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2020-11-05 d

GOP observers granted court order to watch vote counting in battleground Pennsylvania

An appellate court on Thursday granted Republican observers the right to enter the Philadelphia building where poll workers were counting ballots and observe the process.

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said the new court order insured immediate access for GOP observers in the Pennsylvania race where Democrat Joe Biden was eating steadily into Trump’s tenuous lead for the state’s crucial 20 electoral votes.

“We plan on entering that building right now and legally observing,” said Bondi, a member of the Trump campaign. “If there is one illegal vote cast, it takes away from the great men and women of Pennsylvania who came out and issued a legal vote.”

The president’s lead in the pivotal Keystone State, once at 675,000, had dwindled to roughly 135,000 as the remaining ballots are counted. A Biden triumph would give the Democrat enough electoral votes to declare victory.

A court order in Allegheny County, Pa., will stop officials there from counting 29,000 of the 35,000 outstanding ballots until Friday, likely extending the contentious fight in the state.

Trump senior adviser Corey Lewandowski suggested something crooked was going on as he joined Bondi and the GOP observers outside the Philadelphia building.

“Democracy dies in darkness,” Lewandowski said. “This is the opportunity to shed light on what’s going on in this building. It’s time to go in and put some light on what’s happening.” (read more)


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