of reinstating the ban.

“Governor Abbott has been clear that ensuring the well-being of cities in Texas and the homeless population is a priority,” a campaign spokesperson said in a statement. “The campaign placed digital ads advocating the passage of Prop B to undo the damage done by the city of Austin’s previous reversal on a homeless camping ban. The homeless situation that the city of Austin has created endangers the health and safety of the homeless and does nothing to provide for the dignity of the homeless. And it certainly harms the living conditions of people in the entire city.”

Abbott previously received scrutiny from corporate media and Democrats when he condemned the city’s homelessness problem after a fatal knife attack by a homeless man on a restaurant kitchen manager in 2020.

“I’m not attacking homelessness,” Abbott wrote on Twitter. “I’m criticizing the lawlessness promoted by the City of Austin. The City’s top job is public safety and they are failing. Yesterday’s tragic murder is the most recent example.”

You are exactly right.

I’m not attacking homelessness.

I’m criticizing the lawlessness promoted by the City of Austin.

The City’s top job is public safety and they are failing.

Yesterday’s tragic murder is the most recent example.

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) January 4, 2020

The leftist ideologues who govern Austin don’t see it that way. Allowing people to sleep on the streets with impunity, Adler argues, is ethical and humane, and allows people to settle down in safer areas. But even those against bringing back a public camping ban see a problem with letting hundreds of people set up tents in neighborhoods, on public sidewalks, and under highway overpasses.

“Once you’re in the middle of it, you change your mind of how you approach this situation. As your safety declines, so does your compassion. Every time I have to pick up human sh-t, my liberal-ness just got lowered what one more notch,” one Austin woman, a self-described progressive, recently told VICE News.

May elections in Austin typically have lower voter turnout than those held in November along with state and federal elections, but that hasn’t stopped leftists and anti-Prop B organizations such as Homes Not Handcuffs from busing homeless people to the polls to try to defeat Prop B. Despite its bipartisan beginnings, the organizations opposed to Prop B are painting it as “a cruel attempt by Republican strategists at ‘Save Austin Now’ to lock up homeless Austinites instead of helping them.”

“Prop B would put in place hefty fines and potential jail time for simply being homeless, without providing any housing, health care, or services. Let’s support real solutions to homelessness, not cruel and ineffective fines and jail time,” the Homes Not Handcuffs website states.

While leftists argue that banning camping in the city will just force homeless people to relocate to more rural areas, data suggests that lifting restrictions instead incentivizes homeless people to leave shelters that have strict regulations on drug and alcohol use and instead set up camp in public places.

“After the policy was instituted, the sheltered homeless count decreased 20 percent while the unsheltered count increased by 45 percent, according to the City of Austin’s latest data,” Save Austin Now reports. “In other words, 1/5 of Austin’s homeless left shelters for the streets while the overall number of homeless simultaneously shot up.” (read more)

2021-05-04 g

Trevor Noah: Media Should Not Cover Adverse Vaccine Reactions Because They Don’t Fit The Narrative

In a monologue on “The Daily Show” Monday, host Trevor Noah said Americans have “failed at something so easily achievable” by not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and claimed the media should not be covering cases of adverse reactions to the vaccine because it does not fit the preferred narrative.

“You know honestly, in these divided times, it’s just great to see all Americans coming together,” Noah said. “To fail at something so easily achievable. Thanks to the many people who refuse to take a life-saving vaccine, experts now think that coronavirus is basically going to become one of those anti-virus pop-ups.”

Noah blamed “anti-vaxxers,” but also journalists for reporting on vaccine side effects.

“The media loves running stories about the few people who are having adverse reactions to the vaccine. ‘Oh man got a vaccine, now his foot is sore. Oh, woman got a vaccine, now she forgot it’s Thursday.’ Because even though those cases are a tiny minority, those are the stories that people want to hear the most, right?” he said.(read more)

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2021-05-04 f
(You will own no rental property and you will like it.)

Coming up next from the Democrats: Fort Apache, Fear City

Joe Biden, the press, the Democrats, and the activists have long touted the rent moratoriums in the age of COVID as just the thing, keeping their victims of lockdowns and lost jobs from being thrown out of their homes.
One problem: Someone is not getting paid.

The Washington Post has a long, balanced, authentic report on the assorted COVID-linked rent moratoriums and what that's done for the housing stock.

The subhead gets it right:

As landlords and tenants go broke across the U.S., the next crisis point of the pandemic approaches
According to the Post in good writing summing up the extent of the problem:

In the covid economy of 2021, the federal government has created an ongoing grace period for renters until at least July, banning all evictions in an effort to hold back a historic housing crisis that is already underway. More than 8 million rental properties across the country are behind on payments by an average of $5,600, according to census data. Nearly half of those rental properties are owned not by banks or big corporations but instead by what the government classifies as "small landlords" — people who manage their own rentals and depend on them for basic income, and who are now trapped between tenants who can't pay and their own mounting bills for insurance, mortgages and property tax. According to government estimates, a third of small landlords are at risk of bankruptcy or foreclosure as the pandemic continues into its second year. [emphasis mine -mms]

So half the housing stock is owned by small landlords, and a third are about to go bankrupt or into foreclosure.  That's one out of six rental properties, and don't think the other five aren't hurting, too.  Did anyone give them stimulus checks to cover their losses?  Apparently not.  Yet they don't get a vacation from mortgages, insurance, or taxes, as the tenants do.  They get no breaks at all and have to eat the losses brought to them by Democrats, who praise rent moratoriums to the high heavens, particularly Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose family fled the Bronx.  More about that in a minute.

But also, Joe Biden.  Here's what he said during the campaign and how a deadbeat tenant who didn't bother to apply for federal rental assistance took it:

[The defaulting tenant] listened during the presidential campaign as Joe Biden said: "There should be rent forgiveness. ... Not paid later — forgiveness." And so when Hill finally received some small unemployment payments and a four-figure stimulus check from the government, he used the money to fix the engine in his broken-down minivan, buy a little extra food, purchase some basic furniture, pay down his credit card, and surprise his daughter with a decent laptop for her virtual classes, because why would he spend what little money he had on rent that he didn't actually have to pay?

Kind of sounds like Joe's words of encouragement triggering the border surge, doesn't it?

Thanks, Joe.  You've just blown out a sixth of the rental housing stock and that's just to start.

The Bronx angle is also notable, given Ocasio-Cortez's championing of total rent default.  Back when Democrats drove industrial and big cities into the ground in the 1970s, urban renewal consisted of inviting industrious Guyanese immigrants to revitalize the rental housing in blown-out hellholes like the 1970s Bronx, as well as the city described in the story, Schenectady, New York, where they put the sweat and labor into doing just that.  None of them got hugely rich, but they did well, bought small homes for themselves, and sent their kids to college.  I know this firsthand; I used to live in the South Bronx in the 1990s and had a very good Guyanese landlord among the Nigerian, Senegalese, Jamaican, and Dominican immigrants of the area who did just this.  They were good people.

Now they've been stiffed, forced to take the whole weight of the pandemic, and the lockdowns, which throw people out of work, but benefit Democrats and increase their power, making them pay the entire bill.  There's no free lunch, as economists say.  The small landlords are the guys who get to pay.  What happens when such a large swath of the population has to pay such a big bill?  In general, they have no choice but to go Galt.

First, the housing declines, as there's no money to pay for repairs.  Windows are broken out, walls get holes, the plumbing breaks, the rats and roaches come.  Then the water gets shut off, and the electricity, too.  After that, walls and roofs start crashing in, and thieves come for the copper pipes.  And whole city streets get that bombed out look of Beirut, a frightening look of war.  Democrat measures such as rent control were all it took to create the war effect.

This one if anything must be worse, given that it wasn't artificially depressed rent prices against constantly rising costs that did it; it was no rent at all, done with the express command of the state.  This is full-out robbery and 100% taxation, leaving a small class of pretty powerless people holding the very big bag. 

And harmful to consumers, those who can pay rent but can't find any housing — or, given how bad this is, landlords.  Who'd want to be a landlord in conditions like this?  They not only can't collect rent, but can't kick anyone out who has money and doesn't want to pay, as the character in the story described.  They also can't pay people to leave, owing to the diminishing housing stock, and they can't sell their properties where they can't kick deadbeats out.

Yes, there are people who can't pay rent due to the lockdowns, and the federal aid is there, but in this case, the tenant didn't apply for it.  Why would they, since they can't be kicked out?  It's bad stuff, poor central planning, and the chain reaction of events that follows means lower housing stock and, eventually, harsher terms as landlords seek to protect themselves from these state predators.

Fort Apache, anyone?  Fear City?  Beirut?  It's coming.

Those were famous names in the 1970s for New York City after rent control measures kept rents down, landlords couldn't upgrade their properties, and the housing stock was soon blown out.  The South Bronx was compared to Beirut because it looked just like it, based on just this single measure, courtesy of the Democrat rule of the time.  Combine it with fiscal mismanagement and soaring crime, as described by the covertly police-produced tour guide called Fear City in the 1970s, and the city was a disaster.  According to the [far-left] Guardian:

New York's fiscal crisis of the mid-1970s is surely one of the weirdest moments in the history of the city — indeed, of the United States. It was a time when the wholesale disintegration of the largest city in the most powerful nation on earth seemed entirely possible. A time when the American president, Gerald Ford — egged on by his young chief of staff, one Donald Rumsfeld — sought not to succour New York but to deliberately shame and humble it, and perhaps even replace it as the world's leading financial centre.

Reportedly one million Fear City pamphlets were printed for distribution, with a further million on order if those ran out. The pamphlets were to be followed up with a couple of equally alarmist tracts, entitled "If You Haven't Been Mugged Yet" and "When It Happens to You ..." aimed at New York residents. They were produced and to be distributed by something called the Council for Public Safety, an umbrella group of 28 unions of "the uniformed services", representing some 80,000 police and corrections officers, plus the city's firefighters — all infuriated by the city's plans to lay off thousands of their members.

After that, it was all "rats on the East Side, bedbugs, uptown, what a mess," as Mick Jagger sang in his anthem of New York City, "Shattered."

And it's likely it's barely shaken out, but it will as this leftist stuff goes on, with Biden, who helped create the mess, still in power for three more long years, probably getting ready to blame Trump for the Fort Apache look that's going to be the look of not just the Bronx, but every large city in America.

Thanksalot, Joe.  Bob Gates had it right that Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue.  He also unknowingly was right on domestic ones such as this. (read more)

2021-05-04 e
(Look who Biden, Obama and Susan Rice are letting in.)

MS-13 Gang Members Are Exploiting The Border Crisis To Sneak Into The United States

Amid the ongoing [Democrat-created] humanitarian crisis at the Southern border, members of various gangs, including the violent criminal gang MS-13, are crossing into the U.S. illegally in migrant caravans.

On Friday, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Chief Matthew Hudak said border officials apprehended five gang members in Laredo, Texas.

“5 gang members in 7 days! #Laredo Sector #USBP agents arrested a total of 5 gang members in the last week, including an #ms13 & two 18th Street gang members,” he tweeted. “They attempt to evade arrest by exploiting the influx of migrants attempting to enter our country. #bordersecurity.”

5 gang members in 7 days! #Laredo Sector #USBP agents arrested a total of 5 gang
members in the last week, including an #ms13 & two 18th Street gang members. They
attempt to evade arrest by exploiting the influx of migrants attempting to enter our country.

— Chief Patrol Agent Matthew J. Hudak (@USBPChiefLRT) April 30, 2021

One of the individuals arrested is a member of MS-13, and two others are members of the 18th Street gang, a criminal drug trafficking group with as many as 50,000 members in Mexico and Central America.

A month ago, California Border Patrol agents arrested an MS-13 gang member from El Salvador. The 28-year-old crossed the border illegally with five other men. An MS-13 gang member received a life sentence without parole in Texas on Monday for the murder of a 16-year-old in 2016.

172,000 migrants crossed the border in March and 5,700 unaccompanied minors were found in Border Patrol stations at the height of the surge in March. Vice President Kamala Harris announced in April that the U.S. will send an additional $310 million to Central America, as migrants continually flood the border.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador blamed Biden for the surge, noting that the president is incentivizing migrants with immigration policies.

“Expectations were created that with the government of President Biden there would be a better treatment of migrants. And this has caused Central American migrants, and also from our country, wanting to cross the border thinking that it is easier to do so,” Obrador said at a press conference.

Obrador’s characterization is contrary to that of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who blamed the Trump administration for the surge after Biden repealed Trump’s Remain in Mexico.

James Carafano, a national security expert at The Heritage Foundation, told The Federalist that criminals will look for every way possible to exploit Biden’s open border policies.

“There is a synergistic relationship between the cartels and the transnational gangs who often cooperate collaborate on a range of criminal activity. Gang presence in the U.S is particularly important as gangs build a network of nodes that facilitate criminal activity throughout the U.S. and Canada,” he said. “Illegal immigrants are often the target victim of gang activity, making the open border policies of the administration a double human rights catastrophe.”

Partnered with American University, the Department of Justice released a report in October 2020 outlining its efforts to root out MS-13 gang members. The DOJ noted that it has prosecuted over 700 members.

Given the Biden administration’s lack of border protection, it remains to be seen how many more will need to be brought to justice after crossing the border. (read more)

-05-04 d

It's gonna happen.

Desire and Temptation Cannot Be Restrained

2021-05-04 c

Media hysteria means Arizona election audit may be on to something

While an uncertain public awaits  results from the Arizona election audit, the immediate major media outcry, prematurely denouncing it, should be viewed as the audit's hitting a major media nerve.  The media's reaction vividly demonstrates their fear of a searching re-examination of the election purity they have so arrogantly and unwaveringly proclaimed.
After all, if this election were as well run as touted (with the customary admission to the mere occasional and inevitable, but insignificant, error), then the Biden-centric media should be cheerleading the effort.  Shouldn't the audit, to use a favored media word, be anticipated to "debunk" the claims of widespread irregularities?

The media have drawn great succor from numerous court cases turning down challenges to the 2020 election results.  However, these claims raised issues not properly cognizable by our judicial system.  Ordering a recount is one thing; relitigating a multimillion-vote election is quite another.  It looks tremendously suspicious that, after Republican poll-watchers were banished, massive blocs of Detroit votes were introduced in the early morning, with 95% Biden selection.  But what exactly is a smart person in black robes supposed to do with this tableau?  Overturn the election without taking evidence?  Convene a three-month trial with numerous witnesses and experts, while Biden and Trump cool their heels?  A wise court should toss the case, as each reviewing jurist did.  But this rejection should not be seen as validating the election process, as the major media did.

The election process itself, not the judicial system, is supposed to be administered so as to provide the public with confidence in the announced tallies.  For this reason, the only widely recognized judicial remedy, as in Bush v. Gore, is an order to recount, which brings the process back to its proper venue: the election centers.  So the unsuccessful Republican and Trump lawsuits to invalidate the various election results do not validate the propriety of election procedures; they merely demarcate the limited jurisdictional boundaries of our judicial system.

But that is not how major media, at once partisan and ignorant, have spun this string of unsurprising Republican defeats:

To Cast Doubt On Election Results, Republicans Lean On Conspiracy

Arizona Republicans are auditing election results using company run by man who spread conspiracy theories about

QAnon fans are obsessed with Arizona vote "audit," still hoping for Trump

Arizona Republicans' desperate crusade to find nonexistent voter
Media hyperventilation about the recently commenced Arizona audit is evidence that pro-Biden forces discern grave danger in the process.  They have known all along that an audit, not a court case, is the proper forum for detection of maladministration allowing improper votes.  If the media can portray the audit as being about nothing more than warmed-over voting machine paranoia, the yells of "conspiracy theory" will become even louder.  But if a credible evidentiary challenge to the results in Arizona can be strongly shown, the media will be soundly discredited, and with them their assurances of election legitimacy.

So it behooves the auditors and their sponsors to focus both on palpably wrongful voting and sufficient numerosity of suspect votes.  Such a result would not necessarily mean that the national election was illegitimate.  But it would give some support to that entirely reasonable inference.  At the least, it would dramatically demonstrate that, yes, our national election, especially in key urban areas controlled by Democrats, was so poorly administered, whether negligently or fraudulently, that radical reform is needed to ensure that this uncertainty never again occurs.  And yes, H.R. 1 would be a problem, not a solution.

One more conclusion that will be reasonably drawn if such an audit outcome is credibly proven: the major media were once again complicit in fraudulent partisan concealment of a major affront to our democracy, making their suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story just one leaf of their poisonous tree.  Indeed, they would be convicted by the jury of public opinion as one of the main culprits in the fiasco we call the 2020 election. (read more)

2021-05-04 b

Windham, NH tonight held a Town Meeting to deal with MAGA citizens’ demands
for a Maricopa-style ‘forensic audit’ of their ballots. As a councilman tries to reason
with them, they stand and turn their backs on them and chant, “stop the steal.”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) May 4, 2021

2021-05-04 a

“Still, instead of trusting what their own minds tell them, men have as a rule a weakness for trusting others who pretend to supernatural sources of knowledge.”

Arthur Schopenhauer, 1851

-05-03 h
"Tucker Carlson said that GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz are roommates!"

Tucker Carlson reveals that House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy rented a room
in DC from pollster Frank Luntz:

“Not only are they friends. They are roommates.”

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 4, 2021

-05-03 g

Bill and Melinda Gates to Split

“After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” they said in a joint statement. “Over the last 27 years, we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives.”

The statement added that they no longer “believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives.”

-05-03 f

The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading
THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.

— Liz Cheney (@Liz_Cheney) May 3, 2021

2021-05-03 e

Former Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt cited in sex trafficking sting

Clackamas Community College board member one of eight men cited by Portland police in April.

Former Oregon House Speaker and current Clackamas Community College board member Dave Hunt was cited by Portland police in an undercover sex traffic sting operation in April.

Contacted by the Portland Tribune on Monday, May 3, Hunt said, "I don't think I should talk about that."

As a legislator, Hunt was one of numerous sponsors of a bill criminalizing sex trafficking in 2007. In 2011, he also voted for the bill that created the crime for which he was arrested and cited.

The Portland Police Bureau issued a press release Saturday that said its Human Trafficking Unit had cited eight men in an operation conducted in April. Officers posted online decoy ads on known human trafficking websites, and the subjects who "contacted undercover police officers to arrange payment for sexual acts" were criminally cited on the charge of commercial sexual solicitation.

The release did not name those cited, but said the list was available on request. The Portland Tribune requested the list and received it Monday morning. It included "53-year-old David Hunt of Milwaukie."

The Portland Tribune then requested and received a portion of the police report. The suspect has the same full name, date of birth and home address as the former speaker and current CCC board member. It said he was arrested and cited on April 28 by two Portland police officers at a Ramada Inn in Southeast Portland.

A Democrat, Hunt served as state representative for District 40 of the Oregon House of Representatives, representing Clackamas County from 2003 to 2013. He was elected Oregon House majority leader for the 2007-2009 session and served as speaker during the 2009-11 session.

After leaving the Legislature, Hunt served as president & CEO of the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition for five years and as senior vice-president of Strategies 360 for three years. He currently serves as president and CEO of Columbia Public Affairs, where he is also a registered Oregon lobbyist.

According to the Police Bureau, the Human Trafficking Unit is one of its oldest units. It added two additional detectives along with an additional sergeant and four officers in 2020, giving it the investigative capacity to follow up on felony-level Measure 11 crimes while simultaneously conducting rescue missions for victims of trafficking and affecting the demand side of trafficking by conducting periodic buyer suppression missions.

Due to both COVID-19 restrictions and months of nightly civil unrest the work, the unit's work was severely curtailed for most of the year. Its operations included: six surveillance missions, 100 hours of remote review surveillance, two buyer suppression missions, and four rescue/trafficker suppression missions. (read more)

2021-05-03 d
(Bill Gates, a Harvard College classmate and housemate of mine, DID NOT follow the recommended vaccination schedule for his 3 children. Neither did I.)

Two-year-old baby DIES during Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine experiments on children

Within six days of receiving a second injection of Pfizer’s experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine, a two-year-old baby enrolled in the company’s clinical trials for children passed away, new reports indicate.

The ongoing trials include more than 10,000 children aging in range from five to 11 in one of the groups, and another 10,000 children as young as six months old in the other. These trials have been taking place since mid-March with the soon expectation that the jab will be “authorized” for use in children and babies.

Moderna is also running a similar series of clinical trials on children that it is calling “KidCOVE.” Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and AstraZeneca are also both running their own respective clinical trials on children to get them jabbed at “warp speed.”

As reported in the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the two-year-old girl received her second dose of Pfizer’s DNA-modifying mRNA injection on February 25. On March 1, she suffered some kind of serious adverse reaction. On March 3, she died. No further details were provided.

The VAERS report does indicate that the child had been hospitalized since February 14, which suggests she may have gotten sick from the first shot. Despite this, someone administered a second shot to the already sick and suffering child, which caused her to die.

To learn more about the wave of sickness and death affecting those who were jabbed for Chinese germs, be sure to check out

Parents who inject their children with vaccine poisons should be ashamed of themselves

Early in the week, it was also reported that Pfizer’s experimental gene therapy injection can cause brain damage and neurodegenerative disease.

A paper published in the journal Microbiology & Infectious Diseases explains the process by which these injections alter human DNA and cause the body to basically go haywire over time.

Despite all this, hordes of not-so-bright Americans are lining right up to get injected, believing that the vaccine will protect them against “catching” the Wuhan flu. They are also subjecting their children to it based on lies from Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and others who are aggressively pushing the jabs.

Michell Lynam, an anesthesiologist who calls herself “Dr. United States of America,” has been bragging all over Facebook about how she subjected her own children to the experimental shots. She enrolled her two teenage daughters in Pfizer’s clinical trial, and her six-year-old daughter in Moderna’s clinical trial.

Should anything happen to these poor kids, Lynam probably will not tell her Facebook followers about it. Lynam will probably also not report any potential injuries or deaths to VAERS.

The only reason the death of the two-year-old in the Pfizer trial is known about is because independent sleuths dug it out of VAERS. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is certainly not going to report on it, and neither will the mainstream media.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also complicit, having recently lifted its recommended pause on J&J’s experimental injection, which causes deadly blood clots. Rather than ban the jab, the FDA is instead affixing a tiny warning label on the package that says the J&J injection comes with blood clot risks.

“I read this and wept,” wrote one commenter at Great Game India. “Children that age should NEVER be given any vaccines. Shame on the parents who allowed such a thing to happen.”

“Now, they are paying with broken hearts. How sad is that? These vaccines contain aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde. Why on earth would anyone allow themselves to be injected with these poisons?”

Others offered similar sentiments of sadness and disgust that this mass genocide of humans under the guise of “public health” is even happening at all. (read more)

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Flying, meat, pets... now having CHILDREN is a climate crime, green activists imply

A recent Vogue article asks, ‘Is Having A Baby In 2021 Pure Environmental Vandalism?’ Of all the reasons not to want to bring kids into this world now, exposing them to a lifetime of harassment by woke greenies ranks pretty high.

It’s difficult to imagine why anyone sane would consciously choose to have kids right now. If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything over the past year, it’s that no one can take for granted that society will always function in the way that we’ve traditionally expected it to. The assumption has always been that when the kid reaches a relatively young age, you can pawn it off on daycare, and later on the school system, allowing you to go off to work.

When the pandemic [of lies] hit and schools were [needlessly] closed in many countries, parents worldwide were forced to contend with their own kids all day, assisting them with remote learning as schools moved online – often while parents struggled with the challenges of working from home themselves. The result has been so catastrophic educationally, socially, and psychologically, that here in France, for example, in the wake of the initial two-month strict lockdown from March to May 2020, the government has gone out of its way as much as possible to minimize any new school closures.

The implicit government admission is that having people raise their kids full time can actually be worse than Covid. How anyone could get to this stage of the [Covid-con] pandemic and choose to deliberately complicate their life with children is difficult to understand. Yet some do. And that’s entirely their choice.

There’s another link between the pandemic [of lies] and childbirth – that of the morally righteous wanting to citizen-police everyone else’s behavior, ranging from face mask compliance to reproductive choices. To be fair, there’s certainly an argument to be made that our world is overpopulated, and that like any animal population that exceeds its finite space, evolutionary pressures such as viruses and war will ultimately emerge to reduce the reproductive success of the human species. That’s just basic evolutionary biology. And as population growth continues, who’s to say that [a trivial pathogen like] Covid-19 won’t be just the first of several pandemic rodeos? You’d think that thought alone might make people think twice about bringing kids into the world. But hey, your mileage may vary.

I apologize to @GretaThunberg, to @AOC, and to @JohnKerry for having had children.
I will try to starve them to offset their carbon footprint. Again, my apologies. I’ll do better.

— Gad Saad (@GadSaad) April 29, 2021

But you know what science doesn’t rely on? Woke morally righteous environmentalists with authoritarian tendencies who attempt to dictate how others need to live. Humans aren’t the only species culled by pandemics, but they’re the only ones who are subjected to harassment by environmentalists. These people love Mother Nature but apparently don’t trust that she knows what she’s doing. This planet has existed for billions of years. How did it ever manage to survive before the eco fascists came along and started wagging their fingers at people over the perceived size of their carbon footprint?

These people have no idea how much of a mark any other person truly makes on the planet. Why should a child-free person, for example, be chastised for blasting air conditioning all summer, or for demanding plastic bags at grocery stores instead of paper ones that bottom out all over the street in the rain, when not reproducing counterbalances all of that? Or, conversely, why should someone who chose to have kids be bombarded with criticism for having done so when it’s quite possible that they’re highly eco-conscious in the daily life of their family?

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for conscientious daily living. Most people are just trying to get by and do their best to balance their own life experience with concern for their immediate and extended surroundings. The environmental police make far too many assumptions about people’s individual lives. It’s quite possible that the person who decided to take a trip around the world on a fuel-guzzling airplane has no kids, or doesn’t much care to spend their money on cheap junk that’s going to end up in a landfill. The only fair and reasonable approach is education about the impact of one's choices.

“Whether your body throbs to reproduce, you passively believe that it is on the cards for you one day, or you actively seek to remain child-free, the declining health of the planet cannot help but factor in your thinking,” reads the Vogue piece. The amount of projection here is astounding. Not only is the author arrogantly grafting her own presumptuous, very specific and limited rationale onto child-free people, but she's also self-centeredly assuming that the planet needs white knights like her in order to handle itself.

Meanwhile, the world keeps turning. It’s going to continue doing its thing regardless of the arm-waving and pearl-clutching by woke environmentalist authoritarians. And people are going to keep having kids – or not. So how about just sparing us the constant browbeating and minding your own business?

Think your friends would be interested? Share this story! (read more)

See also: Mr Big Issue is right, most people don’t give a toss about the environment… and I don’t blame them

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(The Grand Solar Minimum)

So Far Germany Seeing Coldest April In 104 Years, Second Coldest Since 1881, Snowiest Since 1986

It’s been a really frosty April this year across Central Europe. Germany so far has seen it’s second coldest April since records began in 1881.

Coldest since 1917

April across much of Europe has been unusually cold, frosty and even snowy, and the media have been awfully quiet about it.
 With a mean temperature of 4.5°C for Germany, April so far continues to be the second coldest since 1881, according to German DWD national weather service records. Only 1917 was colder at a mean of 4.3°C.
Northern hemisphere cooling continues

The German media recently claimed that “the global warming continues”, but the NCEP GFS run of April 18 shows a temperature anomaly of near zero. (read more)

2021-05-03 a
Editor's Note:


As of today, National Propaganda Radio (National Progressive Radio) has been corrupting the American intelligentsia and giving them the approved talking points for fifty years.

Before discussing the pros and cons, let's consider the essential question. Is an entity like National Public Radio or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting permissible under our Constitution? It is not. Read through the entire Constitution as well as the Amendments (even the 14th that was never ratified) and find the words, phrase or clause that EXPLICITLY permits such a monstrosity. You won't find any such authorization, but, that did not stop Congress.

NPR has promoted the Kulturkampf (Culture War) from its beginnings. They might have used guile or euphemisms at first, but they now do so blatantly and constantly..

They promote the tax and spend policies of the warfare/welfare state. They are creatures of the state and statists to the core.

They promote immigration, chain migration, refugees and asylum seekers to the detriment of social cohesion and stability. They looked the other way as our borders were opened to criminals from Central America to Nigeria to the Middle East. They said nothing of tuberculosis and measles, long controlled in America, being imported from throughout the Third World.

They welcomed the Great Replacement, the invention of American Jewry, to reduce the influence of the founding population.
They promote the most divisive race policies and seldom if ever acknowledge the disproportionately high rates of black criminality. In many counties, blacks commit 75% to 90% of violent crimes. If New York City were all white, murders would drop by 90%. It is not racial profiling for policing to be concentrated where crime rates are highest. NPR promotes the myths of white supremacy and systemic racism to explain black underachievement, disregarding the huge roles played by black socio-pathologies and racial differences in IQ.

They are mouthpieces for the Deep State. They promote wars and war profiteers. They promoted the Russia Collusion hoax as though it was Holy Writ. They militantly see no electoral fraud, hear no electoral fraud and speak no electoral fraud. They keep promoting the lie that an armed insurrection occurred in Washington.

They promote socialism, collectivism and redistribution. They are Marxists who bite the capitalist hands that feed them.

They promote the homosexual agenda, trying to make depravity seem normal. They magnifying the true numbers of sodomites beyond their less than 2% of the population. They call a cohort of depressives, many with suicidal ideation, and higher rates of addiction and self-harm, "gay." Where is the gaiety in the lifestyle of sodomites? There is no gaiety either for the boy victims of predatory male homosexuals who practice pedophilia.
Their latest pet project, the promotion of the idea that sex is not fixed at the moment of conception, that gender is not binary, is evil. There is no other word to describe it. They never distinguish between those rare few born with gender dysphoria and the far more common fetish of autogynephilia among males. The mere mention of the teen girl fad of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria makes them apoplectic.
I do not care if someone is a sodomite or "transgender" or a transvestite or a cross dresser or an autogynephile. I do, however, care deeply that tax dollars are expended to promote such behaviors. That, to me, is offensive.

This rant could go on, and it will be continued on this blog in the days and months to come.

-05-02 g

REVEALED: Chauvin juror who promised judge impartiality now says people should join juries ‘to spark some change', wore BLM shirt in 2020

A [black] juror on the Derek Chauvin trial who told the court that he had no prior knowledge of the George Floyd civil case was photographed last August wearing a shirt that read “Get your knee off our necks” and “BLM.” He stated last week that he saw jury duty as a means to “spark some change.”

A [black] juror on the Derek Chauvin trial who told the court that he had no prior knowledge of the George Floyd civil case was photographed last August wearing a shirt that read “Get your knee off our necks” and “BLM.” He stated last week that he saw jury duty as a means to “spark some change.”

Juror #52, now identified as Brandon Mitchell, reportedly told Judge Cahill on March 15 that he had no prior knowledge of the case prior to being summoned for jury duty.

Judge Cahill asked Juror #52, whether he heard anything about the #GeorgeFloyd
civil case. He says, no. He explained hearing some basic info about trial dates, etc
from the news in recent months, but nothing that would keep him from serving as
impartial juror. #ChauvinTrial

— Paul Blume (@PaulBlume_FOX9) March 15, 2021

Mitchell is the first juror in the Chauvin trial to speak openly about the deliberations.

Speaking in a show called Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell on April 27, Mitchell said that people should say yes to jury duty as a means to promote societal change.

“I mean it’s important if we wanna see some change, we wanna see some things going different, we gotta into these avenues, get into these rooms to try to spark some change,” he said. “Jury duty is one of those things. Jury duty. Voting. All of those things we gotta do.”

Here’s the moment Juror #52 (Brandon Mitchell) from the Chauvin trial talks
about jury duty as a means for societal change.

— Janet (@janetburke27) May 2, 2021

According to Minneapolis’ FOX 9 reporter Paul Blume, who livetweeted the case on March 15, “Judge Cahill asked Juror #52, whether he heard anything about the #GeorgeFloyd civil case. He says, no. He explained hearing some basic info about trial dates, etc from the news in recent months, but nothing that would keep him from serving as impartial juror. #ChauvinTrial”

“Juror #52 wrote in his jury questionnaire that he wondered why other police officers at the scene did not intervene in #GeorgeFloyd deadly arrest. He recognizes the historic nature of the case. Defense says he is an acceptable juror. So state's turn to question,” Blume added.

Juror #52 wrote in his jury questionnaire that he wondered why other police officers
at the scene did not intervene in #GeorgeFloyd deadly arrest. He recognizes the historic
nature of the case. Defense says he is an acceptable juror. So state's turn to question.

— Paul Blume (@PaulBlume_FOX9) March 15, 2021


-Black male: 30's
-In banking, coaches kids' sports
-Has witnessed police excessive force
-Discrimination is beyond what media can even report
-Police don't necessarily make him feel safe, but there are officers at his gym who are "great guys" #DerekChauvinTrial

— Serene ? (@MythSerene) April 18, 2021

In a Facebook post dated August 31, 2020, Brandon Mitchell was pictured (seen below) wearing a shirt with the words “Get your knee off our necks” and “BLM,” which is short for Black Lives Matter. This would directly contradict his claim that he had no prior knowledge of the case.

(Facebook screenshot)

In an interview with Mitchell on April 29, Mitchell told Law & Crime Network that the jury took “five or six hours” to determine the verdict.

WATCH: Find out which charge jurors immediately found ex-Minneapolis police officer
Derek Chauvin guilty of. Law&Crime’s Jesse Weber @jessecordweber has an in-depth
conversation with the first Derek Chauvin trial juror to talk about deliberations.

— Law&Crime Network (@LawCrimeNetwork) April 29, 2021

He stated that the jury “definitely figured out manslaughter within the first hour, right away,” adding that “third degree took maybe three and a half hours, second degree murder we figured out maybe thirty, forty-five minutes.”

Mitchell added that he wasn’t impressed by any of the witnesses Chauvin’s defense called up. (read more)

2021-05-02 f

Fox News covered election fraud this morning. Normies are being prepped
for what’s coming. Listen to Ken Paxton talk about how they prevented [them]
from stealing Texas.

Maria: “So are you questioning what happened in the 2020 election?”


— Real Trump Tweets (@RealDTrumpTweet) May 2, 2021

2021-05-02 e

Three separate Starbucks sustained window damage.
The Hilton sustained graffiti on the wall during the riot in Downtown Portland.

— Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) May 2, 2021


A group of about 100 individuals involved in an autonomous demonstration
are now in the area of the Justice Center. Multiple business and government
buildings have sustained damage. This has now been declared a Riot.
They have been ordered to leave the area heading west.

— Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) May 2, 2021

-05-02 d
(Invasion of the Thumb-Sucking Diaper Babies)

Safe Spaces Are Creating a Generation of ‘Snowflake Tyrants’: Dr. Everett Piper

Dr. Everett Piper, author of Grow Up: Life Isn’t Safe But It’s Good, told Epoch TV’s “Crossroads” Program that cancel culture’s relentless demand for safe spaces is making America’s youth emotionally fragile, less able to cope with hardship, and more prone to advocating for an ever bigger government role in allaying insecurity and providing safety at the expense of liberty.

Piper, who served as president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University for 17 years, said that his earlier warnings, that coddling America’s youth by acquiescing to demands for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” would lead to a sad and dangerous infantilization of the American spirit, are increasingly coming to pass.

“The ‘snowflakes’ have graduated,” Piper said. “And they now have jobs at Google and Amazon and Apple and Twitter and even Major League Baseball, where they’re carrying their cancel culture, their demands for safety, into our country at large, and they’re silencing everyone who disagrees with them. This is ideological fascism, it is not intellectual freedom.”

Piper’s complaint about “snowflakes” having a growing impact on the political tenor of major American corporations is part of what Republicans—and conservatives more broadly—have started to more vocally criticize as “woke capitalism,” or big business’s embrace of progressive positions on issues like LGBTQ and voting rights.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), fumed in a Sunday op-ed in The New York Post that “corporate America eagerly dumps woke, toxic nonsense into our culture, and it’s only gotten more destructive with time,” adding, “today, corporate America routinely flexes its power to humiliate politicians if they dare support traditional values at all.”

“Multinational firms threaten boycotts over pro-life legislation. Cowardly sports leagues pull events out of states that dare pass legislation they don’t like. Firms like Delta parrot woke talking points, even as they cut deals with China, lending Beijing legitimacy and funding as it commits genocide in Xinjiang,” Rubio wrote, referring to the atrocities committed against the Uyghur terrorists by the Chinese Communist Party, and to Major League Baseball pulling an event out of Georgia in protest against the state’s new election integrity law.

A lobbying and communications outfit with deep ties to GOP leadership argued in a memo in mid-March that the rise of “woke CEOs embracing avant-garde social agendas” is fueling a populist surge in the Republican Party that threatens to upend its longstanding pact with big business.

“These campaigns will be met with the same strength that any other polluter should expect,” Rubio wrote, suggesting that “woke” corporations would face Republican backlash for their activism.

Much in the same tone, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) on April 20 called for the Republican Party to reduce its financial dependence on big companies, while urging the breakup of some mega-corporations that exert too much power on American politics and seek “to run our democracy.” Already, Hawley has introduced the Bust Up Big Tech Act and the Trust-Busting for the Twenty-First Century Act, which would strengthen antitrust enforcement to pursue the breakup of dominant, anticompetitive firms.

“A small group of woke mega-corporations control the products Americans can buy, the information Americans can receive, and the speech Americans can engage in. These monopoly powers control our speech, our economy, our country, and their control has only grown because Washington has aided and abetted their quest for endless power,” Hawley said in a statement.

Piper said that, at its core, corporate “woke-ism” was a phenomenon closely related to and fueled by the “demand to be comfortable rather than have your character built.”

“This trigger warning ideology, this demand for safety in the academy rather than being challenged, this demand to be comfortable rather than have your character built. This is not a recipe for maturity. It’s a recipe for childishness and perpetual adolescence,” he said.

“We’ve set aside the higher values, the higher ideas, the higher ideals of freedom and liberty,” Piper said. “We’ve allowed our freedom to be stolen from us because as children, we want to cower in the corner and demand that we be safe. And we’ve been willing to do that at the expense of essentially everything that the western civilization has stood for, and that is individual liberty.” (read more)

2021-05-02 c

‘Robot’ Drug Dealers Jailed After Selling Kilos of Cocaine Over Telegram

Police say drug sales over the encrypted app and the dark web amounted to £3.7 million.

Two drug dealers who made £3.7 million after selling cocaine, MDMA and LSD using the encrypted messaging app Telegram have been jailed for 24 years.

Jehanzeb Amar, 29, from London and Salahydin Warsame, 29, from Birmingham, advertised and sold cocaine in kilo quantities under the brand “LetsWork,” which also sold to buyers on the dark web.

The men set up an automated bot to take the orders from the customers. The app gave their customers regular updates such as apologising for supply issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Metropolitan Police officers uncovered the lucrative drug business in February last year after raiding a van driven by Warsame, where they found heroin hidden in a remote-controlled hydraulic hidden space in the car. They then uncovered multiple packages addressed to locations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland about to be sent via the Post Office

A later search of a property discovered 2,000 LSD tablets, cutting agents, mobile phones, crypto wallets, laptops, a labelling printer, drugs packaging and jiffy bags associated with the supply. As a result of the investigation, £100,000 worth of cash and Bitcoin were recovered.

In October VICE World News revealed that drug dealers on Telegram were operating a “robot dealer service” using Televend, which automates the entire drug selling process from start to finish enabling dealers to run a 24/7 business while they sleep.

Amar and Warsame, were convicted at Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday for conspiracy to supply class A drugs. They were given 13 and a half years and 10 and a half years respectively.

“Amar and Warsame mistakenly believed that they could act with impunity carrying out this multi-million pound drug enterprise online,” said Detective Sergeant Damian Hill, of the Met’s specialist crime south command.

“My team worked closely with the Met’s Economic Crime Team and the Cyber Crime Unit who have the capability to tackle organised crime of this type carried out over the dark web and social media apps.

“Anyone considering ordering illegal drugs online using cryptocurrencies should be aware they are not doing this anonymously and are at risk of prosecution as well as leaving themselves vulnerable to the organised criminal networks whom they have provided their names and home addresses to.”

VICE World News reached out to Telegram for comment but had received no response at time of publication. (read more)

2021-05-02 b

Significant Jump This Week in Reported Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccine

VAERS data released Friday showed 118,902 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 3,544 deaths and 12,619 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 23, 2021.

Data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the number of injuries and deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following COVID vaccines showed a significant jump in reports of injuries and deaths compared with last week’s numbers.

VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S. Reports submitted to VAERS require further investigation before a causal relationship can be confirmed.

Every Friday, VAERS makes public all vaccine injury reports received as of a specified date, usually about a week prior to the release date. Friday’s data show that between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 23, a total of 118,902 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 3,544 deaths — an increase of 358 over the previous week — and 12,619 serious injuries, up 2,467 since last week.

In the U.S., 222.3 million COVID vaccine doses had been administered as of April 23. This includes 97 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine, 117 million doses of Pfizer's and 8 million doses of Johnson &Johnson's (J&J) COVID vaccine.

Of the 3,544 deaths reported as of April 23, 25% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, 17% occurred within 24 hours and 40% occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated.

This week’s data included three reports of deaths among teens under age 18, including two 15-year-olds and one 16-year-old who died unexpectedly from a blood clot 11 days after receiving her first Pfizer dose.

A 15-year-old female died of cardiac arrest after receiving the second dose of the Moderna vaccine, and a 15-year-old male died of cardiac failure two days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

This week’s VAERS data show:

• 21% of deaths were related to cardiac disorders.
• 54% of those who died were male, 44% were female and the remaining death reports did not include gender of the deceased.
• The average age of death was 75.3 and the youngest deaths reported include two 15-year-olds (VAERS I.D. 1187918 and 1242573 ) and a 16-year-old (VAERS I.D. 1225942). There were other reported deaths in children under 16 that could not be confirmed or contained obvious errors.
• As of April 23, 598 pregnant women reported adverse events related to COVID vaccines, including 170 reports of miscarriage or premature birth.
• Of the 1,099 cases of Bell’s Palsy reported, 51% of cases were reported after Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations, 39% following vaccination with the Moderna vaccine and 131 cases or 12% of Bell’s Palsy were reported in conjunction with J&J.
• There were 121 reports of Guillain-Barré Syndrome with 44% of cases attributed to Pfizer, 43% to Moderna and 17% to J&J.
• There were 33,673 reports of anaphylaxis with 39% of cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine, 44% to Moderna and 16% to J&J.
First ‘acknowledged’ case of J&J blood clots in a male

On April 27, The Defender reported a 30-year-old California man was hospitalized with blood clots after receiving J&J’s COVID vaccine. It is the first time U.S. public health officials have specifically acknowledged “vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia syndrome” in a male who received J&J’s shot.

The news came days after an independent advisory panel for the CDC on April 23 voted 10 to 4 to recommend the continued use of the J&J vaccine with no restrictions after acknowledging a “possible link” between the vaccine and rare blood clotting disorders, mostly in young people. The panel concluded the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.

Children’s Health Defense queried the VAERS data for a series of adverse events associated with the formation of clotting disorders and other related conditions. VAERS yielded a total of 1,845 reports for all three vaccines from Dec. 14, 2020, through April 23.

Of the 1,845 cases reported, there were 655 reports attributed to Pfizer, 577 reports to Moderna and 608 reports to J&J — an increase of 448 J&J-related cases in just one week. U.S. health officials only acknowledged 15 blood clot cases associated with the J&J vaccine at the April 16 meeting.

Children as young as 6 months in COVID vaccine trials

On April 27, ABC News reported children as young as 6 months old are now in COVID vaccine trials. Dr. Zinaida Good, research fellow and immunologist at the Stanford Medicine Cancer Center, enrolled both her sons in Stanford Hospital’s Pfizer trial. Good said she and her husband are confident in the safety of the vaccine.

“It would be wonderful if we knew how to communicate better the benefits of the vaccine and its safety. The data is very clear,” Good said. “Those who get vaccines like this, mRNA vaccine, at least they are protected and they don’t really have any real side effects, not any real long-term consequences.”

Dr. Angelica Lacour’s 3-year-old daughter, Eloise, is also participating in the trial for young children. Lacour said she was told about potential side effects. “They said that it’s incredibly rare, but anyone can have an anaphylactic reaction to it. But it’s so rare they couldn’t even give us an example,” Lacour said. “So [side effects were] not something I was very concerned about.”

It is unknown whether Pfizer informed parents of potential side effects beyond just “anaphylaxis.” According to VAERS data, 45,508 of the 118,902 total reported adverse events were attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine. Of those 45,508 adverse events, 13,116 were related to anaphylactic reactions.

Possible link between Pfizer vaccine and heart inflammation

The Defender reported April 26 on details leaked from an Israeli Health Ministry report that raised concerns among experts about a possible link between the Pfizer vaccine and myocarditis.

The preliminary report found 62 cases of myocarditis, including two deaths, in people who received the Pfizer vaccine. Fifty-six of the cases occurred after the second dose of the vaccine, and 55 cases occurred in men — most between the ages of 18 and 30.

Israel’s pandemic response coordinator, Nachman Ash, confirmed “tens of incidents” of myocarditis occurred in vaccinated people, primarily after the second dose, but emphasized the health ministry had yet to draw any conclusions.

Pfizer said it had not detected similar findings in the rest of the world but would look deeper into the phenomenon. Yet a search for “myocarditis” in VAERS revealed 75 cases of myocarditis, with 73% occurring in people between the ages of 17 and 44. Of the reported cases, 33 were reported after the Pfizer vaccine.

COVID vaccines and menstrual cycle disruption

Researchers this week called for clinical trials to track and document menstrual changes in vaccinated women after some women reported changes to their menstrual cycles after receiving a COVID vaccine, The Defender reported April 28.

Women have reported hemorrhagic bleeding with clots, delayed or absent periods, sudden pre-menopausal symptoms, month-long periods and heavy irregular bleeding after being vaccinated with one or both doses of a COVID vaccine.

There’s no data linking COVID vaccines to changes in menstruation because clinical trials omit tracking menstrual cycles. But two Yale University experts wrote in The New York Times last week there could be a connection.

“There are many reasons vaccination could alter menstruation,” wrote Alice Lu-Culligan, an M.D./Ph.D. student at Yale School of Medicine, and Dr. Randi Epstein, writer in residence at Yale School of Medicine.

“Periods involve the immune system, as the thickening and thinning of the uterine lining are facilitated by different teams of immune cells and signals moving in and out of the reproductive tract,” Lu-Culligan and Epstein explained. “Vaccines are designed to ignite an immune response, and the female cycle is supported by the immune system, so it’s possible vaccines could temporarily change the normal course of events.”

To find out whether the COVID vaccine truly disrupts menstrual cycles, experts say there needs to be a controlled study with a placebo group. Rather than treat menstrual cycles as unimportant or too complicated, researchers should view tracking periods in future studies as a potential opportunity, Lu-Culligan and Epstein said. Clinical trials should track and document menstrual changes as they do other possible side effects.

Government considering COVID vaccine mandate for U.S. troops

President Joe Biden said today he has not ruled out requiring all U.S. troops to get the COVID vaccine after the shots win final clearance from federal regulators, but cautioned that such a decision would be a “tough call,” Politico reported.

President Biden will not rule out ordering military to get vaccinated

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) April 30, 2021

The comments come as the Pentagon sounded the alarm that roughly one-third of troops and 40% of Marines had declined the vaccine as of February, according to congressional testimony from military officials.

In March, a group of Democratic lawmakers demanded Biden make the vaccine a requirement for service members, while Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby confirmed the military’s top brass was weighing a mandatory vaccination order.

As The Defender reported last week, military officials held a virtual town hall this month in which leaders touted the vaccines and urged service members to get vaccinated, or miss out on perks granted exclusively to those who get the vaccine. (read more)


2021-05-02 a

"This world is run by sociopaths, narcissists, psychopaths, criminals and devils."

- Kim from Brooklyn

-05-01 f

Manchin says he doesn't support DC statehood, election reform bills

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said on Friday that he does not support a House-passed D.C. statehood bill or a sweeping bill to overhaul federal elections.

Manchin's comments, made during a radio interview with West Virginia MetroNews's Hoppy Kercheval, underscore how some of Democrats' biggest priorities face headaches even if they got rid of the 60-vote legislative filibuster — something they don't currently have the support to do.

Manchin, asked about a bill to grant D.C. statehood, said the idea had been studied by previous Justice Departments.

"They all came to the same conclusion: If Congress wants to make D.C. a state, it should propose a constitutional amendment ... and let the people of America vote," Manchin said.

Pressed if he would oppose a stand-alone bill, Manchin added "Yes, I would."

"I would tell all my friends ... if you go down that path because you want to be politically popular ... you know it's going to go to the Supreme Court," Manchin said. "So why not do it the right way?" (read more)

2021-05-01 e

Tucker Carlson Takes On Frank Luntz

Frank Luntz is an insufferable political putz and UniParty gatekeeper {See HERE – and HERE – and HERE}, but Fox News always protected their swamp spokesperson… until now.  In Friday Night’s opening monologue Tucker Carlson took-on the DeceptiCon contract agent known as Frank Luntz.

Something is happening in the background for Fox News to give permission (perhaps instructions) to Tucker Carlson to be able to do this.

Everything Carlson notes is accurate; the expose’ is absolutely correct; but I cannot stop wondering why now? …And why Tucker Carlson?    Carlson was always a member of the approved DeceptiCon establishment.  This reversal doesn’t seem real.  Watch this segment.  Check the links above to absorb the full background. (read more)

2021-05-01 d

Mitt Romney Booed and Humiliated During Utah Republican Convention

The crowd boos and jeers, and Mitt Romney says “thank you.”  The booing was so brutal the program director needed to intervene and ask the audience to “show some respect”; however, none was given.  In Romney’s home state the duplicitous DeceptiCon was thoroughly jeered.

Good to see the GOP base standing up to these creatures.  GREAT JOB UTAH ! 

We need more of this, much more, if we are going to finally deconstruct the DeceptiCon system. (read more)

See also:

-05-01 c

The Bay Area has descended into a post-apocalyptic hellscape

I was last in San Francisco about three years ago.  Back then, the City was already degrading.  In the years since then, with help from COVID, the Bay Area has degraded even further.  This is what leftism does to communities.
The San Francisco Bay Area is meant to be a jewel-like place sitting on the blue-green Bay, surrounded by natural beauty and crowned by a city once renowned for its natural and architectural beauty.  I know these things because I grew up in the City and spent most of my life living in or near it.  There are few things more ravishing than to stand at the Marin headlines overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Bay, and the San Francisco skyline.  If there's no fog, it takes your breath away.

San Francisco used to be beautiful even on closer inspection.  The Marina District offered beautiful 1930s-style Art Deco architecture, the lovely Presidio, and the vast green swathe of the Marina Green on the Bay.  By the 1980s, Golden Gate Park had finally been repaired after the damage the Hippies caused.  Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, and North Beach were all touristy, but they were relatively clean, safe, and great fun.  And San Francisco's Union Square Area and theater district were fun, provided you didn't wander too far west into the Tenderloin.

For a while, in the 1990s, thanks to the money the tech titans were pouring into the City, it got even more sparkling and lovely.  But then the hard-left policies took over.  By then, I'd moved to Marin to raise my family, so I wasn't paying attention to what was going on in San Francisco.  Still, when I went there on errands, I noticed increasing numbers of homeless wherever I looked.  They'd always been in the downtown area, but now they were camping all over the place.

Even though I'd heard about the poop maps, San Francisco's decay didn't really strike me under three years ago, when a friend and I were in theater district one evening, walking back to our car.  We were on the edge of the Tenderloin but heading to a street that used to be safe enough.  In the 1990s, it might have a handful of homeless people, so we weren't worried.
However, as we started down the street, my friend and I realized that it was wall-to-wall humanity: no tents; just dozens of people on both sides of the street, sitting and lying there in their vomit and excrement, with needles scattered about.

When I'm near the homeless, I don't look at them because the paranoid ones get set off if you make eye contact.  My friend, however, grew up in a small town and believes that you must recognize the homeless as human beings (which is very decent for the ones who aren't paranoid).

For that reason, she was walking down the street saying, 'Hello.  Hi.  Hello," to everyone we passed.  It was too late for me to shut her up or stop her, so I just tried for the powerful martial arts walk.

Eventually, we made it safely down the street, at which point my friend turned to me, clutched my arm, and said, "I've never been so frightened in my life."

As I said, that was a few years ago.  For more on San Francisco in that period, you can check out Tucker Carlson's American Dystopia series, which you can find on this page.

Unbelievably, the Bay Area has gotten even worse.  Yesterday, I got this email from a friend:

Went to chat with a friend of mine at my old workplace in Oakland this weekend. It's in the rail yards and there are large homeless encampments nearby.

OMG. Take whatever crazy Mad Max/RoboCop/district 9 dystopian movie you care to imagine. Then amplify the chaos about three times.

Fights. Fires. Cars & RVs burned out all over. It used to be a bit of "urban camping." Some even used to have jobs. But not this current mob. I've seen pics of Brazilian and Indian shanty towns that are neat and civilized compared to this lot. Unbelievable.

So how did we get here? Rumor has it that this is the direct result of the state redirecting resources to illegal immigrants. Don't know if it's true. Whatever it is, it's bad.

What a shit show. My head is exploding. I've never seen anything close to this kind of squalor and dangerous degradation before.

As I said to my friend, three years ago, I walked through Purgatory.  Just three short years later, my friend found himself walking through Hell.  This didn't happen by accident.  This is what Democrats do to the places under their control. (read more)

2021-05-01 b

Kamala's Not Looking So Good Lately

Kamala Harris hasn't been looking well lately.  She gave a maskless interview to CNN's Dana Bash a week ago, and she looked much more jowly and wrinkly than she did just three months ago, when she took the oath of office.  She has a bit more junk in the trunk now, and gone are the purple, maroon, and ivory suits; it's black or navy all the time now, the better to hide the extra jiggly bits.  A lot of her sentences now begin with "Well, I mean," signaling the intellectual vacuity she's settled for, as though she's completely given up on trying to sound smart.
Is the stress of not being able to do her job getting to her?  Does she have Imposter Syndrome on steroids and the medication has stopped working?  Or does she have some awful knowledge of a certain future event the rest of us don't know about and is coping with it the best way she can?  On April 23, she gave a speech to the IBEW Local 490 in Concord, N.H., and she slurred and giggled her way through "I think it is important to look at folks like Haley and Kelly and also say we're gonna take note of the fact that during the pandemic 2 million people, 2 million women people (pause, nod, nod, giggle, giggle) became unemployed."  (Is that funny?  I don't get it.)  Is she spending her days with Jose Cuervo now?  Sipping Vodkawaiian Punch from the juice bottle?  When her secretary accepts an engagement for her, does she whisper into the receiver, "Mrs. Harris would appreciate the offer of a teeny martooni upon arriving at the venue"?

Remember those early days, when she was maquillaged to perfection and could toss her deliberately casual hairdo back and forth without it losing its place, wearing bossy power suits with the shoulder pads out to here, patinaed with the insecurity of a Chihuahua always ready to fight but hoping everyone watching would think she was a Presa Canario?  Yeah, good times.

During a meeting with "top immigration officials" on March 24, Mr. Biden gave Mrs. Harris the job of sorting out the border problem.  She hasn't hurried to do any border czarring since then, but we know she's not going to visit said border and witness firsthand the mayhem and destruction happy slappies from every country on the planet are causing for everyone at, on, or around the southern border.  The fact that border states are declaring emergencies and suing the Biden administration goes unmentioned.  She gave a snide-snippy-snap answer to Adam Sexton's legitimate question on Friday (I'm paraphrasing): "Why are you in New Hampshire pushing infrastructure when you should be at the southern border?"
"I'm not going to play political games," she huffed, and changed the subject.

Does she know something we don't?  Is she not bothering to contact her travel agent because she knows something is going to happen that will make the whole investigation pointless?  Plenty of Republicans went down there and came away shocked out of their minds, with pictures.  Mrs. Harris, by contrast, has had phone calls with the presidents of Mexico and Guatemala.  I'll just let that hang there.

I suspect Mrs. Harris doesn't have to keep pretending to be second in line to the head of the Executive Branch of government  for much longer.  Every Democrat with any self-awareness at all is defecating in his pantaloons over the Arizona audit, over which they have lost control and they know it.  If it turns out the way the red half of the country expects it to, the Dems are cooked.  Next up will be Pennsylvania, then Michigan, then Wisconsin, then Georgia.  Then there will be a countrywide, eardrum-bursting shriek of despair as the blue half of the country swoons and faints because that means (oh, the horror!) that Trump actually did win the 2020 election, and there will be a constitutional cataclysm the likes of which this country has never seen. 
After the audits are over and the truth can no longer be fried, dyed, or denied, I can see Nancy at her post-apocalyptic press conference with her lipstick smeared and chocolate half-donuts under her eyes insisting that "Everthin' ish fine.  Itsh fine, fine, we got everthin' unner control" as Insanity is standing off to the side, clearing his throat, waiting for the right time to introduce himself.

Twenty years ago, when we bought this house, I told my husband I wanted to build a 12' high stone wall around the entire property with gun turrets every 10' to keep out the reavers that will start reaving as soon as society starts to fall apart.  He just laughed.  He's used to me saying bizarre things out of the blue, but when I bought three cases of N95 masks, yards of plastic sheeting, and boxes of masking tape from Amazon as SARS was racing to the Canadian border in '03, he never said a word.  These days, I've been catching him browsing "isolated cabin/property in Michigan" online, and I don't have to ask him what he's thinking about.  I already know. (read more)

2021-05-01 a

It Is Our (Frightful) Duty
To Study The Talmud

by Alice Walker
© 2017

The first time I was accused

Of appearing to be anti-Semitic

The shock did not wear off
For days.
The man who charged me
Was a friend.
A Jewish Soul
Who I thought understood
Or could learn to understand
Almost anything.

He could not understand
Why I thought Israel should give back
The land it took
From a poorly defended
People in a war that lasted
Six days. I cringed
About our small house
In Mississippi (where black people
Often assumed he was a racist)
Deeply offended by his attempt
To insult my character
And spoke to him
Earnestly of “dignity” “justice”
“honor” and “peace.”

Sometimes, later in life,
You do laugh at yourself.
You understand, finally,
That you’ve understood
Nothing. Nothing at all.
That in this case, for instance,
That of the famed Six Day War,
It was all a show,
A true “Theatre” war;
The battlefield a stage,
Though bombs and bullets were real.
Only the people who lost the battle
Got a close-up
Of the set.
And the set-up.

Later I would march
Or be arrested
Protesting this war and that
And marvel how it never mattered.
On days we marched in our tens of thousands
The people we hoped to influence
Were taking a holiday. Bush was
good at this. He let the media
Spread the word he was chillin’ on his
12,000 or is it 20,000
Acre ranch.
Bill and Barack made themselves

When I was in Palestine
As an elder
Doing my job
Of keeping tabs
On Earth’s children
I remembered my concern
And how my friend
Had brushed it off.

“Israel needs that land to protect itself.”
He said. As though this should be
Self- evident. It wasn’t then;
It isn’t now.

The land taken
Has never been returned.
In fact, more stolen land
Has followed the first assaults
And thefts.
Palestinian children, after years
Of throwing stones
At grown up assassins
In helmets and armored tanks
Are killing themselves
These days
To save their murderers
The trouble.

Unlike most Americans
I have witnessed Palestine
Under Israeli rule. It is demonic
To the core. But where to look
For the inspiration
For so much evil? Where
To find the teachings that influence
And sanction such limitless cruel behavior?

Where to find that part
Of the puzzle that is missing?
We’ve intuited there must be one.
And we were right.


We must go back
As grown ups, now,
Not as the gullible children we once were,
And study our programming,
From the beginning.
All of it: The Christian, the Jewish,
The Muslim; even the Buddhist. All of it, without exception,
At the root.

For the study of Israel, of Gaza, of Palestine,
Of the bombed out cities of the Middle East,
Of the creeping Palestination
Of our police, streets, and prisons
In America,
Of war in general,
It is our duty, I believe, to study The Talmud.
It is within this book that,
I believe, we will find answers
To some of the questions
That most perplex us.

Where to start?

You will find some information,
Slanted, unfortunately,
By Googling. For a more in depth study
I recommend starting with YouTube. Simply follow the trail of “The
Talmud” as its poison belatedly winds its way
Into our collective consciousness.

Some of what you find will sound
Too crazy to be true. Unfortunately those bits are likely
To be true. Some of the more evasive studies
Will exhibit unbelievable attempts
At sugar coating extremely disagreeable pills.
But hang in there, checking
And double checking, listening to everybody,
Even the teachers with the twisted pasts
That scare you the most,
And the taped rants of outraged citizens that sound
Like madcap characters on Car Talk
Except they are not laughing
But are righteously outraged.

Study hard, with an open
If deeply offended mind,
Until you can sift the false
From the true.

Is Jesus boiling eternally in hot excrement,
For his “crime” of throwing the bankers
Out of the Temple? For loving, standing with,
And defending
The poor? Was his mother, Mary,
A whore?

Are Goyim (us) meant to be slaves of Jews, and not only
That, but to enjoy it?
Are three year old (and a day) girls eligible for marriage and intercourse?
Are young boys fair game for rape?
Must even the best of the Goyim (us, again) be killed?
Pause a moment and think what this could mean
Or already has meant
In our own lifetime.

You may find that as the cattle
We have begun to feel we are
We have an ancient history of oppression
Of which most of us have not been even vaguely
Aware. You will find that we, Goyim, sub-humans, animals
-The Palestinians of Gaza
The most obvious representatives of us
At the present time – are a cruel example of what may be done
With impunity, and without conscience,
By a Chosen people,
To the vast majority of the people
On the planet
Who were not Chosen.
Not chosen to receive the same dubious
“Blessing” of
Supremacy over the Earth,
Humans, and Beasts of this realm. As is
Stated plainly in the first chapter
Of the Bible we all read.
The Unchosen who, until now,
Were too scared of being
Called names
To demand to know why.

It is a “Blessing” Jesus did not want.
One that, risking crucifixion, he refused.
One reason he is loved
By those who recognize a good
And righteous person
When they encounter one.
Seen in this light he wasn’t even
A spiritual progressive, but a committed
Revolutionary: a Che Guevara
Of the ancient past.

A past as scary, if not scarier, than
Our own time: A past that,
Unfortunately, is not even past (quoting

We discover this
To our enlightened grief
As we study
The Talmud,
Our own ignorance,
And the devastating impact of both
On our abandoned world.



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