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2020-11-04 c

You don’t want’ the vote to be decided in Pennsylvania, ‘it’s an absolute mess’

Sky News host Paul Murray says we learnt today the polls were clearly wrong, Trump held most “Obama” counties, he increased his minority votes, Biden increased with older voters, and lastly, we don’t want the election to be decided in Pennsylvania.

“The most important thing, even though Donald Trump is leading and leading quite handsomely in the state of Pennsylvania, we don’t want this to go to Pennsylvania. I say that whether you want Trump to win, or you want Biden to win,” he said.

“Because Pennsylvania has showed today there is some murky stuff going on. Some murky stuff that is not being hidden.

 “As hardcore partisan team red as Donald Trump is, there are hardcore team blue who are willing to play every card they possibly can in Pennsylvania.

“Of all of the vote that is outstanding currently in Pennsylvania, an awful lot of it, more than in any other part of the state, has to go Biden’s way to flip the state.” (read more)


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