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2022-09-09 e


Obedience is a killer: 91% of Biden voters took the DEATH jab… huge demographic and ELECTORAL changes coming for America as vax clots kill Democrats and liberal women the most

A new poll from The Economist and covered by Breitbart News has found that the vast majority of both Biden and Trump voters were easily tricked into taking a suicide shot falsely labeled the “covid-19 vaccine.”

According to the poll, 91% of Biden voters took at least one of the jabs, most likely because those who support Biden are obedient, oblivious NPCs who blindly trust government and corporations with their lives, even when those governments and corporations are quite literally trying to exterminate them.

Orange Man Bad, but Orange Man’s vaccine GOOD…

Interestingly, 66% of Trump voters also took the jabs, no doubt stemming from the fact that Trump fraudulently promoted the vaccines as safe and effective after launching Operation Warp Speed to rush untested, unsafe vaccines into widespread adoption.

See the results of the survey here (PDF). (Go to page 67 for vaccine results.)

The upshot of this survey? Both Biden and Trump supporters are remarkably gullible when it comes to vaccines, with Biden supporters proving to be far more gullible than Trump supporters.

The lesson here? Just because your “leader” tells you to go jump off a cliff doesn’t mean you should do it.

Independents achieved the highest rejection of covid-19 vaccines, with 39% saying they took no shots whatsoever. This confirms that political independents are, indeed, true to their philosophy of thinking for themselves some of the time (although 61% actually took the jab, which means they aren’t as independent as they would like to believe).

College-educated liberal white women shown to be the most gullible and compliant with vaccine propaganda

The survey reveals something quite fascinating. While men, Blacks and Hispanics all caught on and largely stopped taking the fraudulent covid-19 vaccine after the first or second dose, White liberal women (college-educated / indoctrinated) continued to remain shockingly obedient to the covid-19 propaganda and demanded three or more doses.

From the study, while only 42% of Hispanics took three jabs, and 55% of Blacks took three jabs, and even White college-educated men only had 58% compliance with three jabs, White women with college degrees (i.e. liberal women) showed 70% compliance with triple jabs.

This shocking finding reveals that White women are heavily indoctrinated in today’s colleges and are incredibly obedient to socially-engineered demands for mass extermination. While a larger number of Blacks, Hispanics and even White men came to their senses and stopped taking the clot shots, liberal White women doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled down and demanded more injections (most likely while screaming at everybody around them to put on more masks and keep their distance).

This finding is consistent with another study covered by Information Liberation that has found the following shocking beliefs among White liberals (mostly women):

  • The now believe that Whites are more violent than Blacks
  • They believe that Whites are more lazy compared to Blacks
  • They believe that Whites are less intelligent than Blacks

These beliefs have been hammered into White liberals via the fake news media and pop culture programming (movies, TV, advertising, etc.). White liberal women soaked it up like a mindless sponge.

White liberal women, it seems, are practically incapable of independent, non-racist thinking and have been largely brainwashed with false beliefs about culture, race, medicine and science. As they are taking their fourth shot, a White liberal woman is likely to scream, “I trust the science!” even though they are being slowly genocided by the jab.

The rise of modern tyranny across Western Civilization, by the way, is supported — if not outright spearheaded — by insane, angry White liberal women. These are the same women who tend to support child mutilations, transgenderism, grooming, abortions and who despise God. No surprise there. They hate men and they also hate women (feminists). They of course hate Trump, America and the American flag. But they love to run school boards and city councils, and they want to control your life and wield political power over everything you’re allowed to do.

Covid-19 vaccines have been proven to be a complete fraud

The entire premise behind the so-called covid vaccine has been proven to be a total fraud, of course. As Breitbart reports:

The survey was taken August 28-30, 2022, among 1,500 U.S. adult citizens and comes as some across the country are on their fourth shot.

After months of controversy, it is a well-established fact now that the vaccines themselves do not actually stop the transmission of the virus — a claim President Joe Biden made over the course of the pandemic.

It turns out that both Biden and Trump lied about the vaccines, and by doing so, they both caused millions of their followers to line up for injections that will, in many cases, kill them.

Whether you are a Biden or Trump supporter, there’s no getting around the fact that your “leader” marched people right into the death shots. And even when the evidence became clear that excess mortality was exploding among the vaccinated, your “leader” did nothing to stop the massacre.

By embracing deadly, quack science “vaccines” that are killing people by the millions worldwide, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump disqualify themselves from ever representing We the People on anything related to health, medicine or science.

Huge demographic changes coming as vaccine-obedient democrats and liberal women die off during the Vaccine Holocaust

Now that we know 70% of college-educated liberal White women have taken three or more covid shots, we also know that these women are going to die in unprecedented numbers. The deaths will be explained away as strokes, heart attacks, neurological disorders, blood clots and the like, but the truth is that these are all vaccine deaths.

By taking three or more clot shots, White, liberal women have already killed themselves. Between now and 2030, millions of them are going to prematurely die. There will also be millions of deaths of White men, Blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic groups that took the jab — Asians and Native Americans also show high obedience uptake of the jab — but the most pronounced deaths will occur among White liberal women (since they had the highest compliance).

We wonder at what point White liberal “journalists” will discover how many of their colleagues are dying after taking multiple covid jabs. Then again, White liberal women are capable of incredible feats of denialism and self-delusion, so they will probably never make the connection.

But the fact is clear that there will be fewer liberals and Democrats around for each coming election over the next decade (and thereafter).

Millions of Americans who took the jab will be dead by the 2024 election

Based on available excess mortality figures already available today (see the 2021 excess mortality numbers from SOA Research Institute, shown below), we know that more than twice the number of “normal” deaths are being seen in some groups following covid vaccinations.

According to conservative estimates based on industry numbers, at least 600,000 Americans have already died from covid-19 vaccines. A recent Epoch Times news report (which cites my lab’s ICP-MS analysis of the post-vaccine clots) documents the existence of fibrous clots that are being pulled from the bodies of dead people who took covid-19 vaccines.

I have interviewed several experts about these clots, including Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Judy Mikovitz and others, and the best conclusion from the data so far is that these clots are aggregate proteins being constructed by the body in response to mRNA instructions. These are not “blood” clots, they are fibrous, protein clumps that are self-assembling (growing) inside blood vessels and arteries.

As they grow larger, they block blood flow, leading to stroke, heart attacks, embolisms, etc. Many of these end in death.

Because these clots / biostructures are getting larger (i.e. “growing”) inside people’s bodies, they are like ticking time bombs of inevitable death. With each passing month, those who took multiple vaccine jabs are inching closer to instant death due to the clots.

Between now and the 2024 elections, it seems likely that millions of Americans will be dead from these clots. Democrats will be disproportionately killed by this phenomenon, as will White liberal women who were the most obedient in taking the jabs.

This means the demographics of America will be substantially changed by 2024. Ultimately, both the US Census and even Electoral College votes will have to be recalibrated over the next decade to account for the mass die-off of those who took the clot shots and died as a result.

White liberal women probably never considered that by obeying vaccine mandates, they would not merely remove themselves from the human gene pool, they would also remove their votes from all future elections.

Why did White liberal women allow themselves to be medically violated by the Trump vaccine?

I have even heard the outrageous argument — and for the record I do not espouse this argument, nor agree with it — that supposes Trump pushed the vaccine for this very reason, to exterminate more liberals than conservatives. Despite the outrageous nature of such an evil plot, there are people who believe this is exactly what’s going on, claiming that America cannot survive as a free nation with so many White liberal women voters who are deranged, socialist-minded commies / lunatics. You can draw your own conclusions, but I do not think Trump is capable of carrying out genocide for political purposes. I do think he is capable of being hoodwinked by Fauci and other evil demons, however, and my assessment is that’s exactly what happened.

Ironically, the very people who might believe Trump is capable of such evil acts are in fact White liberal women. These same women who take great pride is screaming at Trump and directed unrelenting hatred toward “Orange Man” ended up taking Trump vaccines and injecting them into their bodies, apparently oblivious to the fact that these vaccines were rushed into production by Trump’s directives to Pfizer and the FDA. Thus, these very women who despise Trump ended up injecting themselves with genetic-altering material that was spearheaded into production by Trump himself. In essence, from one perspective, they allowed themselves to be medically violated by Trump. And over the next decade, millions of them will die.

For the record, we have tried to warn everyone about these vaccines — Democrats, conservatives and independents alike. We wish no vaccine harm upon anyone and have worked tirelessly to help save the lives of anyone who would listen to reason. But White liberal women are largely incapable of reason. They make choices based almost entirely on emotion, and they reject reason outright. They are driven by feelings, not facts, and they “believed” in the “science” of vaccines, so they took the Trump jabs and now they are dying in droves.

As you can see, this is not a simple left/right political story. This is not a pro-Trump analysis. It is a reality-based analysis. Trump and Biden both pushed the “vaccines,” and now millions of Americans will die as a result. Most likely at least a million have already died, with more millions yet to come. Business is booming for funeral homes, it turns out, which is something I predicted in this 2006 Counterthink cartoon that showed a society based on mass Big Pharma deaths, where the mayor declared, “Business is booming” among the hospitals, cancer centers and funeral homes. (Yes, I called it over a decade ago…)

One of the very best sites analyzing all this, by the way, is The Covid Blog, founded by Brian Wilkins. Read the site’s outstanding analysis of crazed vaccine pusher (and White liberal woman) Brandy Zadrozny, a vax-propagandist journo-terrorist working for NBC News.

A more recent story from Wilkins is entitled, “Trump loyalists jumping ship due to his vaxx zealotry, one of worst “vaccine” adverse reactions to date, and 13 more sudden deaths.”

Wilkins does outstanding research for each of his stories and is a fact-based reporter that mainstream media has been relentlessly attacking and trying to shut down. His headlines are indexed in real time, by the way, at

(read more)

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2022-09-09 c



This is DECLAS!


HUGE revelations pertaining to the content of the documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago. Trump made some comments to Newsmax and now today Devin Nunes saying he thinks that the docs are about Russia-gate.

In Report today from Newsmax, Trump claims he kept them under Executive Privilege, to PROTECT THEM FROM BEING DESTROYED BY THE DEEP STATE.1


"I think they thought it was something to do with the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax,"

Initially, I found this peculiar, because Trump himself confirmed some of the docs were pertaining to the Iran Deal last week, when he retruthed this post from Paul Sperry.


But based on Trump’s most recent comments to Newsmax, the docs are about essentially EVERYTHING! Trump said that the documents in question “expose a Deep State plot” against him. Which is the reason he Declassified them, and took the docs for protection. There are reportedly “11 sets of documents”, the FBI were interested in.

So what are the docs about? ALL of the docs about Deep State’s crimes that Trump was concerned they might destroy. That could cover a wide variety of subjects. Thus far, we know some of the docs to pertain to the Iran Deal and Russiagate/Crossfire Hurricane, but what other crimes is Trump aware of that he might want to prevent the Deep State from destroying? Uranium One? Libya? Haiti? Benghazi? 9/11? JFK Assassination?

Whatever else is in those docs, Trump is insinuating the FBI are looking to retrieve them to prevent him from showing them to the American People.

"They were afraid that things were in there — part of their scam material."

Do you all see what’s happening here… all of the docs in question are the DECLAS docs!!!

All the docs we have been waiting for for years… Trump took them home under Executive Privilege (just like Obama), and now the Deep State are after them. And now, somehow, Trump managed to get the entire public demanding to see what’s in those documents…

The normies are unknowingly begging to see docs about the Iran Deal, Russiagate, and the rest of the treasure trove of proof of Deep State crimes.

Which is why he is so adamant about making them public, and why the FBI/DOJ are feverishly redacting anything and everything about the content of the documents.

The stage is set for DECLAS. The normies are heavily anticipating these documents. They know the docs exist. It’s the most talked about story on Earth. They are salivating with anticipation, because the media have told them it leads to Trump’s demise.

While the Left think they are closing in, Trump just confirmed the boomerang is in effect. The docs don’t implicate him, they implicate the enemy in all of their most heinous crimes, and Trump wants them public.

I’m not sure how it goes down, or how DECLAS looks “legally”, but what I do know is, the entire world is BEGGING to see what’s in those docs. And the docs are all of the Deep State crimes. The DECLAS docs that have been promised to us for years now. The docs that will be the nail in the coffin of the enemy.

Folks… the FBI raid opened the door to DECLAS… whether Trump controls the FBI or not, its quite apparent Trump controls the situation.


2022-09-09 b

Krystle Matthews Is a Racist Black
"... you gotta treat them [white people] like shit,
like I mean that’s the only way they’ll respect you."

2022-09-09 a

His nation is on life support. He will pull the plug.

The WEF King ascends to the British throne

Charles is a king for our times, in the worst way imaginable.

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, humanity, and in particular, western civilization, has lost an absolute giant. She was a remarkable person from a remarkable era. She will be missed.

Her successor, on the other hand, can best be understood as the WEF (World Economic Forum) king. King Charles is truly a king for our times, in the worst possible way imaginable. He is a perfect representation of the western ruling class and its pernicious agenda.

Charles, to put it bluntly, is an anti-human reprobate, who has lived a life of disgrace, hypocrisy, and corruption. But his lifestyle is the least of the issues at hand. Charles is a king who has embraced and promoted the most destructive causes of our times.

Most notably, Charles is both a climate catastrophist and an advocate for the depopulation agenda. Last year, he demanded a “war-like footing,” in calling for the sabotage of reliable energy resources to tackle the so-called climate crisis. Charles’s initiatives, and his promotion of the destructive Paris Climate Accords and the U.N.’s Climate Change Conference objectives, has helped position the U.K. on the precipice of energy disaster.

The newly minted king is also an avowed proponent of depopulation, having on multiple occasions called for population control of broader civilization.

At the onset of COVID Mania, Charles sat down with World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab, in which the pair excitedly championed a “Great Reset” to “solve the climate crisis and restore the natural world.” In a podcast with Schwab, Charles advocated “carbon pricing” of goods and a “net zero” agenda, which, of course, would result in mass human suffering.

Obviously, none of these demands apply to the British royal family, who are free to deploy infinite tons of carbon into the atmosphere, unlike the peasants who did not inherit castles and other forms of enormous wealth.

Charles doesn’t actually care about the environment. It serves as window dressing for his true aims. His advocacy for the “green” agenda, through Davos talking points, is part of a campaign to usurp more power for the “elite” circles that he travels within. Charles has spent the last several years dedicating lots of time and energy to promoting the ESG agenda, which acts to cartelize industry and create financial monopolies in the name of the environment.

Finally, I can get a sense of what it feels like to be a Patriot in the time of the American Revolution. Charles is a king worthy of our disdain. He has embraced the evil ideologies of our times. He represents a series of radical movements that seek to impose ruin upon the masses, to the benefit of the ruling class. Charles is no king of the people. He is the WEF king. (read more)

-09-08 b

- not a carbon-neutral vision -

Charles woke up today as Prince of Wales. He goes to sleep as Charles III.

He will dream Malthusian dreams tonight.

He will dream of his Fairy Godmother, Klaus Schwab.

He will dream of Build Back Bolshevik.

He will dream he is in charge.

He will dream of a zero carbon future, not just for Great Britain, but for all humanity.

He will dream of pastures, orchards of heritage apples, hedgerows, perennial borders, walled gardens and a HighGrove writ large.

He will dream of lovely trees and drifts of daffodils and lovely clouds aloft.

He will dream of pristine vistas with nary a man in sight.

He will never dream of Britons shivering in their homes, burning their furniture to stay warm.

He will never dream of emaciated children begging for more gruel.

He will never dream of British workers, craftsmen and master craftsmen prohibited from making, producing and innovating.

He will never dream of second order effects and the unforeseen and Black Swans and REALITY.

He will never see the bankers in the City of London, facing a financial abyss, pragmatically deciding enough is enough.

The bankers always win.

They always win at the end.

-09-08 a



Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 after historic 70-year reign, plunging Britain and a world that loved her into mourning for an unparalleled lifetime of 'service, duty and devotion' - and making Charles the new King

(read more)

King Charles III mourns 'passing of a cherished sovereign and a much-loved mother': Newly named monarch takes power and pays tribute to his beloved mama
(read more)

Queen dies: Latest as world mourns death of Britain's longest-serving monarch Elizabeth II, aged 96, with Charles named King Charles III 
(read more)

Prince William is heir to the throne: Duke of Cambridge, 40, 'to become new Prince of Wales' after Queen's death and Charles's accession
(read more)

-09-07 b

Is there a "rape gene"?

We learned below that lifelong criminal Cleotha Abston's father is in prison. Multigenerational criminality is not unusual. It is the norm in some communities.

While we believe in personal agency, autonomy and free will, some behaviors apparently have genetic components. Search "Marshmallow Test, Walter Mischel" for details about racial differences between Afro-Caribbean and South Asian children in Trinidad.

One would have to be willfully obtuse to ignore the connection between lack of impulse control and subsequent criminality in African-Americans. Their impulsivity could be genetic and further reinforced by selection.

Blacks enslaved by other blacks and sold into the Atlantic slave trade were captives, troublemakers, ne'er-do-wells and misfits. The New World was not receiving Africa's best.


A famous example of a notorious black father begetting a notorious black son involves the Tills.

Emmett Till's father was convicted and hanged for murder and rape. 

Louis Till’s execution order was signed by no other than General Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was found guilty of sexual assault and murder in Leghorn, Italy on February 17, 1945 — he was alleged to have killed Anna Zanchi, and raped Benni Lucretzia and Frieda Mari the year earlier. Till was executed on July 2, 1945, and buried in a military cemetery in France, the Oise Aisne World War I cemetery. (source)

Emmett Till, while visiting family in Mississippi, is said to have (at least) touched and fondled an unwilling Carolyn Bryant, a young white married mother of two children. As was the custom at that time and place, Emmett was taken out of town to be taught a lesson in civility. Emmett did not take the lesson well, became belligerent, struck the townsmen and escalated the chastisement.

This was not a lynching. Emmett was not innocent.

Emmett would have survived to return to Chicago if he had not assaulted Mrs. Bryant.

Emmett (like many others) would have survived if he had accepted his punishment like a man
In the southern United States, one hears the pejorative term, "rape ape," from time to time.

I wonder how many "rape ape" fathers begot "rape ape" sons?

See also:

See also:

See also:

See also:
[...] I found Louis Till's grave in France, in a small plot of land outside the official grounds of the Oise-Aisne World War I American cemetery. [No doubt, she got some sort of prestigious grant to do that.] In what is known as "Plot E" there are 96 markers, marble squares with numbers and no names. Eighty of these graves belong to African-American soldiers, all of them tried and convicted in U.S. Army courts-martial of crimes of rape and murder. That means that 83 percent of the men executed in Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean Theaters of Operation were African-Americans, in an Army that was only 8.5 percent black.

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-09-07 a


Fletcher Family

black savage
All those responsible for his early release from prison must be flogged publicly
and charged as accessories to murder.

REVEALED: Eliza Fletcher’s ‘killer’ Cleotha Abston was convicted of rape before spending 22 years in jail for kidnap – as video shows him cleaning his SUV after her body was dumped 100 yards away

  • New video has emerged showing the suspect in the kidnapping and murder of Eliza Fletcher, a mother of two, cleaning out his car following her disappearance 
  • The video shows suspect Cleotha Abston, 38, driving to his brother's home and spending time standing by the passenger side of his SUV
  • The footage was shot less than four hours after Fletcher's disappearance on September 2, with Abston driving her round for an hour and a half
  • Authorities announced on Tuesday that Fletcher's body had been found after an exhaustive search and that Abston had been charged with murder 
  • Records show that he was previously arrested for raping a man and several assaults before he turned 16, when he was jailed for 22 years after kidnapping a lawyer
Court documents reveal that violent felon Cleotha Abston was previously convicted of raping a man when he was a teenager – as new footage show the alleged killer cleaning his SUV hours after billionaire heiress Eliza Fletcher vanished.

Abston, 38, was just 11 when he first appeared in Shelby County Juvenile Court, in Memphis, Tennessee, charged with theft of property $500 or less.

He was detained 16 times from October 1995 to May 2000 for rape, aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon.

According to Action News 5 the first charges were filed against him in June 1995, and that he was part of the ‘LMG’ gang – which stands for ‘Lemoyne Gardens Gangstas’.

Records show that Abston was accused of raping a man and was placed in the custody of Shelby County’s Youth Services Bureau.

Two weeks after he was released from his final spell at the SCYSB to his mother’s care, he was transferred to adult court for kidnapping lawyer Kemper Durand.

Abston was sentenced to 22 years in prison for the offence, and was released in 2020 before violently bundling Eliza Fletcher, 34, into an SUV on Friday. 

New footage shows the suspected killer driving to the home of his brother, Mario, at the Longview Gardens apartment complex around 8am on Friday morning. 

Less than four hours earlier Abston is accused of kidnapping the heiress seven miles away, close to the University of Memphis. 

In the video, he can be seen sitting in his car after arriving at the complex before getting up and going to the trunk of the car. It's unclear what he was getting from the trunk. 

Authorities in Memphis confirmed that the body found in long grass near an abandoned property, close to where Abston was seen cleaning his car.

After rummaging around in the vehicle's trunk, Abston runs into his brother's home before returnign to the car and spends more than an hour on the passenger side of the GMC Terrain. 

His brother Mario, 36, described his brother as acting 'strangely', and has also been arrested on several felonies that are unrelated to Fletcher's case 

Officers found a semi-automatic handgun, a scale with a bag of heroin and fentanyl, and he was charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony and possession of controlled substances.

Abston told police that his brother had been cleaning the interior of his GMC Terrain with floor cleaner, as well as washing his clothes in the sink of the house.

Cleo Henderson, Abston’s father, is currently in prison for second-degree murder and is scheduled for release in 2044. 

Another neighbor confirmed that Abston was acting 'very strange', and police determined that his phone pinged near to where Fletcher was taken.

Officers removed a dumpster close to Abston's brothers low-income apartment complex over the weekend.

Cops discovered the missing mother-of-two in long grass close to where her Lululemon running shorts were found in a trash bag.

Authorities have not yet confirmed Fletcher’s cause of death, and Abston is set to appear in court today to be arraigned on further charges.

The Ultra-runner vanished while out for a jog around 4.30am on Friday, sparking a four-day long hunt, which led officers to several wooded areas across Memphis.

But she was discovered by the steps of a dilapidated one-story property just yards from where police last spotted the vehicle she was forced into.

A bloodstain remained at the bottom of the stairs next to the patch of dirt where her body was found, with flies still swarming the area and locals reporting a 'stench of decay'.

Abston, who is accused of taking the keen jogger, drove with her in his GMC Terrain for an hour and a half before the vehicle was spotted turning into the road where her body was discovered.

The area where the body was found is just a hundred yards from the Longview Gardens apartment complex - where Abston's brother, Mario, lives.

Abston was previously charged with kidnapping and tampering with evidence in relation to her disappearance, as well as other unrelated charges.

He appeared in court yesterday wearing a mask and green issued prison uniform, swaying back and forth, looking towards the family of the victim before telling the court in an affidavit that he is unable to afford a lawyer or make bond.

Abston did not speak during the short 15 minute hearing, and was led away by officers with his hands cuffed behind his back.

A van believed to belong to the medical examiners unit left the scene six hours after the remains were found, and is thought to have been transporting the body.

Devestated neigbours left tributes to the mother-of-two, including a pink stuffed animal and heart shaped balloons on the front step.


He was sentenced to 24 years in prison but was released early in 2020 according to the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

Coffindaffer condemned the decision to release Abston two-years early, saying that keeping him in prison would have prevented the alleged crime.

'Any time someone is let out early and then goes on to commit another violent crime, yes, I think society’s let down,' she said. 'I think we are all let down by his early release.'  (read more)

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-09-06 d


The Clowns of Winter Harry the UK Down

All I hear is that lonesome sound
The Hounds of Winter
They harry me down
— Sting

By a narrow margin Boris Johnson’s clownish Defense Minister Liz Truss will become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She doesn’t have a lot of time to put together a government lest the U.K. have to suffer through yet another general election.

Truss, by virtue of her full-throated support for Ukraine against Russia, was the choice of those Tories committed to maintaining the UK’s relationship with the US, leaving it nominally more independent from the European Union.

Davos man-child Rishi Sunak, the darling of the Remainers of City of London the true hounds of winter here, failed to overtake Truss in the end. What started as a Davos-style decapitation of Johnson, who rightfully deserves to be jailed for his undermining Russian/Ukrainian peace talks in April, ended with the female version of him in office.

While I’d like to say I’m happy to see Davos lose another major conflict in Europe, empowering the US neoconservatives is not a win here. In the end, the deep ties between the US and UK intelligence and military services won out in the Tory leadership battle.

Again, there are no winners from our perspective, here.

Truss comes in vowing to fix everything, from lowering taxes (good) to dealing with an energy crisis she helped create by leading the charge to sanction Russian energy to hell and back. She’ll deficit spend like she’s supposed to because making peace with Putin or breaking with Davos over developing Scotland’s energy reserves is verboten.

She wants to be thought of as the new Thatcher, but she has neither the support Maggie had nor one-third her talent or smarts.

And she doesn’t have the trust of the London banks, who themselves are now rightfully staring at a black hole thanks to her manifest stupidity and belligerence.

Truss is a typical midwit just smart enough to know who’s giving the orders and how to make them manifest but not smart enough to rise above that. I remind everyone that this is a woman so unqualified for the job she had that she doesn’t know where the borders of Russia and Ukraine are but believes in the ‘territorial integrity of Ukraine.’

Like all good servants of the elites she represents, she was rewarded for her incompetence.

The choice between Truss and Sunak was another classic Hobson’s Choice — continued war with Russia across every vector (Truss) or the surrender of the UK to the EU and the reversing of Brexit (Sunak).

Either way there is not much hope this morning if you are a Brit.

At best she will be an even weaker leader than Johnson was, since she has no issue to rally the country around, like Brexit, which she won’t even discuss in public. This was reflected in the final party leadership vote where 20% of Tories stayed home.

So, even if Truss is able to cobble together a government and presents it to the Queen to rubber stamp, she will do so with the Tories having been thoroughly discredited as a party. Not that Labour is any useful opposition here.

While the old guard of British politics may have won this fight, it is a Pyrrhic victory for them. It’s still a country with no friends as long as Biden is in power.

British politics have been frozen for months because of this ridiculous affair. All it did was extend everyone’s misery as the UK warmongers cling to the vestiges of their former power.

What’s truly sad is that Johnson backed a Hail Mary in Ukraine surrounding the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) that may now have to be considered the British version of the Bay of Pigs, but with far vaster implications.

The massacre that occurred last week was a plan so retarded it reveals the mendacity and desperation of both British Intelligence and former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to escalate the conflict, remain in power and advance their ultimate agenda of weakening global support for Russia at the UN.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces, with significant help from British ‘advisors,’ staged a multi-pronged commando amphibious landing north of the ZNPP.  The goal was to attack it and take it over while the Russian garrison had been mostly removed while awaiting the IAEA inspectors.

The idea being to shame the Russians out of the ZNPP to show that it wasn’t being used as a military staging area and attack it while it was lightly defended. Then… and this is the insane part… take the entire IAEA delegation hostage but doing so POSING AS RUSSIAN TROOPS.

Here’s the link to the plan from Intel Slava Z’s Telegram Channel, of course salt to taste.

The Kremlin was aware of the plans of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to take advantage of the arrival of the IAEA mission and carry out an amphibious landing in order to try to seize the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant and make statements for days that it was Russian special forces.  Under ideal conditions for the work of the DRG, they calculated the task of taking the mission itself hostage and keeping the nuclear power plant under mines, making demands for the complete withdrawal of Russian troops to the territory of Crimea.

Boris Johnson brought the plan of operation and some of the instructors with him as a demobilization chord of his premiership, but if the GUR was successful, he would have refused to transfer power, referring to an international emergency threatening a catastrophe on a planetary scale.  At the moment, 47 DRG fighters have been destroyed, three have been taken prisoner (!), Two are in serious condition between life and death.  A group of 12 people is blocked on three sides and cut off from the water and boats, by 15:00 CTO will be over.  Zelensky’s statement on this situation is expected in the late afternoon, the head of the IAEA Mission has already been notified of the situation, as well as UN Secretary General Guterres.  The operation was coordinated by MI6 officers from their headquarters in the suburbs of Kyiv.

 All 64 DRGs have recently completed training in the UK and traveled from Warsaw to Odessa on 29 August.

Now, clearly this is a Russian version of events. But it is backed up by the statements coming from the UN in the aftermath, praising the Russian military for securing the safety of the IAEA inspectors, something they would never have done.

Even if the whole ‘impersonating Russians holding IAEA inspectors hostage’ plan failed, the story is still deeply disturbing, because this type of multi-pronged (5 different invasion points of the area) operation had to have been planned well in advance.

The Russian Ministry of Defense’s version of the story is similar if cleaner, for diplomatic reasons if nothing else. They leave out the ‘impersonating Russians’ part but leave in all of Ukraine’s attempts to insert friendly Western media into the delegation who would then give us the ‘official story’ of what happened.

Moscow has suggested that Kiev’s plan was to capture the nuclear plant and then use the staff of the UN nuclear watchdog as “human shields” to maintain control over it.

What this means is that the Johnson and the US Dept. of Defense/National Security Council (all staffed by the move virulent Neocons) have been planning something like this for months which is why they refuse to allow the Ukrainians to surrender.  

It’s also why the EU/Davos (who clearly want out of this insanity) are throwing Johnson under the bus for blowing up April’s peace talks. Russian President Vladimir Putin keeps tightening the screws on the energy-starved Europeans causing all kinds of havoc there politically.

The timing of his announcement Gazprom was shutting down Nordstream 1 indefinitely while the IAEA inspectors were at the ZNPP is yet another clue to what the real story was. Moreover, note that since this inspection went off without a hitch there was little to no breathless reporting on it.

It vanished from the media as quickly as the prospects for the UK’s economic recovery with the announcement of Truss’ big win.

The Brits under Johnson and Truss have been trying to create a false flag incident to justify official NATO involvement in the Ukraine conflict since the beginning of the war.

The excuse of a multi-country nuclear meltdown incident would more than provide that justification.

This was their big operation to finally turn the entire world against the Russians by saying that in order to suppress the real story at the ZNPP Russia kidnapped peaceful IAEA inspectors and used them as political hostages.  

Because even if Ukrainian forces stormed the plant, do you think the lying British media would tell you a story even remotely pro-Russian?

No. These are the same people who have been trying to convince you that Russia was shelling its own troops there for weeks now.

This may have allowed Neocon-backed Johnson to stay in power through emergency powers and set the precedent for Biden to do the same thing before the mid-terms. Truss’ election as the head of the Tories in the UK ensure this type of insanity will continue uninterrupted because she’s too stupid to see the obvious ploy to discredit both the UK and the US while Europe plays the victim.

Playing through their strategy, any kind of ‘accident’ at ZNPP can be coordinated with a collapse of capital markets as NATO officially gets involved in Ukraine and vast nationalization of whole swaths of the West’s industrial base then ensues.

Thankfully the Russians escorting the IAEA inspectors into the ZNPP and the amphibious assaults vaporized (which they have), this entire disgusting affair ends.  

I bring this up not because I believe the entire story. I don’t. But it is emblematic of the mindset of the people in charge.

There is more than a whiff of desperation and fear emanating from all across Europe, but especially from the UK as they have been brought to the edge of extinction by inept leadership refusing to accede to the reality that not only has the sun finally set on the British Empire, but it’s not likely to rise again anytime soon.

The only hope the UK had was in the US supporting its bid for independence from the EU via Brexit. Once Biden was selected that hope died, minus an Oliver Cromwell moment.

What they got was Liz Truss.

The reason I’m so set on my thesis about the Fed being against Davos is the actions of the UK in this conflict. It was clearly an operation that both the US/UK neocons and the Davos globalists saw common ground in using Ukraine to attack Russia.

Their interests aligned all during the eight year lead up [of murderous provocations] to Russia’s [justified] invasion.

They really did believe their own clownish stories about the fragility of Putin’s government, Russia’s economy and the depth of the West’s financial and legal power to extract pain from those that defied them.

Once it became obvious that the economic ‘shock and awe’ campaign to isolate Russia had failed and Putin’s Energy Counter-Offensive began, the cracks in the relationship opened and the power of ‘Outside Money’ — gold, commodities — exposed the weakness of ‘Inside Money.’

The failure of the Biden junta to secure the Fed means that not only did the Davos/Neocon alliance crack but US sovereigntist forces saw the opportunity to take out City of London and Amsterdam in the chaos. Now both the UK and the EU are caught between the Fed draining them dry in the capital markets and the Russians refusing them much needed energy.

When I look at a long-term chart of the British Pound all I see is oblivion.

It’s on pace for the lowest close in history this year. And thanks to Gordon Brown there are no gold reserves left to back the currency nor any new energy sources to stabilize it. It, along with the Canadian dollar are the ultimate form of ‘Inside Money.’

And Inside Money is falling fast, first to the US dollar (USDX knocking on 110 and rising) and then to the broad commodity sector and eventually gold itself.

The Euro chart is worse.

Russia and Putin understand this and all they have to do is continue doing nothing, or more explicitly pumping nothing, and the collapse will finally be complete. All the Fed has to do is stay its course.

So, while City of London thought they were circling the Brexiteers and Russia going for the kill, they were themselves encircled by the real dogs of war.

Maybe Davos wants this collapse. Sure, they talk a good game about Building Back Better and the Great Reset, but they didn’t imagine it would be on someone else’s terms, namely both the Americans’ and the Russians’.

Yes, they are selling the carbon-free future to their people but at what price and with what capital?

Yes, they believe they can consolidate their financial problems in the ECB, a European-style Resolution Trust bad bank, then default through George Soros’ idea of Perpetual Bonds and emerge with a clean balance sheet. But who is going to invest in them ever again after the pain they put everyone through?

Not Russia. Not China. Maybe a weakened US. Europe will be a smoking ruin for decades if this happens.

Putin is not only interested in finally besting Russia’s centuries-old enemy, Britain. He’s also no longer smitten with the ideas of old Europe. If there is to be détente between Europe and Russia it will be on Russia’s terms, not Europe’s.

So far the EU is doubling down on its stupidity because it fits their plan, as stupid as it is, much as I expect Truss to double down on Johnson’s because of legendary British arrogance and stubbornness. Just don’t expect Putin or Powell at the Fed to come to their rescue anytime soon.

Liz Truss is a woman more bloodthirsty than Hillary Clinton with one-tenth of her gravitas. The British people certainly deserve better because no one should be treated to such depravity. She is a band-aid on an open wound festering as the hounds of winter circle in for the kill. (read more)

See also: And Now Europe Shall Freeze

See also: The Winter War
Over the last three months or so it has become quite clear that the Western alliance has decided to commit energy suicide in order to continue to wage its lunatic proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Russia and China are being strengthened by the West’s foolhardy sanctions against Russia, and Europe will be impoverished as it shivers in the dark this coming winter.

See also: Europe’s Nightmare Scenario Comes True: Energy Bills To Rise By €2 Trillion, Will Reach 20% Of Disposable Income

Watch also: Gazprom video: And winter will be big

-09-06 c


Bourla the veterinarian is lying to save his neck.
He is guilty of crimes against humanity.

2022-09-06 b


Despite their proclamations to the contrary, Biden and his masters DESPISE democracy.

Democracy, for them, means only that Democrats win, even if they have to cheat.

They despise productive Americans. They despise traditional Americans. They despise the values of our parents and grandparents.

They despise the few remaining restraints of our shadow of a Constitution.

Win-at-any-cost is their goal.

Lawfare is their game.

See also: One Giant Problem with the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid

See also: Federal Judge Notes in Special Master Order a Quoted DOJ Citation That Joe Biden Ordered FBI Access to Mar-a-Lago Documents

Question: “Mr. President, how much advanced notice did you have of the FBI’s plan to search Mar-a-Lago?

BIDEN: “I didn’t have any advanced notice. None, zero, not one single bit.”

2022-09-06 a


Boris, Destroyer of Nations, apparently works for: World Economic Forum (WEF), Anglo-Zionist interests, City of London bankers and families that follow certain Protocols.

Boris could not let the useful war in Khazaria/Ukraine end prematurely. The pretext for ruinous hydrocarbon sanctions could not cease. He and his masters desire an impoverished world where energy is neither inexpensive nor abundant.


-09-05 d

Over-the-Top, Medically-Unnecessary, Draconian
Response to Covid-Con Was ALWAYS About
Social Control for The Great Reset,
NOT About Disease Control

2022-09-05 c


2022-09-05 b

We have stated many times.
Monkeypox is a disease of promiscuous sodomites.

2022-09-05 a



ELECTRIC CAR SCAM: Europeans could be paying $270 to charge their electric cars by early 2023 as electricity rates explode

Record highs are being set around the globe for the cost of electricity, and countries in Europe are experiencing the worst of it. The entire scam of electric cars is now being realized by the majority of the populace, as they finally realize it costs more to own, maintain and ‘fuel’ an electric car than any standard gasoline-fueled automobile. Don’t believe it?

Right now, in Europe, it costs about $135 to charge a Tesla to full, and that price is on track to DOUBLE by the new year. That means it will cost $270 to fully charge the average electric vehicle (EV) in Germany and France. Currently, one euro is equal to one US dollar. That’s just the beginning of insane costs incurred to support the EV nightmare. Let’s do the math.

Electric vehicles cost SIX TIMES more to own and maintain than gas-powered vehicles, and still rely on fossil fuels to get charged up

The electricity that charges and fuels battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles comes from power grids, which mostly rely on fossil fuels. Oops. So much for all that bragging about that smaller carbon footprint. The price of an average electric car is a whopping $66,000 in the USA right now, and that price is increasing at over 13 percent every year. The monthly payment on that electric car will run you upwards of $1250. Expect Bidenflation to drive that price upwards significantly, and soon.

The typical 40kWh battery pack needed to charge most mainstream electric vehicles, when fully charged, lasts for about 150 miles. By the way, it takes around 8 hours to charge from empty-to-full with a 7kW charging point. What a nightmare. Now, the average person drives about 15,000 miles per year. That means they spend about $42,000 per year to charge an electric car to go the same number of miles a gas powered car would go. So charge that car all year for $270 to go 150 miles each time, and that’s 100 charges at $270 totaling $27,000 per year. (read more)

2022-09-04 h


2022-09-04 g


2022-09-04 f


There is nothing more frightening to the beautiful people
than having their illusions of themselves lampooned by the hoi polloi.”

The Death of Free Speech

One of the useful things developed by economics is the concept of revealed preference, which states that behavior is the best indicator of preference. This was first formulated by the neo-Keynesian economist Paul Samuelson as an observation about consumer behavior. All else being equal, people will reveal their true preferences by how they choose to spend their money for goods and services.

This is one of those bits of old wisdom that everyone knew and then suddenly forgot when it came to economics. It required a lot of suffering to remember it again. It turns out that human progress is a great leap in technology along with a period of amnesia with regards to the human condition. What follows is a long painful process of remembering those truths that the prior age took for granted.

We are in one of those periods again. The microprocessor unleashed a torrent of technological change. Much of it was ornamental, but some of it was truly novel, which triggered our collective amnesia about the human condition. It seems ridiculous now, but at the dawn of the internet age people thought it would usher in the long-promised age of democratic tranquility and equality.

Instead, America has become despotic and authoritarian. If you could transport fascists from a century ago to this age, they would assume that fascism had carried the day in the great ideological wars of the 20th century. Everything in American life is now controlled by a partnership between capital and the state. The one puzzle would be the labor chair occupied by the blue-haired Antifa harpy ranting about trans rights.

It took until 1938 for industrial-age man to remember what people knew since the time of Christ: that deeds matter more than words. At the late stages of the microprocessor revolution, we are learning that lesson again. It is not what people say that matters, but how they act. Their behavior reveals what they really think and what they prefer and not just in their consumer activity.

The great example of this is playing out in the Twitter drama. Since the explosion of post-Marx culturalism began at the turn of the century, the great and the good have been lecturing us about the glories of democracy. America stopped being a republic and became a democracy, our democracy. Not just any democracy, but one organized around defending our democracy from the opponents of democracy.

When the court ruled that the Florida Democratic Party was not allowed to change the election rules to give the presidency to Al Gore, the beautiful people went bonkers, claiming it was a threat to our democracy. What they really meant was that it was a win for those dirty Christians they hate so much, but that is too on the nose. Instead, they said Bush winning an election was a threat to democracy.

That should have been a warning about the whole democracy business. Eight years later a complete nobody won the White House and we were told that it was a triumph of democracy. Eight years after that, one of the most famous people in the world beat one of the most hated people in the world and they said that was an existential threat to democracy, one that required rigging the next election to save democracy.

This is where the Twitter drama clarifies things. Founded in 2006, the simple-to-use platform became popular with journalists, who tend to struggle with anything too complex for a toddler. It did not happen right away. Twitter was just another internet novelty until the Obama years. This is when every hipster Obama fan in the media discovered they could instantly signal that virtue on Twitter.

All of a sudden, they could easily go online and speak truth to power. By power, they meant the millions of people who were not fans of Obama. Twitter was where the cool kids could make sport of the rubes in flyover country. Of course, the audience could also go on the platform and have an equal chance to speak truth to power. Twitter quickly became digital democracy!

That was the problem; it did not take too long before the beautiful people noticed that the rubes in flyover country were good at mocking their betters. The Great Awokening was a response to the great digital awakening. Suddenly the Dirt People could see that their betters among the Cloud People were callow simpletons. Better yet, they could easily let those callow simpletons know it in 150 characters.

Of course, in the name of democracy, the great censuring began. Comment sections began to dry up or get heavily moderated. Social media launched trust and safety committees, because there is nothing more frightening to the beautiful people than having their illusions of themselves lampooned by the hoi polloi. What followed has been a series of pogroms against anyone questioning official narratives.

Democracy requires not only a robust public debate, but it requires the participation of all voices. As the philosopher of democracy Robert Dahl explained a generation ago, the first prerequisite of democracy is effective participation. “All members ought to have equal and effective opportunities to make their views known to other members.” This is what made Twitter feel like the full expression of the democratic ideal.

It is also why Twitter could not be allowed to exist as an open space for people to debate the issues of the day. The people in charge do not want democracy, and this is made clear in their behavior. Their revealed preference is for authoritarian oligarchy exercised through the managerial class. The public needs to shut up and follow orders while the people in charge dictate policy and the moral order.

Elon Musk buying Twitter in order to restore it as a free-speech platform will most likely break the glass on this democracy business. Google, Apple, and Amazon will reimpose censorship on Twitter, if Musk even bothers to lift it. He did not become the richest man on earth by not understanding the nature of power. It is his exploitation of power relations that has allowed him to become an oligarch.

Even if he has taken a blow to the head and tries to challenge his fellow oligarchs on the issue, he will be crushed. Maybe someone should tweet the obituaries of Leonid Shulman, Alexander Tyulakov, Mikhail Watford, Vladislav Avayev, and Sergey Protosenya to Musk on Twitter. Oligarchical systems will always defend the system against oligarchs who threaten the system.

This is all bad news for those still lighting candles for the return of free speech, but it does come with a consolation prize. The war to prevent Musk from opening Twitter back up will put an end to the democracy business. Even the dullest civic nationalist can plainly see that the people in charge have zero interest in letting the public decide much of anything. Their revealed preference is for authoritarian control.

That is the good news in all of this. We can stop pretending that we will talk our way out of the catastrophe that is liberal democracy. The death of free speech means the death of democracy and the fantasies that sustain it. Authoritarian systems must be pushed into the abyss along with the authoritarians that support them. That does not happen on Twitter or at the ballot box. (read more)

2022-09-04 e


Bed Bath & Beyond CFO commits suicide by jumping from NYC skyscraper after announcing massive store closures

CFO Gustavo Arnal plunged from the building as as the company announced last week they were instituting mass layoffs and closing 150 stores.

The chief financial officer of retail giant Bed Bath & Beyond threw himself out of the 18th floor window of the "Jenga Building" in downtown Manhattan on Friday, according to sources.

According to the New York Post, CFO Gustavo Arnal jumped from the building, which features apartment protuberances asymmetrically popping out of the facade and giving the impression the building is a half-played Jenga game.

The 52-year-old, who is also the company's executive vice president, lept to his death as the company announced last week they were instituting mass layoffs and closing 150 stores.

Arnal made over $2.9 million in 2021 which resulted from a $775,000 salary and stock awards.

According to the Daily Mail, Arnal was being sued for "allegedly inflating the Bed Bath & Beyond's stock price in a 'pump and dump' scheme."

The lawsuit was filed on August 23 and claims Arnal "agreed to regulate all insider sales" and that he misled stockholders by saying the company's financial situation was better off than it was. Causing the shares to have artificially high prices.

The lawsuit alleges he then sold over 42,000 of his own shares for $1 million on August 16, right after he personally inflated the price and directly before the massive layoff announcement and quarter drop in overall value of the company. The scheme is called "pump and dump" as insider stock holders engineer circumstances to "pump" up the value of shares and then "dump" them before they inevitable plummet in value.

Majority shareholder Ryan Cohen is also named in the lawsuit. (read more)

See also:

See also:

2022-09-04 d


Elite medical schools are deliberately recruiting woke activists
80% of the top 10 Medical Schools now ask applicants about views on diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism and politicized concepts.

— Lawyerforlaws (@lawyer4laws) September 4, 2022

2022-09-04 c


See also: The Geography of Homicide

Everybody has an opinion on matters of crime and race, but not that many people are familiar with the facts. So I’m going to devote this column to furnishing basic data about the best documented and most important crime, homicide.

The single most important fact about crime in the United States is the extraordinarily high rate at which African Americans die violently: almost ten times the rate of white Americans. That’s one of the most gigantic racial ratios in all the social sciences.

In contrast, Hispanics, who are roughly comparable to blacks in average income, education, and age, die by homicide just over twice as often as whites. The black homicide death rate is thus 4.8 times the Hispanic rate, a gap that is hard to explain in any politically correct fashion, so almost nobody ever mentions it.


[BLACK] Thieves ram car into SUV in wild $20K heist on Upper East Side

Brazen [black] thieves rammed a car into an SUV and stole $20,000 from its disoriented driver during a brazen Upper East Side robbery Saturday, cops and sources said.

In a dramatic scene that seemed like something out of a “Fast and Furious” film, a black Mercedes slammed into a silver Toyota Rav4 as tires screeched and shocked pedestrians jumped for cover, viral social media video showed.

The Mercedes intentionally slammed into the Rav4 on Second Avenue near 91st Street around 4:40 p.m., cops said.

The 55-year-old man driving the Rav4 had been driving northbound against traffic on Second Avenue near 91st Street around 4:40 p.m. when the Mercedes intentionally struck it.

Video circulating on social media shows the Mercedes floor it to catch up to the Toyota and plow into its side, sending the SUV spinning around at the intersection.

The Mercedes rams the Rav4 again, forcing it onto the sidewalk, the video shows. The Rav4 then tries to flee northbound sending pedestrians jumping out of the way, according to the clip.

“Oh f—k,” one person is heard saying.

The Mercedes hits the car again on the passenger side, turning it around 180 degrees once more and forcing it to a stop, video shows.

An armed [black] man in a gray sweatshirt and black pants is seen jumping out of the Mercedes and banging on the passenger side window of the Rav4.

“He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!” an onlooker yells, according to the video. (read more)

2022-09-04 b


It’s impossible to explain how great the people last night were in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The level of love they have for our Country is both unbelievable and highly impressive—it is more than anyone would ever know. If the Radical Left Lunatics that work so hard to destroy our Country could just get a little bit of the love, energy, enthusiasm, spirit, and patriotism that we witnessed last night, our Country would go to the top of every list like a rocket ship.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Rally last night. It was a two-hour speech, and the only disappointment was that they were screaming, “Please, please, go longer.” They love our Country, and I love them!

— President Trump,


-09-04 a

There was an old Biden like Baal,
Who was wont to stumble and fail.
His vote and his honor were always for sale.
His election was even delivered by mail.
His legitimacy was thus often assailed.
He'd be sore and would cursed up a gale,
He'd flail and he'd wail and pee in a pail.
Alas, to no avail.

Biden like Baal

-09-03 d


The imported invaders, election fraud, recall fraud with Gascón, cultural filth, Rachel Levines, BLM looting, demographic diluting, energy collapse, inflation rise, demonization of Whites, weaponization of leftist ideology, FBI Gestapo, CRT indoctrination, Madison Avenue miscegenation, youth castration, porn proliferation, selective incarceration, rampant crime, Soros’ DAs, , Big Brother’s bureaucratic standing army, wider federal centralization, deep state fortification, gun confiscation, de-industrialization, unbridled FED, DC entrenchment, Jew-packed courts, Jew-bought Congress, Big Tech censorship, Goldman-Sachs offshoring, half the country deplorables, food prices soaring, domestic war on terror, weaponized IRS tax collectors, patriots as domestic extremists, vaccine gene pool damage, pedos running the schools, money laundering in foreign nations, money laundering from foreign nations, billions to Ukraine, Israelization of foreign policy, bloated military, the unending HoloHoax, media lies, mocking all hard-working White folks, cracks in the Covid jigsaw, scorn of brotherly love, Jews and their shills above the law. (read more)

2022-09-03 c


Exclusive: Proof that the top Israeli health minister lied to the FDA and the people of Israel about the vaccines

We now have proof that Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, the Health Ministry's head of public services and a top COVID adviser to the Israeli government is a liar and should be fired.


This is the single most important article on my Substack (which has over 700 articles) because it shows both that:
  1. the vaccines are clearly much dangerous to people than the authorities admit and
  2. that both the authorities and scientists doing the research collaborated to cover up the harms so the public would never find out.
What makes this incident special is that it isn’t about science at all: this is a story of pure corruption both of an official government agency that is supposed to protect the public and the the scientists who did the work and then didn’t say a word publicly after their results were deliberately distorted by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH).

This story is the “smoking gun” we’ve been waiting for because the official government agency was caught deliberately lying to the public and there is no way to put a positive spin on it.

The leaked video (only parts of which have been made public) makes this crystal clear. Even the Twitter trolls paid by pharma to cast FUD on any negative data are speechless. This story is so damaging to the false narrative, that only one news outlet, GB News in the UK, would cover it. The Israeli press (which is heavily state controlled) refused go near the story; they wouldn’t even reply when contacted about the story. They do not want to see any of the evidence

This story is bigger than just corruption in Israel. It also shows that even after the cover-up was exposed, nobody came out and said “what they did is wrong.” So it’s evidence of widespread corruption in the medical community, government agencies, among public health officials, the mainstream media, and social media companies worldwide.

Every mainstream medical leader should be saying that what the MoH did is wrong and calling for an immediate investigation in the US of the safety of the vaccines. But they aren’t. The are staying silent. They are all basically saying, “It is OK for a government to not monitor vaccine safety for 12 months, and then after 6 months of proper safety monitoring and clear evidence of harm, deliberately suppressing the safety signals from public view.”

The COVID vaccine safety study done in Israel by Prof. Mati Berkowitz (who was hand picked by the MoH to do the study) is irrefutable proof (shown via re-challenge on the same people) that the vaccines actually cause severe side-effects and some of these do not go away over time. It is also proof that when the scientists and Israeli authorities realized the harms, they conspired to cover it up. But thanks to the efforts of one courageous individual, a recording proving all of this was made public on August 20, 2022.

Executive Summary

The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) was informed by their own hand-selected outside expert group that the COVID vaccines are not as safe as the MoH had been claiming to the Israeli people. It was just the opposite: instead of mild, short term events, the events were severe and long-lasting. For neurological side effects, in 65% of the cases, these did not go away at all (start watching this video at 2:30; the 65% is at 3:09) and the researchers admitted they had no clue if they would ever go away.

Instead of admitting their mistake, the MoH covered it up by issuing a report that distorted the expert report.

In addition, the experts also effectively covered it up by saying nothing when this happened. They sat by idly while the MoH misrepresented the data. It appears that everyone involved was so intimidated that they felt that they had to bury the truth, even when it could cost lives.

The news finally broke to the public on August 20 that the government hadn’t been monitoring adverse reactions for a year and then, after they finally gathered the adverse safety data, that they deliberately manipulated the data to make the vaccine look safe when it wasn’t. You’d think there would be major outrage at the violation of the public trust. But there was nothing. No reaction. Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, the Health Ministry's head of public services and a top COVID adviser to the Israeli government, issued no public statement. That’s stunning.

This suggests that she and the others in her organization who knew about this were in on the cover-up. The Israeli people should demand that they be fired and criminally prosecuted.

In addition, the current Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz, is doing nothing. Why isn’t he calling for an investigation? He should be fired as well. Or is corruption of science OK with the Israeli government?

Finally, how deep does the corruption go? Will any Israeli mainstream media cover this story? Why not? Will any member of the Israeli parliament call for an investigation? Will any member of the executive branch call for an investigation?

It appears to me that they are all bought off by the drug companies [and the actual owners of the world's capital]. Am I wrong?

Finally, this is corruption, pure and simple. There is no way to put a positive spin on this. Anyone in power who is not calling for an investigation and heads to roll is just as corrupt as the people who engaged in the original cover-up of the safety report.


It turns out the Israeli government never had a vaccine safety monitoring system in place when they launched the COVID vaccines in December, 2020.

Finally, in December of 2021, more than a year into the vaccination program, they decided to fix that defect. They started collecting safety data from that point until the end of May 2022. They then tasked an outside research group headed by a top Israeli scientist to analyze the data.

The report came back that the side effects were not mild and short lasting as was represented to the Israeli people. The data was clear that the side-effects were severe and long-lasting (sometimes with no end in sight).

In short, the data showed that the government, which wasn’t monitoring for safety like they claimed, lied to the people of Israel. Also, it’s now clear that Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis lied to the outside committee of the FDA about the Israeli safety monitoring.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) concealed the safety report for 2 months, then issued a deceptive public report to make the vaccine look safe. This Sunday, Sept 4, they will "ask" the vaccine safety committee to recommend the 5th dose (the combo vax) for 60+. This is corrupt. They are hiding the safety data from the public and they know it.

It took 2 months for the MOH to distort the findings and present it to the public to make it look like the COVID vaccines were safe.

Nobody knew that someone was secretly recording the meeting between the outside researchers and the MoH

Nobody knew that the June meeting between the researchers and the MoH was being secretly recorded.

Apparently, there was an honest person at the meeting and so when the MoH didn’t act in a way that protected the public, the recording was leaked to the press.

In the 80 minute recording, one of the researchers said, “We’ll have to think medical-legal – how to present our findings to avoid lawsuits.”

After bits of the recording were leaked to the press, none of the Israeli media would cover the story. In fact, only one news outlet in the world, GB News in the UK, was willing to cover it. Watch this video of the GB News interview which happened on August 20, 2022.

Fox News was notified but declined to cover it (apparently because their advertising contracts with Pfizer prohibits them from covering any negative news about the vaccines).

The whole scam was fully exposed to the public on Sept 1, 2022 in this Tweet (10 messages long) from Yaffa Shir-Raz who is an honest journalist living in Israel.

I found out about it when Retsef Levi forwarded me the tweet to my WhatsApp (since I’m permanently banned from Twitter for speaking out about how unsafe the vaccines are). My reaction was swift… I started drafting this article within minutes after reading that tweet.

The tweet discusses the techniques that were used to distort the researchers’ findings.

If twitter takes down that tweet thread, I have a copy of the video and the full tweet which I will publish if needed.

Causality of new adverse events was proven by the outside team

In addition, new significant adverse events were identified and causality was established in areas where the researchers weren’t aware of any issues (such as neurological problems where there wasn’t even a survey question asking about these; it was detected in the free-form fields).

Additional points

The outside team was hired by the Ministry of Health.

The meeting with the MoH was early June in front of a senior leader in the MoH who is in charge of adverse event monitoring.

The MoH officials did not share the findings with the MoH advisory committee when several weeks later it met to discuss the approval of the vaccine to babies and 5th booster to adults.

Dr. Alroy-Preis is #2 in the MOH. She is heading the formal collaboration between Israel and Pfizer. She meets with Pfizer regularly and write papers with them. She is also responsible for all the COVID 19 policies in Israel.

The things they hid include:

  1. long-term side effects (in some cases lasting over a year)

  2. causal relationship to vaccine

  3. they manipulated the rates by dividing the number of reports by all the doses hiding the fact that they had the system for 6 months and only one HMO (15 percent of population reported). This makes the denominator huge and the numerator small which masks the significance.

How could the corruption happen?

See this article for how the corruption happens, but briefly it is because government officials are misled into thinking the vaccine is the only way out so they sign an agreement that makes pushing the vaccines a high priority and safety issues a low priority.

Galileo is back
How did Israel's Ministry of Health become Pfizer's Agent?
By Dr. Guy Shinar - Dr Shinar is a physicist with 20 years of experience in the development, clinical research and regulation of medical devices, and a member of the Israeli Public Emergency Council for the COVID-19 Crisis. The article the mainstream media refuses to publish. Read now…
Read more

References / further reading

Here are the relevant sources:

  1. Josh Guetzkow’s excellent summary article

  2. The definitive article on the corruption by Yaffa Shir-Raz

  3. Safe and Effective” by Etana Hecht. If Etana can figure this out, why can’t any Israeli authority?

  4. The Yaffa tweet (10 tweet long thread) by Yaffa Shir-Raz. Retsef Levy forwarded me just this tweet and you can see my reaction was instant and immediate when I read the thread:

(read more)

2022-09-03 b

Why Is American Slavery Deemed a Greater Evil Than All Other Forms of Slavery Throughout History? — Jared Taylor Fails to Mention the Jewish Factor, the American Credo Factor, and the Negrolatry Factor — How the Guillermo Hypothesis Illuminates 'White Guilt' About Blacks

[...] There are three key factors to be considered as to why the AMERICAN Slavery has become the focus of intense moral condemnation.

1. Jewish Factor. True, there were strong pro-black sympathies throughout US history, even before Jews arrived in large waves as immigrants. Before the Civil War, a Jew in America was more likely to be pro-Confederate and even own slaves. Abolition Movement had many fiery radicals fueled mostly by Christian moral outrage(that later became one of the pillars of the Prohibition Movement). Even many non-extremists thought slavery was a stain on America as a political and social project. And many whites in the North supported the war against the South to preserve the Union. The mindset was both nationalist and imperialist, as US was a nationalist outgrowth of British imperialism and spawned an imperialism of its own that spanned ever westward. A project committed to gaining more territory wasn’t about to lose huge areas of the South, no more than the French were willing to let go Indochina and Algeria in the post-WWII period.

At any rate, prior to Jewish takeover of the US, there was a more balanced understanding of the struggle, war, and tensions between North and South. Being Anti-Slavery wasn’t the same as being Anti-White, an unimaginable concept at the time. Most Northerners didn’t want Southern whites to be terrorized by feral blacks. And even most anti-slavery whites in the North didn’t believe in absolute racial equality between whites and blacks. If anything, the Republican Party soon became the conservative party of Anglo-American elites, big business, and the ever-expanding state.

Also, Northerners gave Southerners their due. Even if the South fought for a lost cause(that deserved to lose), they fought with courage and honor. Consider the sympathetic treatment of the South in John Ford’s HORSE SOLDIERS. Dwight Eisenhower wrote glowingly of General Robert E. Lee. Before Jews took power in the academia and media to tip the scale, White America was, more or less, evenly balanced between conservative and liberal voices, with a modicum of mutual respect between the two.

But Jews did gain elite power in the US, with profound implications. Now, it’s likely that many idealistic leftist Jews(when they were sincerely ideological) believed in the Boasian notion that Race is a social construct. Given their own struggles against goy prejudice(and explosions of violence), they felt special sympathies for non-whites and convinced themselves that the real dividing line between whites and blacks was mostly skin color, which could be overcome with social conditioning. (As things worked out, it didn’t work because, while whites increasingly kept their side of the bargain, blacks failed ever more with theirs. Whites made an effort to become ever less ‘racist’, but this made blacks even more stereotypically uninhibited in aggression, violence, obnoxiousness, and ludicrousness, even to the point of a rapper calling himself Ludicris. But because whites traditionally held power over blacks, the assumption is the racial solution is entirely contingent on white improvement because whites control everything, whereas blacks are mere hapless victims with no sway over anything. Perhaps, this made sense at one time, but it no longer does, as blacks have plenty of power over many communities, even huge areas of big cities and key states. While one can blame the abusive parent for the problems of a young child, such lopsided moral aspersion is untenable when the child is a big teenager with considerable leeway in behavior and prone to delinquency. We are now at the stage where the black ‘teen’ is beating up the white ‘parent’, but we are still supposed to blame only whitey while pretending blacky is an innocent skittles-munching child.)

At any rate, Jews rule America, and Jews have thought long and hard about the essential pillars of their power. Jews know they got the talent but not the numbers to maintain the empire. They need white support. THIS is the main reason why Jews use blackness as the bullwhip against white identity, interests, pride, and freedom. Jews fear White Liberation more than anything, just like the British who regarded India as their ‘jewel in the crown’ feared the stirrings of Indian nationalism and resistance movement for independence. Of course, one could say Jews are being paranoid. Most whites are okay with Jews, and a whole lot of them are totally crazy about them. Jews, Jews, Jews, Israel, Israel, Israel. Whites love Anne Frank, Albert Einstein, and Jerry Seinfeld. But, Jews figure things can suddenly go south. Jews feel that much of white sympathy for Jews hinges on the Shoah, and perhaps its effect will fade over the years. Furthermore, Jews know themselves all too well. They know there are many wicked/crooked ones among them. Now, if good Jews were to flush out the bad ones, something like ‘antisemitism’ might not flare up. But Jews know they tend to circle the wagons. Good Jews (or better Jews) give cover to Bad Jews. Also, even Good Jews aren’t good all the time and need bad Jews to do the dirty work, like with the respectable eye doctor in Woody Allen’s CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS who calls on his gangster brother to deal with the woman problem. This means that Jewish Power will grow more corrupt and gangsterish. It means that even whites who’d been partial to Jews may grow increasingly suspicious of them. They might become ‘red-pilled’. The fact is, when push comes to shove, even Good Jews have chosen to side with Bad Jews than side with Good Goyim. Ideally, good whites and good Jews should be united against bad whites and bad Jews. Jews have, over the years, goaded good whites to denounce bad whites and make common cause with good Jews and good non-whites. And many good whites have done just that. But have good Jews reciprocated by denouncing bad Jews? No.

Now, if good Jews don’t denounce the bad Jews, aren’t good Jews also bad Jews? When the good aids and abets the bad, what’s the difference? Where is the Jewish outrage over Jonathan Pollard’s release? Where is the Liberal Jewish outrage over what’s been done to Palestinians? To morally cover for this contradiction, Jews have increasingly fused morality with identity politics. Goodness is less a matter of what you do than what you are. So, the mere fact of BEING Jewish is good. Never mind what Zionists have DONE to Palestinians or millions of Arabs. Jews are good because they are Jews, who are forever to be associated with the Holy Holocaust, timeless wisdom, genius(that is such a benefit to mankind, like the latest Covid ‘vaccines’), and crowd-pleasing humor. So, never mind what Jews do. Just dwell on what they are. They are Jews, and that means they are good. And if you praise and bless Jews, you too must be good or better than those who don’t. Result is moral rot.

It means good Jews should embrace bad Jews because the mere fact of Jewishness is good. So, even bad Jews are good simply for being Jewish. But in having embraced and protected bad Jews, even good Jews have made themselves bad. And the Jewish community, in insisting that goyim embrace and praise Jewishness on the basis of identity alone, have spread the moral rot to goyim as well. Most goyim never pay attention to Jewish behavior, actions, or impact on the world. The mere fact of Jewishness alone is synonymous with morality. “I have Jewish friends” makes you automatically better than those without Jewish friends, just like being Jewish makes you automatically better than being a mere goy. When morality turns into idolatry, morality turns into ethno-nihilism. Take the latest GOP yapping about Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and West Bank. The ice cream company made its decision on the basis of Jewish behavior. Jews are occupying West Bank and tyrannizing the people there, who continue to lose land to Jewish ‘settlers’. It isn’t ‘antisemitic’ in the sense of targeting Jews simply because they are Jewish. The company policy is based on Jewish behavior. But, GOP-tards are howling like it’s the biggest moral outrage simply because it was done against Jews. According to GOP-tards, being Jewish alone is enough to end the debate. Jews are right because they are Jews, just like God is always right because He is God. So, even though Jews are stealing Palestinian land, Jews are morally correct simply because they’re Jewish whereas Palestinians are evil scum who dare to resist Jewish expropriation of their lands and property.

Now, a kind of ‘morality’ that is skewed toward favoring one group over another based solely on identity sounds like the classic definition of ‘racism’. After all, if ‘anti-racism’ is the law of the land, all groups should be judged by the same set of rules. Then, why aren’t Jews condemned for their actions against Palestinians? Why do Jews, who howl most about ‘racism, racism, racism’, of whites of course, demand that white goyim support what Jews do to the Palestinians simply because being Jewish makes Jews right? And why do Jews get away with this, as both most Republican and Democratic voters hardly raise a fuss about their political representatives shamelessly whoring themselves out to Zion? Fish rots from the head, and Jewish elite power has corrupted the moral health of America. Jews have done a bait-and-switch on whites. Jews pressured whites to abandon any vestige of white identity/interests and go for colorblind ethics for all, regardless of creed or color. But these very same Jews will shriek and howl if any white (or goy) says America should treat Jews and Palestinians equally with the same set of rules. Given the sheer hypocrisy of this, one would think whites would have caught on, but no. Why not? Because most whites rely on their leaders, elites, and representatives to tell them what is what, and most whites-at-the-top are bought-off and/or blackmailed whores of Zion. The other is the power of myth. As most whites grew up with Holocaust Mythology, Anne Frank Cult, and so many movies & TV shows were Arabs/Muslims are little more than swarthy terrorists or white-slavers, their emotionality favors Jews and Zionists over Arabs and Muslims. And as Jews control the news media, most Americans get a very warped view of Middle East affairs.

‘Idolatrism’ is the new ‘racism’. This is why even Jewish Liberals are really Triberals, i.e. it’s about the use of Liberalism to ultimately serve Jewish Tribalism. If white ‘racism’ was about favoring whites over non-whites on the basis of whiteness alone, ‘idolatrism’ is about favoring Jews, blacks, and homos over all other groups regardless of their deeds, action, or behavior. This is obvious with blacks. They burn, loot, and create havoc, but they are always moral saints. The notion that some creep like George Floyd would be considered a saint or angel would have been laughable in an earlier time, but it is reality today.

Now, it’s true that certain groups underwent special tragedies in the modern era. So, one could sympathize with the victims of those tragedies. But to permanently affix tragic dimensions onto a group can only lead to moral nihilism. We can sympathize with Chinese of the Nanking Massacre period and with millions of Russians who died in World War II. But does the fact that many millions of innocent Chinese and Russians died mean that today’s Chinese and Russians are automatically noble and saintly on the basis of identity and above moral opprobrium when they do bad? Sounds absurd, but such are the rules in the West in regards to Jews, blacks, and homos.

A major fallacy is to confuse victimhood with virtue. Most human tragedies weren’t the result of saintliness, nobility, or martyrdom but of pure-and-simple defeat to the bigger power. American Indians didn’t lose because they were noble pacifists who turned the other cheek. They lost because whites had the numbers and more guns. Blacks became slaves not because they were meek and humble but because they got captured by bigger African tribes who sold them for gold to white slave ships. While tragedies suffered by Christian saints resulted from pious acts of self-sacrifice, most human tragedies were really the result of one set of bullies losing to a stronger set of bullies. Japanese and Germans faced great tragedies in WWII, but they were in the fight, often as initiators. Also, while the Shoah was horrific [even if only 250,000 died and the "gas chambers" had wooden doors], it was an extreme and fanatical reaction to lots of bad Jewish behavior. Jews weren’t saintly victims but often a**hole victims. This doesn’t excuse Hiroshima or the Holocaust, but it was not a case of wholly innocent and saintly people being killed for the hell of it.

Not only are we supposed to believe that Jews bear NO RESPONSIBILITY for the Shoah, but we are supposed to believe that all Jews everywhere forever and ever are akin to Anne Frank regardless of what they do. Saying that Jews deserve partial blame for the Shoah isn’t the same as blaming-the-victim. If a woman minding her own business is attacked and raped in a park, she is blameless. Blaming her would be blaming the victim. But if someone in the park taunts and provokes others to the point where someone finally has had enough and beats him to a pulp, he is partly to blame. Given Jewish role in communism, financial capitalism, and cultural degradation leading up to WWII, yes, Jews do deserve some blame for what happened to them, just like Germans and Japanese must take some blame for the destruction of their nations in WWII. Sadly, Jews, in their Holocaust-moral-megaloamania, have learned nothing and are once again spreading filth and craziness all around the world with zero self-awareness that they themselves may be at the epicenter of world troubles. And the cucks play along and pretend all the problem stems from China or Iran (if the cuck is ‘conservative’) OR from Russia or ‘white supremacists'(if the cuck is ‘liberal’). And of course, blacks deserve some blame for the rot in their communities, but the current ‘idolatrism’ says that they are totally and eternally blameless(just like Jews and homos), and all the blame must go to whitey. (read more)

See also:

See also:

2022-09-03 a


* *

See humor: The Week in Pictures: Leni Riefenstahl Edition

See also:

See also:

2022-09-02 f

Desperate Demoncrats Dug Themselves a Deeper Hole

This "speech" wasn't awful -- 
it was an unmitigated disaster.

By claiming that those who believe "choice" is really a matter of slaughter are "fascists" and "do not respect the rule of law" Biden declared that the Supreme Court is not a legitimate arbiter of what is and is not Constitutional -- that is, what is and is not correct under The Rule of Law.

I suspect he applies the same to their rulings on the CDC and their rent moratorium along with OSHA's jab mandate, both of which the Court threw in the trash.

He decried political violence yet his VP, who he chose, was instrumental in not only stoking 18 months of it but also in bailing out felons who committed mass destruction of property and in some cases arson.

By casting those who disagree and then take their disagreement to court and win as "extremists" he has stated the courts don't matter and neither does the Constitution whenever it differs from what he wants.

Well then let's just watch Biden tear up the Constitution and get on with what comes next!

Who's the one arguing for the destruction of our Republic?

Oh by the way, the distinction between a Republic and a Democracy is that in a Democracy if you're anything less than 50.00001% of the population the others can do whatever they wish up to and including killing and eating you.

That's why we're not a Democracy; America is a Republic.

Or did Joe Biden just declare that it no longer is, in which case what did he just declare, in point of fact?

Watch an earlier Biden speech:

2022-09-02 e

Heckler chants ‘F–k Joe Biden’ throughout primetime speech

[Illegitimate] President Biden’s primetime speech from Philadelphia was interrupted Thursday by a heckler who chanted “F–k Joe Biden” 
throughout the 24-minute address, which focused on slamming former President Donald Trump as a threat to democracy.

The anti-Biden activist bellowed his profane message with such clarity that it was audible not only to Biden but to anyone listening on the official White House video feed.

“They’re entitled to be outrageous. This is a democracy,” Biden said about 20 minutes into his speech as the heckling persisted.

“Good manners is nothing they’ve ever suffered from,” he added.

Minutes earlier, Biden was thrown off-script by the rude and constant interruption, saying, “Americans have often made the greatest progress coming out of some of our darkest moments, like you’re hearing in that bullhorn.”

The speech, delivered outside Independence Hall, was carried live by very few TV outlets — alleviating possible Federal Communications Commission obscenity penalties for networks.

Only CNN and MSNBC broadcast Biden’s speech live. ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox News and Fox Business carried other programming.

The speech was titled by the White House “the battle for the soul of the nation” and focused heavily on urging voters to reject Trump, who is considering a 2024 rematch against Biden, as well as his Republican allies.

(read more)

2022-09-02 d

Desperate Demoncrats Intend to Cheat in November

I listened to the whole speech this morning, rather than just the MSM’s sound bites. The warning the speech sends is crystal clear.

Any action on the part of MAGA Republicans to fight the massive vote fraud which is at the heart of the Democrat’s 2022 mid-term election strategy will be handled as criminal interference with the election and will be met with the full weight of the federal government’s law enforcement authority.

— The DOJ and the FBI will label as potential insurrectionists, seditionists, and violent extremists all MAGA Republicans who volunteer as poll watchers, drop box monitors, tabulation center workers, election process monitors, or as on-call lawyers.

— As happened on election day in 2020, Democrat-hired election workers will attempt to block Republican election monitors from the counting rooms. When this happens, planted operatives will instigate violent confrontations between Republican and Democrat election officials.

— Any MAGA Republican who reports evidence of election fraud before, during, or after election day will themselves be charged by corrupt federal, state, and local law enforcement officials with criminal interference in the mid-term elections.

Biden’s explicit reference to Donald Trump carries its own special warning. It’s all but certain that at some point in the next six months, a coordinated series of indictments and arrest warrants will be issued by the DOJ, by Georgia, and by New York State targeted at Donald Trump and some number of his current and former associates.

When will those warrants be issued, before the mid-terms, or after?

My prediction still remains that President Trump will be indicted and arrested before the mid-terms. But whether it happens before the mid-terms, or after, he will be charged with criminal mishandling of classified material, with obstruction of justice — and based on what Biden said in his Philadelphia speech, with conspiracy to commit criminal interference in the 2022 mid-term elections.

— Battleship Wisconsin, September 2, 2022 10:41 am

See also:

See also:

2022-09-02 c



2022-09-02 b

Where else have we seen red and black imagery?

Nürnberg. 1939
Hitler’s Reichstag Speech was delivered on September 1, 1939.
NAZI flag

2022-09-02 a

Ask any physician. Biden was high on Adderall.

the devil on adderall

“This was a garbage speech by a garbage president.”
— Monica Crowley


It is not uncommon for Novartis’s Ritalin; cocaine; Shire’s Adderall; speed; or Eli Lilly’s Prozac; Pfizer’s Zoloft; Sandoz/Novartis’s Paxil; Forest Lab’s Lexapro; Solvay/Abbott’s Luvox; to cause (drug-induced) psychotic episodes.

Gary G. Kohls, MD

Global Research, 11 January 2021.

-09-01 g



2022-09-01 f

The only first person singular pronouns are:
HE, SHE and IT.

2022-09-01 e
His horns are missing.
(His devil horns are missing.)

2022-09-01 d


2022-09-01 c


2022-09-01 b


2022-09-01 a

Infrastructure for blacks always degenerates
into a version of Pruitt-Igoe.

A look back at Jackson, Mississippi's ongoing issue with water

Jackson, Mississippi's underlying issues with its water treatment infrastructure has made itself known once again after a state of emergency was called after excessive rain and flooding.

On Monday night, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency after the failure of one of the capital city's water treatment plants. Mayor Chokwe Lumumba also declared a state of emergency due to the failing water system that has left residences and businesses experiencing low water pressure and being under a boil water notice for a month.

RelatedJackson water crisis: State of emergency, governor press update, all Jackson schools go virtual

Previous coverage:Jackson City Council asks mayor to hire company to manage city's drinking water. Here's why.

"Due to complications from the Pearl River flooding, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba is declaring a water system emergency as water pressure issues at the O.B. Curtis Water Plant are resulting in low or no water pressure for many Jackson customers," the city said in a statement announcing the state of emergency. "The water shortage is likely to last the next couple of days."

This incident has become part of a long list of issues including sewage overfill into the Pearl River, water treatment system failures and lead in the water.

Jackson's ongoing issue with water

A November 2021 citywide water outage highlighted the more than 50 years of failures to properly maintain the Jackson's water and sewer systems. As this was happening, Jackson Democrats were advocating for the city's fair share of federal funds the state received as part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in November 2021 by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Mississippi received $1.8 billion in funds, with $459 million is earmarked for water improvements across Mississippi. The problem? To fix Jackson's water system would cost an estimated $1 billion. And another $1 billion for the sewage system.

Clarion Ledger's 2021 investigation on Jackson's water crisis

For years, Jackson residents have questioned whether their water was safe to drink. In 2015, high levels of lead were found in the city’s drinking water. From June 21, 2015, to May 28, 2021, Jackson sampled its water for lead 1,352 times. Of those samples, 66% contained lead, according to records examined by the Clarion Ledger.

Any amount of lead is harmful.

For years the water treatment plant, and by extension the community, has dealt with everything from bad batch of chemicals, an electrical fire to winter storms crippling the water and sewer systems for a month.

Recent flooding highlights Jackson's water crisis

In Reeves' declaration on Monday night, he also issued an emergency order directing the state’s Emergency Management Agency to install an “Incident Command Center” at the city’s O. B. Curtis water treatment plant near the reservoir. With the intent of making emergency repairs to the system.

Dr. Daniel Edney, state health officer, said water testing conducted by the Mississippi State Health Department over the past month has determined the water currently provided by Jackson is unsafe.

"The water is not safe to drink or even brush your teeth with,” Edney said, adding that any use of tap water for cooking or consumption “needs to be fully boiled.” 

Reeves didn't mention "takeover" but did say he wants to work cooperatively with the city to find long-term solutions. (read more)

See also:

"The Wednesday after the election I woke up in Jackson, Mississippi, and what that means is, no matter whether our country has experienced great boons or busts, in Mississippi, we've always been at the bottom," Lumumba said. "We have to decide that we're going to rescue ourselves. That in places like Jackson, we won't allow it to be havens of oppression which endangers all of us."

"So we've made the decision that we're going to be the most radical city on the planet," he said. "We're going to make certain that we change the whole scope of electoral politics."


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