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2020-11-04 f

Save our Democracy!

Trump presumably will fight it in court. But I think he should take a page from his own playbook and hold rallies the contested spots over the next couple of days.

I have said all along that I thought President Trump would win reelection. The question was whether he would win by a big enough margin to insulate himself from the machinations of fraud, on the one hand, and litigation, on the other.

I believe that Donald Trump did win the election last night. By my count he had chalked up well over the requisite 270 electoral votes necessary to win reelection. That was a little past midnight. I repaired to the arms of Morpheus confident that November 4 would ratify what was essentially a fait d’accompli on the evening of November 3.

No such luck. No sooner had my head hit the pillow than the Democrats in the urban centers of states where Trump was leading—in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee—stopped counting the votes. Why would they do this? Because they wanted to stanch the flow of votes going to Trump and buy themselves time to determine how many votes they would need to win. Finding the votes later on is never a problem. That’s what we pay corrupt party apparatchiks to do. It seemed novel in 1960 when Richard Daley went to Cook Country to secure the election for JFK.  When I went to bed last night, President Trump was comfortably ahead in Wisconsin. Close your eyes: poof: 100,000 ballots suddenly appear in Wisconsin with Joe Biden’s name on them. Stand by for similar feats of magic.

Although common, this outrageous practice is a direct assault on our democracy. Trump presumably will fight it in court. But I think he should take a page from his own playbook and hold rallies in those and maybe other hot spots (Phoenix comes to mind) over the next couple of days. Bring the fight to the people and, just as important, bring the people to the fight.

The Democrats are not sitting idly by, they are busy “harvesting” votes. Donald Trump needs to mobilize the public with a series of high-profile “Save Our Democracy” rallies. (read more)


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