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2020-11-05 c

President Trump is simply suing to stop the counting of bogus votes

As the American public waits, confused and ­annoyed that there is no presidential winner, Democrats insist that we should just be patient. That the turmoil is normal. It’s a bald-faced lie.

The post-election limbo is a deliberate creation of the Democratic Party. In the months leading up to the election, the Democratic National Committee and allied groups blanketed swing states with armies of lawyers filing suits to challenge voter-ID laws, signature-verification laws and, more than anything else, deadlines for mail-in ballots — as if elections should no longer have deadlines but instead be staged as a rolling, never-ending process.

The Biden-Trump contest was held under a set of rules foisted on an unknowing public and likely to tilt the election.

The pretext for all these changes was the pandemic. But the fact is, this nation has elected presidents in a timely way during world wars, polio epidemics and many other emergencies without doing away with Election Day finality. (read more)


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