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2021-03-17 g

The Fraud in Georgia

The [CIA house organ] Washington Post has been forced, no doubt begrudgingly, to print a retraction two months after they published a [fake news] story that made it sound like Trump was trying to rig the election speaking to an elections investigator in Georgia. The Post reported in January that the then President had spoken to Frances Watson in December, asking her to “find the fraud” in the state and that she would be a “national hero” if she did. The [CIA mouthpiece] Washington Post has said that the quotes were based on “information provided by a source” which was obviously anti-Trump. Biden had [allegedly] won Georgia by 12,000 votes and the last time any Democrat won that state was Clinton back in 1992. Our models clearly showed that Trump should have won Georgia with 3 out of 4 models confirming that.

A staffer investigating the election fraud in Georgia was killed in an accident that was a fireball and highly unusual. The prosecutor then investigating this accident was found dead shot in the head. There was just no way our model was wrong on Georgia. After the Washington Post ran the story with the fake quote, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, and USA Today all subsequently claimed that they had “confirmed” that the Washington Post’s reporting was true.

Now what is really interesting is that the phone call that was erased from Ms. Watson’s device and was recovered by officials responding to a freedom-of-information request. The quotes that were then attributed to President Trump by an anonymous source were outright lies.

Trump did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fraud’ or say she would be ‘a national hero’ if she did so. Instead, Trump simply told the investigator to audit ballots in Fulton County, stating he believed she would find ‘dishonesty’ there and that she had ‘the most important job in the country right now’.

There is no question that a TON of money was in play to overthrow Trump to push this Great Reset on a global scale. Interestingly, Biden said he would immediately rejoin the UN’s Paris Climate Agreement and he would use the power of the US to force China to comply. China, the world’s top producer of carbon pollution, looms large in any climate discussion because it pledges to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060.  The UN has been pushing itself as a new one-world government over the environment claiming that a single nation cannot solve the problem.

The fraud in the US elections was ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to pushing the World Economic Forum & Klaus Schwab’s agenda. This was not about Trump v Biden. This was an election that was interfered with from international sources combined with domestic. The claims that this was China interfering I do not see has any merit. The real source of funds for all the bribes and threats did not come from China. They are desperate to create this Cancel Culture which is the same political agenda used by the Communists during the Russian Revolution.

It seems very curious that now the US Intelligence is pointing the finger at Russia and Iran influencing the 2020 election in their latest report which was declassified and released Tuesday by U.S. intelligence officials. However, to ensure it does not upset Biden’s victory, they quickly added that U.S. officials did not find evidence that foreign actors tried to alter “technical” aspects of the voting process, such as voter registration files or vote counting. They merely “spread false or inflated claims about alleged compromises of voting systems to undermine public confidence in election processes and results,” according to their latest questionable report.

In truth, what they are trying to do is now claim that Russia engaged in a broad effort to undermine U.S. public confidence in the election. This is really double-talk because the US does the very same thing in all foreign elections. Remember Obama telling the Brits to get to the back of the line if they dared to vote for BREXIT. Obama also interfered in the Canadian elections to ensure Trudeau was elected.

This is just part of the latest smoke-screen because the real interference was a direct assault on the election process and that did not involve either Russia or China. Both had everything to lose with a Biden victory for Biden has simply handed power to the United Nations to impose Climate Change agenda with the argument it will take one government to save the planet. (read more)

-03-17 f

Charlie Hebdo: [faux] Fury at cover of Queen knelt on Meghan's neck in George Floyd 'parody'

WARNING [HILARIOUS] IMAGE: The controversial publication has sparked [manufactured] outrage again with its latest edition, which features a [brilliant] caricature of the Queen that recreates Mr Floyd's [lawful restraint by a policeman. Mr. Floyd later died of a fentanyl overdose thirty minutes after reaching a hospital.]

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has sparked fresh [manufactured] outrage with a cartoon showing the Queen kneeling on Meghan Markle's neck in a disturbing recreation of George Floyd's [lawful restraint].

The controversial publication used the caricature on the cover of this week's issue with a headline that says "Why Meghan left Buckingham...." and her replying "because I couldn't breathe anymore" when translated into English.

Meghan the MulattoThe comment about being unable to breathe is a direct reference to Mr Floyd's [arrest] in the US last year, when a police officer knelt on his neck for nine minutes [to restrain the convicted felon while an ambulance arrived].

His [overdose] death [was the pretext for] widespread [Only] Black Lives Matter protests around the world and a reckoning on [disproportionate black criminality] in society.

The new cover has been widely condemned [by pussies and wusses] as "utterly appalling" and using Mr Floyd's [overdose] death to make money.

Dr Halima Begum, the CEO [and chief bedwetter] of anti-racism think tank the Runnymede Trust, tweeted the image calling it 'wrong on every level'.

She said: " #CharlieHebdo, this is wrong on every level. The Queen as #GeorgeFloyd 's murderer crushing Meghan's neck? #Meghan saying she's unable to breathe? This doesn't push boundaries, make anyone laugh or challenge #racism. It demeans the issues & causes offence, across the board."

[Racist] Campaign group Windrush Anchor posted: "A poor and ill-conceived response from #CharlieHebdo which if anything inflames the issue. This brand of simplistic satire has no place in the [quixotic] fight against [overblown] racism. Utterly appalling and deeply saddening."

Black and Asian Lawyers For [Social] Justice tweeted that the cover was 'outrageous, disgusting, fascistic racism' adding that the magazine was 'pimping George Floyd's trauma for profit'.

While Twitter user @_SJPeace_ tweeted to his 346,000 followers that the magazine 'should be removed'.

He said: "A French magazine is laughing about Floyd’s death...and Meghan Markle. It read “why Meghan left buckingham” and “because she couldn’t breathe” This magazine is notorious for being racist and offensive and gaslighting people of color. This Magazine NEEDS TO BE REMOVED!"

The publication comes days after Meghan Markle made racism claims in the Royal family during her bombshell interview, alongside Prince Harry, with Oprah Winfrey which was screened in the US on Sunday and ITV the following day.

The couple claimed an unnamed royal had made remarks about son Archie's skin colour before he was born, sparking crisis talks at Buckingham Palace. It has since emerged that it was not the Queen or Prince Philip who made the comment.

On Tuesday Buckingham Palace issued a statement saying that issues raised in the interview, including the allegation of racism, were "concerning", and said the matter would be dealt with privately.

Prince William subsequently denied his family were racist when he was asked during a visit to a school in east London earlier this week.

The image of the Queen kneeling on Meghan's neck comes after Mr Floyd died [of a fentanyl overdose] in May last year [long after] Derek Chauvin, a white Minneapolis police officer, kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes [to restrain him awaiting the arrival of an ambulance].

On Friday it was revealed his family will receive [an outrageous and unjustified] $27million (£19m) payout to settle a [race hustler] lawsuit over his [self-inflicted overdose] death and a jury [is being] selected for the start of his trial this [month].

It isn't the first time Charlie Hebdo has sparked outrage with satirical cartoons, one of which led to a [crazed Islamist] terror attack when it published images of the prophet Muhammad.

In January 2015, brothers Saad and Cherif Kouachi armed with Kalashnikovs attacked the magazine's Paris headquarters shouting "the prophet is avenged" as they murdered 12 people.

They [idiotically] claimed the publication used blasphemy to stir up hatred against Muslims around the world. (read more)

2021-03-17 e

Marjorie Taylor Greene drops Dr. Seuss-style rhyme calling for Biden impeachment

Lightning-rod Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted a rhyme in the style of Dr. Seuss on Thursday calling for the impeachment of President Biden.

The freshman Republican — stripped of her House of Representatives committee duties last month for her support of conspiracy theories, including QAnon and the existence of a Jewish-controlled space laser used to spark wildfires — invoked a Seussian verse in the week when six of the beloved author’s children’s books were yanked from publication over allegedly racist illustrations.

“I do not like your mental haze, I do not like your leftist ways,” began the verse — accompanied by an image of Seuss’ Cat in the Hat — referencing what conservative figures have described as the 78-year-old president’s declining cognitive acuity.

“I do not like your son on blow,” it continued, alluding to son Hunter Biden’s substance abuse issues, before concluding, “I do not like you Mr. Joe.”

... Republican lawmakers have taken up the defense of Seuss’ books as a cause celebre, citing their removal from production as another sign of an encroaching “cancel culture.”

The New York Public Library told The Post on Wednesday that it will keep existing copies of the six books — “If I Ran the Zoo,” “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street,” “McElligot’s Pool,” “On Beyond Zebra!,” “Scrambled Eggs Super!” and “The Cat’s Quizzer” — on its shelves so long as their condition is fit for circulation. (read more)

-03-17 d

[Mexican] Illegal Aliens Sentenced for Running Meth Lab in Georgia

Three illegal aliens have been sentenced for operating a methamphetamine lab out of their home in Norcross, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“Zury Brito-Arroyo, Bonifacio Brito-Maldonado, and Roberto Arroyo-Garcia have been sentenced to federal prison for manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine in a home where a minor child resided and within 1,000 feet of a school,” a Monday press release said. “The three men, all of whom had illegally entered the United States from Mexico, utilized a family home in Norcross less than 200 feet from an elementary school to operate a methamphetamine laboratory.”

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), along with the Georgia State Patrol, worked the case in 2017.

In August of that year, they stopped Brito-Arroyo outside the drug den, and found $10,000 in cash along with a 9mm pistol in the car. He was riding with his wife and five-year-old child.

Police then searched the home, and found Roberto Arroyo-Garcia and Bonifacio Brito-Maldonado actively manufacturing the drugs.

“These men ran a lab churning out volatile and toxic chemicals to produce concentrated methamphetamine,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Kurt R. Erskine in the press release. “In doing so, they were exposing not only members of their own family, including children, an expectant mother, and a grandmother, to serious harm, but also innocent neighbors and school children who were completely unaware of the danger.”

This was not Arroyo-Garcia’s first interaction with immigration authorities.

The press release said he had been deported from the United States twice prior to his 2017 arrest. Both times, he had been deported after being convicted of drug crimes. The 39-year-old was sentenced to 22 years in prison, followed by 10 years of supervised release.

Brito-Arroyo, 28, was sentenced to 21 years in prison, followed by 10 years of supervised release.

Brito-Maldonado, 24, was sentenced to 19 years in prison, followed by five years of supervised release.

All of the men pleaded guilty to their crimes.

“Methamphetamine production can have devasting [sic] consequences that go beyond those associated with taking the drug. One such consequence is the toxic vapor and deadly chemicals produced when it is being made. These chemicals pose extreme danger to anyone in the vicinity. The innocent children in the school next door and even the other family members in the household were placed in danger due to the defendants’ recklessness,” said Special Agent in Charge Katrina W. Berger.

Berger is in charge of HSI’s operations in Georgia and Alabama.

“This is a growing threat and HSI and its law enforcement partners are working to identify, arrest, and prosecute those involved in producing and selling this poison,” she said. (read more)

2021-03-17 c

Georgia Secretary of State Official Who Sourced False WAPO Story About Donald Trump Explains Her Actions

The Georgia Secretary of State official who was the anonymous source for a [fake] Washington Post story about former U.S. President Donald Trump — a story that people now discredit — said Tuesday the paper got the story correct.

This, aside from a few minor mistakes, said Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs, the anonymous source, as The Post confirmed last week.

The Post story cited Trump’s phone call late last year with Georgia Secretary of State Chief Investigator Frances Watson. During that call, Trump urged Watson to look for fraudulent mail-in ballots in Fulton County. The paper said Trump’s conduct and words — which the paper now admits it took out of context — constituted criminal behavior.

Writers at The Post, upon discovering new evidence, this week corrected their [fake] story.

But Fuchs told The Georgia Star News Tuesday that The Post story was mostly faithful to what really happened.

“I believe the [original] story accurately reflected the investigator’s interpretation of the call,” Fuchs said in an emailed statement.

“The only mistake here was in the direct quotes, and they should have been more of a summary.”

Georgia GOP Chair David Shafer on Monday tweeted The Post’s [belated] correction and said “the paper retracted its false reporting” that Trump told investigators to “find the fraud.”

“The Secretary of State’s office secretly recorded the conversation, mischaracterized its contents to The Washington Post and then attempted to delete the recording,” Shafer tweeted.

“It was recently discovered in a laptop ‘trash’ folder as part of an open records search.”

Former State Rep. Vernon Jones also tweeted about the [fake] story.

“It has now been uncovered that the Georgia Secretary of State released a deceptively edited recording of the president, in an attempt to embarrass him and mislead the public,” Jones wrote.

“He should resign immediately. Georgians deserve better.”

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger did not respond to The Star News’ request for comment on the matter.

Writers for The Post, in their correction, said the following

“Two months after publication of this story, the Georgia secretary of state released an audio recording of President Donald Trump’s December phone call with the state’s top elections investigator. The recording revealed that The Post misquoted Trump’s comments on the call, based on information provided by a source. Trump did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fraud’ or say she would be ‘a national hero” if she did so,’” according to The Post.

“Instead, Trump urged the investigator to scrutinize ballots in Fulton County, Ga., asserting she would find ‘dishonesty’ there. He also told her that she had ‘the most important job in the country right now.’ A story about the recording can be found here. The headline and text of this story have been corrected to remove quotes misattributed to Trump.”

In The Washington Post’s original story, the paper said “the president’s attempts to intervene in an ongoing investigation could amount to obstruction of justice or other criminal violations, legal experts said, though they cautioned a case could be difficult to prove.”

The Post writers withheld the name of the investigator, “who did not respond to repeated requests for comment, because of the risk of threats and harassment directed at election officials.”

The paper then quoted DeKalb County attorney Robert James who said that no one could prove Trump’s wrongdoing — without the audio of the call.

Washington Examiner columnist Becket Adams, in his account of The Post correction, said that other national outlets reported the same incorrect story as The Post.

“The uncomfortable questions we are left with now are: To whom did these other news outlets speak? Did they all speak to Fuchs? How did the source or sources for NBC, ABC, and USA Today get the details of the phone call wrong? Are there additional examples of the media reporting bad information provided by anonymous sources we don’t know about, merely because there’s no contradictory audio or video?” Adams asked.

“Just how many anonymously sourced stories are false? If it can happen this easily, who is to say it doesn’t happen often? Further, how many of these anonymously sourced stories have enjoyed the backing of supposed independent corroboration when, in fact, newsrooms most likely talked to the same person or people?” (read more)

See also: CNN and The Washington Post Issue Corrections After Misquoting Trump in Phone Call with Georgia Election Official

2021-03-17 b

Georgia Judge Gives VOTER GA the Right to Inspect Fulton County Election Ballots

Henry County Judge Brian Amero on Monday conditionally granted members of a Georgia-based coalition the right to unseal ballots from last November’s presidential election in Fulton County.

Members of that group, VOTER GA, may now inspect those ballots for evidence of voter fraud.

Amero’s decision “is almost unprecedented in Georgia history,” said VOTER GA spokesman Garland Favorito.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump lost Georgia’s electoral votes to current U.S. President Joe Biden [through rampant fraud].

The Georgia Star News asked Favorito if he and his hundreds of volunteers might find enough evidence of voter fraud in Fulton County to tip the Georgia election in favor of former U.S. President Donald Trump?

“That’s possible,” Favorito said.

Favorito said Fulton County officials have long resisted VOTER GA’s attempts to inspect their ballots.

“We have sworn affidavits from several poll managers who say they handled counterfeit ballots during the hand count audit because those were mail-in ballots that were not marked with a writing instrument like a mail-in ballot should be,” Favorito said.

“And they appeared to be on suspicious paper stock.”

Fulton County spokeswoman Regina Waller on Monday declined comment.

“Due to a pending legal matter, we are unable to comment at this time,” Waller said via email.

“The Fulton County Elections Department wants the public to know that its priority is to provide a safe and fair elections process and to ensure that all votes are counted.”

Under the conditional grant, VOTER GA members must remain silent about their findings until they present them in court, Favorito said.

Favorito said VOTER GA has hundreds of volunteers. Dozens of people, he went on to say, will help inspect the Fulton County ballots.

As The Star News reported last month,  the Fulton County Registration and Elections Board fired its elections director, Richard Barron. Barron had served the role since 2013.

Members of the public and the board in favor of firing Barron cited a variety of issues concerning the events at State Farm Arena, chain of custody, rejected ballots, record-keeping, security of ballot transportation, and the dismissal of whistleblowers such as Bridget Thorne. In December, The Star News interviewed Thorne about her affidavit and subsequent dismissal by the elections officials.

Thorne told The Star News that she’d been missing 400 emergency paper ballots during the election. Additionally, she alleged that the entire elections process at the State Farm Arena was disorganized. She testified she’d witnessed test ballots indistinguishable from live ballots, unsupervised and disheveled ballot stacks, and suspect conduct by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) members who’d allegedly used personal laptops to access the voter roll database while serving as absentee ballot “clerks.”

At that time, Thorne noted that no election officials had informed her the rationale for her dismissal. (read more)

2021-03-17 a

Destroyers, are they who lay snares for many, and call it the state: they hang a sword and a hundred cravings over them. Where there is still a people, there the state is not understood, but hated as the evil eye, and as sin against laws and customs. This sign I give unto you: every people speaketh its language of good and evil: this its neighbor understandeth not. Its language hath it devised for itself in laws and customs. But the state lieth in all languages of good and evil; and whatever it saith it lieth; and whatever it hath it hath stolen. False is everything in it; with stolen teeth it biteth, the biting one. False are even its bowels.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

-03-15 i

The First Black Secretary Of The Army Refused To Believe Standardized Tests Worked

Steve Sailer referenced the AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) misnorming fiasco of late 70s and 80s, which I thought was well-known, but it turns out that the only reason I know about it is because I read Steve Sailer, and he knows. The first twenty results for "AFQT + misnorming" on Google are technical reports and a Steve Sailer blog item referencing "Great Moments In Military Recruiting". (Briefly, they changed the test for admission to the Armed Forces, and by mistake let a lot of noticeably dumb people enlist.)

Steve asked if the misnorming was accidental or deliberate. I don't know, but I do have a data point: the Secretary of Army didn't believe standardized tests meant anything.  I found this out from a thesis published by the Naval Postgraduate School in 1981.

Although certain military authorities such as former Army Secretary Clifford Alexander contend that there is no relationship between job performance and AFQT scores, most others conclude that they are directly and strongly correlated.

Performance of Navy service members erroneously enlisted as a result of the misnorming of ASVAB 6, by John F.Boyer, 1981 [PDF]

As soon as I heard that a Secretary of the Army named "Alexander" didn't believe that standardized tests measured anything, I said to myself "I bet he was the 'First Black" SecArmy", and I was right.

Alexander, the son of a Jamaican immigrant and a welfare worker, apparently had a high degree of talent himself, and must have passed many standardized tests as a young man.  People magazine said in 1978 that

A brilliant student, Cliff won a scholarship to Fieldston, a private school in Manhattan, where he was the only black child in his class until the ninth grade. (Alexander was so grateful to Fieldston that in 1977 he turned down an invitation from President and Mrs. Carter in order to speak at the school’s 100th anniversary.) At Harvard, where Dean McGeorge Bundy spotted him, Alexander was president of his class and a cum laude graduate in American government. Yale Law School was next, and directly after graduating in 1958, Alexander served a six-month hitch in the Army—his only prior connection with the military. Neither at Fort Dix—nor anywhere else in his distinguished life—does Alexander recall encountering personal discrimination. “It was known that if a noncom used a racial epithet he would lose a stripe or two,” the Secretary says.

Many really bright people don't believe in IQ tests. It's partly a desire to believe that you've achieved something by your own non-hereditary merits, partly because of what George Orwell said about about the British "intelligentsia" in wartime:

"One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool."

But I assume the reason the "First Black" Secretary of the Army would hold the unscientific folk-belief that psychometry doesn't work and predict real-word performance is because of the "test gap"—black always score lower on standardized tests.

And the Secretary of the Army is in a position to influence, conciously or unconsciously,  the people who are devising the tests, the same way George W. Bush was in a position to influence many mortgage lenders.

For more on the Army, black troops, and IQ, see
Race Relations: The Myth Of The Military Model

"McNamara's Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War"

by Steve Sailer,
Education Theorist Ted Sizer And The Myth Of The “Military Model”

The Multicultural Military Success Story—Its (Deliberately) Forgotten Failures

by me, and of course, Sailer’s Great Moments in Military Recruiting. (read more)

2021-03-15 h

Amy Wax Lawsuit Could Reveal Embarrassing Truths About Black Students

According to The College Fix, Professor Amy Wax is threatening to sue her university for defamation over a controversy in which she remarked on the low graduation standings  of blacks at her law school.

They say

While Wax’s dean pulled her from teaching mandatory first-year classes in retaliation for her comments on black students, “I am not going to be fired” even though some colleagues think she’s the “first cousin to Satan,” she said.

Wax has discussed suing the school for defamation with one of her biggest boosters, former Penn Law trustee and major donor Paul Levy, she said.

“I think it would be fairly easy” because Dean Ted Ruger (left) accused her of inventing statistics on black student performance that she can factually back up. The problem is she would have to sue by March to meet the statute of limitations and go through state court, which is a pain, Wax said.

Penn Law administrators are so eager to avoid any further tussles with Wax, she said, that she was let out of even more teaching at her request, with no dock in pay.

Instapundit, linking to this, said "Prediction: Penn will cave rather than face discovery on its admission stats. "

When Wax said in a podcast that she's rarely seen any blacks in the top quarter of graduating classes, and very few in the top half of her Civil Procedures class, her boss called her a liar, and said she was violating confidentiality.

The point here is class rank is a deep secret at Penn Law, and so are admissions stats. How bad are the blacks being admitted to Penn Law? Enquiring minds want to know, but aren't going to be told.

In Wall Street Journal op-ed, The University of Denial, Wax wrote:

Somewhere deep in a file drawer, or on a computer server humming away in a basement, are thousands upon thousands of numbers, with names and identities attached. They're called grades. They represent an objective reality, which exists independent of what people want reality to be. They sit silently, completely indifferent to indignation, angry petitions, irritable gestures, teachers' removal from classrooms—all the furor and clamor of institutional politics.

She also quoted Philip K. Dick's famous line that "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." The thing is, if she had the money to sue Penn Law over this, the reality of their diversity admissions could be unlocked by the process of "discovery" and a subpoena.

A subpoena is also something that, when when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. If necessary, officers of the court will get the police to use battering rams. Try not believing in them! So it wouldn't be surprising if Penn Law would pay a lot to make this go away. (read more and watch video)

2021-03-15 g

ACT Score Gaps: "We Didn't Know It Was This Bad"

From the Washington Post:

We didn’t know it was this bad’: New ACT scores show huge achievement gaps

New results from the nation’s most widely used college admission test highlight in detailed fashion the persistent achievement gaps between students who face disadvantages and those who don’t.

Scores from the ACT show that just 9 percent of students in the class of 2017 who came from low-income families, whose parents did not go to college, and who identify as black, Hispanic, American Indian or Pacific Islander are strongly ready for college.

But the readiness rate for students with none of those demographic characteristics was six times as high, 54 percent, according to data released Thursday.

“That kind of shocked us,” ACT chief executive Marten Roorda said. “We knew it was bad, but we didn’t know it was this bad.”

The analysis of “underserved learners” was a first for the ACT, which is one of two major tests students can take to apply to college. The other is the College Board’s SAT.

In recent years, both tests have found major disparities in college readiness among students in the Washington region and around the country. Roorda lamented that these gaps have persisted despite efforts to improve schools under the banners of No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and other national initiatives.

“You could argue that those investments should have made a clearer difference,” he said, “and that’s not what we’re seeing.”

You can read the ACT report (pdf) here. (read more)

2021-03-15 f

Why Race And IQ STILL Matters, Despite Loury And McWhorter's Objections—Because Black Failure Is Always Blamed On Racism

Blogger Education Realist has a lengthy post on a discussion between two high-IQ black intellectuals (John McWhorter and Glenn Loury ) who think discussion of racial differences in IQ should not happen outside scientific journals like the ones Phil Rushton used to publish in.

Glenn, John, and Philip K. Dick
In the last segment of their recent bloggingheads discussion, John McWhorter told Glenn Loury he was writing a piece suggesting that discussions of an IQ gap be deemed unacceptable for public discourse1:

I don’t understand what possible benefit there could be. I think it should stay in the journals.

Glenn agreed, and mentioned his famous response to the conservative welcome of The Bell Curve, in which he angrily rejected Murray’s assertions.

My first, instantaneous reaction was hey, great idea.  In fact, it will save us billions. Too bad no one proposed it twenty years ago, before we wasted so much time and energy on No Child Left Behind, forcing states to report by racial demographics. Think of all the schools struggling to meet adequate yearly progress and failing because they couldn’t teach students to perform in perfectly average racial unity. Let’s be sure to tell the College Board; they’ll be happy to stop breaking out test results by race; it’ll save them so much criticism.  This will put NAEP out of business of course, so….

What’s that? You don’t think McWhorter would link banning discourse on race and IQ to ending all scrutiny of race-based academic achievement?

Ya think? [More]

Philosopher Michael Levin has the answer to this, in his 1997 book Why Race Matters,

“The topic of racial variation is admittedly disturbing, and in an ideal world might be passed over in silence, but accusations against whites have made such discretion impossible. The right of the accused to present his case includes the right to raise issues that distress his accuser. A plaintiff demanding damages for a broken leg cannot ask at the same time that his leg not be talked about, nor take offense when the defendant presents evidence that the injury was congenital. By claiming harm he opens the question of why his leg is game. Claiming racial harm has opened the topic of race differences. “

Of course, opening the topic  of race differences (in response to claims of white racism) is sort of what got John Derbyshire fired from National Review, and now John McWhorter (who, I remind you,  is a somewhat conservative black) has published an article saying

Stop Obsessing Over Race and IQ, by John McWhorter July 5, 2017

And of course, he doesn't just mean  obsessing, he means discussing at all. There's an online reply (the McWhorter stop-talking diktat is in the print magazine) by two people who think it should be discussed.

A Reply to John McWhorter by Jonathan Anomaly & Brian Boutwell, July 12, 2017

Of course in 2016, NRO published The Racist Moral Rot at the Heart of the Alt-Right [by Ian Tuttle, April 5, 2016]

(Can't load tweet)

There isn't actually a discussion on race and IQ. In the public sphere, there's no discussion because it's banned, enforced by firings, or when the discusser has tenure, by mob violence. In scientific sphere, there's no discussion because the science is settled. [Thirty Years of Research on Black-White Differences in Cognitive Ability, by J. Philippe Rushton and Arthur R. Jensen,· June 2005]

But I reiterate, the unscientific belief that, but for racism, blacks and whites would score equally on tests is the source of a lot of grief. Oh, and the reason Education Realist's post was titled Glenn, John, and Philip K. Dick is because science fiction author (and psychedelic drug user) Dick was the author of the maxim “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” (read more)

2021-03-15 e

Eric S. Raymond Asks "How many Einsteins per Africa?" Answer—Not Very Many!

In 2008, Neil Turok, an eminent phycisist, gave a talk about trying to find the next Einstein in in sub-Saharan Africa. I was thinking about this a few days ago after his initiative re-surfaced in a minor news story,and wondered “what are his odds?”

Coincidentally, this morning I stumbled across the key figure needed to upper-bound them while researching something else.

It's Lynn and Meisenberg's The average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans: Comments on Wicherts, Dolan, and van der Maas. [Intelligence, Jan/Feb 2010] and it gives the average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans as 68. If you take the billion or so Africans, plug in a table of IQ percentages and rarities, and assume Einstein only had an IQ of only 160 you get a theoretical possibility of, according to Raymond, 4.9 Einsteins per Africa. Raymond goes on to point out, this goes lower if you assume an Einsteinian IQ of 175.

Raymond points out that one way to increase the possibility of an African Einstein would be to attack malnutrition in Africa, which is part of the cause of low African IQs. In 2004, Steve Sailer suggested in an article called  IQ: The Truth Can Set Us (And Africa) Free, that the UN help Africa with micronutrients.

But the point of Steve's article, and what's slightly startling about Raymond's article, is that everyone is supposed to assume that all populations have equal average IQs, and if they believe differently, they're supposed to be demonized and fired from their jobs (Derbyshire, Watson, Richwine, et cetera.) Neil Turok's "bet" is based on the enormous number of people in Africa--with no allowance for quality.

If Raymond, instead of being a financially independent software type, was a college professor or journalist, he could be demonized and driven out of his job for the boldfaced words in the last sentence of his post:

Of course, one Eins/tein can make a continent-sized difference. I wish Neil Turok the best of luck finding him or (though less likely) her.

That's what got James Damore! (read more)

2021-03-15 d

Black Female SJW: Emotional Labor Is So Exhausting

The massive new study on race and economic mobility in America, explained

Even black men born to wealthy families are less economically successful than white men

… The study brings to mind, for some, the Moynihan Report of 1965. That report, issued by policy analyst and future senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and widely decried as racist by many sociologists for its characterization of the black family as pathological and dysfunctional, was also, in the words of Ta-Nehisi Coates, “a fundamentally sexist document that promotes the importance not just of family but of patriarchy, arguing that black men should be empowered at the expense of black women.”…

“I am super super super super super super super tired of the way sociological data is used to reify the myth that Black women are superhuman,” the historian and philosopher of science Chanda Prescod-Weinstein wrote. …

This seems to be a Thing among female SJWs lately: announcing how exhausted you are by people not automatically submitting to your arguments.

At the same time, the gender asymmetry found in the paper serves to rebut a remarkably persistent racist trope: that the black-white income gap is due to an innate gap in ability, rather than discrimination or other environmental factors.

This theory, spread most successfully in recent decades by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray in their infamous book The Bell Curve, contends that black Americans are on average less intelligent than white Americans, and that this gap is most likely genetic in origin. That, Herrnstein and Murray argued, largely explains the persistence of the black-white income gap in the US, and implies that policies aimed at closing it, like increased government investments in black neighborhoods or affirmative action or even reparations, would be ineffective. It’s a clearly racist idea, but one with remarkable staying power on the American right.

And it’s an idea that’s extremely difficult to reconcile with this study’s finding that black women born into equivalently affluent families earn the same amount as white women, while black men do not.


Black men and black women, after all, have very similar genetics.

That’s why NFL cornerbacks are 50% black men and 50% black women.

So genetic factors cannot explain why black men experience a mobility gap relative to white men while black women do not.

“In my humble opinion, these results put an empirical nail in the coffin of The Bell Curve,” Harvard economist David Deming tweeted after the study was released.

Actually, Professor Deming had to issue a correction that he had misunderstood Chetty’s results, but he was still a true believer in the nail in the coffin of The Bell Curve!


Even Harvard professors like Deming are misreading the results of Chetty’s study as saying the black women earn as much as white women despite black women having lower test scores.

But that’s not true. As Dylan Matthews notes earlier in his Vox article:

In 2016, white women working full time and all year earned $57,559 on average compared to $45,261 for black women working full time, according to Census data.

So among full time all year workers, white women earn 27% more than black women. That’s not insignificant.

Full time all year white male workers earned $78,577 while full time all year black male workers earned $56,076. Full time white men earned 40% more than full time black men. (Now, of course, more black men aren’t year round full time workers due to unemployment, incarceration, being in the underground economy (see The Wire), etc.)

So, the race gap in income among full time worker women is 2/3rd as big as the race gap among full time worker men.

That disproves The Bell Curve?

What’s confusing so many people about Chetty’s latest report is that they assume his statement that black women individually earn as much (or even a tiny bit more than white women) conditional on parental income is important.

What they don’t realize is how much more selected the black population is at higher incomes.


The average black in Chetty’s study grew up at the 33rd percentile of all races income, while the average white grew up at the 58th percentile.

It’s sort of interesting that a black woman who grew up in The One Percent (i.e., the 99th percent of entire population’s income distribution, not the 99th percent of black income) is likely to grow up to earn about as much individually as a white woman who grew up in The One Percent.

But, as iSteve commenter res pointed out, in Chetty’s colossal sample size of about 21 million, The One Percent has 186,000 whites and 1,800 blacks. In percentage terms, 1.383% of whites grew up in The One Percent versus only 0.065% of blacks, or only 1/21th as much. So, The One Percent’s black members in Chetty’s database are 21 times more selected for extreme high income than The One Percent’s white members.

The white young adults in Chetty’s database who grew up in the overall One Percent start at the 98.62nd percentile of white parental income. In contrast, the black young adults in The One Percent start at the 99.93rd percentile of black parental income. That’s roughly one standard deviation between the races in income distribution.

At the 94th percentile of overall national income, whites are at the 91.8th percentile of white income, while blacks are at the 99.1st percentile of black income. Once again, that’s roughly a one standard deviation gap between whites and blacks in parental earnings.

Where have we heard of a one standard deviation race gap before?

So, for Chetty to find that black women who grew up at the extreme highest levels of black income to earn the same income as youngish adults versus as white women who grew up as more moderate percentiles of white income isn’t saying something all that astonishing. (read more)

2021-03-15 c

Why Have Seven Decades of Gap-Closing Failed in Seattle Schools?

Racial equity in Seattle schools has a long, frustrating history — and it’s getting worse

For at least seven decades, Seattle Public Schools has pledged to eliminate the gaps in achievement between students of color and their white peers. But even as district leaders swear their latest efforts are more than just another round of rhetoric, the gaps continue to grow.

By Neal Morton,  Seattle Times staff reporter

This past spring, the archivist for Seattle Public Schools unearthed a yellowed slip of paper that C.S. Barbo, former principal of Meany Junior High, had tucked into a time capsule in 1963 alongside a plastic toy gun and book of student poems.

In three brief paragraphs, Barbo lamented what he called the “cultural, racial and economic disadvantages” that he believed slowed the learning of some of his students.

“If this box is ever opened,” his letter reads, “I would assume the problems we face today in understanding the racial differences will have been resolved. Personally, I trust this will happen.”

More than half a century has passed since Barbo wrote that letter, and since then, the district has repeatedly pledged to raise the performance of students of color.

Asians, who are as numerous as blacks in Seattle public schools, have no color, apparently. They’re invisible-colored.

Each time, its efforts have fallen flat or fizzled — often for lack of funding or political will.

It’s too bad Seattle doesn’t have any philanthropic billionaires to solve this problem.

The latest initiative started five years ago, when the School Board set 2018 as the deadline for significantly reducing the gaps in achievement among ethnic groups, which a Stanford researcher recently pegged as some of the largest in the nation. …
In many public appearances, Superintendent Larry Nyland, who is white, has echoed Barbo’s lament, and has called eliminating the gaps “a moral imperative” that affects everyone who wants “a vibrant Seattle in the future.”

Even the city has chimed in, spending roughly $40 million last year to help in the effort.

But while Nyland has raised hopes, at least in the district’s central office, critics say they’re seeing the same old routine they’ve witnessed for decades: New committees recycling old recommendations, teachers sitting through yet another round of training, and a revolving door of administrators engaged in one more cycle of planning.

In the meantime, the inequity appears to have gotten worse: In their 2016 report, Stanford researchers found black students in Seattle tested three and a half grade levels behind their white peers. In an update in 2017, they found that gap had widened to 3.7 grade levels.

… Over the past year, Purcell and her staff scoured the archives as part of an initiative to chronicle the history of equity and race relations in Seattle’s public schools. Her search yielded dozens of long-forgotten training manuals, thick binders of task-force reports and other dusty administrative files that show Barbo wasn’t the first — and hardly the last — to wonder when the district would fix its racial gaps.

In her search, Purcell found documents dating back to 1947, when the School Board voted to hire more diverse teachers. That same year, the district hired its first black educator.

Other records highlight the board’s pledge in 1966 to provide educational opportunities to all students and its plans, in 1989 and then again in 2013, to ensure educational excellence and equity for every student. …

I’ve read hundreds, probably thousands of this kind of article since I became interested in the subject in 1972. Here’s a rare statement:

Indeed, education experts and researchers from across the nation couldn’t name a school district where racial gaps in achievement don’t exist.

I found a few in 2015:

In contrast, the smallest white-black gap (only 0.04 standard deviations) is found in McDowell County, West Virginia.
… the Stanford researchers’ most equal district, McDowell County, which JFK made into a symbol of Appalachian poverty, is notorious for having just about the worst whites in America. Male life expectancy in this coal county is only 63.3 years.

So one solution to racial inequality, evidently, is to have most of the whites with something on the ball, such as rocket scientist Homer Hickam, the McDowell County hero of the movie October Sky, move away. (The population of this coal-mining county has fallen by 80 percent since 1950.)

Something similar has happened in the city with the second-smallest white-black gap, Detroit, where the public schools are now only 3 percent white, and five out of every eight white children left in Detroit live in poverty.

Other districts with small white-black gaps include similar Rust Belt blue-collar towns such as Hamtramck, a Detroit suburb recently in the news for having a majority Muslim city council.

Back to the Seattle Times:

Nyland, however, says commitment is more important than money.

“If you don’t believe that you can move the needle,” he said, “no amount of money is going to help.”

You can’t faith-heal The Gap without faith.

… Education Lab is a Seattle Times project that spotlights promising approaches to persistent challenges in public education. It is produced in partnership with the Solutions Journalism Network and is funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (read more)

2021-03-15 b

The White-Black Intelligence Gap: Settled Science

Because nobody seems to know this anymore, as illustrated by the Andrew Sabisky whoop-tee-doo, here is Philip L. Roth et al.’s 2001 “Ethnic group differences in cognitive ability in employment and educational settings: a meta-analysis,” in Personnel Psychology aggregating 105 cognitive studies of 6,246,729 individuals.

Why there is a white-black gap in intelligence remains an open question, but the fact that a white-black gap exists is settled science.
(read more)

2021-03-15 a

Think of your breed; for brutish ignorance
Your mettle was not made; you were made men,
To follow after knowledge and excellence.
- Dante

-03-14 g

Was I Wrong to Call "Transgender" Military Freaks a Few Days Ago?


So, am I right to call them freaks? Who would date or sleep with these "transgenders" or transvestites or cross dressers or autogynephiles? (image source)

2021-03-14 f
(This is why the military is disproportionately black.)

Tory Data Scientist Andrew Sabisky KNOWS TOO MUCH About Race And IQ

... Sabisky helpfully explained what has been Settled Science since Arthur Jensen’s 1969 Harvard Education Review article:

If the mean black American IQ is (best estimate based on a century’s worth of data) around 85, as compared to a mean white American IQ of 100, then if IQ is normally distributed (which it is), you will see a far greater percentage of blacks than whites in the range of IQs 75 or below, at which point we are close to the typical boundary for mild mental retardation. Typically criminals with IQs below 70 cannot be executed in the USA, I believe.

That parsimoniously explains the greater diagnostic rates for blacks when it comes to “Intellectual disability”. It simply a consequence of the normal distribution of cognitive ability, because there are significant differences in the group means.

... In the mid-1960s, Jensen, a top professor of educational psychology at Berkeley, was asked to look into a mystery besetting a local school: Most of the white children who were declared to be suffering from intellectual disability because they had IQs below 70 were visibly suffering from Down Syndrome or some other Funny Looking Kid problem and were seen as retarded by their classmates on the playground. On the other hand, a much larger fraction of the black students scoring below 70 were normal-looking and socialized fine on the playground. What was wrong with the IQ test?

After intensive research, Jensen finally came to the conclusion that the IQ tests were fine: They predicted the future equally accurately for both whites and blacks. The cause was that whites and blacks had a difference in average of IQ of about one standard deviation (15 points), so 70 was two standard deviations below the white mean (2nd percentile) but only one standard deviation below the black mean (16th percentile).

As Linda Gottfredson explained in a 2002 article I wrote about the Supreme Court’s decision banning the death penalty for murderers with IQs below about 70:

 The researchers said that the majority of low IQ individuals do not suffer from medical problems such as Down’s Syndrome. Gottfredson noted, “About 75 percent-80 percent of mental retardation is called ‘familial,’ because it mostly just represents the unlucky combinations of genes that are passed in the normal manner from parents to children. Only a small proportion of mental retardation is due to organic problems, such as chromosomal abnormalities or brain damage. This is just like height. Most very short people are perfectly normal.”

The stereotype that most low IQ children are what obstetricians often callously refer to in their notes as FLKs – “Funny Looking Kids” is not true. Elite members of American society tend not to realize this because when an extremely high-IQ person, such as a Supreme Court justice, has a retarded child, it’s generally due to organic causes.

Interestingly, the Berkeley schools were discovered, a half century later, to have the largest white-black gap of any public school district in the country. (read more)

2021-03-14 e

Finally, A CEO Points Out: There Is A Very Limited Pool of Black Talent

Wells Fargo CEO ruffles feathers with comments about diverse talent

“While it might sound like an excuse, the unfortunate reality is that there is a very limited pool of black talent to recruit from,” Scharf said in the memo.

Wells Fargo & Co Chief Executive Charles Scharf exasperated some Black employees in a Zoom meeting this summer when he reiterated that the bank had trouble reaching diversity goals because there was not enough qualified minority talent, two participants told Reuters.

He also made the assertion in a company-wide memo June 18 that announced diversity initiatives as nationwide protests broke out following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American man, in police custody.

“While it might sound like an excuse, the unfortunate reality is that there is a very limited pool of black talent to recruit from,” Scharf said in the memo, seen by Reuters. …

But several Black senior executives across corporate America said they are frustrated by claims of a talent shortage, and called the refrain a major reason that companies have struggled to add enough racial and ethnic diversity to leadership ranks, despite stated intentions to do so.

“There is an amazing amount of Black talent out there,” said Ken Bacon, a former mortgage industry executive who is on the boards of Comcast Corp, Ally Financial Inc and Welltower Inc. “If people say they can’t find the talent, they either aren’t looking hard enough or don’t want to find it.”

After all, nobody has been looking for black talent since 1969, at least so far as I’m informed. Let me think back on my knowledge of the history of race relations in the 20th Century: there was redlining … and then Emmett Till … and that’s about it. I’m drawing a blank on anything happening since Emmett Till. If there had been over the last 50+ years a vast national push to find, advance, hire, and promote black talent, why was I never informed of this? So I don’t think it ever happened.

… The CEO of the largest U.S. bank employer has pledged to double the number of Black leaders over five years and tied executive compensation to reaching diversity goals. He is also requiring hiring managers to consider diverse candidates for high-paying roles that are vacant, and ensure diversity on interview teams.

Wells Fargo’s latest proxy disclosed more diversity data than those of many other companies, including that two of 12 directors at the time were Black and 1 was “Latino/Hispanic”. …

Introspection across corporate America during the Black Lives Matter movement has cast a harsh light on the lack of diversity.

In boardrooms, African Americans made up 10 percent of new director appointments in the Fortune 500 last year compared with their 13 percent of the U.S. population, according to a 2020 report from executive recruiting firm Heidrick & Struggles. New Hispanic directors were even more scarce, the study found.

Only 7.3 percent of the five highest-paid executives at financial companies in the Russell 3000 were racial or ethnic minorities, according to data from ISS ESG, an arm of the proxy-advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services. That number has risen in recent years, yet remains far below the percentage of minority groups in the general U.S. population.

Senior corporate executives and recruiters said the notion of a shallow minority talent pool is frequently cited as a hurdle to improving diversity but probably reflects insular professional and social networks. …

Experts said one reason board rooms and C-suites lack diversity is that such jobs are often filled by people who have managed businesses, while many people of color have tended to be stuck in roles that lack a direct connection to profits.

“As women and minorities started to gain traction in corporate America, they were trapped in certain jobs companies felt comfortable placing them in, like human resources, administrative-support type functions,” said Teri McClure, former general counsel and chief human resources officer at United Parcel Service Inc, who now sits on several boards, including JetBlue Airways Corp. …

It’s almost as if companies provide pleasant sinecures for affirmative action hires who can’t really cut it in the crucial jobs.

Winston, adding that she is often the only person of color in board rooms, also disagreed with the notion of a talent shortage.

One of the Wells Fargo employees said there simply was no lack of talent: “I can get them 10 to 15 resumes today.” (Reporting by Imani Moise, Jessica DiNapoli and Ross Kerber; Editing by Lauren Tara LaCapra, Paritosh Bansal and David Gregorio)

So there.

Seriously, if you are black and would make an excellent Wells Fargo line manager, you can probably get a job at Goldman Sachs for a lot more money. And since people who go into finance are not ascetic saints indifferent to money, smart blacks who can get a job at Goldman Sachs should get a job there. But that leaves Goldman’s discards for Wells Fargo and so forth down the line.

It’s like when The Bell Curve printed the leaked data on the SAT gap among freshmen at 26 top colleges. At Harvard, the gap wasn’t too bad, 91 points out of a 400-1600 scale, or a little under a half standard deviation. But that was because Harvard was getting a large fraction of the best blacks. At the other 25 famous colleges, the gap was more like 160 points.

In an era like this when everybody is desperate to hire more blacks, your chances of getting really solid ones are dire. (read more)

2021-03-14 d
(Shvartzer Not Welcome in the Promised Land)

Benjamin Netanyahu: Court ruling creates danger of Israel being ‘overrun’ by ‘fake’ converts from Africa

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered his take Tuesday on a recent Supreme Court decision requiring the government to recognize Reform and Conservative conversions performed in Israel: It could lead to the country being “overrun” with “fake” Jewish converts from Africa.

… He suggested that the court decision could allow African asylum seekers to take advantage of Israel’s Law of Return, which grants automatic citizenship to any Jew who applies.

“The real question we have is [how] to prevent fake conversions that could enter the country,” he said in the interview, which was broadcast by the Tel Aviv International Salon. “You know, a lot of people want to come into Israel. In fact, I put up a fence, they call it a wall, but I prevented the overrunning of Israel, which is the only first-world country that you can walk to from Africa. We would have had here already a million illegal migrants from Africa, and the Jewish state would have collapsed.” (read more)

2021-03-14 c

Ann Coulter On Unequal Justice: Rule by Left-Wing Lunatics

A governing principle of the Democratic Party is to ask, “Who is in the dock?” before deciding whether to enforce the law.

As we have seen throughout the last year of antifa/BLM riots, in blue states, it’s now legal to commit arson, attempted murder, assault on a law enforcement officer and destruction of property—provided the perp is antifa or antifa-friendly. Andy Ngo’s smash bestseller Unmasked gives chapter and verse on antifa’s shocking violence untouched by criminal penalty.

On the other hand, if you’re a conservative, don’t commit a misdemeanor in a blue state. Proud Boys, Capitol Hill protesters, police and other presumed Trump supporters are getting more prison time than actual murderers for minor infractions. Even a couple of personal injury lawyers (liberals) are being criminally prosecuted in St. Louis for brandishing guns at violent looters coming toward their home. The rioters, you see, were BLM protesters.

In all these cases, local Democratic officials gleefully announce that they are locking up “white supremacists.”

Prepare yourself for a lot of witch-trial hysteria in the upcoming trials of Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis and the Capitol Hill trespassers in Washington, D.C. We’ve already seen it with the Proud Boys in New York City.

In a nation of laws, a crime is a crime, and it shouldn’t matter whether it’s committed by Mother Teresa or Charles Manson, but, as long as they brought it up, OF COURSE THE PROUD BOYS AREN’T “WHITE SUPREMACISTS”!

The organization is a tongue-in-cheek men’s group, promoting masculinity and Western civilization in humorous ways. Most of what they tell members is healthy: Get out of your apartment, work out, get a girlfriend and don’t masturbate. Further aside that it annoys me to have to make: There are African Americans, American Indians, immigrants and loads of Mexicans in the Proud Boys. Pretty crappy membership drive for a “hate group.”

At least in the witch trials of the Middle Ages, you could prove you weren’t a witch by drowning after being tied up and heaved into a nearby body of water. Today, the “white supremacist” hex is indelible. The accusation is the proof. And once accused, stay out of the blue states, or you might end up in prison.

In 2018, the night before Proud Boys founder, Gavin McInnes, was scheduled to give a speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club on the Upper East Side of New York, antifa smashed the windows of the historic club with a brick, glued the lock, and spray-painted the anarchist “A” on the front door of the club’s townhouse, along with a threat that this destruction was “merely a beginning.” All that’s legal, too—provided it’s done by antifa.

The day of the speech, 80 masked antifa goons showed up at the club to attack attendees—women and children, young and old. But unfortunately for antifa, the event was being protected by the Proud Boys. McInnes’ speech went off without a hitch, and no attendees were injured at the event.

When it was over, New York police officers directed the Proud Boys to Park Avenue, and sent antifa in the opposite direction to Lexington. The Proud Boys followed orders, but a gang of six masked antifa circled around from Lexington over to Park to confront them, including, in antifa’s manly way, throwing a bottle of urine at them.

Two Proud Boys proceeded to kick six antifa butt.

The same thing happened a few blocks south. Again disobeying the police, another group of antifa cut over to Park Avenue to fight with the Proud Boys. They, too, received a solid ass-kicking.

So who was arrested? Ten Proud Boys and not one antifa. Oh darn. We couldn’t catch them. (Hey, NYPD! Send the Proud Boys next time.)

The police did manage to arrest three antifa thugs who followed one speech attendee leaving the event, punched him and stole his backpack. But it turns out that’s also legal in New York. The antifa were arrested for the violent attack … then immediately released with no charges.

The governor and attorney general of New York, the New York City mayor and a slew of council members rushed to social media to denounce the Proud Boys for “hate” and vow to prosecute them—for protecting Upper East Side Republicans who went to a speech. McInnes is funny, and if there’s one thing leftists cannot abide, it’s a sense of humor.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo tweeted: “Hate cannot and will not be tolerated in New York,” along with a brain-deadarticle from Buzzfeed News titled, “Members of a Far-Right Men’s Group Violently Beat Up Protesters and Weren’t Arrested. New York Police Won’t Say Why.” They’re WHITE, aren’t they? No? Well, they’re REPUBLICANS. Arrest them!

The prosecution had no victims and no evidence of injury. But two Proud Boys, John Kinsman and Max Hare, now sit in a New York state prison, sentenced to four years, after being convicted of attempted assault and attempted gang assault—for defending themselves from antifa, who showed up at conservative event, then disobeyed the police and stalked the Proud Boys. It wasn’t the Proud Boys disrupting an antifa event, and it wasn’t the Proud Boys defying the police to confront antifa.

Yes, you are correct: This was the same district attorney, Cyrus Vance, who allowed Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein to rape and molest young girls in his jurisdiction for years and years. But those [Jewish] guys were major Democratic donors, so no harm, no foul.

A third Proud Boy was headed to trial along with Kinsman and Hare—until the prosecution noticed he was East Indian and his presence would have hurt the narrative that Proud Boys are “white supremacists.”

Just no one mention Kinsman’s black wife and children. (And thus Democrats deprived three more black children of a father during their formative years.)

Much of the testimony elicited by the [Jewish] prosecutor, Joshua Steinglass, concerned the defendants’ non-PC beliefs, e.g.: Kinsman’s support for guns, his opposition to antifa, and his attendance at a “fake news” protest outside CNN. Steinglass actually presented evidence of McInnes’ jokes from his comedy show. Inappropriate laughter in a blue state will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

What on earth does any of that have to do with whether Kinsman and Hare committed a crime at Park Avenue and 82nd on Oct. 12, 2018?

Nothing. In the blue states, there is no rule of law, only rule by left-wing lunatics. (read more)

2021-03-14 b

We attended a wedding in a Red State yesterday evening. It was a real wedding. A human biological male married a human biological female. That is the ONLY kind of wedding according to G-d's laws.

The radiant daughter of long-time friends wedded a young S.W.A.T. officer from an adjacent state in Covenant Marriage.

There were over 120 guests and only one of them, a guy in his late twenties to early thirties, wore a flimsy mask incapable of excluding viruses. JUST ONE MASKED MORON. The bride's elderly, wheelchair-bound grandfather was not masked.

Everyone had a great time. There was much hugging. No anti-social distancing occurred.

If you live in a Blue State, flee the madness while you can.

2021-03-14 a

If you're not terrified by this, wake up.
Google will remove FACTS if they think they're harmful.

— Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) March 5, 2021

-03-13 c

It’s time for Red States to start nullifying federal law

As we all know, the last election was a  “tipping point” election on many different levels. An election won with the use of illegal last-minute changes to state election laws has led to a rogue regime that threatens the very foundations of America.  This is being achieved through highly questionable executive orders, the decimation of the concept of national sovereignty and an attack on fossil fuels, the lifeblood of our economy.  Moreover, Biden is converting our military into a social justice agency and transforming our intelligence services into witch-hunters for conservatives who dared to protest a stolen election.
More alarming is the left’s goal to make its political power permanent by granting amnesty to 20-30 million illegal aliens, granting statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico, expanding the Supreme Court, and normalizing the censorship of conservatives, not to mention the institutionalizing of election fraud, especially in key swing states.  

There is little doubt, if history is our guide, that should the left achieve permanent political  power, future elections will just become  “show” elections, our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights will be diminished, if not gutted, and our economy will become permanently stagnant as with all other socialist economies in the world.   It will be the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

A proposal to challenge this attack on our rights
Our Founders, however, were extremely wary of federal power and thus created a number of checks and balances to counter it.  One of them was the ability by the states to “nullify” federal laws and even Supreme Court decisions.   As most conservatives  know, nullification is when a State decides to not abide by a federal law, regulation or even a Federal court ruling by simply refusing to enforce it.  This concept is rooted in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, which plainly states that if the states, who are the creators of the federal government, have not specifically given them authority, that authority rests with the states and the people of the state:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Over the last 150 years or so, liberal legislators and judges have violated the Tenth Amendment by illegally expanding the scope and power of the federal government. We know that Federal power is limited because such powers were actually “enumerated” or listed in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution and include actions  such as  “To lay and collect taxes,”  “coin money,” and   “raise and support Armies.”  The federal government was not given any role in education, health, welfare, transportation, energy, or even with maintaining secure borders.  All those issues were left up to the states to decide. If our founders wanted to expand the federal government into every area of our life, they would not have specifically listed the very few powers they granted it.
Conservative constitutional scholars such as Thomas West, in his book, Nullification, How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, documents that our Founders believed that if a “law is unconstitutional and therefore void and of no effect, it is up to the states, the parties to the federal compact, to declare it so and thus refuse to enforce it.”

The left will scream about such nullification efforts, but they have been engaged in nullifying federal laws for years.  For example, all state laws legalizing marijuana are illegal since they’re  in conflict with federal narcotic laws, but states have simply refused to enforce these federal laws and so have “nullified” them.  Likewise,  states controlled by the left have allowed various cities and counties to become “sanctuaries” in which they refused to abide by federal immigration laws.  And no, the Marines were not sent in nor did any state or city even suffer the loss of federal funding.

It is time our side use this tactic as a way of protecting our constitutional rights. Here are some of the issues that could be affected by the concept of nullification:

1.Nullify all 1st Amendment Restrictions.  States should refuse to enforce all federal edicts and Supreme Court rulings that impinge upon the 1st Amendment protections of our religious freedom, such as efforts by radical [homosexuals] to force churches, faith based adopting agencies,  religious schools, colleges, and businesses to carry out a radical gay and transexual agenda.

2.Nullify all federal efforts to undermine the 2nd Amendment.  States should nullify all federal laws that compromise the 2nd Amendment such as those being proposed by the [illegitimate] Biden team.

3.Nullify open border policies. With Biden announcing his intent to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens, combined with his hostility to border security, expect the border to get  out of control. Already, migrant caravans are heading to the border.  States should nullify such pro-open border policies and use their resources to stop illegal immigration.   The reality is that states were originally involved in setting immigration policy and indeed, used to detain and deport illegals prior to the existence of a Border Patrol or ICE. The only mention in the constitution regarding immigration is "to establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization."  

4.Nullify the anti-police agenda.  During the Obama regime, his DoJ hamstrung city police departments all over the country with phony “civil rights” investigations, resulting in cities hesitant to arrest or prosecute violent thugs.  With anti-police activists surrounding Biden, his administration will do the same, thereby empowering leftist rioters in our cities. The founders never gave the federal government a law enforcement role as they thought this responsibility best be carried out by local police and sheriff departments.  States should resist and ignore all federal anti-police regulations and DoJ harassment of local police departments.

5.Nullify all federal efforts to preserve fraudulent voting procedures.  Conservative states need to immediately take action on election fraud and pass comprehensive voter ID laws, which, of course, will be attacked by Biden’s DoJ as a “civil rights” violation. States also need to remove the estimated 2-3 million illegal aliens from its voting rolls. Indeed, a fact check site has documented that the millions of illegal aliens are currently voting and may have thrown the election to Biden. States need to stop disenfranchising its legal citizens and also purge from its voter rolls dead people, repeat registrations, and those who moved out of state.  

Of course, states will be reluctant to invoke nullification but the alternative would be to watch our constitutional rights be trashed by leftists.  The MAGA movement in the Red States needs to became active in urging legislators and governors to start reclaiming their constitutional powers and begin nullifying illegal Federal law. 

Once states are engaged in nullifying federal laws, I believe we will witness what I call the “great migration” in which conservatives will leave blue states to live in red states and vice-versa.  And yes, this could lead to a peaceful balkanization of America in which the Red states become redder and the Blue states become bluer, but this is not our fault.  It is the left that is  assaulting our constitutional rights and if conservatives desire to live in states that protect their rights, then so be it.    

Already, we are seeing some movement in the states on the nullification front. The Arizona Senate passed a bill that declares it will not enforce federal gun control laws. Oklahoma, South Dakota and North Dakota legislators have all introduced legislation that nullifies Biden’s executive orders.  

Nullification is simply returning America to its original system of governance in which most governmental authority is decentralized to the states and counties. The federal government can’t do much about it other than to cut federal funding for some state programs, but perhaps the time has come for states to do away with these federal handcuffs. (read more)

2021-03-13 b

My Democrat Friends are Getting Very Embarrassed

Now that the implications of the Harris/Biden administration are setting in, my Democrat friends (yes, I do have a few) are becoming very embarrassed.  They bought into the propaganda that all the turmoil in Washington was created by the erratic and immoral behavior of Donald Trump.  Their vote for Harris/Biden was a vote to return to normal.  They didn’t realize that the Democrats weren’t offering a return to normal, they were offering the establishment of a “new normal.”
The “new normal” includes restricted energy exploration and cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.  This has caused a loss of well-paying union jobs, damaged relations with Canada, and triggered skyrocketing gasoline prices.  It also threatens to return us to dependence on the most unstable region in the world.  To those who would like us to leave the Middle East to resolve its own problems -- we can’t now.

We’ve implemented more “humane” immigration policies, creating a flood of illegal immigrants across the border -- wearing “Biden” t-shirts.  Our humane policy has given us men, women, and children sacrificing their lives pursuing the dream promised them by the Democrats.  Thankfully, we’re no longer keeping illegal immigrant children in cages.  Now we’re keeping them in Conex boxes.  I guess we can feel good about that.

Those arriving illegal immigrants are putting more pressure on a struggling job market, decimated by COVID lockdowns.  Rather than help struggling small businesses, the Democrats seek to impose more economic distress with a $15-per-hour minimum wage.  As small businesses close their doors, the dreams of their owners are dashed, and entry level job opportunities disappear forever.
Since lunch-bucket Joe’s [illegitimate] inauguration, the government has moved beyond its charter to ensure the rights, security, and safety of the citizens.  Now it’s engaged in social engineering.  Transsexuals will now be welcomed into the military.  Given that these folks require ongoing hormone therapy, a few minor changes to the DoD logistics infrastructure will be needed.  It’s a small price to pay to check our “wokeness” box.  Should any of our transsexual soldiers be captured, I’m sure our enemies will continue their therapy.  They need their “wokeness” boxes checked too.

President Asterisk has also signed an executive order ensuring that transgender people may use whatever facilities they prefer.  We’ll need to be on the alert for gender-fluid pedophiles seeking to spend quality time in bathrooms with young girls.  But, that’s a very small societal cost to show the necessary respect to a perfectly normal woman-with-a-penis, who wishes to shower with women-with-vaginas at the gym.

The Democrats have also arranged to reward blue states for disastrous fiscal decisions.  It seems that those states which imposed the most severe COVID lockdowns (New York, California, Michigan, and etc.) have suffered significant loss of tax revenue.  Who could have seen that coming?  The most recent COVID relief bill includes a $350B bailout for those states and municipalities which suffered tax loses during the lockdown.  The citizens from the red states who stayed on the job are going to bail out the blue states that took the year off.  San Fran Nan and Chucky Schumer owe a great big “thank you” to all the farmers, merchants, tradesmen, and truckers who have agreed to help them out.  I’m sure they’ll respond with, “You’re welcome. It was the neighborly thing to do.”
The “new normal” also includes a permanent military presence in Washington D.C.  You can rest assured that our representatives are doing the “people’s work” when they need a contingent of heavily armed soldiers to protect them from the people.  My friends who voted Democrat unwittingly facilitated the transformation of Washington D.C. into Pyongyang, North Korea.

Consistent with our transformation into the North Korea of the west, censorship and cancel culture are now favored by our ruling class.  Expression of dissenting views will get one dropped from social media sites.  If you’re an outspoken conservative who runs a factory, your products will be boycotted.  Educators who express dissenting views will be forced out of their jobs.  Freedom of speech is becoming freedom of approved-speech.  Thankfully, the snowflakes among us need no longer endure those nasty Trump tweets.

But what really embarrasses my friends is that after they voted for a return to political harmony, the turmoil is greater than ever.  The Democrats called for unity, then slapped Trump’s supporters in the face by impeaching Trump two weeks before he was to leave office.  They’ve accused any Republican who questioned the election result of inciting insurrection.  The Democrats even considered not seating any Republican congressmen who questioned election integrity.  Some have even spoken publicly of the need for “truth commissions” and reeducation of MAGA supporters.  There’s nothing creepy about that, is there?

It seems that when the Democrats asked for unity, they were actually demanding obedience.  If there were only some means to demonstrate our obedience to our new masters.  How about we all wear facial coverings to demonstrate our fealty?  There’s a word that describes order through forced obedience -- tyranny.

My friends are belatedly realizing that the turmoil was not created by Donald Trump.  It was manufactured by the Democrats, simply to win an election.  The Democrats embraced socialists and anarchists (even though they never play well together) to create the turmoil, and now they can’t turn it off.  Radical elements of the left are political vampires. Once invited in, it’s not so easy to get them to leave.  The Democrats are stuck with the radicals, even though the voters aren’t.

But I don’t get angry.  As my friends complain, I keep reminding them that this is what they asked for.  They’re beginning to realize they helped create this mess and they’re feeling a bit like that guy that gave the Nigerian prince $1,000 -- embarrassed!  But here’s the thing about embarrassment -- it’s the embryonic stage of anger.  I estimate gestation to require about 19 months.  Angry and motivated voters will be fully mature, just in time for the midterm elections. (read more)

2021-03-13 a

“For the first time in my life I began to realize that it is not evil and brutality, but nearly always weakness, that is to blame for the worst things that happen in this world.”
- Stefan Zweig

-03-12 d

Why Do Americans Need and Seek Masters to Rule Them?

... Any critical thinker would have to pause when accepting the attitude that choosing a ruler to lord over him is in his best interest, so why has humanity succumbed to the idea of servitude as normal and right? The only plausible answer to this question appears to be that this is the real nature of man, or that most common men are fools.

If any take offense to these statements, and most will, then you will likely continue to behave in a manner acceptable to the ruling class, and will also continue to cause great harm to those brave enough to respect freedom by your inaction and acceptance of voluntary bondage. You are also the ones that hide from the truth, hide in your home prisons, wear masks, hide and distance from others, that abandon your families, that close your businesses, that tattle on your neighbors, that line up for poisonous and experimental injections, and that continue to support the controlling few and their evil agents in government. You are the ones that choose to shame those courageous citizens that stand against tyranny, and you are the problem!

Because most have voluntarily accepted their own slavery, we now live in a very dangerous time of extreme stress, instability, division, and we face the threat of terror and democide at the hands of the state. All are at great risk, and none will be exempt from the carnage that is surely coming. The state cares nothing about you whether you are its biggest supporter or its biggest enemy. All will be treated with equal contempt, and all will be nothing more than fodder for the ruling class that loathes any not in its inner circle. This is the reality of our situation; a debacle caused and perpetuated by you the ruled.

No virus exists, and total deaths have little changed. A pandemic? Absolutely not! The test is a fraud; the lockdowns have destroyed millions, and the long-term consequences of these draconian measures are completely unknown. The falsely claimed ’vaccine’ is a death and control injection, and is a toxic bio-weapon in this war against the people. It can only lead to infertility, mass transhuman metamorphosis, and murder. This plot against us has already led to unheard of numbers of suicides, mostly in the younger generation. The most harshly affected have been the children, the old, and those that have no ability to protect themselves. In other words, the state is happy in destroying the weakest and most helpless first, and is attempting to capture the minds and bodies of the young so they can more easily control the future. Is this what you want for your children and grandchildren? By your cowardice and passivity, you are helping to create prisons for all future generations.

So far in this plot to subdue and take over humanity, much has been lost. There is little freedom left, and what there is has been restricted and is constantly monitored, because any act of individuality or independence is now viewed as an uprising and is a bane to the state. Mass censorship of any opinion or truth concerning this scam is rampant. Everything of value is being destroyed, and speech has in most cases literally been disappeared. When the government and its fascist partnered henchmen hide or erase all free speech, what is left is tyranny. Families are being systematically decimated, and the purposeful spread of hatred is promoted at every level of society by the controlled media and the governing gang of criminals. The entirety of this government can only be described as organized crime, but is much more sinister and criminal than any mafia. This is what this pathetic population has created for itself, and blame should be placed on all those that continue to worship this nation-state and adhere to its evil demands.

Human nature is on trial today, and for very good reason. It is the human that controls his own fate. It is the human that allows others to control his thought and actions. It is the human that cowers in the face of adversity. It is the human that worships the state as God. It is the human that acquiesces to the demands of tyrants. It is the human that fails to protect the innocent. It is the human that applauds war. It is the human that causes his own and all other’s misery.

In conclusion, you may take this to heart, or you may ignore the warnings. You may continue to wallow in indifference. You may run and hide. You may cover your emotionless face with a mask. You may watch your family die in seclusion. You may turn in your neighbors to ‘authorities.’ You may follow every rule. You may in fact die at the hands of this heinous state.

Or you may curse this writer. This rant is for all or none; I care not anymore about those that have chosen to harm freedom! (read more)

-03-12 c

Houston Police Chief going Rogue

In Houston, Texas, despite the governor removing the mask ban, the rogue Police Chief Art Acevedo says he will still arrest people for not wearing a mask. This guy is taking the law into his own hands, and clearly should be stripped of all power. He claims that “Our officers are well-versed on the laws, there’s something called ‘criminal trespass’ here in the state of Texas, and if a business asks an individual to wear the mask and they refuse to leave, they can be arrested for criminal trespass.” He is obviously a Democrat, for he then elevated Fauci above the Governor saying that Fauci said that he believed people would need to continue wearing face masks into 2022. Hello, even the Washington Post said masks were “useless” and that was all the studies. Perhaps he should go to Washington and sign up as a National Guard to protect Fauci. (read more)

2021-03-12 b
“We will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do once fully vaccinated.”

Joe Biden Hints at Dystopian Post-Pandemic Future

One interpretation of something Biden said during his public address is quite chilling.

On the evening of March 11, the American people were subjected to a half-hour television event starring Joe Biden in the [mathematically impossible] role of president of the United States. Half an hour spent listening to Biden lecture the nation is thirty minutes nobody will ever get back. As is often the case, this career politician and least likely person to make it to the White House – perhaps with the exceptions of his vice president and Beto O’Rourke – was neither inspiring, informative, endearing, nor honest.

The speech was devoted almost entirely to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, which Biden is now taking all the credit for, even though, without the determination of former President Donald Trump, there would still be no American-manufactured vaccine available.

It’s All Trump’s Fault, Of Course

The new occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue took a shot at his predecessor, seemingly blaming him for the spread of COVID-19. “A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked,” Biden said, apparently forgetting that he called then-President Trump xenophobic for quickly imposing a ban on travel into the United States.

Such assertions were to be expected, but one sentence from Biden’s speech should terrify Americans. So potentially sinister was it, in fact, that some media outlets are not reporting it at all or have edited out part of what was said.

What You Can and Cannot Do?

For example, USA Today reported that “Biden said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will issue guidance in the coming weeks on what Americans can do once they’ve been fully vaccinated.” Those were not Biden’s exact words. What he actually said was: “We will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do once fully vaccinated.”

Note that “we” will issue further guidance. Not the CDC, but “we” – as in, the government. Also, that guidance would not be “what Americans can do,” but “what you can and cannot do.” In fact, Biden even put emphasis on “and cannot do.”

Is he speaking just about guidance on how safe it is for the vaccinated to participate in certain social activities, travel, and attending large public events such as sports or concerts? Perhaps. There is another possibility, though: Did Biden suggest that rules would be imposed on what those who do not get vaccinated can and cannot do? That is not exactly what he said but, if his administration intends to issue “guidance” on what vaccinated Americans can do, then surely it might also lay down some rules about what the un-vaccinated will not be permitted to do.

Considering that most of the speech consisted of variations on the theme of “please, please, please, get vaccinated because it is your duty as Americans,” it would appear that the administration may at least be considering such infringements.

Is this the new America, then? Are citizens to be segregated – those who are willing to be Big Pharma’s guinea pigs and those who are not? How ironic that a man who, during his rare public appearances, repeatedly talks about unity, should possibly be considering imposing restrictions on the free movement of those who refuse to get vaccinated? Such a course of action would create a deep and permanent division of the nation.

Joe Biden is the [illegitimate] president of the United States. Is he calling the shots, though, or is it now the mercurial Dr. Fauci and his pals in the pharmaceutical industry who are really steering the country’s future? The impression left by Biden’s speech is that the latter is now the reality. (read more)

See also:

Tucker [Carlson] reacts to [illegitimate] president Biden’s speech:

“How dare you tell us who we can spend the Fourth of July with.”

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) March 12, 2021

2021-03-12 a

"If you are too weak to give yourselves your own law, then a tyrant shall lay his yoke upon you and say: “Obey! Clench your teeth and obey!” And all good and evil shall be drowned in obedience to him."
Friedrich Nietzche

-03-11 f
Biden has made transgender people a protected class because other recruits are not accepted if they have an existing medical condition that would require ongoing treatment, he said. Spoehr also predicted that many would join the military to receive free surgery."

[Genital mutilation] surgery is now free for [mentally ill] military, thanks to Biden executive order [even though very few normal humans would date or sleep with such freaks]

Taxpayers will now foot the bill for gender reassignment surgery for active military personnel and veterans, with some treatments costing upward of $200,000 under an executive order signed by [illegitimate] president Biden.

Tucked inside [illegitimate president] Biden’s Jan. 25 transgender order, “Enabling All Qualified Americans to Serve Their Country in Uniform,” is a clause that repeals an Obama-era policy that prohibited federally funded reassignment surgery. This was followed up by memos from both [token Negro] Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough specifically stating that surgery is now an added benefit.

“This revised policy will also ensure all medically-necessary transition related care authorized by law is available to all Service members,” Austin wrote.

In a VA email to employees, McDonough echoed: “Perform an assessment of the necessary steps to eliminate the exclusion of ‘gender alteration’ (gender [mutilation]/ surgery) in the medical benefits package.”

Neither official stated how much the added benefit would cost but rather pledged to undertake an analysis.

Online charts by the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery show a plethora of elective surgeries for both men and women that add up to $100,000-$200,000. Although [illegitimate president] Biden stated in his order that the cost of treating transgender troops would have minimal impact on healthcare costs, that is not borne out by a 2019 USA Today investigation. The news analysis revealed that the Pentagon spent $8 million to treat just 1,500 transgender military officials, which included hormone treatments and some surgeries. It was not clear why the surgeries were allowed at that time.

A federal study revealed that more than 15,000 service members and 134,000 veterans identify as transgender.

Rep. Jim Banks, an Indiana Republican, is an Afghanistan veteran and sits on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. He supports transgender individuals serving in the military and said he served with people with diverse backgrounds. But he disputes that the public should pay for surgical intervention.

“This is radical and new territory for a presidential administration to force taxpayers to fund sexual reassignment surgeries for those in the military,” he told the Washington Examiner. “I’m compassionate toward those individuals who want to undergo an elective surgery of this nature, but taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook to pay for it. It’s constitutionally dubious that Congress hasn’t passed these measures, but the administration, in a radical way, is pushing through this agenda. I sit on the committee that should debate these issues.”

The order also violates the religious liberties of [Orthodox Jews and fundamentalist Muslims and] Catholics and [other] Christians who oppose such a procedure, Banks said.

Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr, who commanded U.S. Army forces in Iraq and now directs the Heritage Center for National Defense, says [illegitimate president] Biden’s order currently reads like anyone in a war zone can suddenly take leave to undergo reassignment surgery.

“I would like to think the Pentagon would come up with a procedure … It’s completely irrational to change your gender right in front of a conflict,” he said. “A lot of people [in the military] are outraged by this idea that you can just come in and get this [surgery] and be gone from your unit. Someone has to pick up the slack while you are gone.”

Biden has made transgender people a protected class because other recruits are not accepted if they have an existing medical condition that would require ongoing treatment, he said. Spoehr also predicted that many would join the military to receive free surgery.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, blasted [illegitimate president] Biden’s “social experimentation” as a follow-up to former President Barack Obama’s 2016 inclusiveness mandate that he said created chaos with sensitivity trainings and bathroom retrofits.

“By 2019, the Defense Department announced that it had redirected funds from salaries, equipment, and trainings for 22,992 psychotherapy visits, 9,321 hormone prescriptions, and a whopping 161 surgeries (ranging from hysterectomies and breast augmentation to 'male reproductive' construction),” Perkins said in a press release. “While America faces rising threats from around the world, it's obvious that Joe Biden is only interested in using our military to fight one war: the culture war.” (read more)

-03-11 e
"Just sleep your way to the top and you'll be billed a hero to all the little girls out there. Which, coming from handsy Joe, is creepy."

The build-up begins: Biden plans a Kamala Harris [slut] show

Doddery old Joe Biden isn't even trying to hide it anymore. His gaffes and garble are soaring to orbit. The faraway look in his eyes is growing dimmer. The public is noticing.
He called himself a transition president. He presumably joked that he'd resign if he ever disagreed with Harris. But much sooner than anyone thought, a Hollywood style starlet build-up for [illegitimate] vice president Kamala Harris is beginning as if to prepare the public for his replacement.

Start with this International Women's Day tweet from someone at the controls of the Twitter account of senile old Joe:

I want every child to know that this is what vice presidents and generals
in the United States Armed Forces look like.

— [illegitimate] president Biden (@POTUS) March 9, 2021

Which, to anyone who knows the history of Kamala Harris, comes off as kind of grotesque. Biden's message of her as an example to all the little girls is to be born pretty, attach yourself as mistress to a powerful older married man, sleep your way to the top, then move on to attach yourself to the next older man, one who needs your skin color next to him to gain street cred with the woke. Merit, hard work, intellectual heft, those don't matter. Just sleep your way to the top and you'll be billed a hero to all the little girls out there. Which, coming from handsy Joe, is creepy.

As for the two female generals also featured in the tweet, Army Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson and Air Force Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost, whether they were promoted on merit instead of being born female, is anyone's guess. Biden has already shown that he's all about skin color and sex to maintain appearances, leading to some crazy incompetent appointments. Merit is something else, and if the two women are people of merit, Joe's administration has undercut them, placing them in the same bin as #HeelsUpHarris.

But Biden's aim seems to be to foster a presidential transition. Harris is everywhere with him, as if to appeal to black voters that he's not the insensitive old white guy given to making racially insensitive statements, which he is, but actually a placeholder for Kamala.

As here:

I don’t recall anytime in American Presidential history where a VP has
hovered so much behind a President.

 Why the constant presence of Kamala Harris?

— Tricia Flanagan (R-NJ) (@NewDayForNJ) March 9, 2021

And he seems to be delegating the presidential responsibilities of duty to her. The White House put this vague palaver out on March 9:

[illegitimate] vice president Kamala Harris spoke today with Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway, and affirmed her commitment to deepening the strong alliance between Norway and the United States. [illegitimate] vice president Harris and Prime Minister Solberg agreed on the importance of standing together to support human rights and shared democratic values. They agreed to cooperate bilaterally and multilaterally to advance global health, particularly the well-being of women and girls.  [illegitimate] vice president Harris and Prime Minister Solberg also discussed the need for close coordination on COVID-19, climate change, and the Arctic. The [illegitimate] vice president thanked the Prime Minister for Norway’s close security partnership with the United States and generous contributions to development and health security efforts around the world.

It gets worse: Biden also is putting on this strange event described by [left-leaning] Politico:

[illegitimate] president Biden is planning more media, a major speech, an address to
Congress and a road show featuring [illegitimate] vp Kamala Harris — all with an eye
on promoting the massive, soon-to-be passed Covid bill.

— POLITICO (@politico) March 10, 2021

Did they say "featuring?" They're about to run a road show featuring Kamala Harris?

...  It's all pretty shocking. Kamala Harris is a giggly radical leftist of long proven phoniness, ambition, corruption, and dishonesty. She was pinned as a phony by Democratic voters in the Iowa Caucus as recently as 2019. leading to her dropout as a presidential candidate for the 2020 election.  Now senile Joe is lining her up to be president, featuring her in a road show, and comparing her to generals?

It's a complete clown show, but it's also worrisome. Democrats had to have known that Biden was not up to the job but hid him in the basement and from the public until they could get the power they wanted, by fair means or foul, and there's ample reason to think it was foul. Joe really was a senile old puppet, possibly medicated to survive his debate appearances and now the transition is on, the foisting of an unable-to-stand-on-her own [illegitimate] vice president on the public, the same woman who failed to win a single electoral vote.

They seem to be moving toward this now, and it's going at rapid pace. Yet no questions about this are being asked in the [fake news] press, in what would have to be the most despicable power grab piled on an earlier power grab in the history of the U.S. republic. (read more)

2021-03-11 d
"No white people were allowed access to the area by local activists out of a supposed concern for the "healing" of the community, according to Kim."

Death and 'autonomous zone' grip George Floyd Square ahead of Chauvin trial

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — For residents of the neighborhood where George Floyd lost his life last May, peace and quiet increasingly seems like a pipe dream.

A grim tragedy erupted on Saturday night when another man died near what is now called George Floyd Square, an intersection of blocks that serves as a permanent vigil. This time, no police were involved in the killing of the victim, who authorities said died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

Kim, who serves as a medic for the "autonomous zone" organized by self-identified [Only] Black Lives Matter activists surrounding George Floyd Square, said she heard what sounded like "500 gunshots" during her shift.

"I was first on the scene. Emotions are just so high right now. I've been awake for 36 hours," she told the Washington Examiner. "You picked the wrong day to come here."

Kim said the man was black. Authorities have not identified the victim.

Makeshift barriers and gates surrounded George Floyd Square as of Sunday evening. No white people were allowed access to the area by local activists out of a supposed concern for the "healing" of the community, according to Kim. Those passing by the barricades were waved along and asked to leave, with those manning the gates treating their job as some sort of official duty.

Those kinds of restrictions infuriate locals like Teresa Stiller, who lives just a block away.

Stiller says she and her neighbors tried working with protesters, respecting memorials but asking that traffic flows not be disrupted. In response, she and others were met with threats by people who don't even appear to reside nearby, Stiller said.

"We live here. We want to live here. This isn't their neighborhood. I've had bullets whiz by me right here," Stiller said on the sidewalk outside her home Sunday afternoon. "I have post-traumatic stress disorder now. Whenever I hear a loud noise, I either start crying, or I duck."

Both Stiller and her neighbor from two homes down, Steve, who declined to give his last name, blame an influx of gang violence and protests in South Minneapolis and St. Paul for the constant disruptions to their way of life. The two view [Only] Black Lives Matter as the primary culprit, which they say fosters a culture of lawlessness and intimidation against locals.

Minneapolis's rise in crime is undeniable, with law enforcement and the city council arguing over whom to blame. The homicide rate continues spiking as police officers plead for greater funding while local politicians call for a "re-imagining" of law enforcement altogether.

"We're sick of it. I've got guys at the store telling me the Bloods [gang] were helping protect the place because others wanted to come and burn the place down altogether," Steve, a self-identified liberal, said. "Check the [city council] out, with the rookie Mayor [Jacob Frey] and all these people who are comfortable [with what's going on]."

Steve argued that safety concerns have caused people to leave his neighborhood and pointed to the multiple for-sale signs and empty houses up and down the block.

About 10 minutes away, on the commercial East Lake Street, vacant lots filled with rubble served as a reminder of the economic toll caused by last summer's riots. Those streaming out of the rebuilt Target, which now sports pro-[Only] Black Lives Matter slogans on its facade, said they don't expect many of the destroyed small businesses ever to come back.

One individual scoffed when asked about the kind of loss developers were suffering amid the backdrop of halfway built condos across the parking lot. Last month, the state passed a bill offering $300 million in bonds to finance small businesses damaged by riots in Minneapolis and St. Paul, a pointless exercise to those like Stiller, who predicted more destruction at the conclusion of former police officer Derek Chauvin's [show] trial for the May 25 [fentanyl overdose death] of Floyd.

To be sure, plenty of residents around George Floyd Square see [Only] Black Lives Matter as a mostly peaceful movement. Myriad social justice-themed yard signs on lawns remind outsiders that Minneapolis remains a deep-blue city.

Many, however, struggled to explain their support for the new civil rights movement that coincides with the decline of life so many in the city experience on a daily basis.

"I have safety concerns for my community. You saw this in May and June of last year where over and over again we were seeing cars with out-of-state license plates [causing disorder]," Sarah Homburg, who works in healthcare for the state, said. "I'm seeing a lot of the same chatter about checking in with neighbors and doing patrols again. We should be looking out for each other because we don't feel like the city is looking out for us."

Jury selection for Chauvin's [show] trial began Monday. City officials promised residents a robust security response in downtown Minneapolis for its duration, with the local government spending millions of dollars on new police officers and protective barricades around the courthouse and city hall.

"The scenario that we're facing right now, this is arguably ... the trial of the year, if not the decade. The dynamics that we faced on the ground in Minneapolis last summer were entirely unprecedented, not just in our city but really nationwide," Frey said at a press conference earlier this month. "The dynamics associated with this trial are going to be difficult and traumatic for so many in our city." (read more)

2021-03-11 c

Psaki Laughs When Asked Why Border Facilities for [Illegal] Migrant Children Are Fully Open But US Schools Aren’t (VIDEO)

Biden’s White House Secretary Jen Psaki thinks it is funny that there are no Covid restrictions for illegal alien children while US schools remain closed.

[Illegitimate] Joe Biden actually bragged about the education his administration is providing to illegal alien children on the border, while millions of American children have not returned to in-person learning because of the toxic teachers unions.

Psaki thinks it’s funny that Joe Biden is destroying the futures of American children with unnecessary school closures.

Psaki actually tried to defend the disparate treatment of migrant children when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy pointed out the administration’s hypocrisy and double standards.

“It’s not funny!” Peter Doocy said as Psaki laughed at his question. (read more and watch video)

2021-03-11 b

Sen. Tommy Tuberville: ‘Fort Pelosi’ Provides ‘Black SUVs with Secret Service’ to Democratic Congressmen,’ not Republicans

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) told Breitbart News on Wednesday that Democrat representatives, not Republicans, are being provided Secret Service protection per House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) directives.

The federal government built concrete barriers alongside fencing with razor wire surrounding the Capitol following violent riots on January 6, ostensibly to protect against a threat of “domestic terrorism” from conservative supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Tuberville contrasted Washington, DC’s, reaction to unrest on January 6 with dozens of violent and destructive leftist-driven riots in large American cities in 2020.

“In the last year, we had 230 riots,” Tuberville said. “A lot of them were very disruptive, people [and police] injured, and then there’s one in here in Washington, DC, which should have never happened … on January 6th. People should go to jail. They are going to jail.”

Tuberville said he and his senator colleagues “have not been told one thing” about any intelligence regarding threats to their security related to increased security in the nation’s capital for politicians.

“This is all coming from the other end of the Capitol building, which is the House, Fort Pelosi,” Tuberville remarked. “Nancy Pelosi is in charge of all this. She was in charge of it when it all happened. The chief of police [and] sergeant-at-arms resigned, and [Pelosi] should have been right behind them, because she should have been on top of this.”

He added, “Now [Pelosi] wants to protect her and her group down there. They’ve all got huge [security]. American taxpayers are paying for these black SUVs with Secret Service going around with all these Democratic congressmen up around the Hill, not Republicans, but Democrats.

“If you feel like you can’t handle this, go home,’ Tuberville said of Democrats framing themselves as threatened. “Just go home.”
Tuberville described the $1.9 trillion spending bill, marketed by Democrats and left-wing media as a “COVID-19 relief” package, as a “bank heist.”

“The two trillion dollars they passed … is not for COVID,” Tuberville stated. “It’s payback for getting elected, and paying all their buddies and these bad mayors and governors off across the country. We gave them $350 billion dollars, now how much could we use that for our roads and highways and for the military to actually help the American people?”
He remarked, “This was the biggest heist. It was a bank heist of the taxpayers’ money. … and we only debated it for 25 hours. and you’d think you would debate it for two or three weeks.”

“It’s the biggest scam to take American taxpayers’ money I’ve ever seen,” he added.

Tuberville contrasted [illegitimate] president Joe Biden’s approach towards immigration with the White House’s supposed consideration of COVID-19 as a primary threat to national welfare.
[Illegitimate] president Biden and the Democrats have to make a decision,” Tuberville determined. “Are they going to be for the American people, or are they going to be for illegal immigrants? Are they going be for getting rid of the pandemic, or are they going to be for illegal immigrants coming over and being given amnesty, citizenship, and a voting card? So they chose illegal immigrants, because the COVID is coming over with them every day.”

Tuberville said H.R. 1, named the For the People Act, would make America a one-party state run by Democrats if enacted as law.

If it were to pass, it’d be over,” he warned. “This country would be a Democrat socialist communist country in a short period of time, because there’d be no way that [Republicans] could get [elected]. Even in Alabama, I  got sixty-something percent of the vote. We’re a huge red state — a conservative Christian state — but if they were to be able to manipulate [elections] through the federal government … I’d probably have a tough time winning in the state.

Tuberville noted left-wing and Democrat ideological hostility towards Christianity.

“They hate Christianity — absolutely hate it — so we’ve got to stay positive,” Tuberville concluded. “We understand why we’re here. Things will change it might get worse before it gets better, but we’ve got to stay with our moral values. We’ve got to fight for our kids in schools. We’ve got to fight for an education that teaches this country’s fundamentals, not this socialism / communism junk that they’re teaching these kids. … I’ve been an educator for years, and it just really gets me sometimes.” (read more)

2021-03-11 a

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
- George Orwell, Animal Farm

-03-10 d
"It’s so obvious that it should not have to be said but by August, open states had far better economic outcomes than closed states. It’s also why we are seeing a huge migration from closed states to open states. "

The Entrenchment of Lockdown Denialism

Daniela Lamas, a critical care doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, has written a terrifying article in the Washington Post. It’s about the non-Covid cases of sickness in her hospital. There are older Americans dying of malnutrition, young men drinking themselves to death, others with cancers that could have been treated had they not skipped medical services for a full year, and drug overdoses breaking all records.

The article is a wake-up call for those who have thus far refused to recognize that there is more to public health than the avoidance of the pathogen with the name SARS-CoV-2. Good public health deals with the whole range of threats to human well being.  As the epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff has stated, “[p]ublic health is about all health outcomes, not just a single disease like Covid-19. It is important to also consider harms from public health measures.”

There is just one problem with the piece: it never specifically blames lockdowns, even though the author details all the devastating consequences of these policies. She is almost too careful in her explanation:

Though we have always known that the cost of this pandemic would be greater than the number of the dead, we are only beginning to understand its true magnitude. In what might be a final wave of this pandemic, we find ourselves treating patients who have avoided the virus only to succumb to its many unintended consequences — addiction, untreated disease and despair.

It wasn’t the pandemic that caused this single-minded focus. It was government-imposed measures enacted in response to the pandemic. She surely knows that. A pathogen alone with such a narrow demographic impact cannot cause such devastation in so many. It’s the “nonpharmaceutical interventions” – there are many euphemisms – that locked people out of their workplaces, schools, hospitals, and churches, wrecking life for billions of people worldwide.

“The long shadow of this disease is everywhere,” she writes. It’s a long shadow all right, but the shadow belongs to government policy mainly, and, partially, the public panic fueled by media hysteria that led people to acquiesce to massive violations of their rights and freedoms.

This article is just one example among many thousands of lockdown denialism.

Why do major media outlets continue to engage in this wiley rhetorical game?

Consider these headlines:

Pandemic caused changes, disruptions for drug treatment programs, specialty courts

WHO says pandemic has caused more ‘mass trauma’ than WWII

Pandemic caused $220 billion of global dividend cuts in 2020, research says

Pandemic caused ‘staggering’ economic, human impact in global south, study says

Pandemic caused 10% drop in community college enrollment

Pandemic caused dramatic job losses

Covid-19 pandemic caused alarming rise in mental illnesses across globe, say experts

Pandemic caused worst year for US economy since 1946

Has the pandemic caused a crisis in child care?

How the Pandemic Can Trigger Depression

The Lost Year: What the Pandemic Cost Teenagers

Plus thousands more. The world’s most conspicuous offender is of course the New York Times, which releases several articles per day that carefully avoid naming the true culprit, with analyses such as this:

Research has shown that some of the disproportionate impact on women was driven by the need to care for children during the pandemic, a circumstance that is often not captured in the official unemployment rate, which accounts only for people actively seeking work.

The data in the article are solid. The problem is the causal inference. It’s always the pandemic – and yes it is true that the lockdowns happened “during the pandemic” – and never the forced closures, even though we have plenty of data from open vs closed states to prove that the whole of the economic/social/medical impact is accounted for not by the existence of a germ but by government’s brutal treatment of people and their rights.

Ezra Klein deploys what is now the very predictable trope here, where he worries about:

what the coronavirus has done to children — whether this year will be a trauma that marks a generation, and remakes their lives. How has it changed socialization for toddlers — like my 2-year-old son? What has it meant for children who can’t go to school, who watched their parents lose work or who had family members die alone in a hospital? How do we help them? How do we even understand what they’ve gone through, particularly when they can’t tell us?

Do I really need to point out that the risk of severe outcomes from the virus to children approaches zero? Surely everyone knows that by now. The childhood trauma is shocking to consider but it’s not the coronavirus’s doing. It was the shutdowns of schools, the mandatory isolation, the forced masking, the persistent messaging that they and their fellow kids are nothing more than disease vectors.

In other words, it’s the lockdowns. Why not say so? Why the taboo?

The habit of lockdown denialism even extends to the crime pages, such as when the NYT reports on the tragic death of the ten-year old Ayden Wolfe:

Ayden, an only child, had been attending elementary school remotely during the pandemic, prosecutors said, adding that he had been inside the apartment for months without in-person interactions with teachers, counselors or nurses…. Mr. Giacalone said that the pandemic was likely to have made it easier to hide any abuse Ayden was suffering.

Another Times writer, David Gruski, penned this tortured sentence: “For far too many American workers, the pandemic has delivered a one-two punch of hardship.”

It’s a preposterous claim on the face of it: 80% of the deaths associated with Covid are people over 65; below the age of 70, the chance of death from infection is 0.05%. One might expect that this would be public knowledge by now. It is not the virus delivering the one-two punch. It is government policy. It feels silly having to point this out but one has to when the best and brightest of our reporters so carefully avoid the point.

The avoidance of this reality cannot be an accident. In another illogical and gigantic piece for the Washington Post, the reporter pretends as if the lockdowns were a fait accompli, even though nothing like this has ever happened before.

“That virus, later named SARS-CoV-2, would slowly reveal its secrets — and proceed to shut down much of the planet,” says the team of reporters, studiously avoiding the obvious fact that a pathogen has no enforcement power of its own. It carries no guns, enforces no edicts, padlocks no school or business, and issues no stay-home order. It’s the lockdown that does that and the economic consequences were devastating.

The latest master of lockdown denialism is Bernie Sanders who on the Senate floor said brutally true things but somehow failed to mention that government caused them all:

It is unbelievable what we have gone through in terms of this terrible pandemic. COVID has not only caused massive death and illness; it has resulted in a way we have never experienced social isolation. That means, all over this country, we have old people, elderly people, in their homes. They can’t interact with their grandchildren, with their own kids, with their friends. You have young people who want to go to school, who want to socialize, who want to date, who want to do things that young people do. They can’t do it and have been unable to do it for the last year, and that has resulted in a very sharp increase in mental illness in this country–something, by the way, that this legislation also deals with. Many Americans, young and old and middle-aged, are now dealing with depression, anxiety disorder, addictions. We are seeing the growth of addictions and even suicidal ideation. So this has been just an awful year for people in our country and, in fact, throughout the world.

This last year has not only been a public health crisis, as bad as that has been. The pandemic, as we all know, has led to a terrible economic downturn, which has resulted in millions of Americans losing their jobs and their incomes, and it has led to the shutting down of something like one out of four small businesses in this country. That is just an unbelievable number. Go to any town in America, and you will see its Main Street shuttered down. Thriving businesses no longer exist. Real unemployment in this country today is now over 10 percent….

It is not only the public health crisis we worry about; it is not only the collapse of our economy that we have to worry about; it is what is happening to our young people because the pandemic has created a massive disruption in our educational system, from childcare through graduate school. The majority of our young people have seen education disrupted. Think about all of the implications of what that means. It is likely that hundreds of colleges in America, which were struggling before the pandemic, will cease to exist.

My colleague Phil Magness has gone to great lengths to demonstrate that every bit of what he rightly points out is traceable to government’s lockdown policies and not the pandemic. He looked at mobility data and economic performance in what amounts to a controlled experiment in locked down vs. not locked down states. He used reliable data on restaurant reservations to show that after an initial panic lasting a few weeks in March and April, the states that opened up crawled back to normal while those that imposed and retained restrictions did not.


It’s so obvious that it should not have to be said but by August, open states had far better economic outcomes than closed states. It’s also why we are seeing a huge migration from closed states to open states.

The pattern here is far too pronounced to avoid causal inference. Shutting things down causes things to shut down. As for how that affected disease outcomes, AIER has documented fully 31 studies showing that nothing governments did to control this virus had any measurable impact.

Nor are lockdowns a necessary or inevitable means reducing coronavirus deaths.  There is now incontrovertible evidence demonstrating that states and nations that locked down fared no better in terms of reducing coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, than those that did not impose government mandated shutdowns.

And yet we cannot even speak honestly about the astronomical costs of lockdowns until our mainstream media outlets at least begin to speak the word. They need to acknowledge the existence of the most devastating policy decision in many lifetimes, a use of government power we never imagined possible and one with catastrophic effects.

Could it be that they do not want to acknowledge that lockdowns failed because so many pushed them for a large part of 2020 and now want to avoid responsibility? Admitting error is hard. Or maybe there is an easier answer. Recognizing and naming the lockdowns draws attention to a terrible reality: all of this was preventable. It’s almost too difficult to accept.

And with that comes an unwillingness to recognize that there is a huge revolt against lockdowns brewing in this country. It’s not crazy people who resent having been stripped of their rights. It’s regular people coast to coast. The trust in public health authorities is collapsing minute by minute.  It can be seen in the reluctance of large swaths of the population to take the [experimental] vaccine.

Regardless, journalists for mainstream outlets cannot make that reality disappear by continuing to pretend – as they have for most of the last 10 months – that the lockdowns never happened. Americans are realizing that lockdowns were pointless, unnecessary, and destructive. Those who hold positions of authority in politics in the media, and who have engaged in lockdown denialism for the past 12 months will soon face a reckoning. (read more)

See also: Lockdowns Wrecked Democracy around the World

2021-03-10 c

Texas hasn’t expanded baseline electricity generation capacity in a decade, boosted wind and solar instead

Does the state’s 20 percent ownership rule, which prevents any company from owning more than 20 percent of power generating capacity in a region, create a potential perverse disincentive and bar operators from expanding thermal capacity?

The catastrophic blizzard and power outage in Texas in Feb. 2021 brought about half of the state’s electricity generators offline at some point during the crisis amid surging demand, forcing Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to engage rolling blackouts across the state to save the electricity grid, and leaving more than 4.5 million homes and businesses without power and heat for days, and causing at least 70 deaths.

Yet, one remarkable metric that has not been discussed so much is that Texas has not added almost any winter operational capacity for its thermal sources of natural gas, coal, nuclear and biomass, despite a 13.4 percent increase in annual demand from 2013 to 2021, according to an Americans for Limited Government Foundation analysis of ERCOT data.

In 2013, those four sources accounted for 66,872.6 MW of the state’s winter operational capacity: 43,041.3 MW for natural gas, 18,378 MW for coal, 5,210 MW for nuclear, and 243.3 MW for biomass.

And in 2021, those four sources account for 67,113.9 MW: 48,097.9 MW for natural gas, 13,798.6 MW for coal, 5,153.2 MW for nuclear and 64.2 MW for biomass. That’s just a 0.3 percent increase from eight years ago.

While natural gas makes up a larger percentage of the grid’s overall operational capacity today, that has come primarily at the expense of coal as generators in some cases were retrofitted for natural gas the past decade amid federal regulations and incentives to make the switch. There are now 21 coal generator units, down from 30, and the number of nuclear generators remains the same at four, and there are now 311 natural gas units, up from 303 in 2013.

All of the recent increases to Texas’ grid operational capacity have been made to wind and solar, increasing from 10,034.5 MW for wind and 73.8 MW for solar in 2013, to  25,107.3 MW for wind and 3,835.9 MW for solar om 2021. There are now 220 wind generator units in the grid’s operational capacity, up from 92 in 2013, and now 74 solar generator units, up from 7 in 2013. This is another area where federal incentives come into play, including tax credits for wind and solar electricity production.

During the blizzard, there was reported about 46 percent of megawatt capacity from the 13 of the 21 coal electricity generators that was impacted at times during the crisis, with about a 28 percent overall reduction of capacity; 58 percent from the 189 out of 311 natural gas generators that were impacted, with a 35 percent overall reduction of capacity; 93 percent from wind generators; 26 percent from nuclear generators; and 74 percent from solar generators, based on data compiled by ERCOT and the U.S. Energy Information Agency.

Ice froze wind turbines, gas pipes, instrumentation, solidified piles of coal, resulted in a sensor coming offline that led to a shutdown of one of the four nuclear generators as a safety feature and the cloud cover lowered solar output.

Just about everything that could go wrong for the Texas electricity grid, did go wrong.

Making matters worse, when the rolling blackouts were implemented, they hit some of the natural gas production including compressor stations, reducing the flow of gas and exacerbating fuel supply problems during the crisis, creating a vicious cycle of even more natural gas generators coming offline not because they froze, but because they ran out of fuel. It is still not known what the precise breakdown of these two types of failure were.

Now, thankfully, not everything went offline at the same time, and not everything went off 100 percent and were able to keep partial generation going, and as the storm cleared, utilities worked tirelessly to bring back capacity to get the lights and heat back on.

But whereas state planners anticipate that renewable electricity from wind and solar can cease functioning intermittently from lack of wind or sunlight, what was not anticipated was the deep freeze impacting baseline energy sources of natural gas, coal and nuclear.

ERCOT could consider requiring all generators to be dispatchable, or having the ability to generate electricity on demand, including wind, by potentially keeping backup generation on site.

However, because the natural gas generators run intermittently at lower levels when the wind is blowing, but at higher levels when the wind is not blowing, could that lead to lower pressure in the pipes at critical moments? Should Texas ensure greater thermal dependency from the natural gas generators in the winter to keep the pipes fully pressurized?

Suffice to say, the failure of these baseline operators looms large in the near collapse of the grid, which was said to be minutes away from completely failing. These are all items for ERCOT and the Texas legislature to investigate, to determine where the precise failures occurred and how to shore up capacity so this never happens again.

For example, state officials are now considering new measures for proper winterization of utilities. But similar promises were made after the 2011 power outage in Texas. Clearly, better insulation for gas pipes and coal looms as some of the most immediate fixes that can be done.

Texas — and other states across the country — would do well to consider expanding baseline sources of electricity production for natural gas, coal and nuclear, to prepare for even harder winters and even greater demand in the future. Wind and solar account for a much greater portion of Texas’ grid today, but in this situation they were no replacement for baseline energy.

One potential obstacle to expansion, however, could be Texas’ 20 percent ownership rule pursuant to Senate Bill (SB) 7 that passed Texas in 1999. Since it went into effect in 2002, a power company including affiliates cannot own more than 20 percent of generating capacity in a power region.

While initially the intent of the language was to ensure abundance of energy, since its adoption, there hasn’t been substantial expansion of megawatt capacity from thermal sources since the late 2000s.

According to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission summary of the rules in 2000, the rule explicitly bars companies “from increasing their share of capacity in a single region”: “The state is to be divided in to a number of power regions, and after January 1, 2002, no one generating company, including their affiliates, can own more than 20 percent of the generating capacity in any power region.  A power region is conterminous with one of the nine reliability subdivisions within ERCOT or the relevant portion of a reliability region that is located outside of ERCOT but within Texas.  The 20-percent rule is complex, and operational or environmental factors, may result in the incumbent utility controlling more than 20 percent of capacity in a single region.  However, the rule itself and the PUC’s policy of preventing incumbent utilities or their affiliates from increasing their share of capacity in a single region reflects the State’s concern with potential market power that can flow from concentrated supply in times of generation shortages.”

Does the 20 percent ownership rule create a potential perverse disincentive and presently bar operators from expanding thermal capacity, and why it has not grown at all since 2013 despite a 13.4 percent increase in demand?

To know for certain, the state of Texas will have to examine if companies are already near 20 percent of ownership in certain regions where failures occurred, or what other potential obstacles have barred expansion of capacity. Either way, Texas should consider revising the language of SB 7 to allow the grid to grow more with an eye towards redundancy and reliability, firming up the infrastructure, and particularly being able to meet peak demand in the winter.

Even though freezing temperatures are rarer in Texas during the winter, the state needs to be prepared in the future — or else this will happen again. (read more)

2021-03-10 b
"But Richardson said many teachers today believe they have the right to indoctrinate our children with their own personal ideology."

6th grade teacher segregates students into ‘privileged’ and ‘targeted’ groups

“Our schools are becoming indoctrination camps.”

A middle school choir teacher in Minnesota recently taught a class full of sixth-graders about various “types of oppression” by separating students into “privileged” and “targeted” categories. This is the latest example of educators and administrators teaching critical race theory and progressive political ideology to young, impressionable students — often while the social engineering campaign goes completely unnoticed by parents.

According to lesson plan documents obtained by The Blaze the teacher told students, “Last week, we talked about how hard it is to talk about race, and the level of difficulty is different for different people. For people who are privileged, it’s much easier to talk about race and other issues. For people who are not privileged, it’s much harder. Today, we will look at different types of oppression, and whether each of us is in the privileged group or the targeted group.” The lesson plan included a chart listing five types of oppression for the students’ consideration: racism, sexism, religious oppression, heterosexism, and xenophobia.

Ray Richardson is a talk radio host in Maine at WLOB radio and the father of four children and four grandchildren. He is sick and tired of examples like this that he believes are destroying our public school system. He said it’s a new phenomenon and nothing like what he experienced growing up in the 1960s and ‘70s. “There’s a lot of good teachers in America,” Richardson explained. “I was fortunate that three of my teachers had a huge impact on my life. One was Mrs. Clinton, my English literature teacher. She has given me literally a lifelong love of William Shakespeare. At one point, I could recite word for word every line of ‘Macbeth’ because she really broke down Macbeth and the human conflict of ‘Macbeth’ was all about. That’s what teachers are supposed to do, they’re supposed to open your minds to ideas.”

But Richardson said many teachers today believe they have the right to indoctrinate our children with their own personal ideology.

“It’s the biggest problem we’re facing in this country today,” Richardson said. “Politicians and people in the bureaucratic structure are using our institutions to push an agenda, as opposed to, in this case, education. Our children are being used as pawns in the chess game, and our schools have become largely indoctrination camps.”

He said this is a topic he brings up a lot with his radio listeners and they always want to know what they can do to fight back. His advice is to start at the dinner table. “Too many Americans have gotten away from that the dinner table, which is unfortunate because it has always been the most important address in America.”

He believes parents must sit down with their children and talk about life. “They need to talk about philosophy,” Richardson said. “Talk about country. Talk about family and faith.”  Richardson said the fact that so many families have gotten away from this tradition has had devastating consequences. “So that when children encounter the culture, and the schools have very much now become the culture, they don’t have a foundation to know what they’re hearing whether it makes any sense whether it’s true,” explained Richardson. “Many of them buy into it because they don’t have anything else to counterbalance it.”

Richardson believes this woke political agenda will have a far-reaching negative impact on our students.  “Because while they’re indoctrinating them with ideology, they’re not preparing them to compete against Japanese kids who are in the classroom learning things that will actually prepare you for adulthood and the challenges of a global economy.”

Richardson notes that America’s education system used to be the envy of the world, but today, we have fallen behind many industrialized nations. “It’s a shame because I’ve always believed that a quality educational experience is a great economic equalizer. You can take a kid who comes from the most impoverished of circumstances. And if you open up their minds to big dreams and teach them the basics, that child can grow up to be whatever they want to be because they know how to go about learning things.”

For Richardson, the bottom line is this: Americans have got to care about the country. “And part of that is, we can’t just look at the public education system as a place we send our kids off and hope it works out. Americans have got to be involved actively in their child’s education. You’ve got to show up, because if you don’t show up, people who have nefarious ideas about things will get away with them.”

According to the Blaze:

White Bear Lake Area Schools director of communications Marisa Vette confirmed the details of the lesson plan in full.

In the email, Vette explained that the purpose of the lesson was “to help students understand that everyone is different and everyone experiences the world differently,” adding, “We wanted our students to listen to each other’s perspectives and put themselves in others’ shoes.”

She also noted the activity is a part of a series of “social-emotional lesson[s]” conducted by the school during the homeroom hour “a couple times a week,” in which students are instructed about a number of topics, “including self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.” (read more)

2021-03-10 a

“The first and most important thing to understand about politics is this: forget Right, Left, Center, socialism, fascism, or democracy. Every government that exists — or ever existed, or ever will exist — is a kleptocracy, meaning ‘rule by thieves.’ Competing ideologies merely provide different excuses to separate the Productive Class from what they produce. If the taxpayer/voters won’t willingly fork over to end poverty, then maybe they’ll cough up to fight drugs or terrorism. Conflicting ideologies, as presently constituted, are nothing more than a cover for what’s really going on, like the colors of competing gangs.”
- L. Neil Smith


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